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Missy got to work just in the nick of time, thanks to a disruptive homeless man who argued with the bus driver and had to be escorted off by the police. Because of him, the bus was behind schedule about twenty minutes, and she wasn’t her usual fifteen minutes early for her shift.
“Missy, so glad you could join us!” said Derek, her boss, sarcastically. “I thought you weren’t going to be here. You’re practically late, you know.”
“I’m still on time.” she said, grabbing an apron and tying it around her waist. “Looks like I’ve got a minute to spare, too.”
“Well, just don’t let it happen again, okay? You know I like to have you girls here about fifteen minutes early, right?” he said, then turned and went into his office.
She stared at his closed door for a minute, then shrugged and went out to her first table.
“Can I take your order?” she asked the guy. He was in his early to mid thirties, she guessed, with sandy blonde hair and dreamy eyes.
“I’d like a fur burger with a side of thighs.” he said, straight-faced.
“Sorry, hon, breakfast only until ten.” she told him.
“Oh, well in that case, are your buns on the menu?” he asked. “And I’d really like to see your breast meat, too.”
“Are you going to order or not?” she demanded. “Quit fooling around and get serious!”
“Fine, bring me a coffee, and I’ll just think about your hair pie while I’m drinking it.” he said.
“Yeah, right.” she said, and turned to go get it, but before she could get out of there, he slipped his hand up under her skirt and pinched her ass lightly.
“Hey!” she exclaimed, jumping a little. He moved his hand and slid his middle finger right onto her pussy, slipping it between her labia and un-erringly finding her clit before pulling his hand away. She quickly moved back, out of reach, but he could tell that she’d been affected by it.
Her nipples were erect, she was breathing harder than usual, and two bright spots of color blushed her cheeks as he licked his finger and tasted of her. He smiled as she stood there, speechless.
There weren’t any other customers in the restaurant yet, because Monday mornings were the slowest day of the week. He slid out of the booth and took her hand, pulling her close to him, but she backed away with a look of fear in her eyes.
She fled to the ladies’ room, trying to get her emotions under control, but as she ran some water in the sink to splash her face, she saw tears flowing down her face. She was really rattled by her reaction to a total stranger’s rudeness. Her heart leapt into her throat as the door opened and he came into the bathroom with her, pausing only to turn the deadbolt and lock the door behind him. She tried to speak, but he held up one hand and stopped her with a gesture.
“Do you know why I did that?” he asked, his eyes boring into hers. She shook her head, too frightened to speak. “I could smell you. I could smell how horny you are. Well, I’m horny, too, and I figure we can take care of each other, right?”” He came right up to her and put his hands on her breasts through her blouse, rubbing her nipples.
She moaned as he began unbuttoning it and pulled it open. She was helpless to stop him as he kissed her, touching her bare breasts. He bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth and pulled up her skirt above her waist.
She opened her thighs for his hand as he slipped it back onto her pussy and fingered her again. She was kissing him back, passionately, and reached down to unbuckle his pants without any prompting. She pulled them open and got his cock out, then guided him into her with one hand.
“Oh, shit, you’re so tight!” he moaned, straightening up and driving it into her. She was so wet that he slid in easily, and the delicious friction was exactly what she needed to satisfy the itch Mike had started that morning.
“Oh, yes!” she moaned, feeling him fucking her with strong, steady strokes. She reached her peak quickly, shuddering and gasping for breath as she came. He pulled out of her a moment later and let her lean back against the sink.
“Boy, you sure came quickly.” he observed. “I’d like to fuck you again, but I’m afraid I didn’t bring any rubbers with me.”
“That’s okay.” she said, going to her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and tasted herself on it. It was interesting enough that she wondered what it would be like to eat out another woman.
He wasn’t nearly as big as Mike, so she had no trouble going all the way down on him. She bobbed her head as she sucked on it strongly, and a few minutes later, she was rewarded with a mouthful of hot, salty goo as he spurted off in her mouth. She swallowed it down, then heard the front door chime as another customer came in.
“I have to go!” she said, standing up and smoothing her skirt down. She hurriedly fastened the buttons of her blouse, then practically ran out of the bathroom. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror as he did up his pants.
Missy looked around the restaurant, but she didn't see anyone else in there. She was puzzled, because she was sure she heard the front door chime. It was a very distinctive sound. A moment later, Derek stepped back through the door, and the chime sounded again.
“Oh, there you are.” he said. “I looked for you a minute ago, and you were nowhere to be found. Could I see you in my office for a moment, please? There’s something I need you to see.”
