Chante really exists, but the story is pure fantasy

Chante was a pretty and well formed 13 year old girl that lived up the road. The sexual part of this story is fictional, but it is based on true events.

Part One

The first time I noticed Chante was when she was about 11 or 12 years old. She was a typical preteen girl, apart from one amazing asset, and I mean that literally – she had the boobs of a 16 year old. The fact that she wore tank tops that really showed her awesome cleavage told me she was well aware she had a good rack, even at that early age. She had the look of innocence, with just a few puberty pimples but not too many that it looks awful. The rest of her body was pretty nice as well, she had solid hips and just a teeny bit of baby fat that was even a little sexy. She was light of complexion, had brown hair and eyes and a shy smile. I could only imagine what her little pussy looked like.

For 2 years I would just walk past her and try and sneak a look at her rack as they just seemed to become bigger and more hot. I would act like I didn’t notice of course, but every time I could feel my dick stir in my pants. My story begins one Saturday morning when I went to the doctor. My stomach had not been well whole week and I could no longer put off a visit. To my mild surprise as I turned the corner I noticed her sitting outside against the wall of the surgery. I went inside and recognized her mum, whom I saw on very rare occasions. 5 minutes after I sat down Chante came in asking her mum for money with her bratty 7 year old bother in tow. I noticed the usual tank top, this time a black one which showed her magnificent cleavage. She was wearing one of the in style fabric pants, which sat a bit baggy with silver strap sandals. Her tummy was sticking out slightly and made a little bulge of baby fat between the bottom of her tank top and her pants. It may not sound sexy, but trust me the whole vision was intoxicating. I made like completely ignoring her of course, as I got to chatting to an old colleague who was also waiting to see the doctor. Chante and her brother were running around playfully in the surgery right before my eyes. The best part was when she went to sit next to her mother out of breathe and her pants slid down quite a bit that it seemed like she wasn’t wearing panties! This was crazy I thought, this girl was 13 years old. For a moment our eyes met and she blushed slightly before turning away, and that is when I truly noticed how luscious her lips were. I fought hard to keep my dick from bulging in my jeans as I imagined what Chante’s lips would feel like around it. Time went on and eventually it was her mother’s turn to go in, and Chante and her brother went to play outside. A minute later my phone rang and because it was business I had to go outside and take it. As I was speaking I glanced in her direction as she was arguing with her brother over something. She just looked at me hopelessly as her bother continued to nag, and from what I could make out he wanted an ice-cream but her mother didn’t give her enough money. I finished the call and as I turned around I was shocked to see her standing inches in front of me.
“Errm I’m really sorry to bother you, but my brother is really a nag. Do you maybe have some money for ice-cream until my mother comes out?”
I smiled sympathetically and asked her how much she needed. I handed the money over and she sent her brother on his way to get the ice-cream.
“Siblings can be so annoying hey, especially when they younger.” She moaned.
“Oh yes,” I replied, “My sisters much older now but that stays true.”
I winked at her and she giggled. We started chatting about simple stuff and I asked about school and she asked what work I do. I commented jokingly that its weird we talking now after just passing each other by for 2 years with barely a hello. She raised her eyebrows in mild surprise.
“Why would someone like you want to talk to a silly young girl like me?” She asked with conviction.
Although I found the comment slightly flattering, I just smiled and replied:
“Well we talking now, aren’t we?”
“Yes, we are.” She replied, and smiled as she looked into my eyes.
The moment was broken as she heard her brother call over that her mother was done. We were doing nothing at all wrong at that point, but I’m sure Chante sensed and I agreed that it was best her mother didn’t see us talking.

