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Hey my name is Luke. This is a fictional story involving my wife Alicia(Ally) and my brother Mark…. Hope u like it…

It was cold, Alicia walked up to the windows. I noticed it was around 2 in the morning, I raised my head up from the bed and told Alicia, “Ally, don’t close the window, its nice n cool in here!!!”. To this she smiled at me n replied, “I know it feels nice sweetie, but your gonna catch a cold.” Now I usually listen to my wife, but this time for some reason listening to her was not at all on my mind. So I said the same thing that any loving husband would say to his gorgeous wife, “I don’t care if I catch a cold. But for cryin out loud, keep the window open!!”. Not the ideal husband huh!?! I guess, but then again I immediately realized I was a bit to brash… I guess my realization came partly from the pout she gave. So to try my best at damage control I said, “Besides, maybe in this cool weather both of us can provide the heat for eachother”. And then there was silence. “u know maybe we can snuggle a bit, or even do a bit more?” Silence.

Now this silence was killing me. Its dark, I cant see my wife properly, I was not even sure if she was listening to me. I thought she was still pissed at me. And then she suddenly dropped her robe. Now my wife was stunning. In the moonlight I could only see a slither of her figure. Her 5 foot 9 inch frame… almost perfect figure… the moonlight just sliding off her curves…. She looked like a godess!! Now she started walking towards me with only her lingerie on. She came near me, bent down n kissed me on the lips. We entered into a magical world, where the still open window, didn’t create any problems for her, where we both enjoyed ourselves, playing with each others tongues. As my tongue danced in her mouth, she started to entwine it, like a snake on a tree. As I moved to the side, put my hands around her and unclasped her 32c bra. She was now all mine to cherish for the night. There would be no material or cloth to come in between both of us and our passion, As I slowly took one nipple in my mouth. Her nipples were already hard. She moaned as I slid n circled my tongue around her areola. With the slightest of pressure she pushed my face further into her breasts.

I started to tug on her panties. She obliged n moved giving me enough leeway to pull her panties off. I then slowly started working my hand down there. Finding her clit n flicking it. I started playing with it like it was some small marble that kids play with. As I started rolling it around. She once again started to slightly moan. I then slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. She was wet!!!!! I started stroking my finger in n out, n occasionally made a hook with that finger. That just drove her crazy. She said, “Wait….. I cant have all the fun to myself now can i???” saying that she moved down, n removed my pajama.
She took out my 6 inch cock, n slightly licked it. She didn’t maintain too much contact, just caressed it with her tongue. She was breathing on it. She used to go all the way down, open her mouth, n when she was about to lick it, she would pull back. Its like she just wanted to tease me. Like she wanted to take revenge for the window incident. She finally took the head in her mouth n gave my aching dick some relief. She started to slowly suck on it. Going all the way down n then come up again. She licked the full length of my shaft n one last time she took it in her mouth n sucked on it for a good 2 minutes. She then pulled back, as she threw her blonde hair behind her ears she looked up at me, n with a sly grin said, “U ready baby!?!” I smiled back n just nodded, as I went down n kissed her passionately once again.

She then got up got onto the bed n positioned herself onto my dick. She slowly pushed down. When she had gotten my head into that hole she would again pull back n get off me. Its like she felt only the head of my dick was worthy enough to go in there, n that even for just a while. She then finally decided its enough of teasing for the night. She finally sat on my, this time letting the full length go inside her. She gasped and moaned at the same time, as she cupped her breasts. She leaned into me with my dick still in her. I took one nipple in my mouth, then again switched with the other, as I slowly kept stroking in and out of her at the same time. The heat was really building in between us. I decided to roll her on her back as I started thrusting deeper n harder. She started moaning really loud, n immediately she began to cum. I continued thrusting while passionately kissing her.

