I'm hoping this will be a series about a hot child lawyer who seduces her clients and other young girls.
My name is Cara Kirkpatrick. If you think that sounds Irish, you would be right. I’m as American Irish as you can imagine. I have the thick honey accented red hair to prove it. I’m medium height as women in my family go (5’, 5”) and while I have smallish breasts, my amble ass and shapely legs make up for it. I’m the youngest of five children, the only one not married at 32, which gives my Irish mother no end of worries. I haven’t told my mom yet but I’m not likely to get married. You see I like children too much. That’s one of the reason’s I mortgaged my soul to become a lawyer and specialize in the defense of children within our justice system.

I’m a good aunt and my five nieces, ranging from eight to fourteen whom I spoil rotten every chance I get. More about my lovely nieces later but I want to tell you about an adventure I recently had.

First I have to tell you that when I go to the office I will often where short leather skirts and lacey see through blouses. My undergarments usually involve an equally lacey low cut bra and well nothing under the skirt. I love the feeling of freedom it gives me when meeting with clients and talking with my hot young secretaries. I only hire girls’ right out of community college, twenty years old at the most. I like how they look up to me and just generally look at me. I have this theory that most twenty something girls are bi or at least bi curious. When I have tested this theory I have been right one hundred percent to the time.

Again I would love to tell you about those experiments another time but I have to tell you first of a recent adventure I had at a playground not far from my office. Often when I’m having one of my leather skirt days I will grab a bag lunch and head over to the park. They have a bench and there is also usually something delicious to look at.

Being early fall there was only one girl I saw and I didn’t notice any parents. This girl was a hot little blonde girl, maybe 12 with a short white t-shirt and a jean skirt that went to her mid thigh. As I casually ate my sprout salad I noticed her hanging upside down her knees draped over blue parallel bars. Her half-t-shirt drifted down showing off her flat tanned tummy. To my surprise so did the loose fitting jean skirt. The girl reached up and tried to push it up but then let her body hand down again the skirt riding down showing the bright yellow crotch of her panties while the t-shirt gathered at her tiny titty humps showing the bottom of their tender beginnings. I felt a swift jolt of electricity in my pussy and opened my legs . The girl was not ten feet from my bench but she seemed to be looking at the ground, oblivious to her revealing position.
She started to swing back and forth on the bar her pendulum body being held up by her firm calf muscles. As she did this her skirt dropped more and I could see the full crotch her tight bikini panties pulling tightly over her young mound, revealing the lovely crease of her hairless cunny lips.

I spread my legs wider then I noticed on the bench behind the structure a woman in a skin tight tank, no bra, blue tights, and a turquoise scarf stood up and walked over to the girl.

“Sweetie you can’t hang on the structure like that with a skirt on.” The mom said and I noticed the woman was short not much taller than her daughter, and had a hot tight ass. I pretended to pay attention to a report I had open on my bench and lifted a foot higher spreading my legs slightly wider.

“Why not mommy , I like how it makes my body feel all tingly,” chirped the girl.

I noticed the mom look my way, our eyes met, “You have an exquisite daughter, you must love hr very much. “ I said softly, shifting my leg drawing her attention to my open legs. The look on her face was first confusion then immediately a quick blush that looked a lot like lust as she stared at my clean shaven cunt. Then she looked back at her little girls exposed crotch.

“Yes I do, isn’t she amazing?” she said with a strange smile on her face. Then to her daughter, “How long do you think you can hang like this honey, even if mommy plays tricks on you?

“A long time mommy, I did it for half an hour the other day,” said the girl looking up at her mom.

“Oh that’s wonderful, do you think you could beat that record?”

“Sure mom, no sweat.”

“Good but I’m going to blind fold you with this scarf and I don’t want you to look okay, no matter want happens to you?”

“Oh, alright mom that sounds like fun.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening; this young mom seemed to be asking her hot young daughter to expose herself for my gratification. As the mom blind folded her daughter my heart was pounding as I at the mom, she was sneering at me with a hot and crazy way. I could feel my juices flowing as I looked at her daughters’ slim and exposed body. The mom got under the bars between her daughter’s legs.

“Okay honey, here is the first trick, try spreading your legs a bit wider.” The mom’s face was inches from her daughter’s creased crotch panty.

“Sure mom.” The girl complied.

I sighed loud enough for the mother to hear as the narrow crotch of her daughter’s panties seemed to slip nearly completely into the girl’s hairless pussy revealing part of her soft mound. Then I noticed the fabric moving, the mother was pulling on the back of the panties, pulling it into a thin band of fabric until it was embedded in the girl’s soft little snatch.

“Mommy what are you doing!” reaching a hand up to cover herself.

“It’s part of the game honey. I will get you a sundae if you make it to the end of the game. Just relax sweetie.”

“With hot fudge?”

“You bet baby girl!”

“A big one with a cherry on top?”

“Oh yes, darling with lots of goopy HOT fudge.”

“Mmm,” said the hot little girl.

“Do you like what mommy’s doing with your panties?”

“Uh-huh feels funny, all tingly in my pee pee.”

“That’s okay baby you just let your feelings go where they will. You’ll like this game makes you feel I promise. Just remember how much mommy loves you and wants to make you happy.”

