After seeing a cocksucking video, little Joan gives it a try and loves it.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16 even if it does not quite fit how the story sounds. You decide. Enjoy.

It was the middle of the afternoon, three days after my eighteenth birthday and I was on my little brother's bed giving him a blowjob. I have been sucking his little cock for about three months now and we both love it. I got the idea one day when I found my dad's porno DVD stash and watched one. It was a cock sucking compilation. After seeing a few minutes of it I put it on pause and called my brother, James in to watch it with me. "Jimmy, come in here I've got something you'll want to see."

Jimmy is just (16) and he is pretty small for his age being only about 5'3" and weighing around 110#. We like each other and don't fight like many brothers and sisters. About a minute later he came in my room wearing cutoff jeans shorts and a tee shirt. I told him that I had found one of Dad's fuck movies and thought he might want to see it too. The title was "Incestuous Cocksucking Compilation”. His eyes lit up and he jumped up on my bed and looked at the TV.

I had paused the disc at the end of the first scene so when I pushed 'play' it started at the next one. A girl that looked to be in her late teens walked into the bathroom and an older man was sitting on the toilet jerking off. She acted startled and said, "Oh, I'm sorry Dad. I didn't know that you were in here." He replied, "Don't leave, Donna. I was thinking about you and just had to come in here and relieve myself. Why don't you come over here and help your old dad out?" She walked over and got down on the floor between his legs.

He let go of his big cock and she reached out and wrapped one hand around it. She could put both of her hands on it and the head would still stick out the top. She started stroking his shaft and after a minute her father said, "That feels great Honey, so much better than when I do it myself. But do you know what would feel even better? It would feel wonderful if you sucked it for me."

Donna got up on her knees and slipped the head of her father's big prick into her mouth while continuing to stroke the steel hard shaft. You could see her cheeks pull in from the suction she was applying. He stopped her just long enough so he could pull off her blouse, giving him her firm, full C-cup tits to play with while she sucked him off. Every once in a while she would open her mouth and lick her tongue around his cockhead and then go back to sucking on it. The man moaned and repeated, "Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes." Soon he stiffened up and jerked a little while letting out a big, "Ahhhhh Shit yes." Then he kind of slumped back and took several deep breaths. Donna released his cock and backed away. Some of his thick white cum ran from her mouth and a long string hung from her chin. He used his fingers to scoop it up and put it back in her mouth. She sucked his fingers clean and swallowed. After showing him her empty mouth, she got up and left the bathroom.

As the scene ended I looked at my little brother. He was rubbing himself between the legs and there was a small wet spot in his pants. "How did you like that, Jimmy? Do you want to watch some more?"
"Shit yes. That's wild. I want to see more." I turned back and started the disc again.

As the next scene opened, there were two people. They were both already naked. A younger boy who looked to be in his mid teens stood in fromt of an older woman who was sitting on the floor in front of him. He was tall and skinny, maybe six feet tall and not more that 150#. But he did have just as big of a cock as either of the men in the scenes before that one. The woman was a just little heavy but had huge tits. Surely they were bigger than D-cups. She was easily more than twice the age of the boy she was with.

She kissed the insides of his thighs, worked her way up to his balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time. Finally she got to his cock and slid her mouth over it. After just a few strokes, each one deeper than the one before it, she had his full length in her mouth and down her throat. The boy put his hands behind her head and started fucking her mouth. Out till just the head was still between her lips and then back in, deep into her throat with his balls bouncing off her chin. "Fuck, Mom, you give the best blowjobs in the world. I love you and I just love fucking your tight throat."

The scene continued for several minutes of this hot deepthroat fucking when he finally said that he was going to cum. He put his cockhead just on the lower lip of her wide open mouth and stroked himself the last couple of times that he needed to finish himself. His prick erupted with cum. The first shot landed across her left eye and cheek. You could see the rest of it as it went straight into her open mouth. We watched her throat muscles contract as she swallowed repeatedly. She took him back in her mouth for a last couple sucks. When she stood, they shared a long deep kiss. "You've got the best tasting cum. I just love it, but we had better get dressed. Your father will be home any time." The scene faded out.

I turned the player off and turned to my brother. "Can I do that to you, Jimmy?" "Fuck Yes Sis, you can do that to me any time you want." Jimmy stood next to the bed while I unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor. He climbed back onto the bed. His prick was about half the length and half the thickness of the guys on the DVD but it was rock hard and I thought it was just great. I couldn't wait to do the things she saw on the disc, with my little brother. My pussy was wet and it just tingled. Jimmy's prick was shiny wet from the pre-cum he had already made. The women on the DVD really enjoyed having their mouth full of cock and cum so I just knew that I would love it too.

