By Joe Brolly
Sorry..i did not include chapter number in my last post. Please pardon me.
And i would also like to inform you that this Genie Chronicles will include much build up in the coming chapters..So please read accordingly..

Genie finally spoke, bringing Jack out of his post-orgasmic haze. Someone is coming, Jack.


The pretty dark-skinned clerk.

Uh, oh. Can you delay her for a few minutes?

Yes Jack.

Why is she coming back here? Because we... I, have been back here so long?

Yes and no. To her we have been back here for about 15 minutes, which isn't really that long for the amount of clothes you brought back.

Ok then... wait, what do you mean 'to her'?

I was having so much fun that I, um, took the liberty of slowing things down a bit.

Ah. I've wondered if you can do things like stop time.

Well, no, I can't, actually. It's a bit complicated, and if you don't mind my suggesting, a better topic for later.

Uh, ok. So why is she coming back here so soon?

She's coming under the pretense of checking up on you. What she is really hoping for is a better glimpse at what was making the bulge in your shorts.

Oh, really? Is a look all she wants?

Well, she has several semi-formed fantasies of what might happen if she finds you with a raging hard on, but nothing she feels is likely or realistic. She's figuring what she will most likely find is a closed dressing room door to shout something like, "Sir, how is it going?" through.

So what would prevent her from following through with one of her fantasies?

If you play it right, nothing. She has just been relieved for her dinner break, and has an hour. Would you like me to nudge her toward anything?

No. Not yet. The problem was that, after the very recent sucking-dry of his testicles, not to mention the vast number of times they had already been emptied today, his interest in sex at the moment wasn't at its highest, unless...

Can you give me a quick recharge? Tingle. Sproing! He was suddenly quite a bit more intrigued by the possibilities of the hot clerk approaching his secluded dressing room, hoping to catch a peek at his erection. He was now tempted to take Genie up on her offer to nudge the girl, but, knowing what he knew about her from the tote board, he wanted to try to orchestrate this himself.

If I fuck this up, can you fix it?

Yes, Jack, however you like.

Are you SURE you don't mind me doing stuff like this, you know, with other girls?

Positive, Jack. I'd be disappointed if you DIDN'T use my abilities for opportunities such as this. It's what I'm for.

He sighed. Ok, how long do I have.

About a minute.

He though furiously for a few seconds, then, placing one foot through one leg hole in his new underwear and, holding them by the band, he opened the outward-swinging dressing room door a tiny crack.

All right, tell me when she's approaching the door.

Will-do, Jack.

Then he waited, and the few seconds seemed like an eternity. Now that he had time to contemplate what he was getting ready to do, he was getting very nervous about letting the clerk see him naked from the waist down and sporting a raging hard-on, even with the giant safety net that was Genie. He was getting so nervous that he was just about to tell Genie to abort the whole thing when she shouted NOW! in his head.

This startled him, and had the effect of causing for real what he had planned to fake; he stumbled against the dressing room door and it swung open to bang against the wall (Genie later swore under direct questioning that she had done nothing else to make this happen), revealing him in all his erectness, appearing as if he had stumbled while trying to put on his underwear while standing up. She stopped in shock, wide-eyed.

"Uh, hi," he said, his face turning red in real embarrassment. He was fairly mortified to be seen like this in such a semi-public place by a complete stranger, but he had to admit that this little bit of exhibitionism was also very thrilling.

"Are you ok, sir," she asked his cock, the hint of sassiness he had detected earlier in her demeanor, if not in the professional way she treated her customers, was completely missing at the moment. Hard nipples under her stylish black tube top were not.

He looked down. "Uh... yeah. I've been waiting for it, him, to go down so that I can try these clothes on, but it isn't happening. I was just putting on my jockeys to attempt to try this stuff on anyway. It was either that, or," he gave a self-conscious shrug.

"I see. Might I ask, sir, just what has him so, um, worked up?"

"Well, it started with these two identical twin blonds out in the mall, dressed like, well..."


"Yeah," he said as he looked bashfully into her eyes, "but the final straw was this hot girl manning the dressing room counter." He belatedly remembered the tote board, and called it up.

"So, a little dark meat is what it takes to really get him going, eh?" she said, her sassiness apparent again.

He shrugged again, "In this case, at least." He was pleased to see her arousal and attraction increase with this reply. He decided to go for broke. "You know, I really like these clothes and would like to try them on. Can you help me?"

