Mike and the girls have fun on his friends yacht
Apologies for the long delay with my stories, I’ve been a bit busy with my studies. I’m currently working on “Misty gets high Part 4”, but I’ve written a few more as well, check em out ;)

The Schoolgirls on the bus – On the yacht

I couldn’t tell if Misty was upset or not as she just stared at me curiously. I felt slight relief when her face broke out into a big smile.
“Relax Mike, I know these sluts.” She said, winking at the girls laying naked on my bed.
“They go to school with me, I heard them talking about a new stud they’ve being fucking, just didn’t know it was MY stud…”
I still couldn’t tell if Misty was mad, though I couldn’t see why she should be. She knew what even we were doing was taboo, and in reality I was the one who could get into deep shit. My suspicions were finally answered when she asked the little 10 year old Chloe if she had left any for her. Chloe just giggled and said “Let’s see!” And bent down to take half my cock in her little mouth. The 3 slightly older girls looked on with intent and hunger, and I was starting to get worried if I would be able to satisfy these horny preteen nympho’s. Misty was half undressed already when Chloe had my dick rock hard, and even I couldn’t believe it! Cindy and Tammy were feeling left out so they each started kissing and licking all over my body, my 6 pack then my nipples…
“All nice and hard for you Misty!” Chloe beamed, “I hope you don’t mind me sucking him hard for you, I just can’t get enough!”
Misty smiled at the little girl as she removed the last of her clothing.
“No, not at all Chloe isn’t Mike awesome!? How would you like to lick my pussy wet for his nice hard dick to go in easier hmmm?”
Chloe grinned brightly as Misty lay down in front of me, while the two 12 year old friends were still licking all over me. Chloe held onto Misty’s legs as her head went between them. She was only 10 years old so of course she didn’t have much experience, yet she was appearing to do an amazing job as Misty thrashed around and bucked her hips. Chloe licked the 12 year old’s pussy for another 5 minutes before Misty yelled and came all over the little girl’s mouth. Misty was wet and ready for me. She instructed the girls to keep licking me and whispered something into Chloe’s ear before straddling me and grabbing onto my cock. She lined her very wet 12 year old schoolgirl pussy with my cock as she slid down me. She was ¾ of the way in when I felt something wet on my balls, Chloe was licking them! This was turning out into one hot fucking scene. Tammy and Cindy were licking me all over while Misty started rocking and riding my cock, and the best was little 10 year old Chloe licking on my balls.
“Oh fuck Mike go deeper! Fuck me harder oh shit Chloe lick my pussy FUUUUUCK!!”
Misty was going crazy on my dick, bouncing up and down like she was on some kind of one-sided see saw, when suddenly Tammy stopped licking me and started sucking on Misty left tit which was so erotic it drove us both over the edge and it happened so quickly even I was surprised – as I felt my cum shoot deep inside this little 12 year old sex hungry slut Misty fucked me so hard as her pussy leaked it juice all over me. She fell over on her back and as soon as my dick plopped out of her pussy Cindy dived in between her legs and ate my cum out of her school friends pussy. My dick was still gleaming with Misty’s pussy juice and Tammy bent down and started lapping on my cock. Chloe was of course not to be left out as she continued licking my balls. I don’t even think the most heinous of porn movies could contain scenes of what was happening in those few moments. One grown man and 4 preteen girls all moaning together in sexual ecstasy was not something you heard everyday. After a few moments we subsided and I stared at these naughty, crazy little girls. Not even teenagers yet and pussies as bald as a babies head! And I had just fucked all of them without even knowing how on earth I lasted this long.
My thoughts were broken when I felt a hand on my cock and Misty’s voice.
“Everything alright, Mikey?”
I looked into my 12 year old slut’s ocean blue eyes as she smiled at me brightly. It was then that I got the idea.
“How would you girls like to go on a yacht?”
It felt like I was been attacked when all 4 girls jumped up in excitement.
“Oh yes Mike of course that would be awesome, fucking on a yacht!” Cindy exclaimed.
I just laughed as I watched them as the little girls they were, all giggly and excited, except they were all naked and with my cum leaking out of their holes. The truth was at that point I needed help, I was sure soon these preteen vixens would be very horny and already for cock. I reached for my phone and called my former business partner Allan. Allan decided he wanted a simpler life, so a few years ago I bought him out and ever since he’s been sailing around the world, how I wish that was me. I also knew this was the night of his weekly poker game with some of the guys, and I just hoped they would up for what I had in mind. Allan and I always teased about how cool it would be to fuck a teenage girl, but this young? I decided to just take a chance. The dialing tone stopped and I could here Allan’s clear voice.
“Mike my old buddy, how the hell are you?”
“I’m great Al, better than I’ve ever been if fact…listen I’ve got a little dilemma I need help with, make that 4 little dilemma’s…”
As I was explaining to Al I looked over and my impatient sex sluts were at it again! Chloe was inbetween her sister’s legs licking her 12 year old pussy furiously, while Cindy and Misty were making out and rubbing each other all over. All I could do was tell Allan we’ll be there in an hour and hung up. I just stared at these sex craze preteen girls pleasuring each other for a few minutes before I broke them up and told them to go and shower. I decided it was best if I waited for them to finish before I went and showered.

