The next morning it was Jack's cell phone that woke them.


"Mr. Phillips?" a professionally cheerful voice asked.


"This is Miss Jefferies at Smith and Brown Distributing. Ms. Krieger has called an emergency meeting for this morning, and your attendance is required."

"What time?"

"Nine AM."

"Uh, it's now eight fifteen."

"Yes, sir."

"Well, please inform Ms. Krieger that I am on my way and will be there as soon as I can, but it takes 45 minutes to get there with no traffic."

"Very well, sir. Good morning."

Jack jumped out of bed and ran to his workstation to double-check his e-mail. He confirmed there was nothing new from good old S&B, his 'nightmare client'. Feeling slightly better, he rushed through his morning ablutions and dressed while talking to Genie. "I have an emergency meeting, then a meeting with a potential new client. Do you want to come with me or hang out here?"

"Do you mind if I come with you?"

"No, but you will need to come as your ghost self again, at least once we get close to their office."


Jack grabbed his laptop case and they dashed out the door at eight thirty.

It took them just over an hour to get to the office building, record time in Monday morning traffic, although Jack didn't drive particularly fast or recklessly. He decided early in the commute that he was not going to be pushed around by S&B anymore. They were once a great client to work with, but after a wholesale staff change a couple of months ago, things had quickly gone down hill. They were now erratic and unrealistically demanding, mostly due to the administration of one Ms. Krieger, the new operations manager.

Genie disappeared from the passenger seat as they pulled into the parking lot. Jack parked, entered the building, rode the elevator up to S&B's floor, and presented himself to the receptionist at almost exactly 9:45.

"Yes, Mr. Phillips, they are waiting for you in the conference room."


He walked to the proper door and quietly opened it and entered the room. Ms. Krieger turned her prune faced, steel gray hair-bunned countenance toward him immediately. "Mr. Phillips, you are forty five minutes late. That is completely unacceptable."

He had been expecting something like this, and was prepared. "Ms. Krieger, you will need to take that up with whoever chose to call me at eight fifteen this morning to attend a meeting at nine. It takes forty five minutes to drive here with absolutely no traffic. This was common knowledge to your predecessors. It is completely ridiculous to expect me to get here in that amount of time during Monday morning rush hour, not to mention the additional time I need to gather my materials. In the future, if you request my presence at a meeting, you will give me sufficient notice if you expect me to arrive on time."

Ms. Krieger stared at him coldly as he took a seat, a stare he knew she used on many of her employees to dominate them. He stared calmly back, refusing to be kowtowed. It was remarkable what having your own Genie did for one's backbone, even if she was 'only' a sexual one. As they continued the stare-down, he smiled inwardly. He was fairly certain it was she herself who had directed he be called at eight fifteen for a nine o'clock meeting, and thus that he had just implied she was pretty much an uninformed idiot.

She finally harrumphed and said, "We'll get back to you in a few minutes, Mr. Phillips." She turned her glare on someone else.

As he waited, he woke up his laptop and pulled his files for S&B from his bag, figuring he would need them in the coming confrontation. He then idly looked around the table, pulling up the magic tote board on the women to pass the time. There were only two women, and that was if you counted Ms. Krieger. He checked her first, wondering if her dominating practice at work was part of some larger dominance thing she had going on. Aside from lacking her virginity, though, her tote board was almost puritanically bland.

He then looked at Margaret, one of the few old employees left in the meeting, and a fairly cool one. Before he could read anything on her though, she noticed his gaze and looked back. He indicated Ms. Krieger with a twitch of his head and rolled his eyes. She bit her upper lip to stop from grinning. Luckily Ms. Krieger was squawking in another direction and didn't notice. Margaret returned her attention to the tirade, and he returned his to her tote board. He studied it for a moment, then thought, Genie?

Yes, Jack?

What am I seeing here? It looks like her sexual interest is fairly high and varied, while her experience, while fairly frequent, is pretty narrow. Does that mean anything in particular?

Just that she is fairly typical of many women her age.

How so? Jack asked.

Well, it's a similar situation to what we discussed the other day in the mall. Just as this society's traditions and stereotypes prevent many young men and women from enjoying sexual activity until long after they are actually ready, so do those traditions and stereotypes prevent women, and to a lesser extent men, from experiencing as wide a variety of sexual activities as they would like for fear of endangering their standing in society.

That's pretty deep. To translate, she doesn't want to suggest anything that might be seen as kinky by her sexual partners because she doesn't want to look like a slut or a freak?

