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It was dark when I woke up, I thought I'd slept through another day until I turned to my clock, to see that it was only 4 am. I got up anyway to take a piss and unsurprisingly morning glory had taken it's toll. I started to undress; revealing my tanned body and standing 8 inch dick.
As I stepped into the shower, I jumped at the sound of an opening door. I turned and to my relief, it was just my mum. I'm fine with being nude in front of her because on seeing me naked in the past, she would always dismiss my discomfort with the classic, "oh it's nothing I've never seen before!"
'You're up early darling, not like you!'
'Yeah, you too.' I replied as I turned on the shower, relieved that the shower had just been used freeing me of the icy water which would have frozen me otherwise.
'Don't you remember? I told you the other night, I'm flying out to see nan in Spain.'
'Oh, alright I get it well what time are you leaving?'
She opened the door a little more to reveal her small suitcase,'Now.'
'Oh okay, I'll see you next week, right?'
'Yes darling. Now, you gunna come give ya' mummy a hug?'
By this time my erection had died so I didn't mind too much,' If I have to.'
I walked over and she embraced me as usual. I guess she didn't mind getting wet, she never has shown to be too bright. She released me and started to walk down the stairs,'Make sure Chill gets you fed and that.' Chill's my 16 year old, older brother.
'Alright then, bye!'

The rest of my day went normal as ever. School's hell as I've just started my iGCSE course, so I usually spark up a spliff on the way home. Today I decided to wait 'till I got home because my mum's away. It wasn't until I walked up to the front door that things got strange.
First of all the front door was ajar, which my paranoid brother would never allow, so I hurried to my brothers room on the top floor.
"Stange" I thought to myself "he'd usually have his girlfriend up here at least." It was so much quieter than usual. I then proceeded to enter his sitting room; our mum set up a duplex sort of thing in the attic; Chill likes to feel independent.
What I saw behind that door had to be the worst possible thing there could have ever been. Chill was sat there at his desk, facing away from me. I walked over to him and as I looked over his shoulder, my jaw dropped. The screen of my laptop was littered with pictures of me. It was at that same moment that Chill turned round.
'Oh, hello Danny' he started with that tone that always made me want to smack the smirk out of him. 'So I'm guessing Jess likes these does she?' My girlfriend.
'Chill, what the fuck! You better not have shown anyone!' I began my protest.
'Not yet.'
I wanted to hit him so badly but at the same time I was relieved and knew I'd regret it.'Well good, I'm gunna take this now.'
'Go for it.' Oh no.
'Really?' I knew he would have made copies.
'C'mon don't be a dick.' I shouldn't of said that.
'What the fuck did you just say?'
'Please, no, Chill I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!'
He said nothing, just turned back round.
'Chill, what are you doing?'
I hated when he did this.
'Going on Facebook.' Oh shit.
'Please don't, Chill I'll do anything!' I pleaded while dropping to my knees to reach his level.
I looked at the screen and he had just clicked 'Upload Photo', he then continued to click 'Browse Images'.
'Stop being a cunt!' it scares me when he stops talking, he's so aggressive; why do I call him Chill?
He scrolled down to a picture of me posing in the mirror for my girlfriend with obvious parts showing. He then double-clicked on it and up it came.
'Chill don't!'
He scrolled over 'Upload Image'
'Chill stop! I'll do anything!'
Leaving the mouse in place, he finally turned, slowly, to face me, to begin reasoning. Unfortunately he's not very reasonable. He stood up in front of me and said the three words.
'Suck, my, Dick!'
Imediately I reacted,'Fuck No! Are you gay!'
'Alrite then don't' and he turned and put his finger over the mouse ready to click. 'Last chance! Any word other than yes comes out your mouth and I click, yes or no?'
I stayed kneeling there for what seemed like a year. Thinking about how unlivable my life would be. The amount of shit I'd get. Finally the word came out my mouth.
Within a second Chill was stood in front of me, semi hard dick in hand. I heard he was hung but I was actually shocked... And scared.
'You got until 1 or I click!'
'I hate you for this!' he just smiled.
And the head was between my lips. The taste was weird and the smell was overwhelming, but the feel of it in my mouth, on my tongue, it was like no other.
'It's not a dummy dick'ed, put some effort in.' I glared at him with hated... When will I learn?
'Aite then have it your way!' he grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me to the floor, keeping his dick in my mouth the hole time. I tried to push it out with my tongue, but I think it only intensified the pleasure. His dick now erect must have been near 11 inches.
He had me pinned down by his cock I could of bitten it but it would have ended badly for me. He then rotated, with his cock still touching my throat, so that he was facing my feet . He then started to bob up and down on my face. The closer his balls got to my face the deeper his cock would sink in my throat. His low hanging balls inches away from my face, and slowly nearing my eyes, as he continued to fuck my throat.
To my relief he didn't cum but released me instead. I thought it was over but I was completely wrong. He then dragged me onto the sofa by the legs and lay me down across it, with my head hanging over the edge. I'd watched enough porn to know what was coming next. He was defiantly eager to continue because I had barely any time to catch my breath before he re-entered.
This time he was even more aggressive and the the entire 10 inches of my brothers cock vanished with one push and I could then feel his balls resting on my eyes, he held this for at least 20 seconds before slowly pulling out. He left me with just his head inside my mouth for a little longer, then with no warning he slammed entirely into me again and started to face fuck me, with long, quick strokes. He did this for the longest five minutes of my life and then I noticed that his balls, that had been slapping me in time with his rapid thrusts, had tightened up and he felt harder in my mouth.
'I'm nearly ready to cum you know that?' I began to shout but this also just intensified his pleasure.
'Guess where this is going!' he continued while plunging his big dick in and out of my throat. I wasn't honestly sure but I had worrying ideas.
'Time for a make-over,' the words haunted me,'I've been saving myself for this!' he then, seemingly desperate to drop his load, withdrawed his cock and kept it, point blanc, ready in my face and started beating it with everything he had.
Before I could try to run, he let himself go, landing the first shot in my mouth and on my right cheek. There was already so much of my brothers cum.
'Uuuhh, good Danny take my jizz!'
The second jetted into my squinting eyes, nose and left cheek and the third covered my hair and what was left on my face. I was too tired to move.

