by Joe Brolly
Once re-cleaned up, Jack discovered he was famished. And no wonder, he thought, with all this sex in one day? She's going to kill me!

As there was little food in the apartment except for Jack's now seriously depleted peanut butter and jelly, they decided they might like to brave the world outside the apartment for an early dinner, as it was now late afternoon.

Jack quickly determined that there were a couple of things that needed his attention, first. Most pressing was the problem that, when he went to get dressed he discovered his clothes didn't fit anymore, or at least none of his pants did. All the waists were now several inches too big. The same went for his underwear. His shirts would be ok, perhaps a little big around his now-smaller abdomen, but he still needed their size for his broad shoulders and chest.

He temporarily solved this issue by putting on a pair of boxers and a pair of shorts which had previously been a bit snug, and then cinching them up with a belt. The belt was now in its smallest hole, and would also need to be replaced. Over his shorts he wore a long polo shirt which he didn't tuck in. It was long enough to conceal his bunched-up waistband until replacements could be purchased.

That done, he addressed the second issue: the practical considerations of taking a distractingly-still-naked-for-the-moment Genie out in public. He began by asking, "Can you function ok out there? Do you need any instruction or anything? It's a whole lot different now than it was in ancient Persia or wherever."

"I will be fine, Jack. Part of my formation here included becoming adapted to the current culture."

"Ok. Can you clothe yourself, you know, other than with those see-through thingies you had on before, or do I need to go get you something?"

"Yes, I can do that. Genies servants have certain... 'maintenance abilities' you would probably call them, beyond their specific abilities. Clothing myself is one of these."

"Oh you do, do you? And why haven't you mentioned these before?"

"Well, with all due respect, Jack, you keep getting sidetracked from our discussions of my abilities."

"Uh, huh. And that's all my fault, is it?"

"Of course, Jack. It can't possibly be your Genie's fault. She is only doing as you wish," she replied with an air of virtuous innocence as she batted her eyelashes at him, an air that disintegrated into gales of laughter a few seconds later as his fingers attacked her ribs. He noticed how extremely ticklish she was, and stored that information away for later use.

He tormented her sides another moment before relenting. "Ok, my innocent little Genie, let's get you clothed and on the road before I get sidetracked yet again."

After a quick magical mini fashion show of casual clothing and underwear that threatened to sidetrack him all by itself, Jack settled on a pair of Daisy Dukes denim shorts and an ivory form-fitting ribbed V-neck T-shirt over white G-string panties and matching white bra. She made a face at this last, but he wasn't quite ready to parade her around braless yet, so told her to just make it as comfortable as possible.

Once they finally made it into his small SUV, Jack quickly discovered that 'adapted to the current culture' didn't mean accustomed to it. She knew what the vehicle was, and what everything in it was for, but that didn't keep her from pressing every button in the car, giggling like a kid. Jack jerked to a halt halfway out of the parking space and laughed indulgently as she played. Once it looked like she had satisfied her curiosity over anything that might cause them to wreck if pushed, pulled, or turned at the wrong time, he continued out of the parking lot. Just to be safe, though, he suggested that she find some music she liked on the radio. That occupied her complete attention for almost ten minutes.

Once she had finally settled on a station - his favorite new-rock station, he noted with pleased and slightly suspicious amusement - her fascination turned to the world outside the little SUV. Again, she knew what everything was, but that didn't stop her from "Oooing" and "Ahhing" over everything like a bumpkin tourist.

Jack had wanted to take them somewhere nice for dinner, but due to his clothing situation he had changed their destination to an area mall, a trendy one with a variety of clothing stores and a surprisingly varied and high-quality food court. As it was late Saturday afternoon, traffic was fairly light until they got close to the mall and became caught up in the dinner, shopping and movie traffic. Once their progress slowed to a crawl and her exclamations were only infrequent, Jack decided to get back to some of his questions.

"Ok, so tell me more about these 'maintenance abilities'."

She refocused her attention on him, or most of it at any rate, and answered, "They are abilities given to any Genie servant, regardless of his or her specialist abilities, to provide basic needs for both Genie and Master."

