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a sister admits her feelings for another
Lee spent some time lying on his bed before deciding it was time to change the sheets. Stacey was in the shower washing herself down, removing the sweat that had accumulated on her body. She loved the feel of the water splashing over her sensitive nipples, it sent waves of erotic thoughts through her mind as well as her body, each bit of skin the water touched seemed to tingle with joy as she cooled the water to try to remove some of the heat that had built up in her muscles.

Lee had got off the bed and dragged the sheet off by the time Stacey emerged in the doorway. Her body was still dripping wet from her shower, her hair held to her head, much darker then normal from the water, like this she looked like a new person. She watched as Lee folded the sheet up into a tight ball ready to be put in the washing machine. The scent of their activities still hung in the air both could smell it, and both could enjoy it.

Stacey walked over to her brother, her feet leaving little wet parts of footprints as she moved across the carpet that tickled the underside of her bare feet. Lee watched his sister walk over to him marveling at her body, only covered by the thin bathrobe she wore, the soft pink silk looked so inviting.

"That was so..." Stacey was cut off by her brother’s finger placed over her lips to quieten her.

"Don't say anything" Lee smiled as he moved his finger and placed a soft kiss on his sister’s mouth, sending little shockwaves through her body as Lee's soft lips touched hers. Their kiss was short lived as the front door slammed shut.

"I should go" Stacey said as she ran to the door, stopping to look at her brother she smiled before going out making her way to her bedroom where she could dress. Lee grabbed the sheet ball and made his way down to see who had come in.

It was Saturday the next day so everyone was in.

Lee and Stacey kept apart for most of the morning not because they were ashamed of what had happened the day before but because their paths just never seemed to cross with all the people moving around.

"So what happened yesterday with your sheets?" April asked Lee in the kitchen as she grabbed some cereal from the cupboard.

"Sheets what do you mean?" Lee inquired as he ate his last mouthful of Weetabix.

"When I came in yesterday you brought down a pile of sheets I just wanted to know what was wrong with them that’s all" April said as she settled down at the table to start her breakfast.

"Oh, that, Stacey had been sick on them so I needed to change them you know how she wasn't well" Lee said taking his bowl to the sink hoping that was the end of the subject.

"Really I didn't know she was that bad, what was she doing in your room anyway?" April asked before stuffing a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

"She was just..." Lee was stuck for an answer.

"Its ok Lee you don't have to tell me, I mean it’s not like we tell the others everything is it?" April said through a smile and a mouth full of cereal.

"Tell us what?" Stephanie asked as she came in to the bright light of the kitchen.

"Nothing, just talking with our little brother here," April said covering their tracks well.

"Oh I'm sure it was a good conversation talking with him," Stephanie said with a sarcastic smile to her brother.

"Funny Steph" Lee smiled back.

"Now you two play nice," April scolded her brother and sister as she put her bowl in the sink.

"So what you up to today then?" Stephanie asked both her siblings.

"Nothing really" was Lee's reply as was April's.

"Well Kim, Mum, Trish and Stace are talking about going out to town fancy joining them?" Stephanie inquired.

"I’m out of cash what about you April?" Lee asked flashing her a smile to let her know this could be a great time for them to spend alone.

"Yeah me too all out" April said sending the smile back to her brother.

"Oh that’s too bad," Stephanie, said rolling her bottom lip "I am too so it looks like just the three of us".

Lee's heart sank, he had hoped to spend the morning alone with April in bed but now he had Stephanie too that was not going to happen.

"Oh that'll be nice just the three of us" April said with a wry smile crossing her face.

"Yeah... oh I just remembered I didn't spend all my money yesterday I think I may go along after all" Lee grabbed his wallet from his pocket opening it to reveal some money to two of his sisters.

"That'll be nice for the others won't it Steph? Having Lee to carry all the stuff" Stephanie looked at her brother nodding.

"Well I better get going to catch them up" Lee smiled grabbing his jacket and heading for the door.

