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Squeeby in her finger nails
Hi guys, This story is a long one over 200 pages long, and will be about 20 chapters, I have wrote, revised and rewrote this story a few times over the past couple of years, and my grammar is still terrible. Although it contains a fair bit of teenage gay sex, it is also a story full of emotions, highs, lows, happiness and sadness. I don't know if there will be much interest in reading it, but if you do want to read more then please vote and leave a comment,.
Thanks Ted

Chapter 5
Back home in wet and windy Glasgow, I now needed to convince my dad to get me internet access, Barry and the twins chatted on MSN during the week and although I had a PC we did not yet have internet access, I needed and wanted it and I was going to get it no matter what, I just had to get mum on my side.
It broke my heart leaving my new mates and the shower room behind and was I already counting the days till next weekend., my head was totally pickled, if I was not wanking to Barry, I was wanking to the twins, or some other random guy who’s cock I had perved in the shower room, and when I was not wanking I was needing a wank.

My head was full of what had happened over the weekend, I realized that my fascination with other guys dicks was wrong, ok the wank I had with my school mate while dogging school was a little pervy but nothing heavy, but now all I could think of was ways to get to see other guys cocks, I wanted to touch cock , suck cock it was all getting pretty heavy, I did not want to be a bender, no way could I be, my dad would kill me if he knew what I was doing, Jamie and especially my oldest brother John would make my life a living hell if they found out, and I would become the school joke constantly getting hassled if anyone found out.
I had to pull myself together, and stop thinking about guys, I tried to concentrate on girls when I wanked, but always ended up thinking of Barry’s naked body, I tried not to wank, but still thoughts, and desire for Barry or the twins cocks were always at the front of my mind, if I closed my eyes I saw cock if I opened them I wanted to close them again to see more, it had took over my whole life, I lay tossing and turning all night I doubt if I got more than four hours sleep that night, it was very worrying, and exciting at the same time.

Next day at school the first few classes I was tired and could not concentrate, at the break I met Rab the guy that I had wanked with in the old farm house, he told me that he was pissed off and was fucking off out of the school, I said I would join him so off we went wandering the streets, After about an hour of walking about and getting no where I suggested going up to the old farm house, he agreed, so of we went it was probably about 1.30pm in the afternoon, we still had about 2 long hours to kill, Once we got inside the old building, we talked about all sorts, then the conversation got on to girls and sex, Rab told me that he had got a wank off some girl but she had nearly ripped his cock off, he was pulling some right weird faces as he described it, of course just the mention of wanking had me brick hard, I took the opportunity to slip something I had read on the net;
“I heard that the best wank ever would be off another guy, as only they knew how to wank a cock properly”
“Yea I heard that too, Give me a loan of your hand for 5 minutes and I will tell you if it is true” he winked at me
there was this awkward silence . I broke it
“Fuck all this sex talk, has made me horny, ah need to have a wank, yea up for it? “
“ Fuck it ,why not” Rab replied

