The Lust continues
I left out in the last story that I'm about 6 foot, 185 pounds, and Phil was about 5'4'' 120 pounds.

After that night in my living room and bathroom, Phil and I had an animal attraction to one another. We were both in the closet, and also not entirely sure of our sexuality, as much as we just knew we both liked eachother a lot. At any bbq's or events with our families we had to struggle to keep our hands off of eachother, but we of course snuck in the occasional grab or squeeze.

Even though we wanted eachother desperately, we didn't know the next time we would get to be together. Although our families were close, I couldn't just pick him up at his house, because we would never hang out unless one of our brothers were there. Even if Phil occasionally slept over, we couldn't get much alone time because my brother never went to sleep early enough. Finally, at a bbq two weeks after our encounter at my house something great happened. Phil's mom asked me if I could watch him the next day overnight because she was going out with their dad, his brother was visiting his friend, and his sister was at his grandparents house.

This wasn't that strange since I've watched him and his sister before, but usually my brother tagged along. This time however, he couldn't make it so it would just be me and Phil alone in his house all night. When I first arrived, his mom gave me the rundown of all the numbers and contacts, but she knew that I didn't really need it. I've known them my entire life, and he was 15 so nothing was really going to happen. I also wasn't getting paid because his mom tutored me for free, but in reality I got paid by Phil.

Phil looked so hot when I came to the house. When I walked in he was wearing nothing but loose basketball shorts and his very white socks. I saw the outline of his buldge through his shorts and his bubble butt, and had to control myself from staring in front of his mom. I was wearing a white tee, basketball shorts, and white socks.

When his mom left, we decided to watch "Superbad" in his living room. Phil had a big couch, but we sat right next to eachother with a blanket over us. We couldn't even make it twenty minutes into the movie without starting to play grab ass, and touching eachothers dicks. Our playing quickly turned to kissing, which turned to heavy kissing. To this day I've never felt like I did when I made out with him, with anybody else. Kissing him turned me on so much. I would gently bite his lip and occasionally just lick his tongue, it was hot. Soon enough, Phil climbed off the couch and in between my legs and started sucking my dick like the champ that he was. He would stop sucking to flick the head with his tongue and lick it all over while looking me in my eyes with his sexy baby face. I hadn't jerked off in a few days, so his amazing mouth had me shooting in only a few minutes. When I told him I was going to cum, he just smiled and took it, swallowing it all. He climbed back on me and kissed me hard, giving me the taste of my cum in my mouth.

Finally it was my turn to suck his sexy cock. I picked him up and brought him over to the love seat, and lifted his legs so they were on the arms of the chair. I took his shorts on and he looked so sexy with his legs wide open and his socked feet on the chair. I start to take his cock into his mouth, and he is moaning in no time. His cock wasnt too big so I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth, and soaked his cock. I knew he would only last a minute or two, so I got off of his dick and started licking hiss asshole. It tasted bad, but I was too in the moment to care. I started licking and licking, causing him to moan and cry out "O Joe, lick it!" After a few minutes of licking, I took out my tongue and started to finger his ass while sucking him off.

Phil had a look of pure ecstasy on his face, and his extremely tight hole was squeezing my finger as it went in and out. He came in my mouth shortly after, but I continued to finger him as we kissed sharing our fluids. One finger turned to two, and eventually three.

"How you feeling?" I asked
"So fucking good," he replied. I kissed him again and he grabbed my once again throbbing cock.

"Fuck me, I need you inside me. Fuck me Joe! I need you to be my first, I'm gay I don't care!"
"Go get some vasaline" I replied.

Phil got up from the chair, hard dick bobbing up and down and dissapeared into a room. He came back with a jar of petrolium jelly, and started rubbing it all over my cock. When my cock was completely covered, I took the jar and started fingering his ass with my very jellyed fingers.

"I'm ready, fuck me please!"

We relocated back onto the couch, and I got on top of him, and put my vasaline covered cock on his hole and slid it right in. Phil began moaning with pain, but very shortly pleasure. I knew at this point that we would always fuck, because we had the best experience of our lives. I started off slow, but things started to speed up quickly and before I knew it, my balls were smaking against Phil's as with intensity. I pushed his legs behind his head and was giving it to his ass hard, and he was taking it with pleasure.

"O joe, fuck me! It feels so fucking good. O god harder. YES YES fuck! yes!" moaned Phil. He leaned up and kissed me. I picked us up and sat straight up on the couch with him sitting on my cock. He rode up and down on my rod while we passionately made out and sweat dripped off of us. He knew how to ride a dick and took control sliding up and down so smoothly it was pure ecstasy.I was close to cumming and I knew he was too.

"I'm gonna cum!" I warned him

"Cum inside me. O fuck, fuck, FUCKKKK, yes!" screamed Joe. If anyone was near that house they would have thought someone was being murdered, or fucked hard.

Phil clenched his ass and came all over my stomach, which sent me over the edge and I came in his ass. He climbed off me and kissed me as we both gasped for breath. We sat in our own filth for about twenty minutes before I suggested we take a shower.

We headed to his main bathroom, still tired, but our young dicks still horny. We started to clean eachother off butt, it soon turned to forplay. We began kissing hardcore, and Phil started to suck on my cock in the shower. He begged for me to fuck him again in the shower. Using shampoo for lube, I faced him against the wall and pounded his ass for a good twenty minutes before he exploded on the shower wall and I exploded inside him.

After the shower we dried off and slept in his small bed together. We fucked once in the morning, and again in the afternoon before his parents got home.


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