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Search for the first installment, this one will make a lot more sense once you've read that one.
I hopped out of the shower, dried off, and crawled in bed completely naked. She came in a few minutes later, and slowly worked her way next to me. The last thing I remember was my cock resting between her ass cheeks. Nice way to fall asleep.

She was awake before me, but was well on her way to getting me up. There's nothing better than a blowjob to get me moving. I opened my eyes to see her staring back at me, while she bobbed up and down on my cock. This girl is never, ever satisfied.

I knew what she wanted. She didn't get fucked earlier, so she wanted her pussy full of cock. Normally I'd be all over that, but it seemed like we were out to top each other with increasingly more extreme stunts.

Once my cock was good and hard, she squeezed a big drop of precum out of me, made a big show of licking it off of the tip, let it dangle from her tongue in a long line of drool, only to slurp it back up, climb up my body, and then kiss me with it on her tongue. I love it when she makes me be her slut.

She slowly lowered her body back down over mine, taking care to brush her nipples across my skin every so slowly. I wanted nothing more than to mash her tits against my cock, but she had other ideas. She reached her arms under my legs, lifted me up just a bit, and began sucking on my balls. First one, then the other, then back to my cock to swallow it whole, and then she extended her tongue to give my balls another licking.

She tilted me back a little more and then began licking my asshole while still jerking my now obscenely hard cock. She was really getting into it (I was too) as my cock was leaking precum all over. She noticed, slurped it up, and then came back up to feed it to me. This time, instead of a kiss, she spat it all over my face, licked it off of me, and then kissed me. Fuck, that turns me on.

I flipped her over, got on top of her, put my cock on her chest, and then spat what was left over from the kiss before between her big, beautiful tits. I was titty-fucking her in no time, and she took every opportunity to lick my cock when it poked through. She couldn't get enough of my cock, and I couldn't stop giving it to her if I tried.

I grabbed her by the hair, tilted her head back, and spat on her face. With that I moved down her body until I was between her legs. I put my face in front of her pussy, but I didn't touch it. I just let her feel my breath on her skin.

Without warning, I flipped her over onto her stomach, parted her ass checks, and thrust my tongue into her asshole. She let out a huge moan, and pushed her ass back into my face. I took two fingers, one from each hand, and gaped her hole so I could lick deeper and deeper. I spread her wide, and then let her asshole tighten back up, only to pull it wider again. She tasted a bit like soap, but I was clearly licking her ass. And loving every second of it.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed, lifting her ass up so she could get her knees beneath her, but left her face down on the bed. I reached back into my drawer and pulled out a gift I've been saving for a special occasion: a glass buttplug just for her. I stuck it into her dripping wet pussy just so I could slide it into her ass. She didn't know what hit her.

I pulled her off of the bed and onto the floor on her knees. I shoved my cock down her throat until she gagged, which almost never happens, I must have been so fucking hard. She looked up at me as if to say, "try again, motherfucker," so I turned around and stuck my ass on her face for her to lick me again. "Take that you filthy little slut," I said.

By now her head was spinning, and her ass was ready for a pounding. I pulled her back up to standing, turned her around, and then put her back on the bed face down ass up. I slowly pulled the plug out of her ass, taking great pains to tease her with every inch, stretching her tight hole almost but not quite wide enough for my cock. I put the plug in her mouth so she could taste it, which she absolutely loved, and then eased my cock into her ass.

I was so unbelievably turned on that I knew I wouldn't last long, but I was determined to give both of us a ride worth remembering. I buried my cock balls-deep in her ass, time and time again, to squeals of joy from her, until I couldn't wait any longer. With one final push deep, deep, deeeeeeeeep inside of her, I let loose a torrent of cum in her ass. Oh fuck, that was good.

As I collapsed on the bed next to her, she immediately got on top of me, and hovered just above my cock so I could watch my cum ooze out of her asshole onto my cock and balls. It was still hot and oh so thick when it me, and she wasted no time in slurping it off of my body and my cock, swallowing my whole one last time. She showed me my load in her mouth, and then tilted her head back and swallowed it whole, all the while rubbing her neck with one hand and her twat with the other.

Afterward, she told me that she was rubbing her pussy from the moment I put the plug in her ass. She came twice, once when I was fucking her face and again when I was emptying my balls in her ass. It looked like she was ready for a third.

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