I wasted no time, I undid the waistband and fly on my grey school trousers, Rab done the same, and less than a minute latter we had our fully grown hardons in our hand stroking away . my eyes were transfixed on Rab’s cock, it was different from mine he had foreskin that slid back and forwards over the head of his dickhead, I could not keep my eyes off it, after a few minutes Rab stopped wanking, saying he had wankers cramp, his hard cock was just standing there, pointing straight up as if it was inviting me to touch it, I don’t know where the courage came from, I moved my left hand over to his cock as I wrapped my fingers around it he looked at me and just sat there as I began stroking it up and down, my heart was racing, my whole body was shaking, the feeling of his soft skin over his hard warm rod sent waves of shivers through my body, I looked at Rab’s face, he had his eyes closed, and was moaning lightly as I stroked him faster and faster, I was in fucking heaven, his sticky pre cum was on my fingers, I bent over and kissed his cock, I wanted to taste it I was just about to lick the tip when he pushed me away, he took back control of his own cock and wanked himself furiously coming within seconds his cum shooting a half decent load on to the floor between his legs, I finished myself off just as fast shooting spunk up onto my white shirt and school tie, I even managed to get some on my trousers, a fucking miracle considering how much I had wanked the night before.
My heart was racing, my cock was throbbing, we both lay there for a couple of minutes getting our breath back, our cocks still hanging out and oozing the last of our squeeby from the red slimy slit, then we snapped back to reality, we heard voices near by, in sheer panic we sorted ourselves out and carefully peeked out of the window, there was an old guy with his dog nearby, we watched and waited until he was out of sight before leaving the old house our fresh puddles of squeeby soaking in to the floor boards. Once clear of the old farm house we headed towards school again, we never even spoke a word to each other until we were almost at the school, we still had about ten minutes to wait before the bell would ring and the school would begin to empty, and we could join the crowd leaving school and heading for our buses, as we sat on a wall waiting for the bell , Rab smiled at me and said
“ it’s true guys do give better wanks than burds”
Although I could feelmy face go red, I had a grin on my face like a Cheshire cat, I had wanked off (Well partly) another guy and it felt brilliant, I was in love , fuck I was head over heals.
Rab went his way with his mates, and I caught up with mine, but Rab’s cock was all I could think about for days, every time I saw him in school over the next week my heart fluttered, we never got the chance to speak, we just acknowledged each other with a nod and a smile, there was always others around and as we lived in different areas and had different mates, it was not easy getting a chance to talk, I so wished I had got his mobile number but I never, I did not get the chance to get him alone again that week

My life was on a roller coaster, thoughts of having Gay Sex was taking over my life, I was lusting after almost every guy I saw, I fantasized about almost every guy in the school, I was so horned up that any guy who wanted to could have had me, bus drivers, guys on the bus, guys walking along the road of all ages, any guy who even looked in my direction, infact lets just say I would have went with anyone with a cock, but as we all know wanting and getting are two different things,
The following weekend we headed back down to the Caravan on the Thursday afternoon, Mum, Dad, Me and Jamie, my oldest brother John was not interested in the caravan, he wanted to stay home on his own, probably having wild orgies with his mates and the girls from the area.
As soon as we arrived at the campsite I wanted to go straight to the shower room, but of course I could not, it would have looked very suspicious.
I checked Barry’s caravan but no one was there, even the games room was very quite, there was only two older guys playing pool, Me and Jamie wandered about the site, but we never saw any of the crowd that had been there the weekend before.
The weather was pretty poor drizzling rain, So we went back to the caravan had our tea and just really sat around bored, about 9pm I decided I was going for a shower, from the reaction I got from Mum and Dad you would think I never washed, I made the excuse that I was sweaty from the journey down, Mum gave me ah very suspicious look, ok I might not have been the cleanest teenager in the world, but I did shower reasonably often, I grabbed a towel and shower gel and headed up to the shower room with a rock hard bonner in anticipation of seeing some cock only to get disappointed, the fucking showers closed for cleaning at 9 pm during the week and 10pm on weekend nights, Then when I got back to the caravan and explained why I never got my shower, Dad insisted that I use the shower in the caravan he said it would be fine for a quick wash down, (what could I do, demand that he and Jamie strip naked) if I did not use it they would be even more suspicious of my desire to use the shower room, I went in to the shower and stood as the water dribbled over my body, I began to have a wank soaping up my cock and stroking to build up the lather, but the shower was terrible only a dribble of slightly warm water flowed over my now cold goose pimpled body, I gave up rinsed off and kept the wank for bed time, I made a big thing of how crap the shower in our caravan was, promising them I would never use it again, then I went to bed I would be up early for a shower or two first thing in the morning, but I had to get into bed and batter one out before my balls burst.