"Basic needs such as?"

"Well in my case, the primary ability is protection for both of us from dangers both magical and mundane. Beyond that, for you it would allow me to supply the basic needs for life: food, water, shelter, etc."

"So how does your clothing fit into this?"

"Well, in both my original time and this, a Genie servant flaunting his or her existence in the wrong surroundings could draw unwanted attention to both Genie and Master. It is often better to blend in rather than having to use more heavy-handed methods of protection."

"'Heavy-handed'? So just what can you do to protect us?"

"Pretty much anything necessary. My full powers are available without restriction when it comes to protecting you, then myself."

"So, what would happen if, say, when this light turns green and we pass through the intersection, an out-of-control fuel truck coming the other way slams into us at 60 miles an hour?"

"Pretty much what you would expect, except that you and I would walk away without a scratch, unless you wished otherwise."

"Wow. You can react that fast, huh."

She smiled, "It isn't so much a fast reaction as an 'always on' sort of thing."

"Wow." He blinked several times. "Uh, good to know. Wouldn't that kind of blow the whole 'blending in' thing, though, two people walking away unscathed from a giant fireball?"

"Yes, some other methods would have to be employed at that point if we wanted to stay anonymous."

"Such as?"

"That would pretty be up to you, Jack, and how you would want to come out of it. As I said, though, all restrictions are off when it comes to protecting us, and protecting us includes protecting our anonymity if you so wish it."


"You said that already, Jack," she smiled.

"Yeah." He drove on for a bit. "So couldn't you have just supplied me with some clothes that fit, then?"

"Only if needed for your protection or survival. It's expected that the Master provides his or her own mundane needs normally. The same goes for the food and shelter I mentioned."

"Ok, I understand... I think. So, if I need clothing or food, I can get it by needing it for my survival, creatively including it as an indirect effect of a sexual wish, or driving to the store and buying it. Sound about right?"

"Pretty much, yes."

"Same goes for the DVD player?"

"Yes, if you can contrive some way to need a DVD player for protection."

"Otherwise I just need to get good at finding creative ways to include stuff like that in erotic wishes, eh?"

"If you wish, Jack. As I said before, I cannot help you make such wishes," she paused, "however, I can tell you that you have already made such a wish today."

"I have?" he asked, surprised.

She simply nodded.


She smiled and shook her head.

"But you haven't given me anything material at all, today."

"No, but I have granted you a wish that wasn't sex-related except in context."

He racked his brain, thinking back over the wishes he had made so far. "Let's see, everything this morning was pretty much pure sex. Then we moved into the bedroom... making the bed, maybe? That's the only wish I can think of that wasn't purely sexual until the clothing stuff, and you have already explained that."

"Yes, that's it, Jack."

"But... we were going to have sex on the bed and I wanted it comfortable, so how isn't that sexually related?"

"It that context, it was. It was setting the mood, the environment, that you wanted. That I can do. If we were simply standing around and you wished for me to make your unmade bed using my power, without any sexual connotation to it, that I could not do."

He grinned, "Unless making the bed was vital to my general protection and wellbeing?"

She rolled her eyes, "Yes, if making the bed protected you in some way, then I could also use my powers to do it."

"Ok, but otherwise if I said something like, 'I wish for you to always keep my apartment clean and neat', you couldn't do that, right?"

"No, not with my power. If you wish me to spend some of my time physically keeping your apartment clean, I will happily do so, although I would need to learn how to do it correctly by hand."

"No! No, I don't want to turn you into my housekeeper, although it may be a duty we share if I can't figure out a way..." he tapered off, lost in thought. Then, "What if I say, 'I wish that our apartment was always clean and neat to make our time spent there together that much more pleasurable, and give us that much more time for sex'?"

She looked at him intently for a moment, then said as a tear formed in her eye, "yes, just barely, but it will do, and..." she stopped.

"What? And why are you crying again?"

"Um. Well, that was very nicely put, and you said... 'our apartment'."

"Oh. I guess I did." Man, this was moving way fast. How did he feel about that? He figured he should be freaked. He had only known this girl since this morning after all, but he wasn't. It felt right.