I pushed my little brother on his back and positioned myself over his hips, lowered my head and took his cockhead in her mouth and sucked. Salty but nice, I thought. Jimmy moaned and jumped a little at the first touch of my lips to his manhood, or should I say boyhood. "Wow Joannie, that feels real funny but nice." Next I tried taking him all the way into my throat like we had seen the mother do in the movie. He touched the back of her mouth and I gagged and almost puked. He was not long enough to go into my throat but after repeated tries I got to where I could take all of him and not gag when he touched the back of my mouth.

Jimmy didn't last more than about a minute before he blew his load. He did it without warning me and I choked on his stuff. I coughed some of it out but swallowed most of it. I didn't think it was as great as it looked in the movie but I knew that if I kept working at it, I could be as good as any of the women we had seen. I wanted to do it more but not that night.

Over the next three months we kept at it. I got really good at sucking Jimmy's cock and eating all of his cum. I like it as much as I thought I would and we manage to find time alone several times a week to have our fun. Jimmy enjoys holding my head and face fucking me even more than laying there and letting me bob my head up and down on his prick till I suck the cum out of him. He often asks, "Joannie, I love it when you suck my cock but when can I put it between your legs and fuck you?" I just tell him, "sometime".

Now, back to where I started. It was the middle of the afternoon, three days after my fourteenth birthday and I was on my little brother's bed giving him a blowjob. We were both naked and I was on my back with my head over the edge. Jimmy was standing next to the bed. He liked me to be naked as he really liked looking at my firm B-cup tits standing up on my chest as we had at it. His cock was in my mouth and his hands lifted my head up and down in time with his cock thrusting into my mouth. With each thrust, his balls bounced off my forehead. Over the last three months, Jimmy had grown a little and so had his cock. Now it did go just a little ways into my throat. We had been at it for several minutes and he was about to fill my sucking mouth with his spunk when the door opened.

Dad stood in the doorway. He had come home early and we didn't hear him come in. He had opened Jimmy's door to see if he was home. Jimmy jumped away from me and went to the other side of the room. I just lay there in shock, not saying a word, wondering what was going to happen to us. Dad walked over to the bed and then a smile came across his face. "I often wondered how old you two would be before you figured out what your bodies are for. I started fucking my younger sister when I was about your age, Joannie."

Dad unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants, dropping them and his shorts to the floor. His cock was only partly hard but I could see that it was a lot bigger than Jimmy's and I thought it will be almost as big as the guys in the porn videos from Dad's collection that Jimmy and I like to watch. He put his cockhead to my lips and I opened my mouth wide to let him in. "OK Jimmy, get up on the bed and start fucking your sister." "But Dad, we've never done that." "Well it's time to start." I am a virgin but I have put things in myself so I knew it was not going to hurt when Jimmy put his little pecker in my young cunt. They both entered me at about the same time.

I had to work hard to get my mouth around Dad's big cock, but I did it. He touched the back of my mouth and had trouble going any further but when he saw that I didn't gag, his smile got even bigger. He held my head still and shoved, forcing his man sized cock several inches into my throat. His balls hit my forehead. At the same time, Jimmy was as deep as he could go in my pussy and fucking as fast as he could. I was really enjoying the feeling of having my cunt and throat fucked at the same time. Each time Dad was mostly out of my mouth, I was able to catch a breath, so I could keep this up as long as Dad needed me to.

Jimmy was the first to fill me with his cum. It was a new and wonderful feeling to feel his cock pulse in me and to feel his warm, wet seed fill my pussy. Dad was not far behind and he chose to climax with his cock shoved as far as it could be down my throat. I never tasted his cum as it shot straight down into my stomach. He held himself deep in my throat till I started having trouble needing a breath. I pushed on him and he pulled out. "Well, my sweet little slut, how did you like your father's man sized equipment?" "It was great, Dad. I hope we can do it again." "You bet your ass we will, many times, in all your tight little fuck holes but first we have to get you on birth control pills. Men hate to use condoms."

Dad looked at Jimmy's equipment. "Your mother says that my cock is too big to go in her ass hole but you look like you will be just the man for the job. I've always wanted to do a hot double penetration job on her." Then he winked at his son and said, "But I think we will have to practice on your sister first. Now, get cleaned up and finish your homework."


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I never got to fuck my two sisters when I was younger but I did manage to finger them and slip it up there nine and ten year old pussies on a regular bases,I also got the younger one to play with my cock once or twice. I did think about fucking them but was a bit unsure about it, after all I was only fourteen at the time. I did manage to fuck a neighbours daughter she was twelve. I often see my sisters and wonder if I should have gone through with fucking them.

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I never got to fuck my two sisters when I was younger but I did manage to finger them and slip it up there nine and ten year old pussies on a regular bases,I also got the younger one to play with my cock once or twice. I did think about fucking them but was a bit unsure about it, after all I was only fourteen at the time. I did manage to fuck a neighbours daughter she was twelve. i often see my sisters and wonder if i should go through with fucking them.

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