Me and a hot schoolgirl get stuck in a lift
Stuck in a lift

I had always hated going to the mall, especially when it’s busy so I prefer going in the week, late afternoon when there’s almost no-one around. I was about to get my sneakers but had to check something out on the 6th floor first, so I stepped into the lift, which had mirrors on all the sides and the only occupant was a very young girl. She had clearly just gotten out of school as she still had her backpack with her. She smiled at me kindly and asked what floor, and I smiled back and said 6 please. I stood slightly behind her and noticed her properly now. She had frizzy blonde hair, and wore a very short green school skirt which barely covered her well rounded ass. She wore black stockings and black school shoes, and white shirt that seemed 2 sizes to tight, and a green tie and blazer to match her skirt. She was truly a preteen jailbait treat for the eyes, and I guessed she wasn’t older than 13 years old. She glanced behind her and smiled shyly, and I don’t know why I was so nervous to make conversation, but she clearly wasn’t.
“Hi, so what’s your name?” She asked boldly.
“Errr, Mike, and yours?’ I asked meekly.
She giggled slightly before answering.
“Hmmm cute name, pleased to meet you Mike. I’m Rebecca, but you can call me Becky for short.” She replied happily.
I said it was a pleasure to meet her as well and extended my hand, which she received and caressed gently. I blushed and felt a slight tingle in my pants. I had to divert this.
“So Becky, what are you doing in the mall all alone?”
“Oh I’m alone all the time!” She replied, “My mum and dad works late, so I do most of the shopping, but I’m just on my way to buy a bikini now…”
I nearly choked as she said this, as I imagined what this little girl would look like in a tiny bikini. She giggled again, and looked at me intently.
“So Mike,” She asked sweetly, “What do you do and how old are you?”
“Well I’m a partner in a law firm, and very very old…40”
Becky laughed at this, and said I mustn’t be silly.
“My dad is also 40, and he’s not old, in fact I think he’s sexy!” She said this giggling again, and to my utter surprise.
I asked how old she was and that it was a strange way to describe her father.
“Oh I’ll be 13 next month!” She said proudly, “And awwwwh that’s like so normal in our house-”
She stopped in mid-sentence and gazed at me curiously.
“Mike, can I tell you a secret?” She asked suddenly.
“Errrm, I guess.” I replied, not knowing what to expect.
She gazed at me and then at my crotch, which was growing a big bulge as it became aware of the eyes staring at it.
“Uhm, I’m not a regular girl Mike…” She said in a small voice.
“What do you mean?” I enquired curiously.
“I think its better I show you.” She replied, as she pressed the red button and the lift came to a halt. To my shock little Becky nearly jumped onto me as she kissed me and pushed her tongue in my mouth, as her little hand went to my dick which was growing in my pants now.
“I’m no regular girl Mike,” She panted between kisses, “To be honest I’m a fucking whore and I can’t get enough dick Mike!”
I couldn’t believe this little girl! 5 minutes ago she was still smiling at me innocently and now her hands were groping my rock hard cock as my fingers went under her skirt.
“Hmmm yes! Oh shit yes Mike I love it! Rub me wet for you so you can get your dick in me babe! Can you feel I’m not wearing panties hmmm Mike? That’s because my maths teacher had me on his desk just an hour ago! I love dick Mike hmmm will you fuck me?”
I couldn’t contain it any longer and broke the kiss and I quickly fumbled to get my belt open, and Becky fumbled with my zipper. With my hand still under her school skirt, my dick popped out to Becky’s hungry wide eyes.
“Oooh you’re bigger than my daddy Mike! Can I suck it please Mike pleaaaase?”
In fact the horny little 12 year old schoolgirl slut didn’t wait for me to answer, as she went on her hands and knees and licked the head of my cock.
“Hmmm so tasty Mike your dick is so nice! I can’t wait to get it all the way in my mouth and suck you till you come in my little mouth baby!”
Becky didn’t wait much longer and moved her tiny lips over the head of my 8 inch cock while I started feeling how wet she was becoming.
“Oh fuck! Shit oooooh that’s sooo good Becky suck me harder” I screamed.
The little 12 year old schoolgirl liked this as she took more of me in her mouth. I looked behind me and the view in the mirror nearly made me cum in this little girl’s mouth. I could see Becky with her legs spread wide, and at the crotch of her pantyhose I could see some juices leaking as she kept sucking me like a pro. I had to ask.
“Fuck Becky you’re good at this! How many dicks have you sucked?”
She looked up at me with her piercing blue eyes and smiled as she still had my dick in her mouth and mumbled ‘forty’
“Oh shit really??? And how many guys have you fucked?”
She stopped immediately and just rubbed my dick and grinned.
“26, and you’re about to be number 27! Now hurry up and fuck me Mike!” the 12 year old school girl begged.
I started pulling at her black pantyhose as she threw her blazer off in a flash. I pulled it all the way down as she tore her shirt open, and I lifted her skirt as my eyes fell upon the sweetest young bald pussy. There was no time for words, the lust was beyond us as the 12 year old Becky spread her legs wide, grabbed my dick and pushed the head inside her bald wet pussy as she gasped. Although she had fucked many guys before, and her teacher just an hour ago Becky’s little schoolgirl pussy was as tight as a 12 year old girl’s should be.
“Push it in deeper Mike!” She urged, “Fuck me hard, don’t hold back okay? Make me your slut hmmm fuck me daddy!”
Becky was driving me wild now as I pushed deeper inside the little schoolgirl as she spread her legs as wide as it would go. Becky was up against one of the mirrors and I could see the reflection of her moaning and enjoying the feeling of my 8 inch cock going deeper inside her preteen pussy. That’s when Becky spread her legs so far apart that her pantyhose broke, and she instinctively wrapped her slender hot legs around my waist and started pushing hard below me as my dick was now nearly all the way in her. Becky looked into my eyes with lust and gave me a short hot kiss, and started moving faster beneath me.
“Fuck me harder and faster daddy! Fuck me as hard as you ever fucked before hmmmm make me your schoolgirl slut daddy!” Becky moaned as I really gave it to her. We were fucking so hard her ass was making loud smacking noises as it hit up against the mirror, and this little 12 year old slut just wanted more and more!
“Oh daddy fuck me so hard I want your cum sooo bad cum in me daddy and I’ll lick the rest of it and my pussy cum off your cock daddy!” She moaned in a little girl voice. I couldn’t hold any longer and I started sucking on her little nipples as I felt my cum shooting out and inside this schoolgirl preteen. Becky humped her hips at me harder and wrapped her legs around me tighter and I shot globs of cum in this little girl.
“Oh yes that’s it daddy fuck your hot cum in you little slut girl! Hmmm daddy Becky likes that so much I’m your slut daddy shoot your seed in my little pussy!” She screamed as I pumped into her. Becky’s 12 year old well fucked pussy squeezed at my cock, milking out all my cum but surprisingly I was still hard. We moved to the ground with my dick still inside Becky and I felt her coming all over my cock. She wanted to pull out to suck me but I stopped her as I continued fucking her hard.
“Hmmm oh daddy you’re still hard for me!” she beamed, “Oooooh fuck my pussy daddy fill your little girl with more of your come!”
Becky was on her back with me fucking her to yet another orgasm, when she stopped suddenly and looked at me with mischievous eyes.
‘Daddy, one more hole?” She suggested giggling, with my dick still buried in this 12 year schoolgirl’s pussy.

End of part 1

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