"First, recharge me please." Jack felt his sexual desire swell. His cock, which had mostly deflated, began to stiffen again.

"Thank you. Oh, and you can go back to interpreting my wishes as before, by the way." He waited while her eyes flashed. "Although I think I discovered most of them yesterday morning with the brush, please list your most erotically ticklish spots, again from head down."

She replied in a throatily murmur, "My ears and the area around and below them," she looked down at her chest, "my breasts, especially the sides, bottoms, and nipples, my clitoral hood, clitoris, and nether lips, my buttocks, and... my rose bud." She lay her head back down and bit her lower lip as she looked at him in expectant, aroused apprehension.

"Really? That is interesting," he said with raised eyebrows. "Each of the ghostly friends which will now visit you will be experts again, of course. In this case, they will know how to give you the most intense combination of ticklish and enjoyable stimulation. I don't think we should limit it to hands and fingers this time, though. As a matter of fact, let's let your skin decide what the tormenter will be. Whatever will produce the most intensely ticklish, pleasurable stimulation for each bit of skin is what will appear. I am sure they will put my little brush to shame. Do you have any idea what those items will be?"

Tingle. She shook her head, eyes wide with trepidation, nipples rock yard, vagina already dripping wet again. "Good. Um, let's start with your ears."

Jack watched in fascination as two long, slender, ethereal tongues appeared and began tracing the outsides of Genie's ears. She giggled. They explored every square millimeter of her outer ears, and then slowly swirled inward. She giggled harder and tried to press one ear, then the other against a shoulder to deny them access, but Jack figured that if these appendages were anything like the hand that had molested him in the clothing store dressing room a couple of days previously, this would do absolutely no good. He could see by the expression on her face he was right.

Finishing with the insides of her ears, the tongues proceeded to worm their way as far as they could into her ear canals. Her giggles turned into a moan as she writhed against her bonds and gave a small shudder, almost as if in orgasm. A moment later her moan became a squeak, then more giggles, as the tongues moved to explore the hollows under her ears. She tried again to deny the tongues access by pressing ear to her shoulder, again in vain.

Once they had explored her ears in tandem, they split up and each did their own thing to Jeanie's accompanying giggles, squirms, moans, and shudders. When both had the opportunity to explore her ears thoroughly several times Jack decided it was time to move on, in spite of (or because of) how hard their little show, and its results on Genie, had made his cock.

"Ok, let's move to your breasts, now," he said, slightly breathless himself.

The tongues at her ears disappeared, while over her breasts there appeared a flock of feathers. Over each breast hung one long, incredibly soft and fluffy feather, and several smaller, slightly more rigid ones. As Genie looked down with eyes wide the fluffy feathers started swirling around and around her breasts, paying particular attention to their sides and bottoms. Meanwhile, the small feathers darted in to attack her areolas and rock-hard nipples. She gave another small shriek, and then started the most interesting combination giggle-moan. Frequently but randomly the small feathers would dart out of the way long enough for the large fluffy feathers to run their lengths over her nipples, increasing the moans when they did.

Again the two sets of feathers started out in tandem, and again after awhile they went their separate ways. This time when it happened, a sufficiently substantial blindfold magically appeared over her eyes to block Genie's view. She whined even as the volume of her giggle-moans increased.

Jack's hand involuntarily started stroking his shaft at the incredibly erotic scene before him. When he realized what he was doing, he said, "Genie, can you spare a hand to stroke me? No orgasm yet, though." An ethereal hand took over. He was so turned on at this point that the hand could only give him the lightest of strokes without sending him off.

"Can you cum from this?"

"Unnnhhmmmyes-hess, IfHIFF they keep it up lon-honnng enoughfffff..."

"Well, would you like to cum, then move on, or move on now?"

"Whhhat ever mmmmmaster wishes."

"Oh, no, you aren't getting out that easy." An idea occurred to Jack. "What would Jennifer Holliday like?"

Jack smiled at the dilemma written on "Jennifer's" face. On the one hand, it was an orgasm. Probably not the most satisfying one ever, but still an orgasm. On the other hand, it was an orgasm which would be long in arriving, caused by having her breasts mercilessly tickled by a flock of feathers. Finally she said, "She'll cumm-hmmm."

"Goody!" Jack said. He lay on the bed with his head propped on one hand again, eyes even with her breasts, ghost hand lightly stroking him. He watched over the next ten minutes or so as the feathers tormented her to a body-shuddering cum.

