By Joe Brolly
Jack woke early in the morning to an intensely beautiful Genie still spooned against him, and to a full bladder. He would have liked to stay pressed against her silken form all morning, but his bladder finally won out. He extracted himself as gently as he could and tiptoed to the head.

When he returned to the bedroom, he was greeted by a tableau that any men's magazine would pay handsomely to photograph; a darkly red-haired sleeping beauty, stretched out languorously on her side in a somewhat rumpled bed, her head pillowed on one outstretched arm, her slightly disheveled hair partially concealing her face. The white sheets, wrapped around her low on her hips, contrasted alluringly with her lightly tanned, flawless skin.

The day before had been such a whirlwind of activity, most of it comprised of more sex than he had ever had in a week, probably three, that he had not taken the time to do something he really desired to; explore every square millimeter of the most perfect body he would ever see. The morning had dawned overcast, promising a blustery, rainy late spring day, and he could think of nothing better to do than to stay in bed all day doing just that.

He made a quick detour, and then slipped as gently as he could back into bed. As careful as he was, he was sure he had awakened her as she moaned softly and rolled onto her back. His breath caught at her luscious figure and graceful movement, even in sleep, as she rolled and settled with her arms relaxed above her head. He was delighted to see her eyes still closed, and hear her breathing deepen.

Sliding closer, he brought up to her face what he had taken his detour to retrieve: a large powder makeup brush with a wide, round, somewhat tear-dropped shaped arrangement of dense, velvety-soft bristles, a brush very similar to what men used to apply their shaving lather with, only larger and softer. He normally used this to dust his camera lenses and other delicate surfaces, but had frequently fantasized that it would make an excellent sexual toy. Now he was going to find out.

He began by gently brushing the stray hair away from her face before lightly and very slowly running the brush over her forehead, then down over one closed eyelid and long eye lashes. He crossed her cute, slightly pointy nose to the other lid, and then continued across her cheek to one elfin ear. Tracing the outside of her ear, he found this area to be too sensitive, threatening to wake her as she squirmed in her sleep. He froze until she stilled, then moved back to her cheek, over the tip of her nose to the other cheek, then down to tickle her lips, which parted slightly at his touch. He paused again, then moved down to her chin and traced her striking jaw line back into dangerous territory along the side of her neck and under her ear.

Retreating again, he made his way over her chin and down the front of her long, graceful neck. He traced to the side, exploring her collar bone and shoulder, until he again reached unsafe terrain, this time her underarm. Working back to the center of her upper chest, he ran the brush down the valley between her perfect orbs, careful to touch them as little as possible.

Now he was in a bit of a dilemma. Pretty much any direction except for the way he had come was a minefield of too-ticklish and/or too-sensitive skin. Finally deciding she had slept long enough anyway, he traveled back up the valley and to the top of one breast, and then started orbiting the sphere in a slowly tightening spiral. When he reached her nipple he brushed it in a circular motion until he saw her eyes start to flutter. A moment later as he continued to tickle her nipple her eyes popped open and she looked down, then up at him and smiled a dazzling if sleepy smile.

"That's a pretty good way to wake up too, Master. I was dreaming I was being tickled by a cloud of butterflies. Now I see it's something better."

He grinned back, "I'm glad you like it."

He decided to start over, to her mild frustration. He moved back to leisurely explore her face again, then gently turned her head to expose her left ear and sensitive side of her neck. She bit her bottom lip and squinted her left eye shut as he played around and under her ear, then gave a squeak when he swirled the bristles inside.

Once he had given both sides this treatment, he worked his way down her neck and across one shoulder again. This time he did not stop at reaching her armpit, and she twitched as if to lower her arm as he stroked the hairless, baby-soft skin with the equally soft bristles, but she knew that was against the rules of this little game. He didn't torment her there long, as that really wasn't the current objective, and he soon moved up the only slightly less sensitive skin of the inside of her well-toned upper arm. Once he reached her wrist, he reversed direction and traveled down back and across to give her other arm the same treatment.

Finally returning to the center of her chest, he skirted her breasts for the moment, eliciting a mew of disappointment, and used the brush to lightly trace each of her ribs in her well-defined rib cage, discovering that it took a little firmer pressure than the brush produced to really tickle her there, although she still giggled and squirmed a bit as her eyes followed every movement of the brush.

