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In my early teens, we would visit my grandmother in a small town. My brother, sister and I befriended three girls, two were twins and their sister.
Our grandmother had a separate barn/garage with an attic area that was accessible by a pull-down ladder.
We were reaching the age of sexual curiosity and my brother and I, as well as another friend of ours, persuaded the three girls to go up to the barn for some fooling around. It started out just stripping and feeling each other. After that, we started masturbating and fingering each other. We hadn’t yet gone to the point of engaging in actual intercourse.

One afternoon, one of the girls older brother came looking for her. When he hollered for her, she yelled back and he came up to the barn attic and asked us what we were up to. At first, we didn’t tell him what we had been doing, but he seemed to know. Maybe he already suspected something and wanted to get in on the action with some younger kids. He pulled his pants down to reveal a rather large penis. He started stroking it and it grew even longer and thicker. Then, he told his sister to come over and rub it for him and she did. After she had rubbed his cock for a while, he told her to turn around. He pulled her skirt up and her panties down and he began dry humping her, pressing his shaft between her legs so that the end of his cock protruded from between her legs, almost appearing as if she had a penis. He then had each of us, guys and girls alike, stroke the exposed portion of his cock as he rubbed it between her legs. After this had gone of for some time, he took one of his hands and spit a bit glob of saliva into it and stroked his cock to lubricate it. With one arm wrapped around his sister and the other guiding his huge erection, he stood up and began pressing his cock against her anus. She was writhing and shrieking, “Jim, no! Stop it, Jim!” He managed to get the head inside of her then pressed hard and deep. She screamed, but he muffled her with one of his hands as he impaled her anally with his way too large penis. It didn’t take long before he reached the point of ejaculation. He pulled out to shoot massive globs of sperm over her butt cheeks and back. He told us if we were going to fool around, that was the way we should have sex so that we wouldn’t get the girls pregnant. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. All I knew was that I wanted to try something like that.

I had no idea that an older brother would actually fuck his little sister. Wow! I started to imagine what it would be like to do it to my own sister. The thought had never crossed my mind before, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it.

Up until then, whenever my little sister wanted to join us, we told her that she couldn’t because the stuff we were doing was for big kids only. Now, the wheels were churning in my mind. I laid out my plan for getting my sister into our sex games. I told the others what my plan was and said that my sister would most likely not want to participate. If she didn’t, I told them I wanted them to help me by holding her down while I forced myself into her. Then, I told my sister if she wanted to come up in the attic with us next time, she could. She seemed excited. Little did she know. I could hardly wait for the next opportunity.

The weekend had arrived and grandma was going to go over to the next town for some type of social event. She would be gone for most of the day. She left me to watch over my brother and sister. Watch over them I would. As soon as she was gone, my brother went to get hold of the neighbor girls and I went to get my other friend. We then headed for the barn. Once upstairs, we stripped down. My sister was reluctant to take her clothes off. I don’t think she realized what we had been doing. Maybe she thought we were playing some kind of innocent games. It was too late for her. She was now entrapped in my twisted scheme. I told her if she wanted to play with the big kids, she had to do whatever we did, so she took her clothes off.

First, we all sat around masturbating ourselves, the girls fingering themselves. Next, we had the girls masturbate us while we fingered them. After that, we performed oral sex on the girls. Not very skilled at it, but we sucked and tongued them for a while. After we had done those things for a while, I told my sister it was her turn, that she had to masturbate me while I fingered her. She said she didn’t want to. I told her if she didn’t let me finger her while she rubbed my penis, I would force her to have sex with me. She still refused, so I gave a signal to my brother and the girls and they grabbed her and held her down, bent over a bench.

I knelt down behind her and started performing oral sex on her, licking her like a dog and sticking my tongue into her vagina. The position I was in had me staring right at her tight little brown eye. I was really getting excited just thinking about penetrating her tight little bottom. After I had worked her over with my tongue for a while, I got up and I spit a big glob of saliva into the palm of my hand and lubricated my cock. She was struggling, but it was to no avail as four people were holding her down. My brother and our friend held the upper part of her body down while two twins held her legs apart as I pressed against her bottom. I held my cock against her sphincter as I pressed hard. She screamed as I popped the head inside of her, but my brother covered her mouth. Besides, we were out in the country and the nearest neighbors were way down the road. Once inside of her, I mercilessly pounded her butt. Thrusting hard and as deep as I could. She was crying, but I didn’t care. In fact, it kind of turned me on to know that I was violating her against her will. It really felt way too good.

It didn’t take long before I felt the tingling sensation of the upcoming ejaculation. I had no intention of pulling out when I came, but I wanted this experience to last so much longer than it seemed it would. I pulled out and told my brother to take his turn, that I needed to take a break. I then took my brother’s position as I held her while he took his turn with her. I watched with a sense of arousal as he mounted her, pressing his cock into her already prepped butt-hole. He didn’t have the sense of control that I did. As he reached his orgasm he just pumped hard and fast. After he pulled out, I was ready to complete what I had started. I had my brother take his place holding her down as I repositioned myself behind her. “Please stop, you’re hurting me,“ she pleaded. It excited me to hear her beg for mercy. I pressed against her, easily pushing my cock as deep inside of her as I could as she was already well lubed. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to meet my thrusts as I pumped my hard and fast into her. I told her, “You wanted to play with the big kids, this is how we play.” I looked down to watch my shaft disappearing inside of her sweet bottom, then pulling back to the head barely inside. The visual was just more than I could withstand. I pressed against her bottom, pushing my penis as deep inside of her anus as I could as I pumped my ejaculation into her.

After I pulled out, she collapsed onto the floor in a fetal position, sobbing as sperm oozed out of her ass. The other girls comforted her and told her that was what we did when we went to the barn attic. They said they wanted get us hard so we could do them to show her it was no big deal. We sat on the bench while they knelt in front of us and sucked us to get us erect again. After we had achieved erections and were well primed for the next round, we moved into position to mount them. Sis had stopped crying and was watching with a curiosity and fascination as we fucked them anally. When we were done, the girls explained to her that, although they liked to have their pussies fucked, it was better this way as we didn't have to worry about anybody getting pregnant, which eventually did happen as we did get into some vaginal sex with the girls. One of them did get pregnant, although she never did tell her parents who the father was. I don't think she even knew. It was one of the three of us boys, though.

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2014-12-08 14:10:48
This is stuipid

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2014-10-13 05:02:54
Fucking idiot it's fiction, are you serious?

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2014-04-16 04:00:05
you should be rested for raping that little girl !

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2013-06-03 22:48:25
This was fucking amazing i loved how the brother fucked the sister anally and told her this is what they do in the attic and how the girl never told the parents who the father was

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2012-08-22 09:54:51
as long as it stays in the realm of fiction i dont care.

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