I woke up the next morning confused as hell. Mostly by the fact that there was a cock in my mouth! My brother had left me on the sofa and my face had become sticky. There was a stale taste in my mouth and my brother had moved me so that he could lie on top of me, with his dick in my mouth even though it was flaccid. I could hear the sound of him playing Xbox. I didn't know what to do. I was so confused, mostly by the fact that I wasn't bothered. I didn't really care that his dick was in my mouth. I didn't mind the taste of it and the feel of it was quite nice. I don't know why but the feel of his soft dick in my mouth was realy nice and to his surprise, I started to play with it, with my tongue rolling around his fore skin and head. I then started to suck a little and I could feel the tension building up in his large member.
'I guess the first load wasn't enough then,' my brother must have realised, 'I already came once in your mouth, Danny. You really want some more?'
I tried to say get off me, even though I didn't mean it.
'I'll take that as a yes then.'
He quickly flipped me over so that my head was, once again, dangling over the edge, ready for his cock. As he pushed his massive, now semi-erect cock into my awaiting mouth, he said, 'You best get used to this, because unless you want people to see the videos of it,' Fuck. 'you're going to be doing it all week, and probably after that too. Not just this though, this is only the beginning.' He continued to fuck my face for about fifteen minutes, until he pulled out and began to cover my face in his cum.
'Yup, I got a lot in store for you, little brother.' he threw me a box of tissues and I fell to the floor, sat up and cleaned my face.
'Like wh-'
'shhh.' he grabbed my hair, sat down and brought me to his now flaccid cock. 'Open!' I opened my mouth and he placed it in my mouth. 'Suck!' I began to suck on it, with it all crammed into my mouth. 'I've got many plans, but you're just going to have to wait and find out.'

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