He smiled, took her hand at the next stoplight, and said formally, "I wish that our apartment was always clean and neat to make our time spent there together that much more pleasurable."

Her eyes flashed, and then she almost leapt into his lap to hug him. "Thank you, Jack. Thank you Master." Then she sat back in her seat and wiped another tear away.

He cleared his throat. "You're welcome, but be careful doing that in the car, or we'll need that protection power of yours sooner than we thought."

"Yes, Jack," she said happily as they turned into the mall's entrance.

It was a warm late Saturday afternoon in early May, so as usual the young folks, from middle schoolers to students from the several surrounding colleges, had pretty much taken over the mall. Except for the traffic, Jack enjoyed coming to the mall at this time, especially this time of the year, as good looking girls that had apparently been hibernating all winter suddenly exploded from the woodwork, showing lots of already-tanned skin as they celebrated release from the recent cold weather.

Although this enjoyment wasn't quite the same now due to the fact that no one he saw could hold a candle to Genie, he still enjoyed ogling all the nubile bodies, helped in no small way by Genie's active encouragement. She would point out particularly attractive girls as part of her continuing exploration of her new world. Jack had to eventually ask her to be a little more discrete after she said, "Look at her, her breasts are lovely!" loud enough for the girl in question to hear. At least the girl looked flattered. So much for keeping a low profile.

What he was unaccustomed to was the frequent return looks he got. He was not used to his new appearance yet. He wasn't surprised at all by the looks Genie got from all the guys, though. He was briefly jealous, until he reminded himself that he had absolutely nothing to worry about. After that he was proud of all the lustful looks she got from the guys, and the jealous, wistful, and even occasionally lustful looks she got from the girls. Genie seemed a bit embarrassed at all the attention, but when Jack told her to just enjoy it, she did.

As they continued to walk toward the food court, Jack found himself wanting on several occasions to make comments of his own that might embarrass himself or the subject in question, so he asked, "Is there any way we can communicate silently?"

Tingle. Yes Jack, she said in his head. He jumped.

"What the hell was that?"

That was me communicating with you silently, dummy, uh, master. She said as she looked around innocently at all the new sights.

"And just how do I reply silently?" he asked quietly, as his one-sided conversation was getting some odd looks.

Just think at me what you want to say. I'll hear it.

Like this?



I'm glad you like it, Jack.

Now I can tell you without anyone hearing that you will pay for that dummy remark.

Master knows best.

Uh, huh. What say we go get something to eat?

That sounds wonderful.

You know, you didn't mention food for yourself when you were talking about basic needs earlier. Don't you have to eat?

It is not required for me to exist, but is a great help in maintaining a physical body, and especially if I ever carry a child.

Ah. Well, we're at the food court. What would you like to try?

She wound up making several circuits of the food court, reading each menu, looking at the pictures of the various dishes, enjoying the smells, and accepting any samples that various establishments handed out. She finally stopped in front of a Chinese counter.

She said out loud, as the order taker was in earshot, "I think I would like to try something from here, but I don't know what. Will you pick for me?"

"I'll tell you what, I'll pick two of my favorite dishes, one spicy and one not, and we can split them both."

"That sounds great, Jack."

Jack ordered Kung Pao chicken with fried rice, Mu Shu Pork with extra pancakes and plum sauce, two egg rolls, and two large cokes. The food was ready quickly, and he had Genie grab forks, lots of napkins, and, at her request, chopsticks. She had seen them being used in the pictures of Chinese dishes. Luckily Jack was fairly proficient with them, otherwise he figured they would still be eating this meal for breakfast.

They made their way to an empty spot near the middle of the court and Jack took everything off of their trays and arranged it on the table.

"Ok, this is Kung Pao chicken. It's pretty spicy, especially these little red peppers. You aren't even supposed to eat those." He stabbed a small piece of chicken with his fork and popped it in her mouth. Her eyes widened as she chewed. "Well? Too spicy?"

"No. It's delicious! What about that?" she pointed to the other dish.