Now we had been married for 2 months n we didn’t want to rush anything with kids n all that stuff. So we decided that it was best for me not to cum inside her, as both of us didn’t like condoms. So keeping that in mind, I pulled out of her n immediately she swooped down n took my cock into her mouth. She was barely able to get it in when I started blasting all my load into her mouth. Finally when I was done, she swallowed it full, n looked up at me n smiled. She moved in n kissed me again. We both just laid back n fell asleep right there.

Next morning I got up to find her out of bed already. She was making breakfast n was running around while trying to wake me up. I looked at her n asked her what was all the hurry for. She replied, “It’s almost 8:30…. U have to go for work n so do i….!!!!” I smiled at her n said, “It’s ok!! There’s still lot of time left.” She then began to remind me that today was the day when my elder brother was going to arrive in town. N she wanted the house to be perfect.

Now my elder brother mark n me get along very well. He’s always been there for me. In fact Mark gets along with ally also very well. Ally actually once said that she wondered how it would be to fuck my brother. I have to admit my brother was pretty attractive. He was 6ft 2in, had a stone chiseled body, kept a rough stubble and was really funny. A lot for me to compete with n be scared about whilst having a wife who might have a crush on him. But I guess I really trust the guy and can count on him for anything like always. But even though Mark has a beautiful, hot n sexy wife, Kirsten, Mark is still kind of a womanizer. He hits on every girl he finds, including my wife before we could get married. In fact he once even joked that if he would get the chance he would definitely nail my wife, probably fuck her brains out n show her what a real man fucks like. His words, not mine. But I didn’t mind I knew he would not cheat on his wife. Besides I know my wife pretty well, she likes the more soft n subtle kind of sex, not the rough animalistic sex that he claims to like. But all in all, I never really worried about mark n ally, simply because I loved both of them a lot.

So we got ready, went for work. My wife usually comes home first. But today I was not feeling that well, hopefully not due to the open window. Otherwise I had to hear my wife say, I TOLD YOU SO!! So I came home early from work. About an hour later my wife came. Few minutes later there came my bro. I was genuinely happy to see him it had been a really long time. First time I saw him after the wedding in fact. He came in gave me a big hug, then went over to ally, n swept her off her feet, as he embraced her tightly n then gave her a peck on her cheek. He then just stood there looked at her from top to bottom n then smiled n groped her ass while saying that it was pretty firm n fine. My wife just blushed n didn’t seem to really mind it, so not wanting to raise any issues or false alarms, I smiled back n chuckled.

The rest of the day went fine. Except for me, cause I kept getting worse. It was now clearly visible that I was falling badly ill. I promised ally that I would go see a doctor tomorrow first thing. So we just continued chatting. I don’t know if it was my drowsiness, or my wife really had a chemistry with my bro. they gave me the big couch to relax on as they sat close to eachother on the smaller couch n chatted. I was too drowsy to hear what was going on. But I’m pretty sure, I saw my brother’s hand on my wife’s thigh, not just once but time n time again, as they would joke, n then he would take his hand off her. I soon fell asleep, only to be woken up some time later by my wife. She pulled me to bed, as she told me that mark had also gone to bed.

Next morning I was in absolutely no condition to get up for work. I was pretty much down with high fever. Both ally and mark had to go to work. That’s actually why mark had come here. He had some important work. So he could not miss it, n ally had a presentation today, so even she could not miss work. I urged to go ahead, saying that I’ll go to see a doc in some time, so no probs… everything is fine. They finally complied n left. I went to see the doctor, he prescribed some medicines n told me to come again after 2 days. He said I had the flu, n it can be contagious, so I should sleep separate from my wife n try n be a bit isolated.

With the medicines the doc gave me I remained out cold for the rest of the day. I finally got up at around 8. I saw my wife n my bro there, but didn’t realize the time. I finally saw the n was shocked. I actually slept through a whole day. I then went on to tell ally about what the doctor said. It of course meant that since we had a 2 bedroom house I had to sleep in 1 room n my wife in the other. But here the problem was that even my bro was there, n could not make him sleep in my room. So he sweetly said that he’ll sleep on the couch in the hall. Before I could say anything, my wife objected. She told him that he should sleep in the room and she would sleep on the couch. To this he objected. They kept this conversation on, by the way without consulting me, till finally they reached to a consensus that both should sleep in the room. They’re logic was like after all they are related. I had just given up by now listening to them blabber, n told them fine they can do whatever they want, I would not mind.

