Jack's thoughts were interrupted by the telephone ringing. He was tempted for a second not to answer, but then he asked quickly, "Can you float the cordless over here so we don't have to move from this enjoyable position?"

She nodded and the phone came zipping off its cradle to his hand. He pressed the hook button and answered, "Hello?"


"Oh, hey, mom!"


"I'm great, how are you?"


"That's good. What do you mean I sound different?" He listened for another moment, and then rolled his eyes. "What on earth would make you think I have a new girlfriend?"

Genie raised her eyebrows as he listened some more.

"Ok, you win. I do have a new girlfriend. We're having sex right now as a matter of fact!"

Genie gasped softly as he listened to the reply and shook his head in resignation.

"Yes, ma'am."


"No, I haven't forgotten."


"Ummm, hadn't thought that far ahead, but yes, she probably will."


"Ok, that should be fine."


"Ok. I love you too, mom. Bye." He hung up the phone, and then looked at Genie and rolled his eyes and shook his head again.

"Is there a problem, Jack?"

He sighed. "No, just my mother being my mother."

"How did she know I am here?"

"Well, she's always seemed to have this sort of ESP thing going on. She calls it 'Motherly Intuition'. It always drove my sisters and me crazy. Still does on occasion," he said, indicating the phone.

"And your admission that we were having sex while on the phone with her?"

Jack snorted. "I was just trying to twist her nose a bit. It didn't work. The woman is unflappable, whether she believed me or not. All she said was 'well, make sure it's safe sex, dear. While I want more grandkids at some point, you should probably at least wait until you get engaged or something.'"

Genie grinned, but was wise enough not to say anything.

"The main reason she called was to ask if I was still planning on attending the 'family reunion' next month. It's actually just my closer relations renting a humongous house at the beach for a week. When I confirmed I was still planning to come, she wanted to know if I was bringing you. I told I probably would."

"Are you sure about that Jack? Do you think they will be ok with me?" She looked a little worried. It was amusing to him that someone so incredible in every way would still be worried about meeting his family. He shrugged.

"Should be. They're not very picky and they have liked every other girlfriend pretty well, and you are at least as good for me as the worst of those," he said with a reassuring expression.

She narrowed her eyes at him, and he thought he should stop his teasing before she used her powers to turn him into a frog or something, Master or no. Besides, he couldn't keep a straight face, and continued with a grin. "Of course they will be ok with you, Genie. You are the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, incredible woman any of them will ever meet. Everyone will be jealous. You have absolutely nothing to worry about."

She looked mostly mollified. Mostly.

"Is something bothering you?"

"Will you give me a name before then?"

He frowned. "You don't like Genie, I take it?"

"Well, no offense, Jack, but that's like calling you 'Human'?"

He frowned some more. "Oh. I see what you mean, I think. Do you think I have been calling you by your species or whatever all this time?"

She shrugged.

"But 'Genie' is also a girl's name."

She cocked her head at him, and his mind tingled. "Oh, I see. But it is spelled differently, in that case, yes?"

Jack shrugged. "I guess. I like it spelled G-E-N-I-E, though, kind of my own little inside joke. Does that bother you?"

She shook her head and smiled. "Whatever name you choose, and however you wish to spell it, is suitable to me, Master."

"Cool. Genie it is then." Then a thought occurred to him. "But what about a last name?"

"Well, you will need to pick a last name for me, too, if you want me to have one."

"You'll need one eventually. For one thing, it would be required for any identification. If you are going to function in any way normally in this society, you will need a Social Security Number, driver's license, all that stuff. Would this fall under those basic abilities you mentioned, helping you 'blend in'?"

Tingle. "Yes, I should be able to do that."

"But I need to come up with a full name for you first."

"Yes, Jack."

He thought some more, a task which was becoming more and more of a challenge, as his libido was quickly recharging, accelerated in no small part by fact that she was still sitting in his lap, still impaled upon him. "Ummm. Ok, How about this; your full name is Jennifer Holiday. I'll use Genie for a nickname."

She smiled. "That will do nicely, Jack."

"So you can make identification and everything? Make it so you were born here, as an American citizen?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Cool! So what about your background and education? You know, diplomas and stuff."

