Calling Brandon a creep is like calling me flat cheasted, he is wonderful we met on world of warcraft (WoW). My bi ex Tim was playing in a group and invited me, I was having trouble finding my way around and I met Brandon. Enough with how we met now we should talk more about looks and thoughts. When I was 12 I got my laptop for my birthday, not much after then I began interacting with men that I barely knew. This continued on for some time, the more guys I had dated the more it became normal for me. Around the age 15 I met a guy named Brandon, he was exactly 1 year and 1 month older than me, and by the pictures he had sent me he was sexy as hell and super muscular. After a few months he started asking me to moan for him over the phone, I agreed and fell in love with the thought of him masterbating on the other end. After a while he began sending me pictures of his 7 inch long, 1.5 in wide cock. I kept having dreams of him pounding me and taking my virginity every night. After a while we talked about meeting in person, because I was only 15 at the time and couldn't drive, we talked about him driving to my house for a little fun over the summer. It was a normal summer day, the sun blazing and the birds chirping away. I went out to my patio in my teal bikini to work on my tan, as I was laying on my tummy I felt someone touch my back. I jumped, I turned and saw Brandon.

"Hey babe happy to see me? Did I scare you? Haha." laughed Brandon.

"Oh my god! Hey baby! It's actually you! You want to sit down? It must have been a long drive." I rambled.

"Yeah it was a bit long but when you have a sexy girl waiting it's all worth it." he said.

Brandon sat down and looked into my eyes, he always said I had beautiful eyes. I handed him some tanning oil and asked him to put it on for me, I acted like I couldn't reach and had him rub it on my thigh and inner leg. I loved the feel of his big masculine hands rubbing so close to my pussy, I instantly got wet. I told him to sit down in the lawn chair next to me and told him I wanted him to be comfurtable he agreed and sat down. This time it was my turn to make him feel good, he was in his gray cargo shorts, one of my favorites that I had seen him wearing in several pictures. I moved my hand up his leg slowly I touched some of his pockets and asked what he kept in each one, the closer I got to his huge dick the happier I was. I moved my hand over his dick and asked what he kept in there. Brandon looked at me in an almost "your joking right" manor and grabbed the back of my neck, he pulled my head up and kissed me on the lips gently. He undid the knot on my bikini top and it fell down exposing my large perky 36D breasts. In one sudden motion he had his hand in my left boob and was sucking on the other at the same time, the feeling was amazing. I moaned softly, not trying to attract attention from my parents on the other side of the bushes. Brandon let go of my boobs and unzipped his shorts and reviled his huge cock and put it near my mouth. I got the hint and began moving my tounge over the tip, I used my free hand to move up and down as I tried to fit as much of it in my mouth as I could. With my other free hand I slowly rubbed my clit and moaned as brandon went back to nibbling on my tits. After a few minutes Brandon and I switch positions and I got on top of him as he licked my pussy in 69 formation. After a few more minutes of my rigorously trying to fit as much of his hard cock into my tiny mouth as I could he lifted my head and told me to turn around.

"Um, Brandon I'm...not.." I muttered

"Not what hun?" he said lovingly

"Well it's just... Do you have some... Protection... I'm not on the pill yet..." I said

"Yeah I've got some, I stopped on the way and got some just in case, don't worry babe I've got you covered" replied Brandon.

He handed me the condom and asks me to put it on with my mouth, I agree and rip the small blue package open, slide the condom over his dick and pushed it on with my mouth. We returned to our previous position and he put his dick at the entrance to my vag and slowly pushed it in. I moaned loudly and shoved my face into his chest trying to shut myself up. I moved up and down slowly at first and then got faster and faster until the sound of me slamming down onto his body could be heard aloud. I began going slower and he started kissing my lips gently while I moved my hips hoping to shove even more of his hard cock into my pussy. I began slowly getting faster and faster as he licked my breasts and made me moan like nothing before. I knocked over the lawn chair and my mom yelled from the garden.

"Hun are you okay? I heard the chair fall!" my mom asked.

As Brandon was pumping his cock deep inside of me I answered "yeah... OKAAAAY, I love YOOooou!" I managed to call out.

"God your killing me here, I'm trying to answer my mom and you start making me cum" I told Brandon.

"Yeah, but you love it" he said while groaping my boob.

"Your right, I love your cock so much" I said as he came all over my face and tits "So fucking much..."

We both smiled as I swallowed his warm cum and collapsed naked and tired.

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