This is Mu Shu pork; it's a little more complicated." He grabbed one of the wraps, slathered some of the plum sauce on it, scooped on some of the pork, and rolled it up carefully. Then he offered it to her to take a bite before taking one of his own.

"Mmmm, that's wonderful too. Teach me how to use these, please, Jack," she said, holding up the chopsticks.

The next several minutes were spent teaching her chopstick basics. She picked it up quickly, but eventually settled on using them for the larger pieces of food, falling back on the fork for things like the fried rice.

After that they were silent for awhile, stuffing their faces, until Jack remembered that they could talk and chew at the same time.

You like?

Very much, Jack. It's all delicious. It's a good thing I can't get fat, or I think I would quickly be a blimp.

Jack realized that this was true for him, now, as well. He could have steak for every meal... at least until his finances ran out.

Well, if both of us are going to start eating like pigs, then I'm going to have to figure out how to use your abilities for fun AND profit.

She just smiled.

As they continued to enjoy their meal, Jack's attention turned again to all the nubile young flesh moving around him.

See anything you like? she asked, grinning at him.

Busted! Well, yeah, what guy wouldn't? No one can compare to the girl I'm with, though.

Her smile turned a bit self-conscious as she looked down and blushed. Thank you, master.

No, it is I who should thank you, I think. He paused. Does it bother you?

Does what bother me, Jack?

That I looked?

Of course not. Why would it.

Well, most women, when they are on a date with a guy, don't really appreciate him checking out other women.

I'm not most, women, or any woman for that matter. While I am enjoying and think I will come to enjoy more and more being your companion, if you continue to want me so, I am still also your Genie servant. If you wish to have sex with every woman in this room, I will happily make that happen.

And not be the least bit jealous?

Not in the least, Jack.

Well, I must admit I can't return that sentiment. In all honesty I can't say that I like the idea of you even looking at other guys.

That is not a concern Jack, I have and will always have eyes for only one guy. You, Master.

Now that he thought back on it, she hadn't looked at any guys that he could tell after entering the malls. She had been looking at girls with him.

Only one GUY, huh?

She blushed scarlet at his insinuation. He grinned. Interesting. The idea of her lusting after girls didn't bother him at all. Something else to file for later exploration.

He returned his attention to the crowd as she continued to blush.

The problem was these days that it was so difficult to tell who was of legal age. Can you put a little symbol over the heads of all the women eighteen and over? Maybe a little green light that only we can see?

Of course, Jack. Little green balls appeared over many of the girls' heads, although not some that he would have sworn were eighteen. If I may ask, why eighteen?

It's the legal age here.

Tingle. But that's silly. Most women are ready to have and enjoy sexual activity well before eighteen.

Have and enjoy, perhaps, but may not yet be mature enough to fully appreciate and live with the possible consequences, especially in our current society. At least that's the modern thinking. There's still a lot of old traditions and stereotypes mixed in there as well.

Genie thought about this for a moment. That has some merit, I suppose, she paused, although in your case, there aren't consequences unless you want them.

Although Jack had never really seriously considered the idea of having sexual contact with what society would consider to be a minor, he had to admit, in light what Genie had just said, that the idea was certainly intriguing, or at least, as he looked around at all the hot girls that didn't have green balls above their heads, his little head thought so.

Well, I don't know that I'm ready to go there, yet, but go ahead and put a blue ball over the heads of girls who are under 18 but are sexually mature. No, wait, make that their ages in blue. Change the green balls to ages, too.

There were now blue and green numbers floating over the majority of the girls' heads. The air was getting a bit crowded.

Looking around, Jack saw some blue and even some green numbers over girls heads that he could not possibly imagine from their appearance to be mentally ready to handle sex. He indicated one to Genie. Are you sure she is ready to have sex.

Physically, yes, she is ready to have and enjoy sex. But emotionally, no, you are right, she isn't ready.

So, it looks like I need another icon, one that indicates if a girl is really ready for sexual activity. It should probably also tell me how far she is willing to go or something...