"I can create all that as well, although whatever background I construct would have to reflect my lack of family. I can't create people just to be my parents."

"I understand. What about a college degree?"

"Yes, if it is justified to allow me to function normally in this society."

"Hmmm. Well, I think I wish for you to come up with your own background and education, even career. Whatever you like. Then I can enjoy getting to know 'Jennifer Holiday'."

She smiled again. "I can do that."

"For now, though, Mr. Happy buried there deeply inside you is fully recovered and wanting some attention."

Her smile turned naughty. "Oh? Exactly what type of attention would he like?" she asked, while at the same time her tight tunnel started the slow but firm milking from root to tip which he enjoyed so much. He briefly wondered how she was still able to squeeze him to the tip of his cock, so long was it, and buried so deeply. He wasn't absolutely positive, but he didn't think women usually had any muscles so deep, or at least any they could so exquisitely control. Still, he wasn't complaining.

"Mmmm, that's a great start." Then, while leaning back against his backrest, he gently pulled her to him to kiss her lips. She shifted her weight to lean lightly against him, pulling herself off of his cock a bit in the process. "That won't do," he murmured, momentarily removing his lips from hers. "Lengthen me to fill you up again, please." She did. He returned his lips to hers, his tongue gently invading them. He lifted one hand to hold and caress her neck, the other to caress the side of a breast pressed lightly between them. She gave a soft murmur of approval as their tongues gently tangled.

Pulling away many moments later, he gently pushed her back against her cushion so he could gain full access to her breasts. He fondled them lightly as he savored her continued milking. "Does doing that to me give you any pleasure?"

She gave a contented shrug. "It feels very nice, but doesn't quite hit any of my hot spots. Your hands are, though."

"They are, eh? So, as long as I do this we're even?" he asked, giving both nipples a light tweak.

"Mmmm, even enough."

He played a few moments more, and then whispered, "short." She blinked at him for a second in incomprehension, but then he felt the tingle and his cock shortened to barely penetrate her. She looked at him half expectantly, half imploringly. He made a great show of tilting his head from side to side, looking up and around, taking his time. He finally said, "long," and she gave a sigh/squeak/moan as he immediately lengthened again to fill her completely. He was contemplating a nice leisurely screwing this way, but then a better idea struck him than saying 'long, short, long' repeatedly.

"Can you give me control of the length of my cock?"

Tingle. "Yes."

"Girth, too?"


"Neat! Do so, please."

"Done. Do you wish this to supersede your earlier wish to have your cock be the ideal size for any particular woman?"

"Ummm, no, I don't think so. I mean, I can't really use this on anyone but you at the moment. How do I use this, by the way?"

"Just concentrate on the size you want it to be."

He did, and was immediately barely penetrating her. This time her gasp was tinged with discomfort. "I'm sorry. Did that hurt?"

"Not really. It was perhaps just a bit too abrupt, what with the vacuum it created."

"Oh." He tried again, this time imagining his cock getting slowly longer. It did.

"Mmmm, much nicer."

He experimented for several interesting moments, and found that with a little practice he could put his cock into a continual shorten/lengthen pattern and let it go with little to no concentration. In other words, he could screw her without thinking about it or having to move a muscle.

He settled on a medium-speed screwing, and then leaned back to relax against his backrest. Reaching out to cup her breasts and gently orbit her nipples with his thumbs, he asked, "How about this. Does this give you any pleasure?"

"Oh, yes, Jack," she cooed as she, too, relaxed against her own backrest. They both closed their eyes.

Jack continued his relaxed screwing, experimenting with the speed and length of his 'thrusts' to try to give them both the most satisfaction. Once finding a combination they enjoyed, and with the addition of his gentle stimulation of her breasts, her relaxed body shuddered in orgasm about 20 minutes later, Jack following close behind.

Once they were both satiated, Jack stopped his cock at full length within her. Eyes still closed, they both remained relaxed contentedly on their cushions for awhile, until Jack finally stirred.

Genie opened her eyes. "That was very nice, Jack. Odd, but nice."