She looked back down at his hard-on for a moment, then back up. She swallowed and cleared her throat, perhaps deciding to go for broke herself. "I've just been relieved at the counter, so I'm available to help customers. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I think I am going to have to cum. That's the only way this guy is going to shrink so I can see if this stuff fits properly."

Her eyes had widened at his words, but then she looked back down at his cock and said with a small smirk, "I think I can help you with that."

He couldn't believe he was discussing this with her like talking to a teller about opening a checking account.

"Ok, so what do you recommend?"

She walked up to him and wrapped a hand around him. He gasped at the touch of her cool hand. "Do you have something to wrap this rascal with?"

He recalled he had a condom in his wallet, but it was old and probably unreliable. As he reached for his shorts, he asked Genie, Can you freshen up the condom in my wallet? It probably needs to be a bit larger and more durable, too.


He reached for his shorts where he had hung them by the door, pulled his wallet from its pocket and fished out the condom. "This is a pretty new one. It hasn't been in there too long."

"Well, in that case, I suggest we drain him the old fashioned way," she said, placing her other hand on his chest and gently pushing him back into the dressing room. Removing both hands, she turned and closed and locked the door behind her. Her hands then went to the waist of her short black skirt and undid the clasp. She wiggled her curvaceous hips enticingly as she pulled the tight fabric over her them, then let the skirt drop to the floor, leaving only a brief black thong covering her mound. Hooking her thumbs under the thong's wasteband, she lowered it to her knees and then let it, too, drop to the floor.

As she stood back up, she revealed herself to be completely shaven, her lips and hood a dark mocha against the creamed coffee of the rest of her skin.

As he stared at her exotic pussy (to him at least), a thought occurred to Jack. Is she clean?

Yes Jack, she is both freshly washed, and free from disease.

Thanks, smartass. Remind me later that we need to add icons to the tote board for health stuff.

Yes Jack.

She grasped the bottom of her tube top. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," she said saucily. He finally noticed her name tag. It said 'Lacey.'

"Sounds like I get the best part of that offer, Lacey." He removed his shirt.

She in turn pulled her top over her head to reveal a lovely pair of breasts. While they weren't quite as full as Genie's, and they flattened ever so slightly when released from the snug grip of the tank top, their shape still gave Genie a bit of a run for her money, as did her dark, half-dollar-sized areolas and large oversized-kid-pencil-eraser nipples.


She smiled a lopsided smile, and said, "Thanks." She took the condom from his hand and knelt in front of him. She started to open it, but then looked at his cock for a moment. This prompted Jack to realize it had not shrunk much from its Genie's-new-improved-ideal size.

This is her ideal size?

Yes, Jack.

So, there's some truth to what they say about black guys, huh, if she's used to it this big?

Actually, she isn't. She's never experienced anything nearly that large, and she's a little scared of it.

Then why...

She has fantasized about big cocks for a long time.

Will this even fit into her?

Yes. If you are careful and patient, it, plus her fantasies being fulfilled, should make for quite a show.

Just as Genie said this, Lacey said, "Forgive me sir, but I must do something first." Then, without any further preamble, she parted her full, mahogany lips and engulfed his shaft. The first five inches were fairly easy going, but then he felt his head press against the back of her throat. He felt and heard her gag a bit, then do her best to suppress it as she attempted to take him in further.

It wasn't the same as Genie, but it was still oral sex from a beautiful woman, a perfect stranger at that, and was it was incredibly exciting for all that, as well as still being quite pleasurable.

She made it in another two inches or so, but with two more to go, she finally gave out of air, gave up, and released him. "Damn," she said softly as she stared at it, "I thought white boys were supposed to have small cocks."

"You can practice that as long as you like," Jack offered with a grin.

She smirked up at him and said, "Maybe next time, sir. I don't think there's time for that tonight."

Although Genie had already told him the answer, he asked, "Why, how much time do we have?"

"I go back on duty at the counter in about forty five minutes."

Ah," Jack said contemplatively as he looked at his cock, "yeah, we should probably get started, then. That might be pushing it as it is."

She raised her eyebrows at the realization of what he was implying, then narrowed them, as if to say, "Yeah, right, there ain't no way this white boy is going for forty five minutes straight."

Can SHE go for forty five minutes straight?

Well, it depends on how slow you go.

Does she want it slow?

What do you think?

So what will happen?