That lack of fine sensitivity wasn't the case, though, as he traveled down the shallow valley between the two halves of her rib cage to the flat, taut expanse of her belly, whose perfect skin was broken only by her delectable oval belly button, and, lower, by the two symmetrical peaks of her pelvic bone, until it reached the fur of her mound. It was all she could do to stay still as his brush explored every square millimeter of this quivering expanse.

He then skirted her mound entirely, eliciting another disappointed mew as he worked his way leisurely down her two long, silky-smooth legs. Reaching her feet, he played on their tops and toes for a few moments, and then indicated that she should turn over. She did so with a bit of trepidation, considering where the brush was poised.

She wasn't disappointed, as the soft bristles quickly sought out and caressed the arches of her feet, causing her to ball up her toes and drum her feet on the bed before the bristles moved up across her ankles to tease her calves and the surprisingly sensitive backs of her knees and thighs. The brush then spent some time caressing the two firm hemispheres of her buttocks, causing them to tense up delectably when the brush hit their most sensitive spots, particularly the transition between cheek and thigh and the cleft between cheeks.

The brush between his fingers was loath to leave the twin mounds, but it had the smooth curves of her back to explore, and it did, extracting a few additional giggles as it strayed to caress her sides on occasion. After it swirled around her shoulder blades for a few moments, it paused while Jack gently moved her hair aside, then moved on to tease the back and sides of her neck while she squirmed and tried to scrunch her shoulders up to avoid its tickling touch.

Jack eventually had her turn back over, and his brush immediately honed in on her breasts, continuing its earlier interrupted pattern. Genie was soon squirming and moaning for a different reason.

Once the brush had gotten to know her breasts quite well, it headed due south. Jack gently spread her legs, and, after exploring the inside of her thighs and causing more squirming and giggling, he applied it to her now-slightly-puffy nether lips, although he had to stick to the outside edges lest the brush get damp from her juices. He soon noticed that her clit was still high and dry, though, and gently folded her hood up to introduce the brush to it. Genie's moaning, briefly interrupted by the move from breasts to lips, increased in volume several notches.

Having a bit of trouble coordinating the brush's movement with his fingers gently holding back her hood, he requested that she hold it back for him. Although Genie might have been of two minds about the request, it immediately folded away, giving the velvet touch of the brush full access to her clit. The brush immediately took advantage of this, experimenting with different strokes, pressures, and patterns to determine what got the greatest response. Soon Genie was moaning and squirming so much in tormented pleasure that Jack told her that the rest of her could squirm as much as it wanted, as long as her clit stayed perfectly still. And it did, although it was obvious that the relentless brushing of her bud was driving her absolutely nuts. Still he persevered, and fifteen minutes later was rewarded by the full body shiver of an orgasm, although by the look on her face, probably not a very fulfilling one.

Finally removing the brush from her skin, he asked. "Would you like a more satisfying orgasm now?"

"What I would really like right now, Master, is my turn with the brush," she said breathlessly, her eyes narrowed. He squinted back at her for a moment, then shrugged, handed her the brush, and switched places.

Over the next twenty minutes she found all the ticklish places of which he was aware, plus a few he wasn't, including his nipples and ass. His nipples at least he kind of liked, but not as much as when Genie eventually discovered his balls. The brush seemed tailor-made for them, giving just the right amount of ticklish-pleasurable stimulation for their sensitive skin, especially their smooth underside.

The sensation was short-lived, though, as they all too quickly became desensitized to the stimulation. When Genie noticed his diminishing reaction, she pouted for a second, a pout which quickly turned to a look of speculation. He felt the tingle, her eyes flashed, and then she attacked his balls again. His full sensation was back and this time it did not fade, and it was her turn to make him squirm, especially when she cheated and created a second brush for the other hand, which immediately attacked his cock. It was then his turn to squirm enough to throw off her aim, but there was no way he was going to allow her to magically hold his pelvis still, so she did the next best thing, she pushed his thighs together, straddled them just below his crotch, pulled his balls up to lay on top of his thighs, and attacked with both brushes again. The eroticism of her weight holding his lower body (somewhat) still, plus the combined stimulation of both brushes, had him pumping jets of cum onto his stomach in "only" ten minutes or so, and he had a feeling it was a bit more satisfying orgasm, if no less tortuous, than hers.

He rested for a moment, enjoying the sight and feeling of her sitting on his legs, and then said, "Ok, time for some real lovemaking. Can you clean and recharge me, please?"