"Thank you. Next time I think I should have the area above my cock which presses against your clit vibrate. What do you think?"

She laughed, a rich yet silvery sound which he had not heard from her before. It was the happiest yet most arousing sound he thought he had ever heard.

"I think I have a bit of a freak for a Master, is what I think."

"What?! How dare you!" he roared in mock indignation. His fingers attacked her ribs. That laugh he had heard before. Although not quite as special as the other, it was still beautiful, plus it created some very interesting squeezes and vibrations along his shaft. He also noticed this time in tickling her ribs that, although she tossed her head and squirmed in tormented laughter as his fingertips assaulter her, she made no move to push his hands away or protect her sensitive sides. Very interesting.

He relented and she relaxed to catch her breath, her hair a bit disheveled and partially concealing her face. He reached up and gently tucked it behind her ears, then said, "Have I mentioned yet this morning how incredibly beautiful you are."

She smiled her special smile. "Not yet."

He leaned closer to her. "You," he interrupted himself to share a steamy kiss with her, then finished breathlessly while looking into her eyes, "are incredibly beautiful."

"Thank you, master," she whispered back.

Tearing his eyes away, he looked out the window to confirm it was still raining. He sighed contentedly. "Well, Jennifer Holiday, what would you like to do now?"

"Ummm, I think I would like for you to tell me how you solved my puzzle."

He shrugged. "I can do that. Better yet, I'll show you. Can you float us over to the living area?" They lifted off the bed, Genie still sitting in his lap, legs wrapped around him, still skewered. He put his arms around her to prevent her from falling backward. "This is nice - although it still freaks me out a bit - but we might want our backrests with us to free up our hands." The backrests floated up to support them.

"Yep, still freaky. Ok, over to the bookshelf first, please." He indicated the shelf he meant, and they floated to it. Once within reach, he picked up the puzzle box. Seeing Genie eye it a bit nervously, he asked, "What's the matter? Can you get locked back up in here again?"

"Yes, you can place me back in my vessel."

"And what happens to you then?"

"I go back to 'sleep, ' for lack of a better word, until it is opened again."

"Oh. Can anyone reopen it, or just me?"

"Anyone can open it, but my servitude does not transfer to them. I am always and only your Genie."

"Gotcha." He paused. "So what happens if the box is destroyed?"

"Destroyed with me inside or outside?"

"Both, either."

"If I am inside, then I, too, am destroyed. If I am outside, then," she shrugged, "nothing, really."

"Wow. It's a lucky thing it hasn't been destroyed in all these years, then. It's such a fragile thing."

She smiled a smile tinged with pride. "It is quite a bit tougher than it looks."

"Ah. Good. So what should I do with it?"

"Anything you wish master."

"Would you like for me to destroy it?"

She was shaking her head vehemently before he finished the question. "Oh, no, master, I cannot answer that. It is forbidden. It is only for the Master to decide what happens to his Genie's vessel."

"Hmmm. Well, why would I ever want to put you back in it?"

"That is not for me to say, either, Jack."

He grunted in mild frustration. "Ok, why would ANY Master wish to put his or her Genie back in his or her vessel?"

"There are many possible reasons. One of the biggest is to prevent the Genie from getting into mischief while the master isn't looking. This is more of a concern with genies who are bound against their will. Those are usually pure Genies, who have a bit more leeway in how they interact with their master."

"I see. So I don't have to worry about any mischief from you, then?"

"Oh, no, Master. I will always act only as you wish!" she said with an earnest, innocent face, while at the same time an invisible hand fondled his dangling balls.

"Uh, huh. You're asking for it missy. But for now, back to your question, then I'll decide what to do with the box." He refocused his attention on the box. "I inherited your box from my Aunt Margaret, although 'inherited' isn't really the right word. She died several weeks ago, and she really didn't leave much of a will. So, the family met at her bungalow after the funeral to try to figure out what to do with all her stuff. One of the few items I picked out to keep was this."

"I'm so sorry Jack. Do you miss her?"

