This is a story of my the beginnings of my bi-sexual explorations.
If you're interested in teenaged bi explorations, read on. This is based on a true story, with names changed and time events compressed to make for a safe and more readable story. Enjoy!

We were all going to high school. There were five of us: Mike, Hal, Tony, Johnny, and me. We were the typical 14 year olds: horny and wanting a girlfriend. We all jerked off in private, I’m sure, but none of us would admit it. I also thought that at least some of us would have jerked each other off, or more, if we weren’t so scared of what the others would think if they found out, so we never did anything. That is until the sleepover.

It was summer, and we were out of school for the summer vacation. Next year we were going to high school, but some of us were going to a different school, and deep down we knew that we were going to eventually go our separate ways. So we were hanging out with each other every chance we got. We decided to do a sleepover in a tent in Johnny’s backyard. It was the suburbs, but the yard was big and pretty secluded with trees all around. We had a huge tent that fit us all and a bunch of junk. We all brought our own sleeping bags and then shared bringing other stuff: a radio/tape player, cards, soda, junk food, and some games (croquet, yard darts, etc.) We set up the tent before dinner, and then ate in Johnny’s house. His mom had cooked us a bunch of spaghetti and some cake for dessert. After eating, we went out back. We didn’t feel like playing croquet, but we played with the lawn darts until it got dark and Hal almost got impaled by a dart thrown by Mike!

We then retreated to our tent and turned on our flashlights. We listened to some tunes and played cards for a while, and then Mike pulled out a Playboy magazine. He told us he got it from his dad. We pored through the pages, checking out all the playmates and the comics, but not the articles! Then Tony pulled out a Penthouse, which at that time was a bit more risqué, and we went through it, checking out the women with their pussies exposed. We also read the letters and laughed nervously at a story with some bisexual escapades. Even though our tent was stocked with junk food and soda, we still decided we needed to go to 7-11 for slurpees. It was about midnight, so we snuck out of the backyard and walked the mile and a half to the 7-11. Along the way we talked about high school next year and all the girls we’d date. None of us had really had sex yet, but some had kissed some girls and copped some feels. The stories were told, and we all talked about how much we would love to run into some girls at 7-11 doing the same thing we were. Of course, we didn’t, and to make it worse, the Slurpee machine was busted. We bought some candy, and then headed back. It was about 2 in the morning when we got back to the tent and decided to go to sleep.