It was just after 9am when I woke, my normal morning woody was demanding attention, but I was also bursting for a piss, so I got up and went to the toilet, Mum and Dad were already up, my boxers were well tented Mum was probably thinking little pervert, but hey it’s not as if she has never saw a hard cock before, I did what needed done then went back to my room dressed then grabbed a towel and shower gel, I was heading out the door, when Mum shouted after me
“Are you ok?, what the heck is all this showering about ? have you got a disease or something “
I pretended I never heard her, and just kept walking, I had cracked it, the shower room was busy, there were two guys waiting on a cubicle to become free, one was about 16 years old the other about 40, a big fat man was the first to come out, he was fuckin massive, God only knows how he managed to fit in the shower, he was huffing and puffing as he tried to get dried, his belly was so big it covered his cock it was honestly a gross sight.
The guy about 40 who had been waiting began undressing, his cock was an alright size he undressed quickly and got in the shower I think the big fat man was freaking him, the next guy who came out was about 25 ish, he was a good looking guy, short to medium blond hair, fit muscular body, but I was shocked to see that all his fuckin pubes had been shaved off, feck I was grooming mine, I loved my pubes I never had many but the ones I had I loved, I checked every day to see if they had grown any more or thicker, and this cunt had shaved all his off I just stood open mouthed staring in disbelief, he actually smiled at me it must have been obvious I was staring at his shaven balls, the guy about 16 was undressed and in the shower so quick that I never even got the chance to see his cock, I was too busy staring at the blond guys shaven privates, he was not shy and dried his balls a little more than was needed, I am sure to this day that he was putting on a show for me, weather he was or wasn’t my cock was rock solid and it was obvious, so obvious that I quickly got out of the shower room, there was no way I could get undressed in front of people with a fuckin raging hardon.

Back at the caravan I made the excuse that the showers were very busy, that I would go back after I had my breakfast, Mum asked why I had been away so long, I told her that I was talking to one of the other guys who had a caravan, she never questioned it any further.
I had just started eating my breakfast when Jamie came out his room, I checked out his package but he never had a hardon, he went to the bathroom then came and sat beside me on the sofa wearing only his boxers, after breakfast I went back to the shower room, there was a free cubicle this time, the others were in use so I never saw any cock, I was in the shower when I heard the door opening then my Dad’s voice calling my name, I looked out and Dad was there with a towel
“ Give me that shower gel when your finished”
Fuck how embarrassing, the guys in the other cubicles must have thought , fucking paupers can only afford one bottle of shower gel between the whole family, could he why could he not have just brought soap with him?
I quickly rinsed off, and got out of the shower just in time to see my fukin Dad totally naked, I was shocked, I had never saw my dad naked before, although not massive in size his cock was as thick as fuck, to this day it probably counts as one of my most awkward moments ever, he took the shower gel and got into the shower without even as much as a thanks, a man in his thirties was getting dried, I got a quick peek at his cock I would give it 6 out of 10, on my cock awards scale. I never hung about though, if I was still there when Dad came out, I would have got a slap for being a perv.

After my shower I went back to the van, Jamie was dressed and ready to go out, we went to the games room it was empty, we played pool for a while then got fed up after about an hour, then we went for a wander around the site. There is a part of the site that is used for tents and traveling mobile caravans or campervans, We were walking in this area when I spotted the blond guy with the shaved pubes sitting outside a campervan, I looked at him he winked at me and I nearly had a heart attack, I have no doubt I was blushing, I don’t think Jamie noticed or he would have wanted to know why I was blushing, we walked around some more but the site was pretty dead as most of the weekenders don’t arrive until late afternoon, We went back to the caravan, Mum and Dad had went into the local town and had left a note saying they would be back around one. We played on the play station for a little while then Mum and Dad came back, almost as soon as they came in Mum went out to the site shop.

There was a strange atmosphere, Jamie got up to get a drink or something and Dad told him to sit back down, Jamie gave him that sort of what the fuck look, Dad had a carrier bag in his hand it was clear that there was boxes in the bag from the shape. Then without warning he blurted out
“right you fucking two, here is a box of tissues each, from now on when your blowing your fucking noses in your bed use these and bin them when you get up in the morning” “Your Mum got a fucking hand full of your stuff, when she picked up your socks this morning”
He directed it at Jamie, but then turned to me, “and your just as bad”. He handed us both a box of Kleenex for men then got up and walked out the van, Me and Jamie just looked at each other no doubt my face was as red as his. Ha ha I now knew he used his socks to wipe up his squeeby the same as me, Fuck it was embarrassing, we went to our rooms and put the tissues beside the bed then bolted out the door, Both Mum and Dad were on the patio they looked one way we looked the other.
Fuck how horrible must that be? for a mother to get her sons spunk under her finger nails. (So take note lads)