"Well it’s just the two of us then sis" Stephanie smiled as she watched her brother ran past the window to catch up with his recently departed mother and sisters.

"Yeah just the two of us."

Stephanie and April sat in the living room watching TV, it had been about 25 minutes since the others had gone and the two remaining sisters had decided to settle down for an easy day. April sat in the light of the window. The light showering her in a bright golden glow. Stephanie could not help but be amazed at the sight of her sisters soft skin glowing as she shielded her eyes to see the TV screen.

"You want the curtains closing?"

"No it’s ok I'm not really interested in the program anyway" April said looking over to her sister who was at the other end of the sofa out of the bright light.

"Oh fine, just say if you do but to be honest I'm not really that interested too much either" Stephanie agreed looking for the remote control to change the channel.

"Why don't we do something else? There’s not much on TV anyway," April, said standing from her seat.

Stephanie agreed and turned off the TV "So what do you want to do?" she asked.

"I don't know why don't you decide?"

"Well why don't we..." Stephanie couldn't decide she had never been one to make her mind up and now it was showing more then ever.


"I was thinking we could well how about sunbathing for awhile it’s nice out, perfect weather for it" was Stephanie's suggestion, which was not really taken well to by her sister.

"I’m not really into sunbathing sis but I really could do with sorting through some stuff fancy helping me out?" April inquired.

"Sure" Stephanie was sounding really enthusiastic about helping out her sister in such a normally boring task like cleaning out a wardrobe.

"Ok then lets go" April said leading the way into the stairs then on to her bedroom.

"God April how many clothes have you got?" Stephanie asked as she was handed yet another set of t-shirts and jeans from her sister’s wardrobe.

"I have no idea, there could be anything in here" admitted April as she felt some more dresses this time, that had been pushed into the back of the nearly over flowing space.

"Well I had no idea you had so much stuff April" Stephanie admired all the clothes that had been placed into piles of matching clothes on all 3 beds in the room.

"I don't either Steph this is incredible" April looked at the different piles, firstly at the t-shirts of all colors, red, blue, pink, white, green, patterned and plain many that would no longer fit her but had never been moved. Next she looked at her pile of jeans, some faded, some new, old, black and blue they were all there.

Both their eyes moved to the next bed where they had piled April's old dresses. They were scattered over the bed, the green, red and blue dresses all folded over one another all too small for her now.

The third bed was covered in shoes of all types; there were high heels, trainers, and boots of all colors.

"Well I didn't think I had this lot" April shook her head shocked as she saw everything that had been stuffed into her wardrobe for so long that it had actually gathered a small layer of dust on most of the items.

"Hay what’s this?" Stephanie's voice came from behind April as she marveled at how much she had managed to push into the small space. Turning she saw Stephanie pull out a shoebox that seemed almost familiar but she couldn't remember what it contained.

"I don't know" April said as she tilted her head trying to think of what it could be.

"Oh my god!" Stephanie shouted as she opened the box pulling out a long black dildo, her fingers barely able to go all the way around the thick rubber shaft. April's eyes widened as it all flooded back to her upon seeing the content of the box.

"So April when did you get this then?" Stephanie asked waving the dildo in her hand.

"I forgot I had that, it was when I was twenty-one I got it from a friend. Oh god I don't believe I've still got it" April said taking it from her sister and inspecting it, rubbing her hands over the 9 inch shaft, feeling the little knobbles tickle the palm of her hand just like it had the inner walls of her pussy years before.

"So is there a story to it or what?" Stephanie asked eagerly as she watched April caress the hard rubber lightly like she was going into a little world of her own.

"What? Sorry I was miles away there" April was brought back to reality by her sister’s voice.

"I said is there a story to it or what?"

"Oh yeah it was when I was twenty-one like I said, I was having trouble with my boyfriend remember?" Stephanie nodded she knew just what April was talking about.


"Well, you and me have always been close haven't we?" April suddenly went off story.

"Yeah, you’re the only one I'm really close to in this family you know that April" Stephanie said wondering why April had brought that up.