He shrugged. "A little, I guess. I really didn't see her much over the last several years. She was always on the go, and so was I, I suppose." He gave a sad, nostalgic smile. "I sure was fascinated with her when I was younger, though. She was always coming back from somewhere exotic, and always had the neatest trinkets for her young nephew. There was a wild story about how she had acquired each of them, of course." He looked at the box. "I sure would like to hear the story about this one..." he trailed off for a moment, and then shook himself out of his reverie.

"Anyway, I brought the box home and made a few half-hearted attempts at solving it over the first few days, but didn't get very far. By the time this past Monday rolled around, I didn't have much hope of solving it, and just fiddled with it while watching TV or whatever. Then, I had an epiphany!" He pointed at his computer desk. "Next stop, my computer."

They floated over toward it, and as they approached his desk chair, Jack orchestrated her rotation on his shaft so that she was sitting in his lap, her back to his chest, her delicious butt seated on his crotch. He wasn't buried in her quite as deeply in this position, but a quick lengthening of his cock fixed this, although he realized he had to be at a ridiculous measurement at this point. He also couldn't resist a quick reach-around boob fondle as they settled into the seat. Genie didn't seem to mind a bit.

"My idea was this: I scanned each side of the box on my scanner here, which creates a digital picture of whatever is laying on the glass. Does that make any sense?"

"Yes, I have a basic concept of what the scanner does."

"Good." He woke up his workstation and pulled up the graphic files of her box. "Ok, once I had the six sides scanned, I traced each piece in this program and separated it so that I could move it around like a jig saw puzzle piece - that took forever - then I started the process of solving your puzzle on the screen, which also took forever. When I was finally done, I started on the real thing. That took two forevers."

"So you used these very modern devices to help solve an ancient puzzle?"

"Yup." Then the phrasing of her statement raised a small flag of concern. "Was that cheating?"

She looked up over her shoulder at him, her long hair tickling his chest, and smiled. "There isn't any such thing, Jack. Your hand solved my puzzle and opened my box. That is all that matters... and I think your solution was actually fairly brilliant, actually."

"Whew! Thanks! Thought I might be in trouble there for a minute."

"No trouble, Master." She turned back to the computer screen. "So this is where you work? Can you show me what you do?"

"Sure." She also had a basic general concept of what computers did, and what the internet was, but he had to give her some background on the history and reasons for graphic design, desktop publishing, and website development before he could show her a few of his current projects. She was fascinated by it all, which lead to a fascination about the internet in general.

"Will you show me how to operate this, please, Jack?"

"Sure." He found her to be, not surprisingly, a quick study. In a very short time she had taken control of the mouse and keyboard and was merrily bouncing around the internet. She clicked links however her fancy struck her. One moment she would be reading about world events, and a couple of clicks later she would be looking at the latest trendy fashions. Although Jack for the life of him could not say what meandering path she took to get there, she inevitably reached a porn site, and became even more engrossed than before. Professional curiosity, Jack mused to himself. Before she could get far, though, she ran afoul of the membership restrictions. She looked at him conspiratorially. He shrugged. "Hey, if you can get us free porn without getting caught, infected with viruses, or deluged with spam, go for it."

Her eyes flashed, she typed in a user name and password, and was in. Jack laughed in delight. The entirety of the internet's porn collection was theirs to peruse!

She devoured the porn as voraciously as she did the rest of the internet, although at a much slower pace, as Jack was also devouring it over her shoulder. They frequently stopped when one or the other saw something particularly interesting, or to discuss or laugh about something.

Jack was intrigued to find no subject was too kinky for her. From group sex to all girls to bondage to being fucked senseless by machines, she enjoyed it all. He was getting LOTS of ideas. He was going to have to write all this shit down somewhere.

He was also getting really horny again. He resumed his lazy automatic screwing and reach-around fondling. This made their perusal quite a bit more enjoyable. Soon, though, they ran into another small frustration; most of the time when they found a juicy video teaser somewhere on the internet, they could visit the site it advertised and view the whole thing for free thanks to Genie's magic passwords. But on a few occasions the teasers led to sites which wanted you to buy a DVD. After running across this for roughly the tenth time, Jack had another small epiphany.

"Would you like to watch some of those DVDs we've seen?"