The puddle of cum disappeared from his stomach, and his cock was suddenly ready to go again. He beckoned to her, and she moved to lie beside him. Their arms and legs entwined as their lips met. They kissed and caressed for several long minutes, until Jack gently rolled Genie on her back and positioned himself between her legs, which she wrapped around him. He raised his eyebrows as he felt a ghostly hand align his cock with her and then give his balls a quick fondle. She smiled naughtily back, then closed her eyes and sighed in contented pleasure as he pressed his cock into her tight passage, stretching it to its maximum diameter, opening her just short of discomfort, filling her as it inched its way in. When he angled so as to reach her uttermost depths, sheathing himself in her completely, she smiled approvingly and sighed again.

He stayed buried completely inside her as they continued to kiss and caress. Finally he leisurely pulled out until his head passed her muscular ring, leaving just his tip kissing her opening. He didn't leave her feeling empty and lonely long, though, as he pressed back in, sinking to the hilt only slightly faster this time.

He continued the pattern of full burial to almost complete removal as he gradually increased to a moderate pace. As she began to move with him he didn't pull out quite as far so as to avoid any 'reentry misalignment.' He didn't allow the pace to increase too much, though. This was making love, not just fucking, and they slowed or even stopped frequently to kiss, caress, and change positions. They made love for over an hour this way, until Jack, back on top by this time, felt the approach of the point of no return. Looking into Genie's eyes, he saw that she was there with him. He increased his pace slightly, but still kept his strokes long and even. A few moments later their bodies shook in mutual release, their eyes still locked together.

Jack gradually came to a halt, then gently laid down on her and rolled so that they were on their sides pressed against each other, his slowly softening cock still buried within her. "Keep me hard again, would you? Not recharged, just erect. Let the recharging happen naturally. Last time you kept me erect while we napped. This time I think I'd like to try it while awake. Maybe all day, even. Keep yourself comfortably lubed again, of course."

She smiled enthusiastically at the idea of having him inside her all day. "Yes, Jack." He sprung back to full hardness, effectively thrusting into her as his cock lengthened again, and she gave a small gasp. He looked at her speculatively.

"Shrink me to the same girth, but four inches long." She gave him a funny look, but he felt himself shorten until, in their current position, he was barely inside her. "Ok, now expand me back to full length." He lengthened again into her, and she gave another soft gasp. "Now short." He shrunk. "Long." He lengthened. "Short... long... short... long." Her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing. He grinned. "That could make for lots of fun," his stomach rumbled, "but for now..." She squeaked as he suddenly rolled them over so that she was on top. He then had her rise to straddle him. He rose to prop himself on his arms, then maneuvered to cross his legs under her while sitting further up so that she was sitting in his lap, still impaled on him. She wrapped her legs around his hips. "... I'm hungry. But first, can you create some comfortable backrests for us?"

"Yes, Jack." Padded backrests appeared behind them, comfortably supporting them in their current position.

"Good, now, as I still have no food in the place to speak of except for peanut butter, do you think you could create a nice romantic breakfast of a variety of finger foods on floating platters around us that we can feed to each other?"

Tingle. She smiled a dazzling smile. "Very nice, Jack. Yes, I can do that."

A myriad of trays appeared around them holding a smorgasbord of bite-sized breakfast foods, from fresh fruits to small quiches and pastries to miniature sausage links. There were also several loving cups filled with a variety of juices, milk, and steaming coffee.

Jack sighed in contentment. "I could certainly get used to this, and probably will." He picked up a red ripe strawberry and held it to Genie's lips for her to take a bite. She took a big one, and juice dripped down her chin, then down between her breasts.

"Oh, strawberries are delicious!"

"That's right, I forget. You know what they are, but you haven't ever tasted one." He then leaned forward to lick the juice from her chin and cleavage.

"And fun!" she added.

"If you liked that, perhaps you should try this watermelon," he suggested naughtily.

They next hour or so was spent alternating feeding each other and licking off the unusually large volume of drippings. Some drippings made it to where their tongues could not currently reach, however, and their lower bodies were becoming quite sticky until Jack had the bright idea of letting ghost tongues take care of those.

Almost all of the items were new tastes to Genie, so the breakfast was a lengthy one as she sampled and savored everything. Jack certainly didn't mind, as her delight was charming and entertaining, plus most of the items were the best of their kind that he had ever tasted, and he took the time to savor as well.

Once they had finally eaten and licked their fill, Jack had her remove the now almost empty trays. He licked her fingers clean while she licked his, then he asked, "What would you like to do now?"