She'll get too sore to continue long before time is up.

And if you keep the soreness away?

She might be up for it, then.

Ok, do that, and have me build up slowly to a nice explosion in about 45 minutes, any pauses or changes in position included.

Yes, Jack.

Meanwhile, Lacey resumed the postponed condom application, taking her time rolling it down his shaft, still smirking up at him.

One it was completely unrolled, he said. "Thank you. Now, how would you like to begin?

"The usual way, I guess." She moved to lay long-ways on the floor, her head near the mirror, her knees bent and spread wide."

"Would you like any... preparation?" He asked, indicating her pussy.

"No, I'm pretty wet. Stick it in there and let's get to fuckin'."

He positioned himself between her widespread legs, and then grabbed a couple of pairs of folded shorts and placed them under her ass. He positioned his cock at her entrance and became distracted for a moment by the stark contrast between the dark brown of her outer lips and the bright pink inside before saying, "I'll pay for those shorts if we mess them up. They should fit, anyway. Ready?"

She nodded, a bit nervously, although she tried to hide it.

He pushed gently until the head popped through her tight opening. She gave a small gasp.

He paused for a moment to allow her to get used to his presence, then he began thrusting shallowly to loosen her tightness. Every few thrusts he would go a little deeper. As Genie suggested, he was patient, although it was difficult controlling his desire to go deep with long thrusts immediately.

At about half, her hips were bucking back at him strongly, and she had her eyes closed, her bright white teeth a stark contrast to her dark lips as she bit the lower one.

With about two inches to go, and finally getting to the long, strong strokes that they both wanted, he hit an obstruction, her cervix.

Try to angle your thrusts up a bit to rub over her cervix rather than thrust against it.

He did so, and was rewarded by a deep moan from Lacey as he was able to thrust another inch into her.

Yes, much better. Genie said.

Are you feeling what she is feeling? The idea intrigued Jack.

No, just reading her.

Well, why not? You should get some pleasure, too, Hotwire your pussy to hers.

The idea apparently intrigued her too. Ooooo, yes Jack!

And feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to make it better for her, you, whoever.

Mmmm, yes Jack. You can start by thrusting a bit harder to get that last inch in.

I won't hurt her?

No, she can take it.

Jack did as she said, and about a dozen strokes later he was thrusting to the hilt. He was rewarded by a panted, "Unhhh... shit... that's deep."

He couldn't resist saying, "I thought black girls were used to big cocks." This earned him a glare for a moment, but she couldn't sustain it against his deep, relentless strokes, and closed her eyes again.

He thrust for a few moments longer, and then Genie said, in a rather breathless voice.

Put her legs over your shoulders, Jack.

He paused while buried to the hilt, hooked an arm under the knee of one long slender leg, and brought it up to rest the calf on his shoulder. Repeating the action with the other leg, he found this now left him with an inch to spare, so he slowly pushed that into her. Her eyes widened as he drilled deeper than ever before.

Are you sure I'm not hurting her?

Yes, she's fine. She's actually fairly erogenous that deep. Can you go a little faster, please?

He increased the speed of his strokes, his balls starting to slap her ass, and was rewarded by grunts from Lacey each time he hit bottom. Will she cum like this?

Yes, in about five minutes. She'll want you to go faster. Don't. It will intensify her orgasm.

She did, he didn't, and about five thrust-filled minutes later, she had what certainly seemed to be an intense orgasm as her tight tunnel rhythmically contracted even further around his cock. If he hadn't requested the slow 45 minute build-up for himself, he was sure that would have been enough to squeeze the cum from him.

He slowed to a very gentle stroke as her aftershocks faded.

"You ok so far?" he asked.

"Yeah... what do you mean so far? You aren't finished, too?"

"No, not even close, I'm afraid."

She groaned in mock dismay. "Well, in that case, I think I need to be on top for awhile."

"Sounds good to me." Thrusting into her and staying there, they both straightened their legs enough to roll over, and then she rose to sit on him. He propped himself up on his arms, and was rewarded with a close-up view of her tits.

"Don't worry about sucking 'em unless you get off on it. It doesn't do anything for me, more's the pity."

"I do get off, on it, actually. May I, just a bit?"

She shrugged.

As he took one nipple in his mouth and gently sucked, tongued, and nibbled it, he asked Genie, This really doesn't do anything for her?

Very little.

Why not?

She just isn't wired for it.