She considered this for a moment, and then looked over her shoulder. "Sure. Some of them looked very... interesting."

Jack grinned. "Ok, then. I wish for oh, say, the 200 most 'interesting' adult DVD's available, including the ones we have seen today. And, as I think it would be most enjoyable to watch them in bed where we can fool around while we watch, and perhaps even try a few things we see, I would like a big, high end, high definition flat panel TV hanging over the bed, with high end DVD player and the latest surround sound audio, all so we can take full advantage of the new DVDs offering 'high quality video and sound which make you feel like you are actually there'," he quoted from their advertising. He paused, then added as another thought struck him. "Also, we should probably have high definition cable TV hooked up to it with all the movie and adult channels unlocked, and a video connection from the PC to the TV, plus wireless keyboard and mouse, so that we can continue to surf the porn from the comfort of the bed." He looked at her in expectation.

She narrowed her eyes at him, and he was halfway expecting her to say she couldn't do it, just so he wouldn't have the satisfaction of getting the damned DVD player he kept bringing up. But then he felt the tingle, and she said, "Done."

He turned to look at the 'bedroom' of the studio apartment, and saw a large, sleek flat panel TV hanging from the high raftered ceiling at perfect viewing height over the bed. It even looked like its position and angle were adjustable. Attached to the TV were the center and front speakers of the surround sound setup, while the rear speakers and subwoofer were concealed artfully at the base of the bed. The DVD player and audio receiver were unobtrusively installed in one of the nightstands, and a custom universal remote, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse sat by his alarm clock.

He raised his fists in the air and shouted "YES!" triumphantly, nearly knocking Genie off of his lap. He caught her. "Oops, sorry. Wait, where are the DVDs?" Genie pointed at his bookshelf, and he uttered a startled, "Oh!"

Where once there had been a bookshelf containing around 20 DVDs, a few books, and some knickknacks, there now was a bookshelf crammed almost top to bottom with DVDs. The books were squeezed into what was left of the top shelf, and there were no knickknacks. They had been sprinkled elsewhere. "Um... cool, although we will probably have to find another place for those before we have any company."

His attention returned to the AV system, and he started bouncing in the chair like a kid (giving Genie a little thrilling ride in the process. He was too tech-horny to notice). Pointing at the bed, he demanded, "Fly us over there! Fly us over there!"

They lifted off from the computer chair and floated over to sit on the bed. Genie was still sitting in his lap with her back to his chest, and in this position they both had to crane their necks to look almost straight up at the TV. Jack grabbed the remote, and after a little experimentation got the TV to move a couple of feet toward the foot of the bed, while rotating to still give them the perfect viewing angle. He then awkwardly fiddled around with the pillows trying to prop them up before admitting defeat and asking Genie to create a nice soft cushion to support them. She did, and then lay back on his chest. He sighed contentedly.

"How about floating one of those high-end porno DVDs into the player." A case removed itself from the shelf, opened, and the DVD floated to the player, which obligingly opened to accept it. Jack fiddled with the remote a moment more, and then they were enjoying high resolution, surround-sound smut.

Jack snuggled back into the cushion, and Genie snuggled back into Jack. Jack quickly discovered that, not only were they in a lovely position to enjoy the show, but were also ideally situated for him to reach around with one hand to lazily play with a clit, while reaching around with the other hand to fondle a breast. Meanwhile, as Jack had at some point stopped his lazy screwing, again at full mast within her, the cock milking resumed. Thus, they leisurely stimulated each other while the folks on-screen went at it with much more vigor.

Around half an hour later an approaching climax to the 'story' on-screen excited them sufficiently to enjoy their own leisurely climaxes. Jack then cut off the system for the moment, and hugged Genie. "Thanks for the awesome system, and the awesome company, Genie."

He could hear but not see her smile. "You are very welcome, Jack."

He sighed. "I'm hungry again. I don't think I'm up for another creative food wish at the moment, so I guess I'll order a pizza. Would you mind if we take a break from our all-day copulation?"

It was her turn to sigh, in (mostly) mock regret. "No, I guess not, Jack."