Part 4

The girls were all clean and dressed as we hopped into my Mercedes. The girls decided it was pointless wearing panties, and teasingly tried to distract me while driving by flashing their bare preteen pussies at me, giggling and jumping about. 10 minutes later we arrived at the harbour and walked down the pier towards Allan’s yacht. The girls were very excited as they pointed and ooohed and aaahed at the sights around them. In this way they were the perfect little preteen angels, but I knew in merely minutes their true characters will be revealed. We arrived at a yacht called “Alana”, which undoubtedly belonged to my friend Allan. Alana was the most important thing in his life, she was his 20 year old daughter who was away at college.
He led us inside and there were 3 other guys I instantly recognized. Patrick and Brett were brothers and used to work for us, and Peter was Allan’s cousin.
“Well, well, well, hello there girls, and what are your names?” Allan beamed.
They introduced themselves in the politest way, as they smiled brightly at the 4 men.
“Would you girls like something to drink?” Allan asked.
Without waiting for an answer Allan went to pour drinks, while the girls and me walked over to the table where the guys were playing.
“Hey guys, this is Misty, Tammy, Cindy and Chloe, and errr they are no regular little girls.” I said as I introduced them.
The guys just smiled and glanced at each other knowingly, well it wouldn’t take a genius to figure that out because of the way they were dress, and Tammy still had some of my cum in her hair after sucking my cock on the drive over.
“So how old are you sweet little beauties?” Brett asked brightly.
“Well we’re all 12,” Tammy replied as she pointed to Misty and Cindy, “And that little squirt is my younger sister Chloe, she’s 10 years old-”
“Hey who you calling squirt!” Chloe shouted defiantly, “I can suck a dick 3 times better than you! Can’t I Mike?”
The guys all just burst out laughing, as much for the innocence and naughtiness of these preteen girls.
“Why don’t you all come and take a seat on our laps” Brett smiled and winked at my sluts, “Come and watch men play big boy games.”
The girls all stared at me and I just smiled and nodded. Tammy went over towards Brett, while Cindy was wiggling her ass teasingly on Patrick’s lap. Misty spread her legs and sat with her bare hairless pussy right over Peter’s crotch. Chloe held onto me tightly as she stared at the older girls with contempt. At that point in some weird way I understood how she felt, and I just wanted to hold her and make her feel special. Allan came over with the drinks and I whispered something in his ear. He smiled at me and nodded.
“Hey little Chloe, sweet Chloe don’t feel left out my dear, here’s a special seat for you right here.” Allan called her towards him. She looked into my eyes and I winked at her as she walked toward him. She looked so sweet and innocent, it was almost unreal to imagine this 10 year old girl was about to have her pussy pounded by this grown man’s big hard cock.
I looked at the scene before me: Brett and Tammy were making out and he had to fingers inside her already wet pussy. Cindy was busy lining up her wet 12 year old cunt with Patrick’s 10 inch dick, while Peter had Misty bent over the table and fucked her hard from behind. The moans of the girls mingled with the grunts of the grown men was becoming to much for me, as I moved towards Allan, whose had little 10 year old Chloe spread across the table with his head under her tiny skirt. I stood over Chloe, whose eyes were barely open in ecstasy as the grown man licked at her preteen pussy. I hoped at that point that she would agree to what I had in mind for the 3 of us, but somehow I knew she would give in.
“Hey Chloe, how would you like to be double penetrated?” I whispered.
“Hmmm, double what?” Chloe cooed back as Allan continued to tongue her.
“Don’t worry my dear, you’ll see.” I replied, as I bent down to talk to Allan. I told him what I had in mind and he simply nodded. We carried little Chloe over towards the waterbed and she tugged her sweater off while I pulled her skirt off.