Well, it's a shame for such a nice pair of tits to be so poorly wired.

Yes it is, Jack.

Can you rewire her?

Of course.

Hmmm. You're a bit above average sensitivity, aren't you?

By several orders of magnitude, thanks to your idea of a perfect pair of breasts. You know that good and well.

You're welcome. Why don't we have her increase to average sensitivity over the next few minutes as I continue my nibbling? Then over the next couple of weeks, have her increase more to, oh, about half way between average and you, as a little anonymous thank-you gift for this extra customer service.

Yes Jack.

A few moments later a look of surprise blossomed on Lacey's face. "What are you doing to my tits? They have never felt that way before."

He shrugged and gave a self-satisfied smile. "I've always been pretty good with tits."

After several more minutes pleasuring her breasts while she hummed and moaned through the new experience, he lay flat on his back, pulling her down with him so that her breasts hung over his face. He said, "You go on and get back to work. I'll be right here."

"Yes sir." She began riding him with as long a stroke as her captured nipples would allow, his lip-and-tongue work eliciting a few extra moans as she worked herself up to speed.

Soon her enthusiasm pulled her nipples from his lips as she sat up a bit and propped herself on her arms to allow her to ride him harder. He contented himself with fondling her breasts and watching her glossy black shoulder-length hair swirl around her face as the speed and depth of her strokes continued to increase. Her firm, round ass started smacking his crotch as she took him in completely again, especially when he began raising his hips to meet her while angling to hit all her sensitive spots at Genie's direction. This round she was in charge of the pace, and there was nothing stopping her from accelerating as she slammed down on him harder and harder. He met her thrust for thrust. For all her enthusiasm, this position wasn't quite as stimulating for her as the other, though. By the time, ten minutes later, when she screamed out her orgasm, muffled by her fist in her mouth, she was covered by a sheen of perspiration. She slowed as her tremors again subsided, then collapsed on top of him.

"Please tell me... you came," she panted.

"I'm afraid not. There won't be any question when I do."

She moaned. "I don't think I can go another round."

Genie quickly described a new position to use.

"Tell you what, I'll do all the work this time. One more should do it."

She moaned again as he gently roller her onto her back, then instructed her to lie face-down on the carpet. He placed a folded pair of shorts under her crotch, and another under her head as a pillow.

"Now, you just do you best to lay there and relax. As I say, let me do all the work." He then spread her legs comfortably wide, and positioning his cock over her ass, slid it down between her crack, past her bud, and to her entrance again. He slowly pressed in, and she moaned once more. He then began to thrust. He wasn't able to drill quite as deep, but at this angle he was able to rub his cock directly against her sensitive G-spot, while at the same time rubbing her clit on the shorts through her hood. It wasn't long before she was shuddering through another orgasm.

Jack continued to thrust into her through that and two more, all the while whispering for her to stay relaxed and simply enjoy it. Once the last orgasm started, it remained on a low boil until several minutes later, when Jack began thrusting faster as his own explosion finally arrived. He continued long, firm strokes as he groaned at each strong spurt of cum exploding deep inside her. Feeling this turned her boil into a roiling one, and she screamed again into her makeshift pillow.

Once they both had screamed and grunted out the last of their pleasure, Jack lay down gently atop her, panting, as his cock finally, slowly began to deflate.

"Damn, you sure as some white boy," she panted.

"Thanks." He rose to slowly slip his cock from her. "I think I can try these pants on, now, so I guess I should let you get back on duty."

This roused her enough to look at her watch. "Shit, I'm late!" Finding some energy reserves from somewhere, she got up, slipped on her skirt and tank top, and looked back at him. "Sir, you can clean up in the men's room just down the hall. Please stop back by the desk on your way out." Then she slipped out the door, presumably to hit the women's room to do her own freshening up before returning to the desk.

Make sure she doesn't get into trouble, please.

She won't, Jack, Genie said in what the thought sounded like a slightly amused voice.

Jack actually managed to try on the pants and shorts, at least the ones that weren't completely soaked. Everything fit fairly well, so except for the new pair of shorts he wore out, it all got folded up neatly and put it back in a pile, a dry pair of shorts on top to conceal any evidence.

Lacey was back at the desk when he came out, looking a bit worse for wear, but not too bad. "Did everything fit ok, sir?"

"Everything fit great," he said with his own smirk. "I'll take all these, including the ones I am wearing."

