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Hey my name is Joe and I've had a thing for my younger brothers friends since I was about 17-18 when they started becoming teenagers. My brother is a little less than four years younger than me, so when I was 17-18 my brothers friends ranged from 13,14, and 15.

Most people seem to see me as a good looking guy. I have an athletic frame with a tiny bit of tummy chub. I have short brown hair and mocha brown eyes. At this point I had a happy trail leading down to my pubes, but a basically hairless chest. My legs are pretty hairy as well, but my armpits lacked hair entirely.

One of my brothers friends, Phil was one of the first who stuck out to me. He wasn't particularly good looking or anything special, but when he hit puberty and got older he started giving me attention. Phil was kind of small for his age, but not puny. He had dark almost black hair, hazel eyes, and a few freckles on his cute baby face. He had the beginnings of a six pack, with a few tufts of hair under his arms and slightly hairly legs, more than a peach fuzz, but not hairy. I started to become really attracted to him, but I was in the closet so I kept it to myself.

It first started when my family and his family went to Florida on vacation together. Phil had a brother my age, and our parents were friends as well so we went on vacation all the time. I just turned 18, and Phil was turning 15 in two-weeks. In Florida, Phil was always around me, either putting his hand on my thigh as a "joke" or playing socked footsie with me when we were sitting in the hotel room that the kids shared.

On one of the last day's of the trip we were at the beach and Phil kept touching me and grabbing me in the water. Finally, I said I had to shit and needed to go back to the hotel (which was right on the beach). Phil said he had to shit too, so we went back together. When we got to the room, I did my business, and layed down on the bed while I waited for him to go. I close my eyes for a minute, and soon felt his hand on my thigh and opened my eyes to see him sitting on the bed with me. He started to play the "are you scared" game with me. His hand kept creeping up my leg with a mischevious smile asking me if I was scared.

"Are you scared yet," said Phil giggling.
"Nope," I smiled
"Now?" he laughed as he was almost at my growing 7.5 inch cock.
"Are you scared now?" he said

We were both feeling eachother so hard and knew what was coming. Just then he slid his hand over my bathing suit covered cock and began to feel it. I tiltede my head back and enjoyed the feeling of his young hand exploring my cock. After I picked my head up and moved into Phil's face for a kiss. We kissed on the lips a few times, before beginning to make out. The feeling of his tongue exploring my mouth was electricity, and I reached over and started playing with his dick, which wasn't bad for his age. I went inside his bathing suit and started to feel his cock, which was about 5 inches hard.

We soon stopped in fear that our parents would look for us. Fast forward to the week after we come back from Florida, and my younger brother asks my parents if Phil could sleep over on Friday night. As usual, my parents didn't mind. I was excited, but didn't know if I would be able to spend time with him because they stay up all night at sleepovers. I went to a party that night with intensions of returning around 1 or 2 so we can try to hang out. When I came back it was 2:30 I was pretty drunk. I went down to the basement where they were staying to shockingly find my brother half asleep watching TV, and Phil wide awake watching the show. Phil spotted me and I mouth for him to come upstairs when my brother falls asleep. He shot me a sexy smile and knew what was happening.

Twenty minutes later I hear someone come up the stairs and see Phil peek his head into the living room where i was sitting. We have separate loud air conditioners in every room of our house, and I knew if we fooled around in my living room we would be okay since everyone was sleeping with their doors shut. We shut the basement door and Phil came to sit with me. In my tipsy state I wasted no time and when he sat close to me on the couch I instantly kissed him. He got on board and kiised me back as our tongues began to explore eachother. he grabbed my cock and started stroking it while we kissed. He loved playing with my big cock and I knew it. I grabbed him and we kissed hard and reached into eachothers pants.

We fooled around making out and feeling eachothers bodies all over for about twenty minutes when Phil intterupted the moment.

"I need to blow you," Phil said as I quickly respond
"Lets go into the bathroom," I respond.

We got up and moved to the bathroom while kissing still. He got on his knees and begins to suck me through my sweatshorts. I stop him, and tell him.

"Phil I don't know if I'm gay or not or if you are, but I really like you"
"I really like you too and I want to keep doing this," he says and goes back to my throbbing cock.

He took off my shorts and started sucking my cock like a pro. He really wanted it, and his tongue sent waves of pleasure through my body. He moved up and down my cock and played with my balls like he's been doing it for years. I lasted for about 5 minutes before I lost it and came all over his face and in his mouth. I wanted to return the favor, but he already came all over. I asked him where he learned to suck cock like that, and he replied,

"I've been practicing on hot dogs and bananas hoping that I could suck your cock soon." I knew this would be a great summer.



2012-02-23 14:26:35
Good stuff. I know where you're coming from. I'll read the rest, that's for sure. x


2012-02-09 12:29:53
wonder why not with his lil brother too

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2012-02-06 12:09:29
great story ! did you gets ever do stuff for real again?


2011-12-30 17:23:20
i have 4 stories now there under boy/boy and other tags, iforgot to put it under true story

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2011-12-30 13:05:12
holy shit that was hot.. more please...

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