“Now Chloe, what I meant was is I’m going to fuck your pussy, while Allan pounds your tiny asshole.” I explained, “Do you think you can handle that?”
Chloe smiled wickedly as she seemed to consider the thought.
“2 dicks at once…none of them have done that…”She was saying, more to herself.
“Yes Chloe, not even your sister and her friends have fucked 2 cocks at the same time, you’ll be the first.” I encouraged, but it didn’t seem necessary. Chloe grabbed Allan’s dick and started sucking and licking on the dickhead. I layed her on her back and started rubbing on the 10 year old schoolgirl’s tiny buds. Chloe moans drove Allan to the edge and he started fucking her face and came deep inside her mouth. Chloe didn’t stop sucking and swallowed his load, then looked up and smiled brightly.
“Are you guys gonna fuck me already or what?”
Allan and I just looked at each other, the only thing we had to figure out was what was the best way to fuck this 10 year old nympho slut.
I positioned myself on my back and pulled little Chloe towards me. As I looked past her I could see the other 3 couples all fucking furiously. Brett was now fucking Misty in the ass, while Tammy was riding Peter and Cindy bouncing her little bald pussy all over Patrick’s rock hard cock. I looked at my little Chloe again as she pressed her tiny bald cunt at the tip of my dickhead. Chloe’s tiny pussy was soaked already but because she was so young it still felt velvety tight as my dick slid inside her. Chloe moaned into my neck as I pushed deeper inside her but didn’t start pounding her yet. I glanced towards Allan who was staring hungrily at the little girl’s sweet ass. I just smiled at him while Chloe moaned and pushed her pussy down harder on my dick.
“Cmon Allan put it in my ass!” She urged, and he didn’t need telling twice.
Allan pushed his cockhead towards Chloe’s asshole and she shouted as 2 inches went inside her.
“Oh fuck Mike its sooooo fucking big!!! Cmon Allan push your cock deeper into my bum!” the 10 year old girl shouted.
As I looked over my shoulders I saw that the others had stopped fucking and all eyes were glued on us. Allan now had all 9 inches of his cock inside Chloe’s asshole while we both started pounding the little girl.
“Oh oh oh fuck meeeeee oh shit fuck me fuck my holes” was all the 10 year old schoolgirl could moan while my dick was pumping in and out of her wet pussy and Allan’s 9 inch dick was buried deep in her tiny asshole. Chloe was bouncing her little body between Allan and me, and I could feel my cum building up in my balls.
“Cmon guys fuck me harder! Go deeper Allan fuck my little ass!” Chloe screamed as she also now noticed the others watching the 10 year old slut being fucked in both holes.
I was bucking underneath Chloe wildly when the next moment I felt my cum shooting deep inside her wet preteen pussy. My dick slid out of her and cum was still squirting from my dickhead but this cock hungry young slut grabbed my dick and shoved it into her tiny mouth while Allan was still fucking her ass hard and fast. My dick went limp in her mouth as the schoolgirl sucked both of our cum clean off of it, and I fell down to the bed. I watched Allan fuck little Chloe for a few more minutes and she moaned and urged him to fuck her harder. After 2 minutes Allan gave 3 or 4 hard pushes into Chloe’s ass and came inside the little girl. Chloe collapsed onto the bed next to me, and just lay smiling wickedly while cum ran out of both her preteen pussy and asshole.
I looked towards Allan who was laying on his back with a big grin on his face and still puffing.
“Hey bud, I think I gotta get them cleaned up and home now, but I’m sure you won’t mind any future visits?” I said to Allan.
“My friend, you are all welcome any time you want!” Allan grinned at me.
The girls showered and got dressed and I drove them to my place to pick up their undies. They showered – actually we all showered together just to make sure, but that’s a story for another time ;)

I hope you enjoyed, I welcome any suggestions for further installments…

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