They didn't stop after her orgasm, though, and she continued to squirm, but she was mostly just giggling now, and more so than before.

"That's interesting. What happened?"

"My breasts beHEEcome more sensitive afterHERR an orgasmm, especialleee on the ticklish side."

"Huh, this keeps getting better and better. I must have quite an interesting subconscious idea of what physically makes up the perfect woman if it created all these attributes. Are there lots of other things like this I have yet to discover?"

"Some, Master." He couldn't tell if she was currently excited by this fact or not.

He let the feathers continue a moment more, then asked, "Would Jennifer like for this to continue, or to move on?"

Again a dilemma; what would moving on entail compared to this? She answered fairly quickly this time, though. "Move on, please."

The feathers and blindfold disappeared and she sighed in relief, and perhaps a bit in disappointment. Jack slid off the bed and walked to its foot. He dropped to his knees on the carpet and, resting his elbows near the bottom end of the bed, he propped his chin in both hands to give him a front row seat for the next area of entertainment. The bottom of his cock pressed lightly against the comforter draped over the end of the bed, but this didn't stop him from feeling the ethereal hand sliding over the same patch of skin. Ignoring how still-slightly-creepy that was, he said, "Rosebud, next, please."

Two ghostly hands gently spread and held her cheeks apart, and then the last thing Jack would have expected appeared. What looked like several crystalline spiders materialized and started scampering around her bud. She gave a loud squeak and involuntarily lifted her ass off the bed and wiggled it around to try to shake off her little friends, but to no avail.

Jacked leaned closer for a better look and saw where every few seconds a spider would stop, insert a leg or two a little ways into her bud, and wriggle. When this happened, genie would give another buck and squeak. "This is what stimulates you most? Wow, that's pretty twisted."

"What is eEEe-it?" Genie asked as another spider tickled her pucker.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot, you don't know what they are. Create a magic mirror or whatever and see for yourself."

Tingle. A close-up image of genie's bud appeared before her eyes. "OhHO my!"

Jack realized this was the first time 'he' had played with her ass, not counting fondling and using the brush on her firm, round cheeks, of course. Well, there was no more gentle way to be introduced to anal play, he supposed... less tormenting ways, sure, but...

The spiders continued their scampering, and Genie continued her butt shaking, all the while uttering an almost continual high pitched "eeeeeee."

"Will that make you cum?"

"Not even-eEEe-close."

"Well, then why don't we just leave them at it for the moment and add your pussy."

Jack watched closely as her hood was gently lifted away to completely expose her clit, similar to what it did at his request the previous morning. Then several feathers appeared and homed in and started their dance. Meanwhile her lips were similarly pulled apart to expose their pink insides and the opening to her tunnel. Several more feathers began stroking this sensitive, glistening skin while yet another twirled and teased at her entrance.

This was enough to cause some serious moaning and bucking, and Jack considered having hands hold her pelvis still again for a better view. But, as all of her motions were having absolutely no effect on her attackers' performance, he let her writhe.

In a surprisingly short time, she shuddered from a strong orgasm. The feathers continued. Jack said, "Add the breasts, back, please." The breast feathers appeared and attacked again. She jerked so violently that for a moment Jack thought she had hurt herself. She then proceeded to thrash on the bed while moaning loudly until she exploded into her third orgasm a few moments later.


She collapsed on the bed, panting, once again covered in sweat. Jack let her recover for a few minutes, and then asked, "Do you feel sufficiently punished?"

"Yes, master."

"Good. Now for a reward. Your friends can go, but replace the ones at your nipples and clit with lips and tongues, please."

Tingle. Moooooan. Her body began to writhe in a more relaxed fashion as a ghostly mouth on each nipple and one on her clit gave much more satisfying and much less tormenting stimulation. He waited until they had licked and sucked her to a proper orgasm before saying, "So, tell me about your orgasms."

"He felt the tingle, and then she said breathlessly, "As you have discovered, Master... I am multi-orgasmic and... unlike women such as the... the clerk in the clothing store... my orgasms stay distinct... they don't eventually run together into one ongoing one... and each one is more... intense than the last."

"Until... ?" He had to wait several moments, as she was busy shuddering through another one.

"I don't know, Master, this is the first time I've had more than three."

"Well, why did you pass out after 'only' two on Saturday?"

"Because you wanted me to, Master."