He smiled, then gently rolled them on their sides and pulled out of her. This time her sigh of regret sounded completely genuine. He felt a bit regretful himself, but it also felt pretty good to stand up and move around a bit. "What kind of pizza do you like?"

"Well, as I have never actually tasted it, I really don't know. However, it's likely that whatever you pick I will enjoy."

"Ok, supreme it is." He picked up the phone and dialed the number by memory. After he hung up, he asked. "Can you tell me if Stan is delivering tonight?"

"Not yet. I need an erotic reason."

"Well, he's a good kid, trying to work his way through college, and if he is, I think I'll let you answer the door."

She raised an eyebrow at him.

Stan Shelland pulled up to the apartment building, slung open his door, grabbed the pizza carrier, and trotted inside and up the three flights of stairs. While he didn't much like the climb, he was always glad to deliver pizzas to Jack. The guy ordered often, was always nice, even when Stan was running behind, and always gave good tips.

He reached Jack's door and rang the buzzer. A few seconds later it opened. "Hey, Jack! Here's your piz..."

This wasn't Jack. This was definitely not Jack. This was an unbelievably hot girl, completely nude except for skimpy g-string panties and long dark red hair covering her otherwise bare tits. She smiled, and his brain froze.

"Hi, Stan!" she exclaimed, as if they had known each other for years. "Jack's in the bathroom, but he signed this check and asked me to fill out the rest. Is that ok?"


She waited, a patient, friendly expression on her face.

"Sure," he finally managed.

"Great! How much is it?"

"Uh..." He was finding it impossible to tear his eyes away from her to look at the price printed on the box, and there was no way he was going to actually remember the amount. After waiting several moments, she looked down at the box, revealing and hiding tantalizing bits of cleavage as she did.

"Fifteen seventy five, correct?"

He nodded dumbly. She could have said any amount and he would have done the same.

"Ok, let's see here..." She held the checkbook in her left hand and tried to fill out the check with the pen in her right, but her long hair kept getting in the way. Finally, with an exasperated expression, she tossed her head to flip the hair over her left shoulder, revealing one full, perfect tit. Stan's cock sprang to instant rock-ness, and his knees almost buckled. This shit never happened in real life!

Obstacle out of the way, she completed the check and tore it from the book, having to stop in the middle and finish it very carefully, as it wasn't tearing out cleanly, and threatened to rip in half. Finally done, she handed it to Stan, or tried to. "Here you go, Stan." Eyes glued to her nipple, his hand came up blindly and groped for the check. Once he finally took it, she reached out and gently took the pizza box from his other hand. "Thanks Stan!"

He stood there for a while longer, until he finally realized it was time to go. He stumbled backward, still looking at her, as she for some reason had not closed the door yet. Reaching the stairs, he turned, lest he fall down them backwards, and stiffly started to descend.

No one believed him when he got back to the restaurant, of course. Just as well, he realized. He definitely wanted to be the one to continue to deliver pizzas to Jack's apartment.

A bit later he realized the tip was for more than the pizza itself.

Much later he had the most awesome dream, and for the first time ever he DIDN'T wake up before the good part, nor did the memories of the dream fade the next morning as they always had before.

Taking their pizza, a couple of paper plates, napkins, and cans of soda back to the bed, Jack and Genie feasted as they watched a more traditional DVD on the big screen; a blockbuster drama which quickly had Genie completely engrossed. After that they resumed their reclined, spooned, impaled position for a light comedy, Genie's wonderful laughter ringing out at even the stupidest jokes, the resulting vibrations again doing interesting things to Jack's buried shaft.

At the conclusion of the second movie, Jack decided it was bedtime. After a week of puzzle solving and magic sex, he had not yet come up with a way to wish up a sexual fortune, so tomorrow was still a work day. Again Genie offered, "Would you like to experience a fantasy tonight, Jack?" When he again declined, she looked slightly miffed, apparently because she thought he was not taking full advantage of her abilities.

"I will experience fantasies, I promise. I'm simply still enjoying you, the ultimate fantasy, and I don't want to rush that."

She smiled, appeased, and they turned to lay spooned, her back to his front, his shaft still filling her tight passage completely, and drifted off to sleep.

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