“Uh, sure, Derek.” she said. “I was in the bathroom for a moment.”
“Oh, that explains it.” he said, leading her back through the kitchen. “I thought you had stepped outside for a moment.” He held his office door open, then followed her through it.
He looked at her, then pointed out that her blouse was buttoned up wrong. She laughed nervously, then turned her back on him and fixed it. When she turned back around, he had moved very close to her.
“What did you want me to see?” she asked, trying to back away. He followed her, still very close, then bent his head and smelled her hair.
“You’re a beautiful woman, Missy.” he said. His hands found her waist and he kissed her. She struggled briefly, but then she gave in to it, and returned his kiss with ardent fervor. “Oh, God, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” he whispered. His hands moved up onto her breasts and fondled her nipples.
“Derek, wait.” she said, but he wasn’t listening. She took a step back and pushed his hands away.
“Missy, please...” he said, stepping closer once more.
“Derek, it’s just not a good idea for us to get involved.” she said.
“You want to bet?” he asked, mischievously. “I bet I can guess the color of your panties, and if I’m right, I get to take them off.”
“Huh, nice try, Derek!” she retorted. “What did you bring me in here to see?” He grinned at her and winked.
“If I can’t guess in three tries, then you get a dollar raise.” he said.
“If you do guess, then what happens?” she asked. “I really need that raise!” She looked at him, wondering if he could even guess that she wasn’t wearing any panties.
“Well, the first thing is you’re going to have to prove me wrong.” he told her, with a wink. “For something as serious as this, I’m not just going to take your word for it, right?”
“Okay, I’ll take the bet, but only on one condition.” she told him. “I’ll prove you wrong and take the dollar an hour raise, but then you have to eat me out and make me come. If you’re right, you get to take my panties off, and I’ll let you have me any way you want.”
“It’s a deal.” he said, eagerly. “You’re wearing white ones.”
“Wrong.” she said, smiling.
“Okay, then, pink, to match your outfit.” he guessed.
“Nope. Last try.” she told him.
“Okay, then, they’re black.” he said.
She grinned at him, then slowly hiked up her skirt and showed him her bare pussy. “I’m not wearing any, so get on your knees and get busy.” she told him. He slowly went to his knees and put his hands on her ass cheeks, drawing her nearer.
She opened her legs as he reached out with his tongue and licked her clit. She moaned and sat down on the floor, then leaned back and spread her thighs open wide.
He bent over her and licked her juices up as he fingered her. She began bucking her hips a moment later, going in time to his rhythmic tongue.
“Oh, yes, do it, just like that, do it, do it!” she gasped. He licked her clit, moving his tongue in small circles around it and over it. She bucked her hips, but he put his hands on her thighs and held her down as he ate her out. Just as she was about to come, he opened his pants and slid upward over her and placed his erection at the entrance to her womb.
“This wasn’t part of the bet, Derek.” she said, looking into his eyes. She could feel it pressing into her down there, just on the verge of sliding inside. He groaned and started to pull it away, but she grabbed his ass and held him there.
“Don’t stop.” she said. “But it’s going to cost you extra.”
“Anything you want.” he gasped. “But I get to do this whenever I want.”
“Fine.” she said, feeling him take her with one savage thrust. “Oh , God, yes!”
He began sliding it in and out faster and faster as her belly heaved under him. She was gasping for air, and then she came again, for the second time in about twenty minutes.
“Don’t come inside me!” she gasped. “When you get close, I’ll suck you off, okay?”
“Ahh, okay.” he gasped. “Get ready!” He pulled out of her and moved up her body until his throbbing cock was right in front of her face. She opened her mouth and took it inside, once again tasting her own juices on it, then swallowed rapidly as he spewed burst after burst down her throat.
“Ohh, yeah!” he sighed, feeling her let him go when he was done. “Damn, but you’re good at that!”
“My pleasure.” she said, pushing him off of her. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a table waiting for his coffee.”
“Oh, sure.” he said. “I’ll see you later, okay?”
“Sure, Derek, and thanks for the two dollar raise.” she said, getting up.
“Two dollars?!” he gasped. “I said one dollar!”
“Yeah, well then, you can forget about ever doing this again.” she retorted, pushing her skirt back down. “I was going to start every shift with a blowjob, too, but I guess if you’re too cheap...”
“No, wait!” he said. “Two dollars sounds fair to me.”
“I thought you might see things my way.” she smiled, then blew him a kiss on her way out the door.

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