"I’m gonna tell you the whole truth I think I can trust you, can't I?" April asked looking for an answer before continuing.

"Of cause you can" Stephanie reassured her sister.

"Ok, well the problem with Steve was he didn't really measure up to someone else who I wanted"

Stephanie wasn't sure what April meant by that.

"See all I really wanted was Lee"

"Lee who?" Stephanie asked not recalling any Lee's that they knew.

"Our Lee" April said bluntly.

"Lee, Lee, you mean our brother Lee!" Stephanie was shocked by that confession from April but let her continue.

"Yes our Lee, I don't know what it was, I know he was only fifteen and we never did anything until a few days ago but how I wanted to"

"Wait you did something a few days ago, you didn't, did you?"

April nodded much to the shock of her sister, but Stephanie never really said anything she just waited for April to carry on.

"Well me and Steve had some arguments about this other guy and stopped having sex, leaving me really frustrated and upset so Gail gave me this" April held up the dildo to her sister as she spoke.

"And you must have just put away right, when you met John, then now Lee" Stephanie didn't really sound shocked as she spoke almost like she had a secret herself that she wanted to get off her chest.

"Yeah, god what must you think of me right now" April was waiting for her sister to start shouting but she never did. Instead, she smiled looking into her sisters eyes.


"Yeah what?"

"I know how you feel about Lee" Stephanie was speaking slowly and softly to her sister.

"How do you know how I feel?"

"I feel the same way," Stephanie, admitted making April arch her eyebrows in surprise.

"You mean you feel the same for Lee?" she asked. Stephanie just shook her head. "Then who?"

"You April" Stephanie said the words really softly holding her head down like she was ashamed to be saying it.

"Me!" April was shocked by what Stephanie had just said, who wouldn't be.

"Yes I’ve wanted to touch your soft skin for so long I can't remember when I first wanted to" Stephanie was being really genuine with her words, she meant everyone and April knew it.

"You can't mean that" April said as she went over to her sister.

"I do though I can't help the way I feel, everyday I take a look at you and want you more, I just don't know what’s wrong with me" Stephanie started to sob.

"Hay come on its ok don't cry" April cradled her sisters head into her chest putting her head onto Stephanie's rocking slightly like a mother would a crying baby. Stephanie was holding onto April's waist with both arms pulling her tight like a lost little child would to its mother after they had been reunited.

"Come on its ok, I’ve noticed you looking at me but I never thought anything about it, you should just have said something you silly girl" April spoke softly as she continued to calm her sister.

"I...I...should... but" April stopped her sister from speaking with her finger leaving a little gray mark of dust on her lips.

"Don't say a word, its ok come here" April said as she smiled at the little gray mark on her sister’s face. Stephanie moved closer to her sister looking deep into her eyes, now managing to stop the tears from falling onto her soft red cheeks.

"I love you too Steph" April smiled; Stephanie could see that April meant the words they had been the closest of all the sisters. April was close with everyone in the family but they had shared something special growing up. Stephanie couldn't help but want to cry, her emotions had got the better of her and she wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulders pressing them together as she hugged April tight.

"I think we need a bath," April said as she felt her sister’s tears fall onto her shoulder.

"I love him so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with him" April said softly as she sat in the warm water, her back against the cold enamel, the warm water lapping against her soft skin just below her large breasts. Stephanie was sat in between her open legs; the water also lapping at her soft skin sending little waves of pleasure through her as she felt April sponge her back lightly.

They had gone straight from the bedroom into the bath slowly removing each other’s clothes one piece at a time, taking care to caress every part of the others body before they got into the bath, first April then Stephanie.

"He's just as good looking as he was when he was younger," Stephanie said as she enjoyed the soft water falling down her back from the sponge that was lightly being squeezed against it.

"No, he's better looking" April corrected her moving her legs around her sister, the feel of her skin touching Stephanie's under the water sending little electric shocks through her entire body, up to the pleasure sensing part of her brain.