"Do you mean beside ride that giant rod that's impaling me?"

He smiled, "Yes, besides that."

She gave another mock pout, but then smiled. "I'm happy right here with you Jack. Whatever you want to do is fine with me."

He was pretty happy where he was, too, so he thought for a moment then asked,"Tell me more about Genies." He felt the tingle of her interpreting his request.

"Many, many hundreds of years ago in and around what is now known as Iran, Genies were common, if not plentiful. Pure genies were split into four races, each tied to one of the four elements; fire, earth, water, and air. Each race of Jinn had several castes, from the near god-like King down to comparatively weak imps."

"What caste were, are, you, and what element?" Jack asked.

Genie looked a bit self conscious. "None, master, I am not a pure Genie as they consider things, and am outside the caste system."

"What are you, then?"

"I am what was called a Genie Servant, one created to be permanently bound to his or her master. No 'pure' Genie would ever allow itself to be so enslaved. They would rather die."

"What about Aladdin and the lamp and all that? Wasn't that Genie enslaved?"

"Well, while that story isn't based on actual events, it is true that a pure Genie can be bound to an object such as a lamp in very similar fashion. This can be done either by a much more powerful Genie, usually a King, as punishment, or by a talented Sorcerer hoping to control the Genie. Either way, the Genie has hope of release or escape, and usually chooses to be bound rather than die. In the case of the King's punishment, the term of the Genie's binding is almost always finite; say a year and a day. As for the other, the Genie is always on the lookout for any slipup, any mistake that the Sorcerer might make that would allow the Genie to go free."

Jack wasn't sure what answer he wanted from the next question, but felt he had to ask, "Can I set you free?"

Genie gave him a bittersweet smile. "Thank you for the question, and yes you can. I would then revert to my original form, though."

"Original form? What does that mean?"

She gave a deep sigh. "Are you sure you want to continue this, Master? You will find it distasteful."

"You don't think I'm going to say no, now, do you?"

"Very well. Genie servants are not elemental beings. They, we, are created from something else. In almost all cases that original form is a human baby."

"What?! That's terrible!" He exclaimed, sitting up and almost knocking them over. His cock, momentarily forgotten but still rock hard, was the only thing keeping her from sliding off his lap. She grabbed his shoulder for balance, and he settled back down again.

"I told you it was distasteful, Jack."

"Distasteful doesn't begin to cover it. So, what, some Genie comes and steals you from your crib at night and carries you off to be made into a Genie slave?"

"No, my parents willingly gave me up to be made a Genie servant."

"What?" He almost tossed her off again. "What kind of parents could do such a thing?"

"Please Jack, allow me to tell the whole story and I think you will better understand."

He settled down again and nodded.

"I was born to a struggling merchant and his wife. Late in my mother's pregnancy she began to feel that something was wrong. It was determined by a healer that something was not... right, with me. I was not forming correctly within her. When I was born, their worst fears were realized. I was born sickly, and would have lived days at most, perhaps only hours.

When it had become known that I was expected to be born unhealthy, a human representative of the Fire Genie King came to my father with an offer. If I was truly born unhealthy, not healthy enough to lead a rewarding life, then the Genies offered to take me to become a Genie Servant. In exchange, my father received a single wish from a master Genie, interpreted to give him what he truly wanted, as I try to do for you. In addition, it was considered a great honor to donate a child for this purpose. He and my family would have benefited both socially and financially."

"Fine, but what about you? You had no choice in the matter." Jack was still offended by the idea.

"That's true Jack. But otherwise I would have had no life at all."

"So is becoming a Genie servant preferable to... to..." he couldn't complete the question. She finished for him.

"Dying as a tiny infant? Yes."

He grumbled for a moment, and then changed the subject. "So, what would you have been doing for this... Sultan guy?"

"Well, granting his sexual wishes of course, and protecting him from harm. He was considered a good ruler at the time, by both humans and the Jinn, so protecting him was probably more important to the Genie King than the sex."

"Yet they still put you in that puzzle box."

"Yes. The Jinn never give a Genie such as me away with no price or catch, no matter who the recipient. They didn't want to set too high a price in this case, though, and when they found out he loved puzzles, well..." she shrugged.

"So, you have no idea why he never opened the box?"

"No, Jack. I became self-aware and aware of what was going on around me and expected of me once I was made a Genie, but as I mentioned before, once I was placed within my vessel, I was unaware of the passage of time or what transpired therein until you released me."