Over the next half an hour they developed and refined what Jack came to call the 'tote board, ' a set of numbers and icons that would appear over a girl's or woman's head to tell him not only her age, but in fairly general terms her sexual readiness, willingness, proclivities, experience and current arousal. There was also a pair of icons indicating her attraction and willingness relating specifically to him. All of these icons over every female's head had quickly made things too confusing, so he had changed them to appear only when he focused on an individual girl.

About two thirds of this experiment was done as they meandered toward his first clothing store. They were starting to get strange looks again in the food court, as both of them would look intently at a girl, sometimes smiling or making other facial expressions, but not say anything. Genie assured him that once they left no one would think any more of it.

Once he had the tote board working pretty much like he wanted, he started paying more attention to the info he was actually seeing for the passing girls, and noticed some interesting things. They passed a pair of gorgeous blond identical twins who were dressed like complete sluts, yet according to the board it looked like they had never had a sexual thought in their lives. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they saw a cute 15 year old waif of a girl whose willingness, proclivities, and experience looked to be that of nymphomaniac.

Is that right? Is she ok? Jack asked.

Genie looked back at her. Yes, she's fine, although this society wouldn't think so.

What do you mean?

Well, she's happy, doing well in school and, regardless of what society might think, well adjusted. Those stats come from the fact that she is, how should I put this, fucking her two older brothers seven ways from Sunday. The two of them combined can barely keep up with her, although they are quite 'up' for the challenge. They are being very discreet, and their parents have no clue. Her getting pregnant is a concern, although they are using condoms AND avoiding vaginal intercourse during what she computes to be her fertile period, so the chances are very small.


Although he noticed quite a few girls were attracted to him to a greater or lesser degree as they walked, neither the twins nor the little nympho had given him a second glance.

They finally made it to the first clothing store, a discount store where Jack bought several packs of underwear. He didn't find anything else there that he was interested in, so they moved on. The next store was more trendy but still reasonably priced, and with Genie's help he picked out a large arm-load of shorts, jeans, and casual slacks.

Well, time to head toward the dressing room," he said.

"Can I go with you?"

"Stores like this only allow one person back to a dressing room."


He could tell from her tone and her expression that she was disappointed. For a normal girl this would set off alarm klaxons in his head warning of extreme clinginess and possessiveness, but in this case it made Jack pleased. He found he wanted her back there with him, too. "Hmmm. Well, can you make yourself invisible or something?"

She vanished.

You could have at least made sure no one was looking, first! he exclaimed, looking around to see who noticed.

I did, Jack.

Oh. Sorry. Where are you.

Right here, she said, palming his ass.

Hey! No fair! Using this mental speaking I can't tell where you are.

She just giggled and gave his cock a quick, invisible caress through his shorts.

You are so going to pay for this.

Promise, master?

And so it was that Jack arrived at the dressing room attendant's station with a partial hard on. The attendant on duty turned out to be a curvaceous, vivacious medium-skinned African-American beauty, whose tote board, while not having quite the stats of the little nympho's outside, was still quite impressive. He was also intrigued to see her arousal and attraction start to rise as he approached, then spike when she noticed the large bulge in his shorts. He was embarrassed, but also excited as it was obvious she liked what she saw. Apparently noticing this, and deciding to give her more of show, Genie lightly caressed his cock through his shorts, causing the bulge to grow. It was all Jack could do to keep a calm face.

The girl's eyes widened as she noticed the bulge increase, then she raised an eyebrow before turning her attention back to the pile of clothes. Meanwhile her arousal level moved up another notch. "Sir, I need to count these and give you a ticket. I'll also need to keep your other purchase here."

"Uh, ok." He handed her the pile, then opened his bag and ripped open a pack of underwear to remove one. He handed her the bag, leaving it to her to imagine why he needed the new pair of drawers. Whatever she imagined, it did positive things to her tote board.

She handed him the pile back with a ticket on top listing the number of pants and shorts, and said, "Dressing room one, please, sir!"


He walked through the archway behind her, then stopped a second to determine where room one was. He turned left and walked to the end of the short hallway, only to find that the first room was room two. He looked around a corner to his left again and found room one off by itself. He opened the door and went it. It was a large room with a floor-to-ceiling mirror opposite the door and enough room to step back and see whatever outfit you were trying on. There was enough space that Genie could enter without bumping into him, or at least he didn't feel her.

