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Me & Artie get some alone time
After Artie and I dropped off Phil at his house, I asked him if he wanted to hang out still. He obviously answered yes, so I figured why not head back to my place. It was only 2 o'clock and we had the house to ourselves for at least another three hours. When we got back I was feeling adventurous, so I went in my parents liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of vodka.

"Want to take some shots?" I asked
"Hell yeah, we've been trying to drink together forever, this is our best chance."

I poured us some shots and we were just hanging out and talking a little about school, friends, and for the first time hot guys.

"Who is one of the hottest guys you know that you like, secretly obviously?" I asked him
"Hahaa, Well to be honest, you. I always watched you when I came over, but never thought we'd get to be together." he laughed.
"Personally, of all of my brothers friends, I always thought you were the cutest." I smiled at him.

I really liked hanging out with Artie. Me and Phil had a true connection because he was my first boy, but I was falling for Artie fast. I liked him for a while, but never expected him to be gay at all. I already took his virginity, and hoped to keep hooking up with him and Phil, but I preffered the intimate one on one over threesomes.

At this point, Artie took about four shots and was clearly tipsy, so I cut him off. I took about five shots and was feeling good. I asked him if he wanted to leave the kitchen and go to the living room. When we sat on the couch together we turned on "American Dad" but it didn't matter because we were making out in a matter of seconds. We were fully dressed but I sat upright as Artie sat on top of me grinding his hips while we kissed. Artie really liked kissing, but so did I. I could've frenched him all day and night if I could. Things started to heat up when I grabbed his cock, and he grabbed mine.

"I really love your dick, you don't even know" Artie said out of breath while breaking from a kiss, and leaning in for more. He hopped off of me and went in between my legs. He ripped off my shorts and started going to town on my cock. I thought Phil gave a great blowjob for a 15-year-old boy, but Artie put him to shame. I don't think he has a gag reflex because he took my 7.5 inches in a gulp and kept sucking, only stopping to give me "sexy" eyes and lick my piss slit. He started to gobble my balls down and I felt the bubbling of my cum. I stopped him, and switched positions.

I ran upstairs to get the vasaline jar, and came back down and got right on his cock. He was moaning and breathing heavy again. I took the whole thing down my throat, and licked him all over. I stopped sucking occasionally to nibble on the crease of his leg and dick, leaving small hickeys. Soon enough I started to lick his ass. I soon learned that Arte was really into ass play. When I was licking his ass, it was the loudest moans I've heard from him. He tried to talk dirty, but he couldnt even form words. His back was arched again, and his socked feet were on my shoulders. I removed my tongue to finger him and moved up to make out with him.

We kissed hard with my fingers in his ass. He broke the kiss to lube up my cock, and gave me "fuck me eyes." I was close to cumming and so was he so I slid my cock into his ass. I started to rail him on the couch, but that was too boring for me. I picked his skinny body up and moved him to the dining room table. My balls were making strong smacking sounds against his ass as I fucked him like crazy. His moans turned to incoherent screams.

"Yes, yesss, yesss, o goddd, uhhh uhhhhhhh." We came at the same time, him on my body and his, and me right into his ass. I kissed him hard as we finished.

"Wanna go in the hot tub?" I asked as we gasped for breah
"Uhh huhh," he moaned. "But I don't have a bathing suit.
"You know we don't need one."

I didn't have the biggest yard, but the beauty was the hot tub, that was essentially hidden from neighbors view. We held eachother like two kids in love as we strolled into my yard kissing. I turned on the jets and we slid into the hot tub together. We sat right next to eachother and started kissing touching eachother underwater. We were both rock hard again, and I did the unbelievable. I hopped on his dick and slowly let hiim fuck me. I've never taken a dick before, it hurt but in a good way. I made him stand up and fuck my ass over the ledge of the tub. I was moaning with pleasure in no time. He came in about 3 minutes, and he knew what was coming next.

He pulled out of me and I sat down on one of the hot tub seats. He hopped on top of my dick as I sat and guided my cock into his hole. As much as he enjoyed fucking me, I knew he liked being my bitch and taking my dick. We made out and I fucked him continuously for about 10 minutes. Artie rode my dick like a rollercoaster. He hopped up and down non stop until I couldn't take it anymore. He was moaning so loud I had to make out with him so my neighbors wouldnt hear. Finally I exploded into his ass. When we were done he looked over and told me

"This is the best day of my life."
"Mine too," I responded. I really liked Phil, but there was something about Artie that brought out a new side of me.

We got out of the hot tub around 4 o'clock after making out basically the entire time. We fucked one more time before I drove him home, still slightly tipsy, but drunk with love. When I dropped him at my house, he kissed me and told me that we would be doing this more. He didn't care that I was leaving for school, because he knew I would be home for breaks.

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I think you should make a chapter on Phil and Artie
Anyway love it

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story is asshole hey being gay is fukin im so pissed off itzz better to b straight!!

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This was fucking awesome

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