We all sat down again in yesterdays seating arrangement, with the big couch for me to relax on, n those 2 on the other couch. Only difference is that today they decided to open a bottle of scotch. Now my wife loves scotch n can get a bit drunk on it. But the best part is that when she is even the slightest bit buzzed, she gets horny real fast, she just needs to be a bit provoked. We kept sipping n talkin when once again I started to fall asleep. We all had had three large by that time. It was the same yesterday’s leg touching n giggling. I could vaguely hear them say how cute I look when I’m sleeping n then they giggled like little schoolgirls. I was constantly closing n opening my eyes, when I heard my wife say that she wanted to slip in some thing more comfortable.

That caught my attention, but I was still to drowsy to react. But the next time I opened my eyes, I saw my wife standing in front of me with her robe on. Now I knew that my wife would never wear a robe with just her lingerie on underneath in front of another man. So now this really caught my attention. But I pretended to sleep just to see what would happen next. To my liking she didn’t pull her robe off or try any stunts, she just sat next to my brother n continued chatting. But all the while kept looking at my bro, n he was definitely checking her out. Again he started with the touching. But this time as she really didn’t have much underneath, he was touching bare skin. N not just touching, but somewhat caressing n making circles. N by the look on my wife’s face I could say that she was definitely getting turned on. She had already had quite a lot to drink, she continued to hold her full glass of scotch n leaned across over Mark n whispered something to him, at which both of them started laughing coyly. But this time when she tried to move back she dropped her glass all over my bro. She started to apologize n immediately started cleaning his pants. Her hands also went down to his crotch as majority of it had fallen there. She kept rubbing his crotch with her bare hands. From the side I got a good view of this and also noticed that her robe had opened, n she was now basically rubbing my brother’s crotch while wearing only a bra. I also noticed that Mark was looking straight down at her cleavage. Finally to stop this Mark got up n said it’s time to go to bed. He said that he would go change. Before he could go he woke me up n told me to go to the bedroom. I pretended like I had got up from a deep sleep n proceeded to go to the other bedroom, while mark n ally went into the master bedroom.

I was kinda happy, that what could have spiraled into a big thing was handled well by my bro. I was really happy. So I went to the room and slept on the bed. Beside the bed there was this small hole in the wall, from where u could see into the next room. I never really understood why the previous owners made that hole. But through that hole one could get a full view of the inside of the master bedroom. So I sat up n peeped into that hole. Now usually when I sleep there with someone else in the other room I cover the hole. But tonight I was in the other room and my wife was too drunk to do anything. So I got a clear view.
I was not really looking or staring at anything in the room, when something in the room caught my eye. My wife was still in her robe lying on the bed. And the bathroom door swung open. I could see my brother’s chiseled figure walk out of that door. Only problem was, he was butt naked!!! The walls were quite thin so if I stressed I could hear everything.

Both mark and ally’s eyes met. Then I could see, ally dropped her head In what I can only assume to be a staring competition with my brother’s dick. It was something to stare at. It was around 10 inches long, n really thick. It was almost like a teenagers hand. A real monster, and I could tell that ally just could not get her eyes off it. She finally managed after what seemed like eternity to turn the other side, as she yelled an apology. Mark said that he thought she would have slept by now, that’s why he came out naked. He also said that as she dropped scotch on his crotch, both his shorts n his underpants are wet and the rest of his clothes have been kept aside for laundry. So basically he doesn’t have anything to wear. Ally once again apologized and said that its ok if he sleeps like this as there is no other choice. She then said that she was feeling a bit hot n took off her robe. She then said good night to Mark and rested her head on her pillow. They had not put the lights off yet, still giving me a clear view of everything happening in that room.
My brother then slipped into the bed with his monstrous hard on intact. At first he was sleeping on his back, just staring at the ceiling. But then he soon started stroking himself on the bed. He then turned his head to the side, looked at ally n then turned his huge frame towards her.