Part Two

The following day was Sunday, and after just finishing a huge lunch I decided to chill with my Playstation. It was a very hot day so I just wore a shorts over my underwear, as I relaxed in front of the tv waiting for the game to load. I heard a knock and wanted to swear loudly because I was craving to play whole week, who the fuck was this, I thought?
I didn’t even bother to put on a top hoping my lack of dress might divert any unwanted visitors. To my mild surprise as I peered through the curtain I saw it was Chante on my front step. I went to open and she gave a little gulp as he looked straight at my naked torso and I apologized immediately. She giggled and said it was okay she had just never seen a guy up close like that before. I let her in and as she entered it was my turn to look. Chante was wearing a low-cut blue dress that went just over her supple hips and black pumps, and for greater effect her hair was plaited into 2 ponytails. She looked truly angelic.
“I brought your money.” She said.
I looked at her completely blankly.
“Remember yesterday, for the ice-cream?”
I laughed as I remembered and said it wasn’t really necessary but that it was sweet of her, honesty was a good value.
She blushed and said that she wasn’t entirely honest, she really had enough money on her but she just wanted to start conversation with me. She said when she saw me coming out she was about to give her brother the money, but then quickly turned around and said no. She knew this could confuse him and spur an argument, which played out very well for her. Even though I wandered why on earth she would concoct such a complicated and almost kaniving plan just to talk to me, I couldn’t help but admire the quick thinking.
“That’s okay Chante,” I assured her, “But why didn’t you just come and speak to me in the normal way?”
“I was shy…”
“What were you shy of Chante?”
Her head was lowered but she raised her eyes to look into mine.
“It’s not that easy when you have a crush on someone you know…” She said in a whisper that I could barely hear. I hardly got a chance to ask her to repeat what she said, but it was obvious that I had heard right when the next moment Chante leaped towards me and kissed me full on the lips. I panicked as I looked over her shoulder because my door was still wide open and we were in full view of it. Luckily it appeared no-one had seen us.
I said nothing as I moved past her and softly closed the door. I pulled her towards me and Chante smiled as I pressed my lips to hers again. To my great surprise this 13 year old girl wasn’t a bad kisser at all, in fact she was incredible! She toyed around with my tongue and teased me inside my mouth. I heard her moan slightly and as I looked down, my dick was getting very hard against her thigh. She pushed me against the door as her arms went around my neck as we kissed more passionately. I rubbed my hand along her back and her dress slowly rised up over her nice rounded ass. This 13 year old vixen’s intentions were clear when the next moment her little hand starting rubbing my dick through my shorts. This clearly did not satisfy her as she ripped open the buttons of my shorts to pull my dick out of my underpants. Chante broke our kiss and gave me a slutty smile before moving down towards my dick. She looked at my dick in admiration as she played with it a bit. Her thumb was rubbing the tip of my dick and I though I would come right there.
“I’m going to put your cock in my mouth now.” The 13 year old girl announced before lowering those luscious lips over my throbbing cock. I was still leaning up against the door as I felt my buttocks scratch against the wood as Chante sucked me deeper into her mouth. I held onto the back of her head as I started pounding my 9 inch cock inside this schoolgirl’s mouth. The moans that emitted from over my cock told me that Chante loved it, and I felt my balls bulging.
“I’m about to come!” I moaned as I looked down at Chante with ¾ of my dick down her throat. She clamped her lips around my cock which told me that me wanted my load in her mouth, and I obliged as 30 seconds later I shot my sperm deep inside the 13 year old’s eager mouth. Semen started leaking out of her mouth as Chante sucked the last bit out of my dick, and she licked her lips and swallowed the last drop of my sperm.
“Harry, I wanted this for 2 years, you won’t imagine how bad! I love you and want to do many naughty things with you, but right now I wana do what I’ve being dying to do from the moment I saw you. Take me to your room and fuck my brains out please!”
There was almost a pleading in her voice, and not even the thought that this girl was only 13 years old and that what I had done so far with her would probably get me 5 years could deter me from fulfilling her wish. I was going to fuck Chante.

