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This is my first time writing a sex story. Any advice is welcome.
We both waved goodbye as my parents pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street leaving us alone for the night. It was gonna be me and my girlfriend of 3 years, Emily. We'd spent the night alone together before, and on few occasions had slept over at the others house for whatever reason it was at the time, but tonight would be special. Tonight we were planning on celebrating our three year anniversary.

Tonight, we were gonna have sex.

I know people have had sex in what could be measured as infinitely less time than we are, but we both wanted to make this special. We were both ready, and we both trusted and loved each other enough to finally "do it".

As we saw the car disappear into the distance we both turned and looked at each other before embracing in a deep kiss. Once she pulled back from it to look at me I wanted to pick her up right then and there and carry her up to my room.

Unfortunately, I'm not in shape. I'm actually far from it. I'm 5'8" and weigh 240 pounds, or at least I did last time I checked. I've always been insecure about my weight, and that's one of the reasons I love Emily. She never made me feel uncomfortable about it.

Once she pulled back from the kiss I took her hand in mine and led her into the house. It was only 4:30 p.m. and the sun was still up, so we decided to watch a movie to kill some time. This, unbeknownst to her, was perfect, as earlier in the day I'd set my room up with candles that would look better lit at night rather than late afternoon.

We settled on the couch snuggled next to each other as we channel surfed to find a movie. We finally settled on some chick flick that I knew shed wanted to see. She was paying attention to the movie, but I was paying attention to her.

She was absolutely gorgeous. She was 5'6" and weighed somewhere between 170 and 190. She has a natural bleach blonde hair color which only accents her skin complexion. She was white, but because of where we lived she had a slight tan that made her just a tiny bit brown.

I guess she saw me staring (it was probably hard not to) and without looking away from the screen she grabbed my hand, scooted closer, leaving no space between us, and she rested her head against my arm. After that I just smiled to myself, and started watching the movie.

Once it was over the sun had barely started to set. I told her to put a movie on while I went to make her a special dinner. Half an hour had passed when I finally brought out her plate of food. I'd made the both of us a couple of burgers each, knowing it was her favorite food as well as mine. I was worried I hadn't cooked them right, I would die if I had. I wanted this night to be special.

It wasn't her first time having sex. She'd been honest with me about that. It was one of the reasons we'd waited so long to finally "do it". She rushed into it in her last relationship, and she didn't want to make the same kind of mistake again.

It's not like I took offense to it. One of the other reasons we waited this long was because it was my first time. I was completely nervous, like every other guy before me. This doesn't mean I hadn't done anything sexual before. I'd gone down on a girl a few times, and I've gone down on Emily before. But this was the first time I'd actually have sex.

Once we were both finished eating I took our plates and washed/put them away. I came back and sat down next to Emily without saying a word. She looked at me and straddled my lap. We sat there making out and feeling each other up for what must've been 20 or 30 minutes.

I noticed that the sun was almost down. I told her I'd be right back and I ran to my room and lit the candles I had placed earlier. I made sure the lights were off and I made sure I had a condom in the nightstand next to my bed.

I closed the door behind me and went to go get Emily. To my surprise, when I'd come back she was dressed in a black lacy bra and a red thong. She'd let her her down and it was now resting just under her shoulders.

I know most people wouldn't call her attractive for various reasons, but in that moment and from then on, she was the most absolutely beautiful woman in the world to me.

I walked up to her and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I leaned in for a kiss. My hands started to explore her backside, feeling the soft and smooth skin of her back.

When my hands found a spot to rest on her ass cheeks she pulled away from the kiss and smiled at me. I smiled in return and kissed her on her forehead before leading her to my room.

When we walked in she was awestruck. I had at least ten different candles burning around the room, giving it a nice low light effect.i sat her down on my bed as I quickly undressed. This was the perfect time for me to have been wearing a simple t-shirt and cargo shorts.

Once I was in nothing but my boxers, I leaned down and started kissing her again. I felt her tongue ltouching my lips, so I let her tongue in and our to entwined and wrestled with one this was happening Emily reached around and started to take her bra off.

Once it was off I got down on one knee and started circling one nipple with my tongue. I finally sucked it into my mouth lightly at first with a little increasing pressure every couple of seconds. With my other hand I pinched her other nipple gently at first, then started to tug and pull at it.

Finally she sta up after two or three minute and she pulled down my boxers revealing my rock hard cock. As soon as she saw it she immediately started jacking me off. It felt amazing. Her hand was a blur of motion over my cock.

Out of nowhere I felt something wet and warm and nice engulf the head of my dick. I looked down to see see greedily sucking on me. I was in a state of pure bliss in that moment alone.

I warned her that I was close to cumming and she pulled her mouth off of me. I sat her down on the bed and had her lift up her ass so I could take off her thong. I pulled them off and immediately dove between her opened legs.

The musky scent of her lower lips was intoxicating. I lightly ran my tongue up her slit, taking in the flavor of her moist lips. I dove straight in and started licking her clit sending shudders through her body.

I got up and held myself over her, supporting myself with one arm, and lining up my cock with her pussy before slowly thrusting in.

It was the greatest thing I'd ever experienced. It was warm, and tight, and wet and I couldn't imagine anything better.

I slowly kept pushing in as far as I could go, the pulling out until just my head was inside. Other than the sound of the bed creaking you could hear the sounds coming from the combination of us, and Emily's soft and quiet moans of pleasure.

I'm ashamed to say, but because it was my first time, I only lasted about two minutes total. Once I felt the tingling in my balls I started hammering into her as hard and fast as I could. Her moans became louder and after 20 seconds I came.

I knew she hadn't, so I kept humping, continuing the same pace. After another minute (I was near exhaustion and I didn't think I could keep going) I heard her loudest cry yet. She wrapped her arms and legs aound me. After thirty seconds she let go and kissed me.

I wasn't entirely sure, and I'm still embarrassed by this, but I asked her if she came.

"I love you" was her only reply.

We stayed kissing and holding each other for another ten or twenty minutes before we decided to change and clean up, as my parents would be home soon.

Once we were done we layed down, me holding her from behind, and we drifted off to sleep together.


2011-12-30 11:36:31
That was a nice story. You mentioned that you had a condom in the beside table but didn't mention putting it on. In the heat of passion, did you forget? Did she get pregnant?

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-29 16:45:06
Make sure you spell check but other that good story.

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