“Okay mommy” The girl uncurled her body and seemed to be oblivious that her right tittie hump was now exposed, the tiny pink nipple seemed to stiffen in the cool air. As the mom moved the thin yellow fabric back and forth over her daughter’s moistening cunt lips I had to touch myself. The park was secluded by a tall hedge from the street and there was no one else in the park. I quickly slipped two fingers into my warm, slick pussy.

Between the girl’s legs the mom smiled over at me. “Oh baby girl you’ve getting so big, soon you will be a woman. Do you want to feel the way a woman feels? Do you want mommy to do to you what she does to her elf to feel sooo good?” The mom was looking right at my finger filled cunt when she said this.

“Oh, mommy you do this to yourself? Then it’s okay then right? If you do it to me?” the sweet blonde girl seemed unsure.

“Of course it is sweet thing, I think you’re going to like it a lot,” said the mom as she rubbed her own cunt under her tights.

“Mommy, make me feel good, do me like you do yourself…please.” The girls voice was breathy and low.
I could see the mom moving her fingers over her lips and then her hand humped as she obviously entered herself. The mom squatted behind her daughter reached down and exposed the other little titties and then let her fingers circle each nipple teasing them between her fingers. The girl let out an audible moan as I furiously rubbed my clit with my thumb.

The mom stood again and kissed each of her daughter’s tight thin thighs. The girl’s body seemed to jerk but remained the bar. The mom’s tongue licked each side of the now damp panty crotch. I was almost beside myself the mom pulled the bunched fabric to the inside of her daughter’s crotch revealing her thin pink pussy lips, with just a dusting of blonde peach fuzz.

I groaned put both feet on the bench and spread wide, showing the mom my wet hot cunt as I shoved three fingers into my cunt hole rubbing my clit with the other hand. The mom let her tongue trace over the inside of her little girl’s pussy and the girl moaned softly and began rubbing her own stiff little nipples between her fingers.

“That’s it baby, I told you this game would make you feel good. Mommy is going to make her little girl feel so good.” The mom was looking right at me and curled her finger to indicate that she wanted me to come over to where they were.

On shaky legs I arrived silently by the mothers side we kissed our tongues intertwining , my hand was down her tights rubbing her how soaking cunt, while the mother traced her daughters cunt lightly with her finger tips.

“Oh it does feel so good mommy don’t…stop” breathed the girl. We broke off our hot kiss.

I let two fingers enter the mom’s cunt and watched, almost out of my mind with lust as the mother let her fingers part her little girl’s lips showing me her preteen cunt hole, pink pearl of her tiny clit then proceeded to bury her tongue deep inside her daughter.

The little girl groaned her whole body trembling, she twisted her stiff little nipples between her thin fingers.

“Oh baby, your pee pee hole tastes so good.”

“Oh mommy, mommy,” was all the little girl could muster.

After tongue fucking for what seemed forever, I watched as the mom’s tongue flicked over her precious daughters clit. The mom stepped back and motioned for me to have a turn. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I leaned forward letting my tongue tip trace the thin little pussy lips before plunging my tongue into he tight hole, as the girl’s mother lifted my skirt and finger fucked me from behind.

“Oh mommy mommy I, I” stammered the girl as I sucked her precious little pearl between my lips tasting her fresh young cunt juice. Her sweet little cunt was intoxicating so fresh, hr lips and pussy hole so tight and slick.

The mom was now crouched licking my clit and hammering three fingers into my cunt. She must have felt my climax growing because she stopped and told me to crouch beside her daughter.

I crouched down in front of the girl I let my warm wet fingers coat her soft firm lips with her mother’s juices. I let two fingers into her eager mouth as she licked her mom’s cunt juice eagerly and said, “That was good.”

I took her small hand and guided her fingers up and down my pussy then holding three together guided them into my hot slick cunt. As I pumped them in and out of my pussy I noticed that her mom now had a finger deep inside her little girl’s pussy and I used the same slow firm rhythm to have the preteen fuck me. The mom had lowered her tights and was slamming three fingers into her wet shaved pussy.

“Oh mommy, what are you…oh so good”

I took slick juices from my thighs and spread them over the little girl’s firm little humps and nipples squeezing the nipples hard as the girl began to tremble and rock, her mother holding her hips so she didn’t fall from her perch.

From the look on the girl’s face I knew she was about to cum. Perhaps for the first time. I pulled her hand from my cunt and holding her wrist forced the fingers back and forth over my engorged clit.

The girl screamed in short shrieks as her sharp little finger nails scratched my clit it was too much I came so hard sending an intense squirt of cum upwards landing on girl’s tummy and tities. I shifted to let the next cum spray catch he girl full force on the face, she opened her sweet mouth for the next squirt and took it all into her mouth. I groaned again and sprayed her blonde hair hanging below her head. Completely spent I tumbled to the ground and noticed the mother’s body was convulsing as well in the throes of an amazing climax. Seeing me squirt cum all over her beautiful daughter must have been too much for her.

After a long time I got to me knees and watched as the mom lifted her young daughter off the bar and carry her in her arms to her SUV, she laid her on the back seat and looked back and me and smiled, mouthing the words “Thank you.” She lay her baby down on the back seat, got in the car and drove away.

Now you may think that this kind of thing never happens, well you could say that but you don’t know me and you know nothing of my life.



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