Pretty much, Jack, although it goes a bit beyond that. She also worries about her career if her reputation is 'tarnished', things like that.

I see. Does she have a boyfriend?

She has someone who she sees fairly regularly. They are both career driven, so it's currently mostly a sexual relationship.

Ok, and does he also have some activities he might like to try, but hesitates to suggest or request them for similar reasons?


Well, what say we have them loosen up around each other enough to discuss what they would like to try, knowing that they won't be judged by the other person. They should try what they are both comfortable with. Even if a particular activity doesn't really interest one of them, that person might gladly participate in exchange for the same consideration from the other for a different activity. And each should feel safe in the knowledge that, no matter how their relationship ends, if it does, they will both be discreet about their sexual activities. Will that work ok without changing their personalities, you know, who they are?

Tingle. That should work fine, Jack.

Ok, then make it so! Goodness knows she needs something fun in her life, what with having to work every day in the hell hole this place has become.

Right on cue, Ms. Krieger barked, "Mr. Phillips. Would you care to explain why our latest pricing schedule is not yet posted on our website, a clear violation of our contract with you?"

He took a moment to refocus his attention on her and collect his thoughts. "Because you have not sent me the price file. The last one I received was last month's."

"Not true, Mr. Phillips, and even the one you mention was posted late, also in violation of our contract. Mr. Wesson?" She turned to one of the cronies she had brought in with her to replace existing staff.

Mr. Wesson turned a smarmy smirk Jack's way. "I sent you the pricing file Friday afternoon at four PM, Mr. Phillips," he said, indicating his own laptop.

"I see. Odd that I never received it. My e-mail server has not been down. Would you mind showing me the message?"

"Absolutely," Mr. Wesson said, obviously relishing the opportunity to prove Jack was shirking his contractual duty.

Jack rose and walked behind Mr. Wesson's chair. He studied the message Mr. Wesson highlighted in his sent folder for a moment, and then said, "Um, yeah, Mr. Wesson, the beginning of my e-mail address is spelled j-a-c-k, not h-a-c-k. No wonder the message never arrived. You typed my e-mail address incorrectly."

Mr. Wesson's smirk quickly evaporated as he looked fearfully at Ms. Krieger, but before anyone else could say anything, Jack requested, "Could you click here, please?" indicating Mr. Wesson's inbox. He did, probably to postpone Ms. Krieger's wrath rather than to accommodate a request from Jack. "Now scroll down a bit... ah, here it is. If you will open that unread message, sent to you a couple of minutes after you attempted to e-mail me, I believe you will find an automatic notification that your e-mail was sent to an invalid e-mail address." Jack turned to face the harpy.

"Ms. Krieger, I'm sorry, but there is no way for me to post a pricing file which was not sent to me. Mr. Wesson's predecessor and I had an informal but effective system in place to prevent this sort of thing, where he would make a follow-up phone call to me after sending the file, just so I knew it was coming. We only needed the system once, near the beginning of my contract, when there was an issue with your e-mail server. When I didn't receive the file within thirty minutes of the time he called, I called him back and he successfully resent the file. Simple and effective. I requested that Mr. Wesson implement the same system, but he refused."

Ms. Krieger glared at Mr. Wesson for a moment, but then turned back to Jack. "Well if your system is so smart it can let Mr. Wesson know that he typed your name wrong, why didn't it just send the message on to you."

Jack took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then replied with obviously forced patience, "Ms. Krieger, what happens if you dial a wrong phone number, an invalid phone number?"

She blinked at the apparent change of subject. "Well, the little recording comes on to tell you that you have dialed a phone number which is not in service. What does this have to do with... ?"

Jack interrupted, "So, if the machine is so smart that it knows you are dialing a wrong number, why doesn't it connect you with the number you meant to dial?"


He could tell she understood what he was getting at, if not the specifics, and that she didn't want to reply, so he answered for her. "Because the machine can't read your mind to find out which one of the thousands of possible numbers you really meant to call. The same goes for the e-mail server."

She blinked at him for a moment, then rallied and attacked again. "Regardless, Mr. Phillips, our contract clearly states..."

"Ms. Krieger," he interrupted in a firm voice, "let me remind you of a few things in the contract you keep trying to bludgeon me with. It states that the price file you are so concerned about is to be delivered to me no later than eight AM on the second Friday of each month. I then have eight business hours to post it to your website, barring any unforeseen technical problem, the possibilities of which are also outlined in the contract. You mentioned the lateness of last month's posting. That was due to you getting the pricing file to me three business days late. It was posted to your website within two business hours of my receipt. This was not a breach of contract on my part.

