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It was New Years Eve ( Hogmanay we call it in Scotland) it was a family tradition on my fathers side that the whole family got together on Hogmanay to bring in the bell’s as one, it was something that my Grand Mother had always insisted upon as my Father his 4 brothers and two Sisters grew up, None of them who lived in her house would be allowed to leave the house until after 30 minutes into the New Year, and as they got older and married and got houses of their own, she insisted that they still had to come to her house before 12 so they could all be together to sing Auld Lang Syne, and wish each other all the best for the coming year.
As the family grew got married and had families of their own Gran still insisted on the tradition being kept going, She believed that as long as they were all together on that one night it made them a strong family, and she was a strong willed Irish Woman who always got her way, so by the time her family had grown and all married and began having their own families, there could be as many as 16 – 20 adults and as many children packed into that 3 bed roomed council flat, for homemade soup, and a steak pie dinner, and she gave every single one of us a pound note so that wee had money in our pockets, her reason being that if you had a full belly and money in your pocket when the new year came in you would not go without throughout the coming year. Gran died in 2003, but ever since the family have tried to keep the tradition going as much as possible.

It is not possible for every member of the family to be together for the New Year these days , some have moved to Australia, some England and some just don’t get on with each other so avoid each others company, Two years ago My dad 2 of his brothers and my aunt and their families and Grand Dad, all got together to bring in the bells, but rather than squash us all in to a small house the decided to rent an 8 bed roomed cottage in the highlands for three days to bring in the New Year, it was all pretty exciting we would be out in the wilds, log fires burning, deer wandering around and even the possibility of getting snowed in had been forecast. We had all arrived at the cottage by about 6pm on New Years Eve, The woman began making the soup and steak pie, the men sat around drinking and chatting and most of us kids ranging in age from 5 – 17 went exploring by torch light, All being City kids this was all pretty exciting even for us older ones, all in their where 12 kids, it had been decided that the rooms would be allocated according to age and sex, Me aged 14 , my brother Jamie aged 15, my cousin Mark my Aunts boy was also 15 and Pat my uncles boy was 16, all had to share a room my sister and three other teen age female cousins another and 4 younger children yet another room.

By the time 12 O’clock came most of the adults were pretty tipsy we all had our meal at 11pm as tradition dictated we all had money in our pockets and as the bell’s rang we all stood around a big table arms crossed and holding the hands of the people either side of you to sing Auld Lang Syne, the party was started the drink flowed the music played, as we all sang along some even dancing, us older boys had been allowed a shandy but of course we made sure they were topped up by taking turns at steeling a few cans from the large stock our fathers had brought with them, the youngest kids were in bed by 1am the girls drifted off about 2 and it was after 3am when us boys eventually went to bed, the room we were in had two sets of bunk beds after some debating from 4 half drunk loud teenage boys it was decided that our oldest cousin Pat and my brother Jamie would take the top bunks and Me and Mark would get the bottom bunks, our room was the furthest away from the main room where most of the adults where still singing and shouting over each other, the poor deer must have been totally puzzled by all this noise in their normally peaceful habitat.

The lights in our room was switched off and we all settled down to sleep, someone farted loud and got us all laughing and joking, we settled down again, I was almost asleep when the squeaking from the bunk above me started, Jamie my older brother who was above me had obviously decided to have a wank, I was used to his wanking noises or breathing as I called it as we shared a room at home, but because these where old Iron framed beds the noise was very squeaky, Pat the oldest asked who was wanking and Jamie declared it was him saying he could not get to sleep until he had had a good wank, Pat to declared he needed a wank to get off to sleep and his bed started going, of course I also enjoyed a bed time wank but I always tried to be as quite as I could, but a mixture of alcohol and bravado soon had me and Mark joining in, the noise from 4 squeaking steel framed beds was almost deafening, it was possible it could even be heard above the noise from the drunken singing adults at the other side of the cottage, Pat called a halt to the wanking, saying that the beds where going to collapse, he climbed down from his bed and stood on the floor demanding that we all got out of our beds and had a standing wank before the girls in the next room started complaining about the loud squeaking, Jamie got down and demanded that me and Mark got on the floor beside them, Pat switched the light on, he was standing naked with the biggest cock I had ever seen, not that I had saw many hard cocks before but his was the biggest I had ever seen, Me ,Jamie and Mark all had about the same size as we stood in a circle our boy boners in our hands, Pat decided that last to cum would have to wipe up the mess we were going to make on the floor so we all began wanking furiously.