It was there, in the dark, that I started visualizing the women in the magazines and got a raging hard on. I laid there, slowly, and quietly, stroking my cock. I sat up to look around the tent, and saw everyone spread out, only partly under their sleeping bags. We all had our own bags, but they were too warm for the summer night, so they all were open to different degrees. No one else was stirring, and I sat up for quite some time peering around the tent, waiting to see if anyone stirred. I had a raging hard on, and wanted to jerk off, but I also started to fantasize about one of the guys and me pulling on each other’s dick. Earlier, I had noticed everyone squirming around when we were checking out the magazines, and I’m sure I caught some of them, especially Johnny, rearranging themselves more than once. I knew they had been turned on by the pics, and given the opportunity would have jerked off, but I didn’t know if any of them would have wanted to jerk off right there with the rest of us watching. We just hadn’t ever talked about it much less done it in front of each other. And so there I was, looking at Johnny next to me, snoring lightly, with his sleeping bag slightly flipped open at his waist. I could just see the waistband of his shorts, and his belly and chest rising and sinking slowly with his breathing. I thought of what his cock might look like lying against his belly and my cock ached all the more. I started to think about playing with his cock, or someone else’s for that matter, while he slept, and wondered if I could get away with it. I then figured that I could at least start to catch a feel while he slept, and if he awoke, I could lie down quickly and act like I was asleep. I figured he would either think it was a dream or be unable to tell who had been playing with him. So I reached over and carefully pulled his sleeping bag back more so that I could see more of him. He seemed to have a semi-hard on under his shorts and I stayed there slowly stroking my cock while staring at his crotch working up the nerve. I then decided to lie back down on my sleeping bag and “accidentally” put my hand on his belly when I rolled over “in my sleep.” I didn’t know if he really was asleep, or how asleep he was. I figured he was asleep since he hadn’t stirred when I opened his sleeping bag more, or if he was, he too was curious but wouldn’t admit it. Just the same, I wanted to be safe. I placed my arm and hand on his belly, just above his belly button, and he didn’t stir. I started to move my hand slowly across his belly, just above his shorts’ waistline. Again, no sign of stirring! Then I slowly and gently slipped a couple of fingers under his shorts’ waistband and pulled it up to see if I could get a look at his cock. That’s when I nearly lost my breath. He didn’t have any underwear on and his cock was partly hard, lying on his belly. It seemed huge, though in reality it was no bigger than mine. Just a different perspective I guess. This was the first time I had really seen another guy’s cock; I mean I had seen glimpses of them in the bathroom and locker room, but never this close or for this long. I realized I had never stared at a cock, and it turned me on as much as the pictures of the women and their pussies in the magazine! After what seemed eternity I let his waistband down gently and then noticed my other hand was stroking my cock without me thinking about it. I looked at Johnny’s face, and he still appeared to be in a deep slumber. I then went back to having my hand on his belly and then let my hand slide down over his shorts onto his cock. I could feel him through the fabric, and it was exhilarating. Again I checked his breathing and eyes, and he still appeared to be asleep. Then I decided to go for it. I had to sit up for it, but still decided I could fake being asleep fast enough if he stirred. I used my left hand to pull his waistband up and then slipped my right hand inside his shorts and rested it gently on his cock. The warmth and smoothness of his cock on my hand made we want to erupt right there. I didn’t move my hand at first; I just let it lay against his now growing cock. It was partly hard before, but it quickly hardened into its full length and girth. He was circumcised and was about 7’’ long, with a proportional thickness. His cock looked somewhat similar to mine, but narrowed more towards the last 1/3 of his cock than mine. It was magnificent! As I checked his breathing, I slowly gripped his cock with my right hand and gave it a gentle tug. I then let go, and slowly lowered his waistband. It now rested on the top of his cock, with his head just sticking out of the top of his shorts. I started to stroke my cock again and used my free hand to play with his cock head. I ran my fingers around the rim and gently squeezed on his head. Then I decided to really go for it. I sat back up, again checking his breathing and looking around at everyone else. No one was stirring, and Johnny still slumbered on. I took both of my hands and got my right hands’ fingers under the waistband on his right hip with my left hand under his hip on the shorts and pulled them down his right hip some. I then did this to his left hip, slowly inching his shorts down and exposing more of his cock. I pulled them down enough to get to his whole length and just begin to be able to cup his balls. With his cock free, and another check around, I placed my hand on his cock and started to rub it against his belly with my palm just wrapped around the outside edge of his cock. Then I grasped his cock completely in my hand and started to slowly pull up and down on it. It felt so fantastic. It’s smoothness, its firmness. Its warmth. I was in heaven! I would stop every once in a while to check to see if Johnny or anyone else was stirring, and seeing the coast was clear, would go back to my slow jerk off. Then I decided to do what I would have never imagined before then (but now dream about nearly every day), I took his cock into my mouth. The smell and taste was overwhelming (and not in a bad way!) The sponginess of his cock in my mouth was absolutely amazing, and I’m sure I’ll never forget that first time. My head started to swim, and I was afraid I’d pass out. I pulled back to catch my breath, and look around. Again, no one was stirring, but this time Johnny shifted around a bit, and his cock was twitching. I reached down to grab his cock, and he sighed a bit. I wasn’t sure if he was awake now, but he wasn’t acting like he was awake or, if he was, that he wanted me to stop. So I figured it was all green lights. I went back down on him, and seeing he didn’t stop me, I started to suck his cock in earnest. I cupped his balls as I did my best to get his cock down my throat. I wasn’t able to get past the gag reflex, but I did get a fair amount of his length down my throat. I slowly picked up the pace and intensity, and gave some good tugs with my hand in timing with my head bobbing up and down on his cock. Then it happened, without any warning. He started to shoot his load into my mouth. I had never tasted cum before, and it surprised me. It tasted salty like the stories said, but also a mix of bitter and sweet. Regardless, I kept going, swallowing every bit of his cum until he stopped spasming. His breathing was somewhat labored now, but he didn’t act like he was awake. As his breathing slowed down and his cock softened, I gave it one last kiss and squeezed, and then slowly pulled his shorts back up. His breathing deepened, and he rolled over on to his side facing away from me. There I was, again, back at square one, with a raging hard on. But now I was turned on like I had never been before. I mean I had jerked off and fantasized about sex nearly every day since I discovered orgasms, but this was different. I had just had sex with someone other than myself. And I had made them, him, cum. While I had fantasized about having sex with others pretty much every time I jerked off, it hadn’t been with a guy in my fantasies, but now I was hooked!