"Ah." He was so aroused now that the ghostly hand could barely touch him without making him explode. "Have you had enough reward yet?"

"Whatever Master... wishes."

He rolled his eyes. "Has Jennifer had enough?"

"Jennifer doesn't know if she can handle any more. She thinks she is about to go insane."

"Well, we can't have that... oh, maybe just one more, a really good one!"

Genie moaned/groaned.

Jack rose and climbed on the bed to again position himself between her legs. He was about to tell her to remove the hand, but then out of curiosity, didn't. He placed his cock head at her entrance and impaled her in one smooth motion. She moaned loudly, and he knew he didn't have long before her next eruption, but he wanted to explore something. He started long strokes and ordered, "Hold off our orgasms for awhile." She groaned in pleasure and frustration

Jack felt the ghostly hand continue to stroke him as he stroked into Genie. It was incredibly arousing, but also very, very weird. "You can't feel the hand on my cock, can you?"

She shook her head.

"Well, make it so you can. Have it stimulate whatever sensitive spots you have inside." He felt the stroking change slightly as the hand fluttered whenever it was near her entrance and at its deepest within her. Her moaning intensified, interspersed with frustrated mewing at her lack of release. "Ok, now build us slowly to mutual orgasm."

Jack thrust for several long minutes as their pleasure built and built to a quite satisfactory explosion. He gave a few more lazy strokes as the pleasure ebbed, then lay down on Genie to kiss her. She kissed back, but seemed a bit distracted. He looked at her questioningly.

"Ummmmm, the mouths and hand are still going."

"Oh!" He was, even now, very, very tempted to let them keep going, but said. "Send them on their way. For now." Genie relaxed and sighed. Jack looked down at her lovely, flushed face, her incredibly green (although currently slightly dazed) eyes, her deep red, tousled hair, even darker where it was damp and plastered to her skin, and asked, "Have I told you how incredibly beautiful you are today?"

She smiled her special smile. "You have, now, Master."

He gently rolled onto his side, rolling her with him, until they lay face to face, legs intertwined. He was lost in her eyes, but his hand wandered up to caress a breast. She gave a small shudder. "Too sensitive?"

She grinned. "Are you asking Genie or Jennifer?"

He grinned back, and then simply draped his arm around her, instead.

"So, did I overdo anything this evening?"

She repeated, "Are you asking Genie or Jennifer?"


"Well, you can never overdo anything with your Genie, Master. As for Jennifer," she paused a moment to consider, then said, "Jennifer knows you care for her deeply, and wouldn't do anything to actually harm her, so no... although some of it she wouldn't care to repeat too often, or again anytime soon."

"Maybe just when she has been especially, extra naughty?"

"Maybe then, yes."

"I assume this doesn't apply so much to the orgasms, though."

Genie smiled a naughty smile. "No, both Genie and Jennifer are quite fond of multiple orgasms, and pushing the boundaries there is ok to happen a bit more often."

Jack smirked back. He said, "Fair enough," then he sighed. "It sure must be nice to be able to experience an infinite amount of orgasms."

"Would you like to be multi-orgasmic, too, Jack?"

"Well, yeah, what guy wouldn't? But..." He paused to actually consider the possibility, as when he had made the comment he was just wistfully repeating what every guy thought from time to time. "I'm not sure how that would work, exactly. I mean, don't most multi-orgasmic women's orgasms intensify from one to the next, kinda like yours, if not so... extensively?"

"Many do, yes, but certainly not all."

"Ok, so if I were the same way, then when would I ejaculate? I would think that ejaculation should make for the most intense orgasm, so it shouldn't be on the first one, and it would be too predictable to happen on, say, the fourth one every time, and then too frustrating if I only made it to three for some reason." He tapered off again in thought for a few moments, and then raised his eyebrows as a quite interesting possible solution occurred to him. "Can you erase one or more of my memories if I ask you to?"

Genie looked surprised and uncomfortable at this sudden change of subject. "I do have the ability Jack, but am loath to use it."


"It can have all kinds of unpleasant consequences."

"Such as?"

"Well, causing friction between Genie and Master when the Genie appears to grant wishes which the Master doesn't think he made, or even unintentionally altering the Master's personality, just to name a couple."

"Hmmm. Well, let me tell you what I have in mind, and we can discuss it." He went on for several minutes describing his idea. As he spoke, her face broke out into a large and wicked grin. "So, what do you think so far?"