"Great! Um, maybe I should ring you up here." She looked a bit nervous.

"Oh, can you?"

"Yes, sir."


Genie reminded him to get a belt.

"Oh! Hold on for just a moment."

He walked over to the rack, picked out a belt that would be appropriate for both casual and dress pants, then went back and handed it to her, "This too."

She rang him up and put his purchases, plus his underwear, in a large shopping bag. Handing him his receipt, she said, "Thank you sir. Please come back."

Looking at the receipt, which had a note stapled to it saying 'anytime you need more help' and a phone number, he said, "Oh, I will!"

Leaving the store, he passed the manager, an attractive middle-aged dirty-blond woman, who said with a small knowing smile, "I hope you received excellent customer service today, sir."

He smiled back. "Yes, ma'am, I did. Couldn't have been better."

"I'm glad to hear it. Have a lovely evening, and hurry back!"

As they headed to the next clothing stop, Genie suddenly appeared by his side.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting shopping experienced," he said.

She smiled at him, "Yes it was, Jack."

"Will she be ok?"

"Yes. A little bit sore. I left her with that as a memento, as well as her 'rewired' breasts. She will enjoy the 'present' you gave her."

"Good." Jack took her arm and linked it with his and she smiled at him again. They walked for a few minutes, and then Jack asked quietly, "Ok, so tell me about the time thing."

"Well, I cannot affect actual time in any way. No being that I know of can, no matter how powerful. What I can do is speed or slow our passage through time, which has much the same effect."

"I understand, I think. Can I - we, time travel?"

"No. Although, if you wish, you can experience in fantasy something that has happened in the past, or a version if it. Your experience will not affect what really happened, though. For instance, if you go back and get a girl you knew in high school pregnant, when you return from you fantasy, nothing will have changed for her."

"What about the future."

"The future is unwritten. You can experience a fantasy based on what you or someone else might expect or imagine the future to hold, though."


By this time they had arrived at the next store, and Jack's questions were put on hold. He had chosen an upscale men's clothing store where he intended to purchase a couple pairs of dress pants to wear to business meetings with clients and the like. This particular store had no attractive young ladies working, so Jack was able to progress in his shopping much more quickly. He found the two pairs he was looking for, although one needed alteration.

The salesman stuck himself in the thumb a couple of times as he bent to pin the pants to the proper length, as Genie's long, toned legs were distractingly close, but the job was finally done. Paying and taking the one pair, and scheduling to pick up the other pair in a couple of days, they left the store.

"You know, I guess it's true what they say about Chinese food; I'm already a bit hungry again. Would you like some ice cream or something?"

That would be wonderful, Jack"

They headed back to the food court and perused the restaurants' desert offerings. They settled on a banana split, and sat at their original table again to do some more people-watching.

They didn't have to wait long for the show to start. A couple of bites into the 'split, they heard a girl's voice, nasty and ridiculing, "What are you doing here, perv? Fantasizing about me in private as you wank off not good enough? You come to do it here in public?"

They turned to see an overweight teenage boy, blushing furiously, hurrying and stumbling away from an attractive light-brown haired girl, or a girl that would have been attractive except for the nasty smirk on her face. She followed the boy, continuing to harass him. Jack read from her tote board that, while she was not a virgin, she was not very experienced in sex, and her libido was currently not very high. He also noted a couple of new icons.

What are those?

The health icons you mentioned earlier. I took the liberty of adding them for you.

Cool. So they are telling me that she is healthy and clean, yes.

Yes. Genie went on to explain briefly what the icons would look like if she were otherwise.

Got it. So what was that little show we just witnessed all about?

Well, the boy, Robbie, and the girl, Sherry, have gone to school together since first grade, and used to be friends before puberty set in. He developed a crush on her as his sexual interest grew, while at the same time he became more and more overweight. Their friendship pretty much dissolved, as she didn't want to be seen associating with 'the fat boy.' That was a couple of years ago. Recently, a rumor was started that he masturbates while fantasizing about her.

Does he?

Yes, although the rumor was started by someone who had no way of knowing this was true. The person just knew he liked Sherry, and figured it was a pretty good bet. That person does the same thing, actually. A lot of the boys in her class do. That doesn't stop then for ridiculing him, though.

So why is he so overweight?

Um, that's getting to be out of the area I can answer questions about, Jack.

Oh? Not enough about sex?