Genie? No answer.

"Genie?" Still no answer. He shrugged. Perhaps she had decided to stay outside, after all, maybe to investigate the clerk a bit further or something else interesting.

He removed his oversized belt and shorts, muttering a mild oath as he realized he had forgotten to get a new belt to try on. Oh well, he would probably wear one of the new pairs of shorts out if they fit ok anyway, so he'd just find a belt to try on as he made his way to the register.

He was getting ready to bend over and step into his new underwear when he felt something grasp his now semi soft cock. He gasped and looked down to see and feel his cock invisibly lifted away from his legs, then felt a soft, gentle hand start to slowly stoke it.

"Genie?" No response, but it had to be her, although when he reached down to try to find her invisible body, there was nothing there, just the feeling of ghostly fingers stroking him. "Can you at least make sure we don't get caught?" Nothing.

It was an incredibly erotic and surreal experience, this ghostly hand job. He could actually see the skin of his now rock-hard cock moving under her exquisite touch. He experimented by wrapping his hand around the base of his cock. The ghostly hand passed through his own as if it wasn't there, and he could feel the stroking of his cock while his fingers felt the skin of his cock move under them. Slightly freaked, he quickly removed his hand.

As it looked like there was absolutely nothing he could do to affect what was going on (in the back of his mind he knew he could give Genie a direct command to stop, but that was the last thing he wanted to happen) he sat on the carpeted bench built into one wall, leaned back, spread his legs wide, and surrendered himself to the hand. He was rewarded when a second hand began lightly fondling, stroking, and tickling his balls. He moaned, partly at the increase in very pleasurable stimulation, and partly at the sight of his balls moving around, apparently on their own except for the indentations of invisible fingers manipulating his skin.

He watched, mesmerized by the evidence of the invisible hands on his genitals as they pleasured him, occasionally varying their patterns of touch so that he would never become too used to what he was feeling.

This went on for what felt like hours. He wouldn't have minded if it went on for days, but he eventually became conscious of the danger that the clerk would sooner or later come looking for him. He was just about to try to do something to get things completed here, preferably with a nice finish to this ethereal hand job, when something changed.

He felt something lightly flick the tip of his cock, then what had to be a tongue swirl around his cock head for several seconds before lips wrapped around it. He moaned. He then felt suction as the lips started traveling slowly down his length. As they reached the base, he felt what must be the back of a throat contract around the top of his cock, and then wonderful vibrations besieged him. He began to have a suspicion.

After several long moments of the breathtaking vibrations, the warm ghost mouth reversed direction, and he felt and saw the indentations of something hard lightly scraping the top of his cock as the invisible tongue swirled underneath. He also noted that ghost saliva apparently became visible as it touched his cock, because his entire shaft was now glistening wet.

When the ghostly mouth reached his cock head and bit down a bit more to increase the pressure of the swirling tongue underneath, his suspicion seemed a sure thing.

As his cock head slipped from between invisible lips and teeth, and a he felt and saw the evidence of a ghost tongue teasing and tickling the tip of his cock and pushing into its hole, his suspicion was confirmed. He was receiving an ethereal replay of his 'mind blowing' blow job that morning.

"Oh, you naughty little girl," he whispered.

As before he began to squirm at the torment of his cock tip, but this time there was no weight applied to hold him down. Rather, no matter how he moved and squirmed, the tongue was there at the tip of his cock, tickling him, teasing him, making the torment even worse/better than the first.

As before, the whole sequence was repeated again, and again, and again, until he was again pleading to be allowed to cum. Finally the sequence altered in intensity, signaling the final approach of his massive orgasm. This time when it came, however, he was able to remain conscious, if for no other reason than to watch jet after jet of cum disappear down an invisible throat.

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Hi Maya,

Very well thought and equally well put. Keep the posts coming, I'm sure you will have a fan club soon! If you can take a bed time theme for the children and spin it into a bed time story adults enjoy you sure are imaginative...



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