"I love the idea so far, Jack."

"Well, here's the memory part; once I make this wish, I would like to forget I made it until it is discovered by someone, someone other than you."

"Aw, master!" she whined.

He grinned and continued, "It can even be by me while playing with myself, although with no 'hints' from you." He paused, and then mused, "Not that I'll probably ever need to do anything for myself again." He shrugged happily and continued, "Anyway, if, after, say, three months go by and it isn't discovered, you may 'nudge' the discovery a bit, but it should be in a situation where only a little 'nudge' is needed, if you get my drift."

Tingle. "I do."

"Let's see, what else... oh, once the discovery is made, I'll probably ask you what you have done. At that point you can reveal this was done at my request, but I would like for you to encourage me to explore it on my own even after the discovery before you restore my full memories. If I insist, do so, though. I guess you would just be hiding my memories, not erasing them. How does all that sound?

"It sounds ok... but I'm still a bit nervous about it."


"Well, from what Masters have experienced in the past in such situations, once it has been revealed to you that some of your memories have been hidden, even temporarily, you will most likely become quite concerned as to what other memories might have been hidden or even erased completely."

He pondered this. "Yeah, I can see that." His eyes widened, "I'm suddenly wondering that a little bit now, as a matter of fact." He looked at her, and couldn't resist asking, "Have you?"

She looked distinctly uncomfortable. "No, master."

"Then why do you look so uncomfortable?"

"Because this is one of those unpleasant consequences I spoke of."

"What, you being grilled by me about what I might have made you make me forget?" He frowned as he played that back through his head to make sure it made sense.

Meanwhile, she nodded unhappily.

"I'm sorry," he commiserated. "However, it sounds like there are some important issues that I need to understand if I, we, are going to avoid these unpleasant consequences in the future, yes?"

"Whatever you say, Master."

He again collected his thoughts for a moment. "Let's say, theoretically, that I order you to make me forget something. Then I further order you to never reveal in any way that you made me forget it, or that anything was even forgotten. Make sense so far?"

"Yes, Jack."

"Ok. Later, I order you to restore any and all memories that have been forgotten. Do I get those memories back?"

"No, Jack."

"Huh. Why not?"

"Well, that comes under the larger topic of undoing wishes. This topic was one of great debate before the time of my creation, and, while I will not go into the details now unless you wish it, the final decision was that, if someone making a wish states that the wish be permanent, or 'not undoable, ' then the Genie granting the wish must abide by that, and cannot undo what was done. It would take a wish granted by a higher level Genie, either a willing one or one that was bound, than the one who granted the original wish to undo it. In my case that would require a Master Genie or Genie King. This is the only instance in which a Genie servant such as myself is required to question a Master's wish, and then only to tell or remind the Master that the Genie cannot undo the wish if it is made as 'undoable'."

"And since we don't know if any higher-level Genies still exist..."

She nodded.

"Golly. Got to be careful, then. I am assuming, on the off chance that if I made a wish to permanently, undo-ably forget something before now, you would have told me that?"

She nodded again.

"Then I'll just have to trust myself, I guess. As for now on..." he trailed off again, deep in thought once more. Finally he said, seeming to completely change the subject, "It was Christmas time and I was, oh, about twelve, I guess. I figured out where my parents had hidden my presents, and when they weren't around, I went and peeked. On Christmas morning I discovered this was a big mistake. I had no surprises, and I knew what everything was before I opened it. It was the most disappointing Christmas I can remember. I learned my lesson. I never tried to peek again."

He looked at the clock. It was much later than he expected. "When I get up in the morning, I will remember the portion of this conversation regarding permanent wishes as the entirety of the conversation. The specific memories regarding the wish I am making will be hidden as previously described. If I should ask you after that time if you have hidden or erased any of my memories, you may say yes, you have hidden some at my request, that they will be revealed again in good time, and that I 'should not open them until Christmas, ' or I will be disappointed. If I insist, then reveal them, at which point, if I know me like I think I know me, I will be very annoyed with me, and have you hide them again. Is that acceptable?"

Tingle. "Yes, Jack, that should be fine."

"Good. Make it so!" He watched her eyes flash. "Now, would you care to join me for a little midnight snack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before we hit the sack? Tomorrow's going to be a big day, after all. I mean, just going to the grocery store with you along is going to be a great adventure."

"That sounds lovely, Jack."

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