He then grabbed her with his one hand n slowly pulled her towards him. From where I was, I swear it felt like she didn’t offer any resistance. He kept slowly pulling her closer n closer, till I could see his rock hard dick was pressed up against her ass. She finally pushed his hand aside, n moved away. She screamed at him as to what was wrong with him n how can he do this to his own brother. She stood up and moved a bit away from the bed. My brother also followed n walked towards her. She told him to stay away, but with one swift motion, he grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed. He put his weight on her, and held her down with one hand. I was confused as to what to do, on one hand there was my brother who I always admired and looked up to, and on the other hand there was my wife who I had been married to just for 2 months but loved her very much.

Mark then proceeded to scream at her, he said that this was her fault and that she invited this when she showed him her cleavage, n rubbed his crotch. He said that she got him so hard that this is the only way to let it off. I would have never believed that my brother is capable of saying or doing such a thing. He began tugging on her bra, as she resisted, he finally snapped it off. Exposing he breasts. He licked his lips and then dived down. He started suckling on her nipples, and pinched and bit them. Ally was screaming in pain. I was actually not sure whether it was a scream or a moan. It was sort of a mixture of both. He then finally stopped n started tugging on her panties. This time she tried her absolute best to push him away, but he still managed to rip her panties apart. Exposing her sweet pink pussy.

As she screamed, please don’t, and started struggling more n more, he raised his hand and with tremendous force slapped her across her face. He then looked at her and said, “If you let me enjoy this, then I swear even you will enjoy it.” He then proceeded to place his monster at the opening of her pussy. He then slowly started pushing in. I could see the pain on ally’s face. I finally took this as my cue, and gathered enough courage to go and confront my brother. I was about to get up when I heard something strange. Something that would break my spirit and make me lose all my courage. I heard ally say, “OH MY GOD!!!!!” and then she moaned loudly, “OH MY GOD…. YOU’RE SOO BIG!!!! OH IT FEELS AMAZING!!!! OWWWW AHHHH OHHH YAAAAA!!!!”

I was shocked as I heard my wife moan like that for the first time. She had never moaned like that when she was with me. There was pure bliss on her face. It was like she had crossed over into another dimension. She was completely lost in the pleasure that my big brother was giving her. Her moans picked up pace as my brother maintained steady slow strokes. She started moaning louder and louder as she finally screamt, “I’M CUMMING….. OHH YESS I’M CUMMING…. PLS DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!!!!!!!! OH YESSS I’M CUMMING!!!!”

When she was done, my brother suddenly stopped stroking and he pulled out of her. He then flipped her on her belly went down caught her throat from behind and screamed loudly, “IF U LIKED THAT, THEN YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS YOU TEASING WHORE…!!! LETS START FUCKING FOR REAL NOW…!!!”
With this being said he once again in swift motion buried his monster into my wife’s pussy again. This time however, he starting banging her real hard. His strokes were long and fast. With each stroke you could just hear his thighs n balls smack up against my wife’s pussy. He was really plowing her hard. He held my wife down with one hand and with the other he started tugging her boobs. I thought ally would hate rough sex, but here she just kept on moaning… “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCCCCCCCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE………. PLSSSSSSSSSS MARK… KEEP ON FUCKING ME….. DON’T STOP…………. I’M ALL YOUR’S BABY………..!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU FEEL SO GOOD……..!!!!! OHHHHHHH I THINK I’M CUMMING AGAIN…!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS I’M CUMMING… I’M CUMMING…. GOD DAMN IT I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!” with that her breathing went real high n fast, and she lifted her head up and started thrashing around like a wild animal whose being tamed. She then dropped her head on the pillow and collapsed, as my brother continued to fuck her real hard.