"This month's file is not posted yet because I have not received it due to multiple errors by one of your own staff members. One: he mistyped my email address, an address which should have been in his address book since he uses it on a regular basis, by the way. Two: he chose to ignore an obvious error message which he received within a couple of minutes of sending the original file, and three: he chose to abandon a working backup plan without being willing to explore any alternatives. None of this is my fault.

"Oh, and by the way, Mr. Wesson just proudly mentioned his attempt to send me the file on Friday at four PM. That's six business hours after your own deadline. If I had received that file at four on Friday, I would have until three today to post it per the stipulations in the contract. You called me in one and a quarter business hours after you thought you had sent the file."

He paused, but before Ms. Krieger could respond, he said, "One other thing the contract stipulates, something I notice has not been a topic of your discussion, is that I am to be paid my fee on the first day of each month. I have not received last month's payment, or this month's. This puts you over forty five days past due, and definitely IS a gross breach of contract, wouldn't you say?" He couldn't resist adding, "You have read the contract, right?"

At this point she looked about ready to lose it, apparently not knowing how to handle having her will so stymied by anyone, especially a lowly contractor. Through gritted teeth, she said, "Mr. Phillips, you will accompany Mr. Wesson to his office to obtain the price file, after which you will work in a spare cubicle until the website has been updated."

"No Ms. Krieger, I will not. Per the contract, if at any time your payments to me are more than 30 days overdue, any and all support of your website will halt until ALL overdue fees are paid. Out of professional courtesy, I had planned to update your website on Friday before informing you of the halt until fees were paid. At this point, I am afraid I will need all payments before any more work is done. But I will do this," he looked at his watch, "I have a meeting with another client at one PM, after which I can stop back by here and..."

"YOU HAVE OTHER CLIENTS?!" Ms. Krieger all but shouted, her eyes bugging out. He expected her to start foaming at the mouth. "Wait... right... here," she sputtered, and stormed quickly out of the room.

Mystified, Jack looked around the table to try to get some clue as to what this latest insanity was. He didn't get much, though, as everyone looked to be intently studying the toes of their shoes, perhaps wishing they could join them under the table. So, he shrugged and waited calmly.

A moment later she stormed back in. Sounding like a school headmistress addressing a misbehaving child, she said, "You will come with me, boy. Now."

Jack rose. "Ms. Krieger, you will speak to me in a professional manner or this meeting is over."

She smiled a nasty smile. "Very Well. Mr. Phillips, would you please come with me. Mr. Brown would like a few words with you." This resulted in a few gasps from around the table. Mr. Brown was one of the co-Presidents of the company. The other, Mr. Smith, had passed away several years ago.

Jack smiled back. "Certainly," he said cheerfully.

He followed her down the hall and into an elaborately but tastefully decorated office. Behind the desk sat an erect, elderly gentleman.

"Mr. Brown, here he is," Ms. Krieger said obsequiously.

The elderly man looked up from the papers he was reading. "Mr. Phillips, I understand that you are guilty of several severe subcontractor contract infringements. Would you care to explain yourself, or do we need to do this in the courtroom?"

"Well, sir, may I ask first whether you have read the contract in question?"

"No, not your particular one, but Ms. Krieger has filled me in on all the pertinent facts."

"Sir, it has become quite apparent over the last hour or so that Ms. Krieger has pretty much no clue what is in my contract." She started sputtering at this, but Jack continued, "I respectfully but strongly recommend that you read the contract in its entirety before we continue. I have a photocopy of the signed contract here if you don't wish to take the time to find your original."

"Copies can be altered," Ms. Krieger hissed.

Jack turned to confront her. "Ms. Krieger, your accusation is unprofessional and illogical. Both your company and I have signed and notarized copies of the original contract. What good would it do me to try to pass off an altered photocopy?" He turned to Mr. Brown, "Sir, if this is the kind of treatment I continue to receive from your employee, then we CAN continue this in the courtroom."

"That's enough, Ms. Krieger. Let me have the contract, son."

Jack handed him the papers, then sat down to wait. He passed the time by toying with the idea of giving Ms. Krieger an irresistible compulsion to fuck German Shepards.

Finally Mr. Brown said, "Very well. Now, Ms. Krieger, please tell me your concerns again."