Then Jamie threw in a suggestion why don’t we have an Auld Lang Syne wank ,Pat asked what the fuck that was and Jamie reached over and took Pats cock in his hand telling him to take mine and I was to take Marks, being half pissed we all agreed to take part but it was a total joke none of us could keep any rhythm going, and it turned into a bit of a giggle, Pat then suggested that we should try something else, he suggested we should pair up and wank each other, Him and Jamie and Me and Mark, we all agreed to give it a try, Me and Jamie often played that game at home so I knew how it worked, Mark did not object so we stood face to face each others cocks in our hand and began wanking each other, a few seconds later, Jamie was on his knees and had Pat’s cock in his mouth, Pat was right into it and began fucking Jamies face, Mark looked shocked at first, he soon came around when I dropped to my knees and took his leaking boner in my mouth and started sucking him, we tried to keep the moaning and groaning to a minimum, as we swapped partners each of us taking turns at being sucked or sucking each other within about ten minutes we had all sucked each others cocks, it became a right little orgy by this time we were all on the floor of the bed room wanking or sucking someone else’s cock it was all pretty sweaty and intense then we heard voices as the older ones started to go to bed the party over, we all panicked and jumped for our beds scared that one of the adults would come into the room to check we were sleeping.

I for one never came that night, and I never saw any of the others cum either,it was probably about 5am before I got to sleep and only about two hours later I was awakened by a strange feeling, I woke up to find Mark sucking my dick, I pulled at his hand indicating that he should come in beside me everyone in the house would be fast asleep we lay in the bed feeling and touching each other then went 69 sucking each other off, Pat must have woke up and realised what was going on, He climbed down from his bed and without saying anything removed the duvet from over me and Mark his tongue licking all over both of us we carried on sucking each other then I could feel Pat’s warm breath, then his tongue as he started to rim my hole, then when he pushed a finger inside me I lost control and nearly chocked Mark to death as I unloaded in his mouth, He had to push me clear to get a breath, even in the pitch black of the room I could make out that Pat had raised Marks legs and was now tongue fucking him as Mark wanked himself off to completion, the noise he let out as he came was totally weird to me I had never heard nothing like it before, We both lay in my bed getting our breath back, when I realised that Pat was now sucking off Jamie in the bed above us while he stood there in front of us wanking his own cock, I don’t know if Jamie came but Pat certainly did, he splattered Me and Mark with his warm thick jizz as we lay head to toe some on our legs some on our chest, Now this was what families cumming together at New Year now means to me, My bag is packed, my cock is hard, and I am just waiting on Dad to call us all together fir the trip to the cottage to bring in this NEW YEAR.



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2016-02-15 18:08:05
I love incest and I love orgies and I really love boy x boy, so this was probably the BEST boy x boy story I've ever read on here and trust me, I have read a whole lot of gay stories.

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2013-03-25 20:44:27
This story reminds me of the first time me and my brother had sex. I was 18 and my brother was 19. We both had 2 much 2 drink and before I knew it we were kissing and ripping each others cloths off. He then bent me over the table stuck his cock inside me and started fucking me. He was fucking me so hard i started 2 moan really loud. I was making that much noise that my sister came in just as my brother was cuming inside of me. She screamed and ran out of the room. It was wrong but it was the best sex I have ever had!!!

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2013-01-18 09:01:03
gay incest is so hot!

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2012-07-03 03:24:53
That story was great, it made me cum hard all over myself. More please.

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2012-05-12 20:49:44
Great story! I just came all over myself, reading it.

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