April dropped the sponge into the water with a little splash making waves that just touched both their breasts, sending little shudders through each. Stephanie smiled as she felt the water move onto her breasts reaching back she took April's hand bringing it back to her waist holding it, putting her finger in between hers holding them tight. She leaned back into her sister, feeling her massive breasts push into her back, the hard nipples pressing in hard making both shiver.

April brought her other hand around to hold Stephanie's allowing her to get more comfortable, she dropped herself into April's lap her soft ass-cheeks pressing onto the little tuft of hair that April always leaves above her clit, it tickling the sensitive skin on Stephanie's ass. April watched and felt as her sister slid further down her legs so she could rest her head onto her breasts. Stephanie's soft wet hair tickled her sensitive nipples and her legs felt so nice as they slid down under the water on hers.

"I wanted to kiss you for so long" Stephanie said as she looked up into April's eyes, as she felt her sisters soft palms slide over her breasts, the water only heightening the sensation as she moved them over her nipples.

April brought her felt hand from her sister’s breast as she spoke and lightly touched her right cheek with it moving it up towards her wet hair still looking into her eyes; a soft sensuous look stared back at her. Stephanie did the same feeling the heat of her sister’s face as she made little circles on the soft skin of Aprils face.

"I thought about your lips on mine," Stephanie said as she closed her eyes wanting to feel her sisters lips touch hers and block out all the unnecessary senses she possessed. Stephanie was rewarded as a little bolt of electricity flew through her lips from the soft touch of April's as she kissed her lightly. Their kiss lasted for a long time before either moved; it was April who slowly let her hand go from Stephanie's face to her breast. Stephanie still eyes closed moved both her hands onto her sister’s hand, grabbing it she moved it to just where she wanted it, the soft palm sending little jolts through her body, as her mouth was pushed against her sisters.

Stephanie broke the kiss moving her body to the other side of April's she once more kissed her sister softly but this time with her mouth open, still no tongues were used though, this was not just a hard sex session it was a sensual moment shared between two loving women. April let her hand slide down Stephanie’s body onto her leg and down her thigh before bringing it under the water to her crotch. April didn't linger there though never actually touching her sisters pussy she brought her hand back up her stomach and on to her ample breast, taking the nipple of the left between her pointing and middle finger, giving it a little squeeze and pull before letting go. Stephanie sighed as she felt her nipple being pulled by April's talented fingers.

Stephanie continued to kiss her sister softly as she felt her hand go back under the water, the little ripples it made cutting through, splashing onto her clit making her want more. Stephanie switched position as she felt April's fingers touch her outer lips for the first time. She got up and turned, the water dripping from her hips and legs making a sound like the rain does when it hits a window, when it fell back into the filled bathtub. Turning she sat back down between April's legs placing hers on either side of her sisters she just avoided touching their crotches together. Looking into each other’s eyes, April reached out and held her sisters arms. Stephanie slid back so only her chest and face was out of the water, her hair floating on the water made her look so sexy. April moved her hands onto Stephanie's breasts she slid them down touching every part she could, making Stephanie smile and try to arch in the water from the pleasure of the touch.

Leaning her head down April kissed her sisters stomach, her hair sliding along the soft skin tickling it as she pulled her lips back down to her lower abdomen, then onto her left inner thigh. April kissed the soft flesh as Stephanie sat up and watched her lips kiss her leg. They had been in the water for some time now and it was starting to get a little chilled both knew it was time to get out. April and Stephanie dried each other off with soft fluffy towels before walking to Stephanie's bedroom naked.