"Well, sir, Mr. Phillips refuses to uphold his end of the contract and post our pricing on the website in a timely manner. Even worse, he has other clients."

Mr. Brown turned to Jack. "What's your response to the first issue, son?"

"Sir, per the contract you just read, if you are more than 30 days overdue in payment, all support of your website halts until all overdue fees are paid."

"Yes, I saw that. So?"

"You are more than 45 days overdue now, sir."

"What?!" He turned to Ms. Krieger. "You know we have never been overdue on payment of an invoice unless there was some issue with it. It's one of the traditions of this company. I assume you can give me a good reason why this young man has not been paid?"

She sputtered, "Well, he was several days late in getting last month's pricing posted, and..."

Jack just shook his head. Mr. Brown noticed, and raised an eyebrow. Jack said "Sir, as Ms. Krieger and I have already discussed, last month's pricing was posted three business days late because your employees sent the information to me to post three business days late. Per the contract, I have eight business hours to post it after I receive it. It was posted in two business hours, even though it was off the regular schedule. I even called the previous Friday afternoon, the day the pricing was supposed to be sent, and was told I would have it 'soon.' Oh, and by this time, last month's fee was already almost three weeks overdue."

Mr. Brown turned back to Ms. Krieger. She just opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of the tank. Obviously barely controlling his anger, Mr. Brown said to Jack. "Ms. Krieger's second concern has more validity. It has been a very strict policy of this company that all subcontractors work only for us. More recently, we have added a second requirement that all subcontractors work here, onsite. While it now looks like you have been working with us in good faith, and I see in reading your contract that somehow these subcontractor requirements were left out completely," he said this last while glaring at Ms. Krieger again, who paled further and made gestures as if to indicate that she had nothing to do with writing the contract, "the issues we are currently experiencing seem to support the wisdom of at least the second requirement. If you were working here, these delivery problems could have been avoided. If we are to continue this contract, then you will need to work here, and exclusively for us."

"Sir, I'm sorry, but that will not happen. I don't believe the contract addendum outlining my fees is part of what you just read, so I'll tell you that if I were to try to live on the fees you pay me alone, I would be living at less than what the government considers poverty level."

"I see." Mr. Brown thought for a moment. "Would you consider coming aboard as an employee?"

Jack sighed. "Sir, if you had asked me this question a couple of months ago, I would have seriously considered the possibility. The folks here at the time were a joy to work with. Now? There is no way."

"May I ask why?"

"Well, there are two reasons, sir, the second stemming from the first. The first is that I could not work for the people you have now placed under you," he looked pointedly and Ms. Krieger, then continued "and secondly, if those people keep running your company the way they are now, we would all be looking for new jobs again in, oh, nine months or so."

Now some of Mr. Brown's anger was directed his way. "Are you saying, after almost fifty years of being in business, I don't know how to run my business."

"No sir, I'm saying the people you now have under you don't, and I'd be willing to bet the money you owe me that, if something doesn't change, Smith and Brown will no longer exist this time next year."

Mr. Brown glared at him for a moment more, and then sighed. "Well, Mr. Phillips, it looks like we have no other option but to exercise the 30 day release clause in the contract."

"I understand and agree sir. Do you wish to start the 30 days from the middle of this month, and just pay me for half a month next month, or start the 30 days at the beginning of next month and pay the full month?"

"I'll need to discuss that with my staff. May I get back to you with an answer in a day or so?"

"Yes sir." Jack handed Mr. Brown a business card. "If I may suggest, I wouldn't wait too long to make and implement your plans for transitioning your website to someone else."


"Well, sir, your website now lives on my server. At the time we signed the contract your company did not have the equipment or personnel to create, host and support the website. I don't believe anything has changed. All of the data on the website is of course yours, but much of the underlying structure running your site is my creation, and belongs to me, again, per the contract. Thus you will need to have someone design your site from scratch again before loading your data back into it. You will also need to find another provider to host it, of course."

Ms. Krieger tried to rally. "Surely that is part of the contract."

"No, ma'am. The current contract is for ongoing maintenance of your website only. There was a separate contract for its initial design. If you wish for me to do the work, it would require a new, separate contract." He turned back to Mr. Brown. "Sir, I'm willing to do that, and out of appreciation for the business we have done in the past and respect for you, I will give you the best price I can, but I will not do it for free. I will also require at minimum a professional, respectful business relationship is reestablished," he added, looking at Ms. Krieger again.