We sat down at the moorings for most of the afternoon, we had a right good laugh at Mum’s expense, saying things like “I hope she gave her hands a good wash I don’t want to taste your spunk in my dinner”. At about 4.30 Barry came down to the moorings and sat with us he had gone to our caravan and Dad had told him we were around the site somewhere, fuck he looked sexy, if only he knew how much squeeby I had wasted thinking of him that week,
we chatted to Barry for a little while then my phone rang, it was Dad telling me to come get our dinner, Jamie was dreading having to face Mum, but we had to go back as we needed money for a drink that night, we had been unable to get any hash before we came away as our dealer had been arrested so we needed something to sort us out.

Dinner was a bit strained none of us could look each, Dad had his weird snigger on his face, the one that says you’re a bad bad boy but it was fucking funny but I am not allowed to laugh out loud so I will just snigger at your expence.
Mum looked everywhere except in our direction, dinner was downed in record time, I asked dad for some money he gave us 5 pounds each and we were out the door as fast as we could, we sat in the Games room until the others joined us. The twins were not coming up this weekend, so it was pretty much the same crowd that had been there the first night we had met the week before. We went into the village got our carry out then up to the woods to get mad with it as usual, one of the girls had brought a litre bottle of vodka from home, she also had a two litre bottle of coke so half was poured out and the vodka was added then passed around.
Every single one of us were out of our nuts by 8pm, I remember sitting on a cut down tree next to Barry my arm around his shoulder telling him I loved him, thankfully he was just as drunk as me, and never read too much into it, he even kissed me, Ok not on the lips but on the forehead, but close enough for me to consider going for his lips, but with Jamie being there I did not take the chance, by about 10 pm there was only Me ,Barry, Jamie, Big Terry and Emma Jamie’s new found love left in the woods, we were all well out of our faces, and still the only thing I could think of was getting alone with Barry, not that I knew what I would do if I could get him alone but I still wanted to be alone with him, It was just after 11 when we got back to the campsite, luckily for us both Mum and Dad had been having a few drinks as well, Dad was pissed and Mum was at the I love my boys stage, so they never realized just how drunk we were, I sat down on the sofa and Jamie announced that he was going to bed, as he walked towards his room Dad shouted;
“ Hey spunky socks If your going to have a wee tamper, remember to use those fucking hankies to clean up your mess “
Mum slapped him, and he was roaring with laughter, Jamie’s room door slammed shut, I could not wait to get home to tell John all about it, he would never let Jamie live it down ha ha yea I was a cruel wee cunt.


Hi folks thanks for reading this story, I hope it reaches the parts it was intended for and at least gets you hard, I know my spelling and grammar are not great, I should have spent more time learning than lusting over my class mates at school, but hey I am sure if you persevere you will get the drift of my stories. If you have enjoyed the story please vote for it, and if you have time leave a comment, it is the comments and the knowledge that others are reading my stories that keep me writing. My photos are on my forum profile, I can be contacted at I also have a blog with my stories at
Thanks again for reading Teddy.

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Dad had his weird snigger on his face, the one that says you’re a bad bad boy but it was fucking funny but I am not allowed to laugh out loud so I will just snigger at your expence.
the whole 'kleenex for men' bit was hilarious_ i hadn't heard of kleenex for men, so i had to look them up on google- i was sorta shocked- i guess you folk are more progressive and out in the open about masturbating and the need to have xtra large tissues to clean up with- i did read that they're big products for tourists to buy cause they can't believe that kleenex would sell something like this- or that people would buy something for such a singular purpose- why not just use 2 regular kleenex or a paper towel or a wad of toilet paper.

you tell an entertaining story- it's really not very exciting and it's very repetitive- how many times do we have to read about this kid wanking or thinking about doing it- but it's funny and it's interesting to read about life in scotl

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