Mark once again slowed down his pace, and stroked her lightly. He then pulled out of her. He now pulled her onto the floor. He made her kneel in front of him. Without any invitation, ally immediately grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth. It was as though she was hungry for it. She started sucking it real good. She licked the head and then proceeded to take it in to the max. ally never does deepthroats, but my bro caught the back of her head and pushed her face into his crotch making his dick further go in her mouth. He held her like that till she started gagging. He then let go of her head, as she took in some air. But before she could relax, he again caught her head and stuck his dick deep inside her mouth again till she gagged. He did this 2-3 times more.

He then stopped doing her mouth and made her stand. He then bent down and swooped her off her feet. He took her ass in his hands, with her legs on either of his sides. He then again placed his dick at the opening of her cunt. He once again slowly began thrusting in and out of her. Soon again his strokes picked up pace. She again started moaning uncontrollably and rested her head on his shoulder. Even my bro started moaning a bit, as both of them kept on getting noisier. My wife then raised her head from my brother’s shoulder and stared him in the eyes. She then went on to give him a deep passionate kiss. Both of them were really kissing passionately, while my brother kept fucking my wife harder and harder. My wife was actually moaning into mark’s mouth while kissing him. They removed their tongues from their mouth and started playing with eachothers tongues.

My brother kept increasing the pace and power of his strokes. He finally screamed out loudly, “AHHHH I’M GONNA CUM…!!!!! I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR PUSSY….!!!!!!!!!!” My wife realized what he had said and was about to say, “NO” when with one last grunt and a deep and final thrust into my wife’s pussy, my elder brother mark came inside my wife…!!! As my bro came, my wife also started moaning and cumming at the same time. She again dropped her head and rested it on mark’s shoulder. As I could see satisfaction on my wife’s face, My bro finally kept ally down on the bed. He himself then went and lied down next to her.
Ally then caught her breath and looked at mark and said, “You know, you should not have cum inside me. What if I get pregnant?? Luke would know!! I never let him cum inside me. I don’t wanna get pregnant fast. But you know, that was just the best sex I ever had. Wow, you are amazing!! I think we should clean up a bit.”

Saying this she got up off the bed and caught my brother’s hand and pulled him towards the bathroom. They entered the bathroom, with now only a mirror through which I could partially see them. They turned the shower on and started cleaning eachother. Soon my bro started playing with my wife’s pussy again, he then went down and started licking her again. Soon she returned the favour by sucking his dick. Again my bro made her gag a few times. They then went into a corner from where I could not see them through the mirror. But by the moans I’m assuming that they started fucking again. The moans and noise continued for quite some time.

I was still not feeling well, and this was making me feel worse. But to tell you the truth I was kinda turned on by what had just happened. I guess because it was my bro who had done it. And the fact that I never really minded sharing anything with him. But my wife??? Was this a bit too much?? With all these things in my head I slowly dosed off with the picture of my wife being fucked by my elder brother in my head, and the thought of how the next day was going to be and what I was going to do…………….


Hey this is my first story…. Pls comment whether u liked it or not…. If u liked it then I may write a second part to this……. Also tell me how to improve it….

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2015-08-20 15:16:12
If my brother did that to my wife I would beat him sense less n I would kick her the curve in Wats she is wearing then throw her shit out the window

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2011-12-31 15:17:09
Since they are brothers, the DNA will be simular if she gets prego. I like the idea of multiple husbands for one wife. Cool.

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2011-12-29 01:19:04
the husband is one dumb shit allowing his brother to sleep with his wife in the first place........... should have known something would happen............ shame on him the little dummy....... he deserves being cuckhold..

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2011-12-28 23:23:38
I hope u will revenge in pt2. . . . . . .oh yahh!! sweet revenge. . . .

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2011-12-28 18:06:03
He needs to show his wife dat he can do more dan wat his broda has jst done!LET'S GBADUN D PART2!

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