Part Three

We didn’t say much as we walked down the passage towards my room. My bed was not made up but that didn’t matter, Chante took her pumps off and climbed over the bundled up covers. My shorts were still open with my stiff dick pressing against my stomach, and Chante grabbed my hand pulling me towards her. We started kissing again as I moved in between her opening legs. My hand moved under her dress first over her tummy, then I moved lower and started rubbing her pussy over her panties. I could feel how wet Chante was becoming, and as I slid my hand inside her panties my fingers were soaked by her wet 13 year old pussy.
“Hmmm that feels sooo good Harry, must I undress myself or do you want to?” She asked me seductively.
I didn’t reply but simply moved my body down hers as my eyes were right in front of her panty clad wet pussy. She wore the cutest little pair of pink Hanna Montana panties, which came off very quickly as my eyes widened at the first sight of Chante’s now soaked 13 year old pussy. I couldn’t resist, I just had to have a taste! Chante moaned as I licked at her wet pussy lips, and spread her legs wider to get my tongue in deeper.
“Oh Harry that feels so fucking amazing! Lick my wet little pussy lips oh fuck!” She screamed and I glanced up for a second to look at her. She had her eyes closed in ecstasy and had lowered her top and was playing gently with her D cup boobs as I licked her wet pussy.
“Oh shit Harry PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!!” She yelled.
I stopped licking her and moved up. I looked into Chante’s eyes which was filled with lust as I grabbed her dress at the hem and pulled it up over her head. Her boobs were already out of her bra so I went down and started licking them. Chante put her hand on my cheek and she opened her legs and I lay between them.
“This is my first time Harry, but don’t hold back okay? Fuck me fast and hard.”
I nodded as by this point I was unable to talk, all I wanted now was to feel my rock hard dick slip inside Chante’s wet and willing 13 year old pussy.
I looked at my dick as I lined it up with her hole, and she pushed against me slightly, but winced a little as about an inch of my dick went inside her. I was still licking on her nipples as Chante’s nails dug into my back. My dick went in 2 more inches and she gasped. I could feel the tip pressing up against her hymen and although so little of me was inside her, her pussy lips felt incredibly tight around my dickhead.
“This is going to hurt a little baby, but I’m going to give one big push, you ready?” I looked into her eyes as I asked. Chante smiled and nodded and bravely did her bit by pushing harder up against me. She felt so tight that all I could feel was my dick sliding through her wet pussy lips. I broke through her hymen and Chante gave one loud moan which were replaced by tiny gasps as I started fucking her. The pain lasted mere seconds as Chante was really getting into it. My 13 year old little sex vixen started bucking and pushing her hips up towards me. Her nails were deep into my flesh as she pulled me wanting more of my dick inside her. Chante wrapped her legs around my back and started whispering for me to fuck her faster as it felt like 7 inches go inside her.
“Oh my fuck fuck Harry your dick feels so good! Keep fucking me, go harder! Faster! Please just keep fucking my pussy don’t ever stop!” The 13 year old urged me.
I started pounding Chante harder as I felt her pussy get very wet and she went limp as her first orgasm overcame her. The cum seeping from her pussy made it possible for me to get all 9 inches inside Chante, and she really started yelling now. It was like this girl was possessed, and it felt almost surreal for me that just yesterday we never spoke a word before, but now my whole dick was pounding this girl’s previously virgin 13 year old pussy. I could feel my cum building up again and as much as I wanted to blow my load deep inside sweet Chante’s pussy I knew it was stupid. I pulled out just at the last second and shot my semen all over her nice big boobs and tummy. I came just as much as the first time and there was even enough left for her to grab my dick and suck out the last few globs of cum.
“Why didn’t you come inside me?” She asked half disappointed.
I explained that I didn’t want to get her pregnant to which she replied:
“Oh Harry do you think I wouldn’t plan this properly? I got some birth control pills a while back, it was just getting you to fuck me once. I want us to fuck many more times and I want to feel your cum shoot in me! Now my mom isn’t expecting me for an hour, wana go again?”
Chante giggled as she teased me by taking my cum and rubbing it all over her soaking teen pussy. I laughed and lie on my back telling her to fuck me this time. She knew exactly what I meant and got her legs over mine as she grabbed my dick and pressed the head against her horny wet pussy. Chante was so wet and though she was still very tight, my dick slid in with no real problem. It was a brilliant decision to let this 13 year old take charge because she started riding me hard from the get go. Chante bounced up and down my dick with the speed and skill of a pro porn star, and I couldn’t help but admire the effect of nature on untapped teen hormones. Chante was going wild on my dick and I was so deep in her I felt my her ass bouncing against my balls. We fucked like this for 5 more minutes and Chante came a few times before we could both feel my cum building up. Chante smiled at me slyly as she rode me very hard with her wet hot pussy and I blast a third load of cum, this time just where she wanted it, deep inside her 13 year old pussy. Chante slowed down as the last of my cum went inside her and collapsed on top me. We kissed as my dick was going limp inside her pussy, and I pushed my luck by pressing a finger against her asshole.
“Hmm, that was fantastic Harry,” She purred, “But let’s leave that hole for next time, okay?”
She smiled at me warmly as I kissed her softly.
“I really can’t wait til next time.” I said smiling.
“Me neither!” Chante beamed.
I slipped my dick out of this little teen girl and we lay for a few minutes, before getting up and running a shower for both of us. I licked Chante to one last orgasm for the road, before she gets dressed.
“Bye for now Harry, can’t wait to play again.” She says as she steals a feel of my cock as I lead her to the door. We kiss one last time as I can’t help but beam as I close the door behind sweet little Chante.

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