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This is my first story.

As the last few boxes were packed into the truck , Natalie then realized just how much freedom she would have living on her own.. Sure, she had a lot of freedom at her parents house, but she never had the type of freedom she wanted. Natalie was a sexually frustrated young adult, She had a great sex appeal, a fit body and nice breasts.. still, she wondered why no man wanted her.. at least that's what she thought. As she climbed into the moving truck she glanced over at the driver. He was a good looker also. Brunette, dark skinned, muscular, then Natalie glanced at his hand.. A RING? She looked out her window in disappointment. As he talked to her she just listened nodded and had an occasional laugh.. When they arrived at the new address, the moving process began. They started to unload the boxes and put them inside. The boxes were almost in, and it was time to get the bigger furniture,, when Natalie and this handsome u-haul driver went to the truck, Natalie insisted they take the bed in next.

When they got to the bedroom, Natalie suggested they set it up right away. And they did.. Natalie made way towards this man, and looked at him seductively, she started to bite her lip..
“I want to know how I can thank you. ” Natalie spoke as she crouched down towards him, she put her hand on his leg and began to rub it, noticing the stiffening bulge between his legs, Natalie's hand went a little higher.
“ You don't have to thank me,” he said cautiously, trying not to turn her away. Natalie unbuttoned his pants and pulled them to his ankles, While rubbing his throbbing cock, Natalie got his briefs off as well, her hand slid gently on his tall circumcised cock, she looked up at this sexy stranger as she began to lean forward to give him the most amazing blow job he will ever get. She licked the shaft of his cock, right up to the tip. Natalie grabbed a gentle hold of his balls, and sucked them. She started back up to the head and slowly tightened her lips around his raging hard on. She loved the taste of his cock, her head moved up and down and she was getting hornier by the minute. She moved her tongue all around while glancing up at him, He grabbed a hold of her hair and forced her deep onto his cock. Natalie loved to give deep throat, as she listened to the noises he made, Natalie figured it was about time she gives it to him.. Natalie kept going at it, and he was almost ready to cum. Until unexpectedly he pulled Natalie up and roughly pushed her onto the bed. He Ripped her shirt off and eagerly pulled off her jeans. He ripped her thong off and started to rub her clit. He leaned towards her neck and whispered
“ I am going to fuck you so hard” while still touching her pussy, he undid her bra with one hand. Two strangers naked and horny. This couldn't of been a better day for either of them, Natalie took his hand off of her pussy and placed it on her shoulder.
“Fuck me then.. Fuck me hard” she screamed out. He roughly pulled her legs to the edge of the bed and tried to stick his very hard dick in her very tight hole..
“I don't want to hurt you.” he said making his way in.. Natalie wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer, which inturn made his cock slide in.. Just then Natalie let out a loud sigh... She was defiantly going to enjoy this.. As he rammed her pussy for a good couple of minutes, Natalie could not keep herself in line.
“ holy fuck, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can” she yelled, and so he did “ Fucking Jesus, dont stop”
she let out many groans and grunts, she was shaking uncontrolably.
“ I am Natalie, By the way” she said, still moaning. He took his cock out and rammed it back in repeatedly.
“Im Roger. Nice to meet you..” he said pulling out and wiping his forehead.
“Roger, want to try something?” Natalie said while sitting up. He looked at her intensely..
“ I think I already know what you want” he turned her around and rubbed her pussy juice all over her ass. He licked the inside and outside of her asshole. The tip of his cock made it to the entrance of her anus and he grabbed her hair roughly and slid the rest of himself into her. Her body winced at the pain. He started slow then shoved his cock far in her as he could.. she started to scream. She let go of her hair and started to slap her ass. Leavimg red marks all over her cheeks. She loved anal. When Roger was ready to cum Natalie informed him he could cum in her ass. When they finished Natalie headed to the master bathroom.. Roger stood there glancing at her amazing curves, Natalie looked back and invited Roger to come in for a shower.

As the water got hotter, the steam was fogging up the room.. Roger touched Natalie's body and kissed her lips. And then leaned down to suck her luscious tits. He bit them and squeezed them tightly causing Natalie a little bit of pain, but Natalie liked pain. As they got into the large glass shower the hot water poured onto them like a down pour. They made out and played around, then things got serious. Roger cuffed his hand around Natalies throat, as he watched her face turn red, he asked her if she wanted to be fucked again.. and she did.. He lifted her up and fucked her against the steamy glass shower, Roger dug his finger nails in her back to keep a good grip while fucking her. He bit her shoulder and pulled her hair .. He wanted to never let her go.. As Natalie was being fucked Natalie let out a loud gasp and kissed him. She made out with roger, the way she has never made out with anyone else.. just then Roger unattached himself from her. And sat her on the built in shower bench. He spread her legs and gave her the best and first oral orgasmn she has ever had.. then they washed up and got back into their clothes..
“ I guess we should finish unpacking the truck” Roger said scratching his head and glancing at his watch realizing two hours had just went by. He had dinner plans with his fiancee. Seeing Rogers face Natalie realized it was something to do with her.
“ So whats she like?” Natalie asked.
“ Well. She's certainly alot different then you, atleast you show affection.. All she cares about is work and a 'Martha Stewart' wedding. And my Money. I dont want to admit it but I have been getting cold feet lately”
“All I can say is Follow your heart.” Natalie said, “lets finish the furniture, then you can leave” She finished.
Twenty minutes later they finished moving all of the furniture into her new house.
“ Well good luck Roger! I had a great time with you today” she said leaning in for a hug. As he hugged her back and said his good-byes he left the driveway. Natalie was semi- disappointed that he was getting married..

A knock at the door surprised Natalie, She opened it to see Roger.
“ The wedding is off, I found her in bed with someone else. Ive got no where to stay.”
Knowing what would come, Natalie welcomed him in with open arms.

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2012-01-10 06:43:32
gud stuff but cud have beenlonger n more erotic

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2011-12-30 03:19:42
Great story line. Keep writing

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