Lying on the bed, they settled against each other. April was behind her sister, her breasts pressed into her back once more. Stephanie reached her left hand back and rubbed it through her sister’s hair as she was kissed with soft lips on her neck. April's hand was pressed into Stephanie's crotch, her palm rested on her soft pubic hair as her finger curled up at the end just touching the lips of her sister’s pussy. The lightness of the touch making it seem like their was nothing their but the waves that it made through her skin was extraordinary. Stephanie pushed her head down as she let her sister kiss her neck moving her hair away to get at ever part. The soft touch of her fingertips soon vanished as she pushed her fingers deeper inside her sister. Stephanie started to slide her body against her sisters as she felt the fingers start to be pushed and pulled from deep inside her pussy. Stephanie moaned as she felt the tips of the fingers slide up and down just at the entrance, her juices wetting them and making it easy for April to slide them a little deeper. Both shook as Stephanie leaned her head so she could kiss April as she fingered her fast and hard. Their lips met, just, and they began to kiss as Stephanie moaned from the little shockwaves flowed into brain.

Stephanie’s neck was getting tired from this position so she turned on the bed, moving April's hand from her pussy as she slid her body over her sisters. April had her legs bent and to the side as she was laid on her back but was spooning with her legs against her sisters. Stephanie pulled herself over her sister’s legs; laying her body on April's hips, she began kissing her for the first time using her tongue to massage the mouth of April. April was uncomfortable with this weight on her hips so she slid Stephanie to the side, turning so she could be with her sister, they began to kiss once more, their bodies pressed together, the soft heat they were both producing making a little sheen of sweat appear on both.

Stephanie brought both her hands onto her sister’s face, holding it as she kissed her sister, the touch of their tongues making each want to shake from the sensation it caused. Stephanie pushed April back as she moved her body up her sisters, leaning her head down, taking her right breast she began kissing the skin around her nipple before moving her lips onto it. April brought her left leg over her sister’s waist, her pubic hair touching the more sensitive part of her leg making her close her eyes with pleasure. As she kissed and pulled the nipple in her mouth April moaned out how nice it felt but Stephanie didn't really hear what she said.

April couldn't take much more of the electric shocks that seemed to be pulsing from her aching nipple. Pulling Stephanie away she brought her face to hers planting a soft kiss on her lips. Stephanie crawled down the bed, her breasts and nipples touching the sensitive parts of April sending a little pulse from that spot. Finally, Stephanie reached her target rubbing her lips over April's pussy making her cry out from the pleasure as the wet lips of Stephanie's mouth met the wet lips of April's outer lips. April moaned loudly as she felt Stephanie's hair touch her thighs and her beautiful lips touch softly on her pussy, before she opened them and touched the inside with her wet tongue. April was in heaven as she felt an orgasm build deep inside herself.

Stephanie continued to lick the inside of her sister’s tight, wet and warm pussy as April squeezed her breasts together. Stephanie licked her way up a little to the top of April's pussy dragging her tongue along her clit, which was all it took April screamed out and arched her back as a massive orgasm ripped through her body. Stephanie didn't stop her licking as April writhed beneath her; she just sucked up all the juices that April provided for her. April couldn't cry out anymore her orgasm was so big, all she could do was rub her hands into her sister’s hair, making it tickle her crotch even more.

Stephanie finally realized that this was the end, she had, had what she wanted and satisfied her needs. She laid her head on to her sister’s stomach, April brought her left leg up making a little cradle for her to rest in as she rubbed her sisters head.

"I've learned so much from you" Stephanie said as she hugged her sisters waist with her arms, her head still resting on her sisters stomach, April's left hand on her head, her right laid across her own breasts.

"Oh if only Lee could have seen this, he'd have loved it" April smiled.

"I bet he would, but I don't think I could have done it with him and you at once," Stephanie said as she moved her head slightly to a more comfortable position.

"No it was just perfect like it was" April agreed as she looked down at her sister’s head resting on her.

"Hhmmm" Stephanie moaned as she started to drift off to sleep on her sister’s waist.

April smiled as she thought about her brother and slowly closed her eyes too, steadily drifting off to a well-deserved sleep.

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Stephanie is Bisexual, not a lesbian. Some of the readers don't have a clue

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nice change in pace, i was surprised when it was just those 2 and not the 3 of them. the lesbian thing works for u. good job though i wish ur stories were longer. 8/10


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