She gave a mall nod as she spooned up some ice cream. "Yum!"

Jack felt for the boy. He hadn't been fat like that in high school, and certainly hadn't ever been in the boy's current embarrassing situation, but he had been a bit chubby and not very popular. Hmmm. Ok, I think I would like to help the boy become more attractive to the girls so that he can hopefully get laid, but first I need to know why he is so overweight. Better?

Yes. His weight problem is due to a combination of things. His metabolism is a bit slow. His eating habits are bad, due mostly to his family life. And he doesn't exercise much. He'd be a pretty cute guy if he were more in shape.

Jack thought through a couple of bites of ice cream. Ok, can we speed up his metabolism to normal, whatever that is?

Yes, Jack.

As for the diet and exercise, how about we give him a bit of incentive from now through the end of summer. Let's have him quickly discover that on any day he eats well and gets some exercise, that night he will have an enjoyable sexual dream involving her. The more ideal the diet and exercise that day for his current fitness level, the more realistic and enjoyable the dream that night should be. The dreams will start out as perhaps her stripping for him, and progress through hand jobs, then blow jobs, and on to actual sex as he progresses, the goal being to get his as fit as is safe by the start of school in the fall. Ok so far?

Tingle. Yes, Jack.

Ok, so would he be near his ideal fitness level by then?

No, he'd still have a ways to go.

Ok, well hold that thought for a moment, and let's switch to the girl.


Why is she so... bitchy?

Well, she used to be a pretty good kid. The biggest reason for the change is that she has fallen in with 'the wrong crowd.' They are influencing her to make poor choices, including starting to take drugs.

I see. Well, again over the summer, let's have her realize that these aren't the people she should be hanging out with, and cut ties cleanly with them in such a way that there are no reprisals. By the end of the summer she should be back to being that good kid. Once school starts again and she sees what is happening to the boy, although she won't know what his incentive has been, she will make that incentive a reality. Partly to repay the cruelty she is now heaping on him, and partly to give him extra incentive, she will give small, then bigger and bigger sexual rewards as he works toward his ideal fitness level. By the time he gets there, they should be fully involved sexually, although safely, and with no pregnancies, disease, etc. After that, it's up to them how they want to proceed, perhaps as a couple, perhaps just enjoying frequent, or occasional, 'booty calls, ' or perhaps they amicably go their separate ways. In any event, they should both come out of it happy, healthy and on the track to better lives.

Very nice, Jack.


They finished their banana split as they continued to make small talk, mostly out loud so as not to draw more strange looks. Once they were done, and Genie had licked the bowl completely clean, firming Jack's cock in the process as he watched her pink tongue lick every crevice of the bowl repeatedly, he said, "Ok, I'm beat. Let's head home."

She smiled. Ok, Jack."

It was only 10 PM when they got back, but Jack was dead tired. Not so tired, though, that he failed to notice and be momentarily surprised by the pristine condition of his apartment as they walked through the door. He had completely forgotten his earlier experiment in getting around the limitations of what types of wishes Genie could grant. He laughed and gave her a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek. He was sorely tempted to do more, to continue playing with Genie and exploring her abilities, worn out or not.

Tomorrow was a new day just bursting with possibilities, he finally decided, and sleep beckoned. Depositing his purchases in the now clean and organized closet, he picked up Genie and carried her toward the bed, whispering in her ear. As they neared the bed, their clothing evaporated, appearing on the shelf in the closet, clean and neatly folded. Meanwhile the bed turned itself down, and Jack dumped a squealing Genie into it before diving over her, then wrapping his arms around her as she turned to spoon with him. The lights extinguished, and Jack sighed contentedly. His mind wouldn't quite let go yet, though, and a question occurred.

"You do sleep, don't you? Really sleep? I know we took naps earlier, but those were more passing out than going to sleep."

"I can sleep, Jack. Would you like to dream about anything? Experience a fantasy, perhaps?"

"Hmmm. Tempting, but I think I'll wait. I've been considering what fantasies I might like to live out, and how, but now that I can actually do so, I can't decide what to do. Besides, I don't think that would be appropriate on my first night with you. I think I just want to hold you as we sleep."

She squirmed deeper into his arms. "That sounds wonderful, Master. Thank you for making your Genie feel so and loved and appreciated."

He smiled and kissed the top of her head. "You are welcome. And thank you for making your Master the luckiest Master ever."

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