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Noel and I carried Claire to Noels bedroom where they settled in. Claire on her back and Noel paying very close attention to Claire’s breasts particularly her nipples with her mouth and fingertips. I stood there and watched as Claire arched her breasts up to Noel’s soft caress and gentle ministrations.
I returned to Carol’s room where I recovered my clothes, and then back to watch some TV still raw and tired from my exertions. I was there maybe an hour or two when the phone rang. I picked it up; it was Carol, she asked me to check on the kids, the twins were dozing in bed head too foot, I checked on Claire and Noel, Noel was nursing on Claire’s breast and both were sleeping soundly. I told Carol that they were all sleeping. She told me to come over.

It was a matter of minutes before I was back at the house, the kitchen was a wreck and as I entered the living room I found the liquor cabinet open and debris from it scattered everywhere. Claire walked up to me from my parent’s bedroom. “Your father called her about the time she got home and told her, that he filed for divorce and was going to shack up with his secretary, who happened to be eighteen in the meantime. That really pissed me off and Carol gave me a hug as the news rocked through me. “You mother is in pretty bad shape.” She murmured in my ear. I walked into the master bedroom to find my mother, her hair was a mess her make up was smeared. She was wearing a white blouse and a pair of black satin panties, stockings and one four inch heel. She was apparently halfway through a bottle of Southern Comfort.

She looked up at me when I entered the room. “Oh Billy your home baby”

“Hi mom” I said

“Billy did Carol tell you about your dad?”

“She did mom”

“Am I too old?”

“No mom you’re just perfect”

“No I mean did I let myself go after I had Claire?”

“Mom your beautiful” I said walking up to her and giving her a hug as she sat on the edge of the bed looking entirely disheveled.

“I don’t understand why your dad left me for that little slut?”

“I don’t know either Mom” I said my fingers straightening the hairs that seemed to be going in all directions.

“Am I fat Billy?” she asked

“No mom your just perfect the way you are”

“I mean my ass isn’t too fat? Or is it that my boobs are too small?”

“Mom I don’t know why dad left you?”

“You don’t think my ass is fat do you?” she stood and turned and bent over the bed in a very familiar position, she had wide hips and the round globes of her ass were set off and accentuated by the bikini panties she was wearing. “Its nice and firm isn’t it Billy?”


“Touch it Billy, feel it I want to know if you think my ass is firm” I felt very awkward and my hand trembled as I reached out to touch the pliant flesh of my own mothers ass.

“No mom you ass is very nice”

“Thank you baby” she said and stood up kicking off her other heel. “What about my tits are they too small?” she asked working the buttons of her blouse but lacking the dexterity to make them work properly, she got frustrated and just pulled her shirt open, buttons flying across the room. Her bust was encased in the same satin material that her panties were made of and I stood gob smacked as she pushed them up with her hands for me to see. They were not the most enormous I had seen but they were quite large the size of a large grapefruit or perhaps a small melon. “Do you think they are pretty Billy?”

“Mom, I…” she worked the fastener at the front of the bra and whipped it off.

“Do you remember sucking mommy’s boobies? You used to love to suck them you went to sleep with them in your mouth.”

“Mom… what are you doing?”

“Come here baby suck mommy’s titties” she gently took my head and pulled it to her breasts, they were large and had a slight sag in them but as she stroked my hair and I suckled she moaned and hummed intermittently. “That’s a good boy” she said as my lips suckled on her rosebud nipple. She held me against her like that for how long I don’t remember her breasts were delicious and she finally pulled me onto the bed. “Now mommy needs something else” she said pushing me on to my back.

“Mom we can’t”

“Your father hasn’t bothered for almost a year, now I know why he’s been banging that little teen hussy. Well I’m going to get my pussy banged by some teen cock.” She reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and reached down to pull them off, I tried to get up but she gave me a look that said if I did I was in even bigger trouble, so I lifted my hips and she whipped my pants and underwear off. “Oh you are just like your Daddy, but you still have some growing to do.” She stopped talking and her mouth enveloped my cock. I was speechless as she expertly suckled my cock. I was tired my cock was all but worn out. I looked up at the doorway to see Carol, she had apparently been video taping the whole thing.

Mom after a few minutes of pure delight straddled me pulling her panties off quickly while she did so. She mounted me, god was her pussy wonderfully tight and the tender contractions around my cock were something of legend. She rode me for a good long stretch, until she brought herself off on my cock, she kept riding relentlessly as if possessed of one purpose, and that was to get me off. She worked her body through three and then four orgasms. “Cum baby” she growled as she pounded her pussy on my rigid member. “Cum for mommy”

That did it “Oh god mom” I cried as my back arched up and my cock exploded like fireworks inside her. Exhausted we collapsed together on the bed, my spent cock still wedged inside her tight pussy.


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