"Huh." Jack reflected for a moment. "So you would have just stood around waiting to grant his wishes?"

"Well, not exactly. Yes, I would be available to grant any wishes he desired to make, but beyond that, I most likely would have been made his first wife, although 'wife' didn't mean quite the same thing as it does today and in this society. As first wife I would have been placed in charge of his harem, keeping all of his other wives healthy and... happy." She colored slightly at this.

"Happy? How so?"

"Well, as a Sheik, his harem would have been large, and made up of the most beautiful, most sexual women available. Those women were not allowed to have sex with any man other than the Sheik and perhaps the occasional honored guests. Thus the wives often turned to each other for... relief. As first wife and a Genie, I would almost definitely have assisted in this 'relief'."

Jack interest was piqued, his cock now hard not just because she was keeping it so. "Assist how?"

"In whatever ways the Sheik specified or allowed, usually with the idea being that his wives' appetites should be whetted rather than satiated when he called on one or more for the evening. Any not picked could be satiated after, although not so much as to prevent them from being ready again the following evening."

"Give me an example."

"Oh, the Sheik might allow for me to create wooden phalluses - smaller than his actual penis, of course - to use to stimulate his wives to readiness in time for his evening's activities."

"And how many wives would the Sheik have."

"Anywhere from 40 to 50, usually."

"So you might create 50 wood dildos to magically tease 50 women crazy until the Sheik came to pick one or more for his bed that evening?"

"Something like that, yes."

"And the 49 or so that didn't get picked that night?"

"They might be stimulated to orgasm by the phalluses, or they might prefer to turn to each other for... comfort."

"Ah. And you would participate in this 'comforting'?"

Her face was now quite red. "If the Sheik so wished."

"Is that something you would have enjoyed?"


Jack was now fully recharged again. He had remembered her apparent interest in some of the young women in the mall, and now decided to follow up on the resulting questions. "So, if I were to offer you the opportunity to 'comfort' some attractive woman at some point, is that something you would be interested in."

"If my master wishes."

"What I wish to know right now is if that is something YOU would like."

She smiled a demure smile, but didn't meet his eyes as she said, "If such an opportunity presented itself as you suggest, then I would not be opposed to the idea."

Jack's cock twitched in excitement. "Really?" He mused, "Is that due to some desire read from me during your formation coming out of the box, or from something else?"

"Partly that, and partly from my original creation into a Genie. Sapphic activities in harems at that time were fully expected, and even encouraged to help keep the wives happy as long as they did not interfere in the harem's owner getting his desires met. A Genie as I would have been expected to be completely comfortable in such an environment."

"Very interesting. It sounds like you might have had a better time if your box had been opened by the Sheik."

She replied immediately. "I do not think so, Jack. The Sheik was a busy ruler, and would not have had a lot of time to take advantage of what I could do. He also most likely was not as... imaginative as you are. No, I think you will be much more likely to take full advantage of my abilities."

"And your happiness?"

She gave one of her extra special, heart stopping, cock-tugging smiles. "There is no question there, master, as I have already mentioned."

He smiled back and pulled her into a hug. He whispered in her ear. "Well, maybe we will just have to find you a harem some time to 'comfort."

Her pussy twitched around his cock and she could not keep the excitement out of her voice as she murmured back, "Whatever Master wishes."

"Unless..." he gently pushed her back to look into her eyes, "if I were to release you now, you would turn back into that sick infant?"

Her smile turned sad. "Yes, Jack."

"Would our more modern medicine be able to save you?"

"It might extend my life, Jack, but it would not be a pleasant life. I would be little more that what you would call a 'vegetable'."

"Oh. Well, we don't want that. I guess you will just have to stay with me for what I hope is a very long, very enjoyable life."

Her smile turned trillion-watt again. "That sounds wonderful, Jack."

A thought occurred to him. "Just how long a life do you think we can have?"

"As long as you wish, Jack."

He was shocked again, and once more almost dislodged her. "What do you mean? We can live forever?"

"Nothing is forever, Jack, but we can live for a very, very long time if you wish it."

"How, through your powers to keep me healthy and protected?"

She nodded.

"And you stay around as long as I do?"

She nodded again.

"So, I can stay looking and feeling like this pretty much indefinitely?"

She nodded. He sat, stunned once again at the incredible possibilities her powers offered.


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