"I understand, son. You have given me a lot to think over. Someone will be getting back to you in the next few days to arrange another meeting. But for now, what do we need to do to get our current pricing posted?"

"Well, as I was just starting to offer to Ms. Krieger when she freaked and ran out of the conference room, I have a meeting with a client at one o'clock. I'm not sure exactly how long the meeting will take, but I will be happy to stop back by here afterwards and pick up my check and the price file. I'll then post it as quickly as I can. I can't guarantee it will be up by end of business today, but it will be up by start of business tomorrow, barring any unforeseen issues with the file and so forth."

"That is acceptable, Mr. Phillips. The receptionist will have a check for everything due to you and the file you need when you return. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to have a few words with Ms. Krieger."

"Yes, sir, thank you." He rose and took a couple of steps toward the door, then turned. "Oh, and Mr. Brown?"

"Yes, son?"

"Whenever you call me in for the next meeting, can you do so more than forty five minutes before the meeting starts? That amount of time is shorter than my minimum drive-time here."

Glaring at Ms. Krieger, who looked like she was about to pass out, he said, "That won't be a problem, Mr. Phillips."

Jack said "Thank you, sir," and beat a dignified yet hasty retreat out the door.

Jack was proud of the way he had handled himself. Cool and calm, he thought, but then he noticed the slight tremor in his hand as he reached to press the down button for the elevator. Well, cool, anyway. Apparently the meeting has his adrenalin pumping more than he thought.

Are you ok, Jack? Genie asked as he entered the elevator. He jumped, and then felt guilty for actually forgetting her for awhile. Man, he must be way more stressed than he thought.

Yeah, just still wound up from the meeting, and a bit concerned about the loss of income once the 30 days is over. I hope this next meeting goes well, or that I really can come up with a good way to make a profit from some sexual wishes. Any ideas?

He felt her grin. Nice try, but I still can't help with that. I wish I could. Is there anything I can do to help you relax before your next meeting? She said this without any sexual innuendo attached, but then she was a sex Genie riding around in his head. She didn't need any. He knew what she meant. He looked at his watch as he exited the elevator and headed for the parking lot. Almost noon.

"I'd love something, but I don't think we have time. The next meeting is at one, and I'm not sure how long it will take to get there."

"Don't forget, I can slow down time for us, Jack."

He thought about this as he approached the car. "Mmmm, tempting, but no. I don't think I want to get that distracted." He started the car, backed out of the space, and headed out of the parking lot. Once they were on the road, Genie appeared in the passenger seat. He had a difficult moment or two keeping his eyes on the road, not because of the surprise of her sudden appearance, but because he would much rather look at her than anything else. He had a thought.

"You know, there is something I'd like for you to do." He grinned at her. "Can you guess what it is, without reading me or anything?"

"Um," she looked at him speculatively for a moment, "perform oral sex on you while you drive."

"Hey, you cheated!"

"No, I did not. Remember I'm 'designed' for you, Jack, so I have a pretty good idea how you think even without resorting to my powers."

"Uh, huh." He wasn't sure what to think of that. "Well, would you mind?"

"I'd love to, Jack! Would you like me visible or invisible?" She asked, already laying down and squirmed around so her head was face down in his lap. Luckily the front seats had armrests on the sides which could be rotated up and out of the way rather than an armrest on a center console, so she had fairly easy access to his crotch.

"Visible, please. Invisible might actually be too distracting."

All he could see was her marvelous mane of hair, but he heard and felt his zipper being opened, then gentle fingers reaching through his fly and extracting his quickly hardening cock. He was a bit surprised when they also gently and patiently pulled his balls through to rest outside his fly.

She grasped the base of his shaft, and he held his breath in anticipation of the touch of unseen lips and tongue on his cock. She didn't make him wait, but even though he was expecting it, he jumped. It was her tongue, and she began licking him like a huge lollypop with long, firm licks.

"Uh, you will make sure we don't wreck if I get too distracted, right?"

"Uh, huh," she confirmed around her tongue.

Relaxing as much as he felt was safe, he let Genie work her magic. She made a good stab at trying to find out how many licks it took to get to the chewy, chocolaty (or in this case, white, gooey) center of his lollypop, working her way around and around as she repeatedly licked from her hand up to his tip.

Not making enough headway using this method, after ten minutes or so of licking she moved to take his cock between her lips and sucked him slowly down, swirling with her tongue all the way. She moved her hand to caress his balls. He moaned.

