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I saw a pregnant Big Beautiful Woman at the zoo and I fell in love with her.
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Lady At Zoo

My wife and I were at the zoo so that I could try out my new camera. It has a great zoom lens and I could get some nice pictures.

As we started out I saw a woman in a very short dress but my wife told me that it was a long shirt. Then she noticed that the lady was wearing pantyhose and that she was pregnant.

All I noticed was that her dark gray dress fit her like a second skin, that it was just below her crotch and that I couldn’t see a thing. I also noticed that she never had to pull it down.

We crossed paths frequently as we went from one area to the next. I snapped a few pictures of her when she wasn’t looking. She and her husband had two other small children and they were very good with them.

Finally I caught him alone and said, “Excuse me. I hope I’m not crossing a line here, but I think your wife looks fantastic in that dress.”

He laughed and said, “Please tell her that. She thinks that she is fat and now that she is pregnant again she thinks that men are not attracted to her.”

I could not believe that a young woman that pretty could think that she wasn’t.

I walked over to her and said, “I think you look fantastic in that dress.”

She looked over at her husband, she looked over at my wife, and then she asked, “Are you serious?”

I replied, “Yes, I am very serious. You have a pretty face and I can hardly believe that you are wearing that dress. I just love it.”

She smiled and said, “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

I watched her go over to husband, talk for a minute, and then leave. She walked over to my wife, talked for a minute, and then left.

When she got back to me she said, “Okay follow me, I know a place where we can be alone.
Your wife will help my husband with the boys so that we can be alone. My husband told me to let you take nude pictures of me and to let you fuck me. Your wife was cool with it too. So lets go.”

She took me past the bear exhibit and then took me through a gate. We were back where the zoo employees could get into the various areas to feed the animals. She took me over to a building and we went inside. She told me that an employee had let her use the bathroom in there and that she had told her to feel free to use whenever she needed too.

She wanted to pose for me so I started taking pictures of her as she turned around. Then her dress started coming up slowly as she continued to turn. It came up over her large belly and I could see her panties through her pantyhose. The pantyhose were a dark cream color and her panties were white. The dress came up over her big breasts and she was wearing a plane white bra that was pretty big to hold her enormous tits. When she turned around I saw that it took six bra hooks to close the ends together. Then she pulled the dress up over her head and turned again.

Once the dress was off and placed neatly on a counter, she posed for me in just her bra, panties, and pantyhose.

She removed the big bra and had to pull it off from her big tits. When I asked the size she said that it was a 44-ZZ. Holy cow! The ends of her nipples were a dark chocolate brown in color. Her nipples were bigger than the end of my little finger and stuck out over a half-inch. Her areolas covered the entire end of her breasts, they must have been a good four inches in diameter. A drop of white milk oozed out of both nipples.

She said, “I’m due next week and my milk has come in already. I put Kleenex in my bra to soak it up.”

I took lots of pictures of her big tits. She held them up, she shook them around, and she drank milk from her own breasts.

Her shoes came off, her pantyhose came off, and then her panties came off. Her pussy was swollen. It had been shaved clean and it was really swollen. Then I realized that her hips had spread, her pelvis had spread, and her pussy was opening like a flower to get ready. She didn’t mind in the least that I wanted to look inside and take pictures. Then she invited me to come into the delivery room with her. Wow! I said yes so quickly that she smiled at me.

She posed nude all over the inside of that building and even opened the door and stood just outside of it. Sensing that the coast was clear she wondered out a few feet and I took some amazing pictures of her.

Back inside she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Of course I did. Then she asked me if I could take pictures of us doing it. Yes, I could.

She sat in a chair and scooted forward so that I could slip my cock into her. She was loose, she was wet, and her pussy felt great. I took my time fucking her and she took her time enjoying it. When I started to cum she had her orgasm and we reached new heights together. She gasped and I thrust, She panted and I kissed her, and then she started to groan and I thought that she was having a contraction. Lucky for me, she wasn’t.

We hugged and embraced for several minutes, then we dressed. I watched her struggle into her clothes as I took pictures. I checked her out afterwards to make sure that she was presentable.

We walked around until we spotted our spouses. They greeted us with kisses and hugs and they asked us if we had had fun. Yes, we had.

She told our spouses that she had invited me into the delivery room with my camera. Her husband was happy and my wife was too.

We stayed together until the end and walked them to their car. We exchanged names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Six nights later I got a call and headed to the hospital. I got to put on a gown, booties, and a cap. Then I got to look over the nurse’s shoulder as she checked out the opening. In the delivery room I was put in a spot and told not to move. I didn’t and I got some excellent pictures of the birth process. In burst mode I got a series of twelve pictures of her daughter’s head and shoulders coming out of her mother. Oh the miracle of childbirth.

I got to watch the cord get cut, I got to see her weighed and washed, and then put on her mother’s breasts. She weighed seven pounds and three ounces, she was twenty-one inches long, and she was named Sabrina Elouise.

Once in their room I got to watch Mommy feed her daughter for the first time. Sabrina latched on as if she knew what to do. Mommy sat there with her big beautiful breasts exposed as I took pictures.

I visited them every evening in the hospital and then every week at home. My wife and I became Sabrina’s Godparents.

I continued to take nude pictures every week of my big beautiful woman. We would go up to her bedroom and my wife would help her husband with the three children. After six weeks she let me fuck her first. Her husband said that it was okay but I’m sure that he was jealous.

The End
Lady At Zoo


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that was very good nice story keep up the good work did she get pregant

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