I looked around the tent to see if anyone was stirring (I was in the middle of the tent with everyone else sort of cast around me) and noticed that Tony’s sleeping bag was all the way off of him. He was wearing only some BVD’s and I could clearly make out the outline of his cock. “What the hell?” I thought, and I started in on him, similar to how I had just done Johnny. His cock was shorter but fatter and smelled muskier. He also got harder, if that makes sense. And, I was able to take his whole cock into my mouth. It wasn’t long before I made him cum. While he too didn’t seem to wake up at all, I could swear he was pushing his cock into my mouth when I was blowing him. Nevertheless when he was done, he didn’t act like he was awake. I sat there, horny as hell, raging hard on, wondering if either he or Johnny had woken up, and I didn’t really care if they had, because if they did, they didn’t stop me from blowing them. And they didn’t know who had done it. It was safe for all of us, since we didn’t really talk about sex, and I was having a great time. I then decided to jerk myself off at that point. Within a few strokes, I came what seemed like a bucket load, and being I didn’t have any toilet paper, I used one of my socks to cum into. After I came, I sat there looking around, feeling powerful and slutty (I didn’t realize until then that a guy could be slutty) and decided I should see if I could blow everyone that night. And so I did. I took Hal first, and discovered he had a long thin cock with a long pointed head. He came a lot and his cum tasted a little sour, but I swallowed every drop. I left his cock sticking out of his waistband, and moved in on Mike. His cock was about 6” long and slightly curved, but had the best taste of all of them. Since he was wearing some scrubs pants, his cock was easy to get to and I had great access to his balls and cock. I worked him slowly, savoring this last blow job, and even got brave enough to rub my cock against his. I could see the pre-cum oozing out of his cock and licked it up. It was divine. I slowed the pace of the blow job and started to work on deep throating him. Since he wasn’t too long, I was able to do it. I worked him up slowly to orgasm, and took the first shot down my throat. I pulled back, not because I was gagging (I found that swallowing him this way was actually really easy) but because I wanted to see if his cum tasted as sweet as his pre-cum. It was a nice mix of sweet and salty, and I savored every drop.
After I had put his cock away, I sat up in the tent surveying my field of conquest. It was the best night I had ever had, and I felt so liberated. I had surrendered to my desires and lust, and it felt great. I hadn’t realized before that night just how much I wanted sex, and that I was turned on by cock as well as pussy. It was really late, or more accurately, really early. The sun was about an hour away from rising, and I was too charged to go to sleep. I lay back down in my bag and remembered the different cocks and the way they had felt and tasted. I got a raging hard on again, and jerked myself off to another orgasm, this time catching my spunk and tasting it to see how it compared. (My cum tasted/tastes somewhat like egg whites I decided.) I then stayed awake waiting for the sun to wake the group up, wondering what the morning would be like. If any of them had woken up, I was pretty certain they didn’t know who had blown them. None of them had stopped me, so I knew that either they liked it or they had slept through it. Either way, I knew I had some interesting options ahead of me, and at the very least, an interesting morning coming up.
When the sun started to shine down on the tent, everyone woke up. I acted like I wasn’t the first to wake up, and went about the morning business of waking up as if nothing had happened the night before. Everyone was kind of quiet at first, but then they started to talk and act like nothing unusual had happened. I wasn’t sure, but I started to get the feeling that at least some of them had woken up. I then thought to come up with a “test” to see if anyone had woken up. I told them that I had had an amazing dream with one of the playmates in it. I looked around, at everyone, waiting for some kind of reaction, and then Hal said he had a similar dream, with an amazing blow job. That set everyone back, but everyone kept their cool. I was now pretty certain that all, or nearly all of them, knew they had been blown. What they didn’t know was who had done it, and more importantly, that all of them had been blown. None of them was ready to admit to getting a blow job from one of the others of us, and so they all remained silent about getting a blow job. Instead all of them talked about the “crazy dream” they had had. I was in heaven. I now knew that all of them liked being blown by me, and I had all summer to let each one of them know, in good time, that I was the one.
It was, in short, a GREAT summer for me and ultimately my buddies. We discovered a great deal about sex, and some of us went on to continue to play with each other off and on through out our high school years. But those are all stories for another time…

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wiO6qc Honestly, not bad news!...

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you should right more dude

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This is disgusting gOd did not want us to have sex with our own gender wtf excuse me but this is wrong I am horny too as a young man but not to the point I play with other guys dick enough said.

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I was into girls too as a young man, but willing girls weren't available to me at that age. With some 'suggestions' I found that some other boys were as horny as I was, and eventually found ways to have same sex experiences. I was worried that word would get around school but apparently nobody knew what was going on and the guys I had sex with never said anything. The experiences were great for me. Having someone else's hand on my cock was a thrill and much better than my own! We sometimes gave each other head but not to orgasm. And we'd rub our cocks into each others butt cheeks but not penetrate. The feeling was damn near as exciting as a girl's pussy too! So I guess I'm bi-sexual although I've not had 'same' sex with another guy in decades. I would though, if I knew the other party was into it too. I'm happy that I got to experience that long ago and share it with my friends. I hope that they don't feel guilty about it. I sure don't feel guilt. It was big fun and very exciting!

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