Although Jack felt a bit of embarrassment at the possibility of being seen from other vehicles, he wasn't too worried. Most of their route was interstate, and his SUV, as small as it was, still rode higher than the majority of the other cars. This didn't go for the eighteen-wheelers, of course, but so far the little show they were putting seemed to be going unnoticed.

Or not. Whether it was from Genie's head rising up higher out of his lap once she started sucking him, or simply the trucker looking at just the right time, suddenly there was the blast of an air horn from the passing lane, scaring the crap out of Jack and the little old lady in the car in front of him. Jack nearly swerved off of the road, and would have if Genie's guardian powers hadn't kept him in the lane. With any ordinary girl, all of this might have resulted in some serious injury to Jack's privates. Genie didn't even twitch.

The truck cab had moved a bit ahead, but now it slowed to bring its passenger door back beside Jack's. He couldn't see the driver through either the much higher passenger door's window or the smaller one low on the door which the driver could use to check the right lane before merging, but apparently Genie could. She took her mouth off of his rod long enough to blow the driver a kiss, then inhaled him down to the root, earning her another blast from the horn.

Figuring the trucker had enjoyed enough of a show, Jack slowed to let him pass. Genie continued to bob her head, swirl her tongue, and tease and fondle with her fingers for awhile, then switched tactics again to try to get to his gooey center. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she held his cock steady while she began firmly licking up and down its underside with the flat of her tongue, paying particular attention to the underside of his head.

Jack had considered the idea of having her put the car on autopilot while she performed her relaxation techniques, but figured that would be cheating. The combination of the near-miss with the truck and now being able to watch what she was made him reconsider.

"Um, can you put the car on autopilot, please?"

"Uh, huh." The car started driving itself, and after a momentary freaky feeling, he relaxed even further and watched Genie.

As they neared Jack's exit, Genie switched techniques again, taking just his first couple of inches into her mouth, sucking strongly, and swirling her tongue constantly on the underside of his head. Her hand went back to his balls and massaged. He moaned again.

Jack knew he couldn't last long with this intense stimulation to his most sensitive area. He knew, too, that this was Genie's intention, so he simply laid his head back and closed his eyes, not caring if anyone saw, anticipating the eruption.

It was not long in arriving, although it was very pleasantly long and leisurely once it did. Genie continued her sucking and swirling until she had swallowed every spurt and drop. Once he was done, she moved her head away and waited for him to soften enough to tuck back through his fly. She accomplished this just as they were pulling into the parking lot of the nondescript office park where his potential client was located. A quick flash of her eyes and all evidence left on his pants was gone.

"Shall I disappear again, Jack?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. And thank you."

She grinned up at him and said, "Any time and as often as you like, Jack," as she faded from view. Her smile, like a certain cat's, was the last thing to disappear. And I like being your personal ghost Genie. It's fun.

Jack looked at the clock on the dash. It read 12:55. Perfect.

He exited the car and entered the suite marked F.I. Inc. A cute, cheerful receptionist said, "Good afternoon! Can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Jack Phillips, here to see Mr. Bremer for a one o'clock appointment."

"Ah, just one moment please." She picked up her phone and dialed. "There is a Mr. Phillips here to see you... Yes sir." She hung up. "If you will take a seat, he will be out in just a moment."

"Thanks." Jack sat and looked around the completely nondescript reception area. He had no clue what F.I. Inc. did. All he knew was that Mr. Bremer had called asking for a meeting to discuss some website design, as one of Jack's current clients had recommended him. The reception area gave him no clues.

The door leading toward the rest of the suite opened and a man of medium build stepped through. He looked around, spotted Jack, smiled, and extended his hand. "Mr. Phillips? I'm Nick Bremer."

Jack stood and shook his hand "Nice to meet you, Mr. Bremer." Firm hand shake, easy, genuine smile, slightly pudgy, Dockers and a slightly rumpled blue oxford shirt with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows. Jack liked him already.

But then he did something a bit odd. "Shelly, can you give us a couple of minutes, please?"

"Yes, sir," the receptionist said, and got up and stepped through the door Nick had just come through.

Nick turned back to Jack. "Mr. Phillips, there's something we need to get out of the way before we go any further. I've found it is best to do this in person, not over the phone, and in private," he paused, "F.A. incorporated is the parent company of Forbidden Indulgences, one of the largest online adult novelty companies in the world."

Jack couldn't help himself. "You've GOT to be shitting me."

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