Family traditions are the best
Julie awoke early Monday morning. Yet Tom had already snuck out of bed without disturbing her. Her entire body throbbed in a pleasant after glow from last night’s sex and the outrageous dreams she had all night long. She pulled on a pair of panties and slipped silently downstairs. She discovered Tom in the kitchen fixing breakfast. She snuck up behind him. She wrapped her arms around him and grabbed his crotch saying “Guess who” on a take-off on Blindman’s Bluff. Tom laughed and turned to face her. He told her to sit at the table and eat her breakfast. Then she needed to get a shower before her mother showed up and pack all her things up. She suggested a final suck before breakfast but he deferred as there was not enough time. He even expressed concern if her mother showed up early and found her daughter sitting at the table with only a pair of sheer panties on. Julie slumped in her chair with a pout on her face. Tom admonished her that this was not the time to act like a brat. Julie ate a piece of toast and washed it down with some orange juice. Pushing away from the table, she left the rest of the breakfast to go cold as she tramped upstairs.
She missed not having Tom in the shower with her. She looked at herself in the mirror as she dried off. This weekend seemed to have made her body even more beautiful. She wondered if it was from all the cum she had consumed or worn, or if it was just that she felt more comfortable with her body. Packing all her things into the weekend bag, she was careful to conceal the new undies and bathing suit at the bottom along with the vibrator. No sense having Mom discover those by accident.
Starting down the stairs, she stopped. She could hear her mother down in the kitchen talking to her uncle. She wondered what stories he would make up about her. She paused to listen. Uncle Tom was telling her mother what a wonderful guest Julie had been, a real treat. Julie’s mother cleared her throat and asked in a matter of fact voice “Well is she ready for her big birthday party tonight?” Tom said sure. Julie’s mom asked “Was she a virgin?” Julie gasped at this. Tom replied, “Her hymen had been broken, but from how tight she was the first time I fucked her, I don’t think she had actual intercourse before.” Julie’s senses reeled as she heard her mother continue “Well was she a good fuck?” Tom said “The best. She took to sucking dick like a veteran. Her pussy was tight, but so warm and wet it was like heaven to fuck her. And when I broke in her ass, she showed she has the same hot tight ass as the rest of our family. I took her over to Victoria’s Secret for some slut wear, and I’m pretty sure she let the sales lady suck her off.” Julie’s mom interrupted “That would have been Barbara, a great cunt eater if I do say so myself. Any other special preparations?” Tom said “Yes, I snuck her into Bobby’s store after hours to buy a vibrator. She let me fuck her with it on the counter while Bobby watched, and then let us double team her in the booths. Oh, and yesterday, we went to the beach so she could tease all the poor saps stuck with their wives.” Julie’s mom laughed at that. Tom continued “When we got back here, she was so hot; we fucked right here on the table. I fucked her ass while shoving that vibrator up her pussy. We finished with a full facial. She was a trooper all weekend long.”
Julie ran down the remaining stairs and burst into the kitchen in tears. She screamed at her Uncle “You said this was a secret, our family secret. Now you are telling Mom about everything!” Tom grabbed her in his arms as she sobbed. He comforted her saying “Yes, I said it was a family secret. Well, your Mother is part of this family too.” He held her out at arm’s length as he wiped away her tears. Her mother said “Honey, I’m just glad your Uncle Tom was the one to show you how great sex can be rather than some idiot teenage boy getting you knocked up the first time in the back of a parked car.” Her mother approached them and draped an arm across Tom’s shoulder. She said “God knows he has been the best lover of my life since the first time we fucked when he turned 14.” She pulled Tom’s head over and kissed him with an open mouth. Julie could see their tongues flickering.
Tom released his grip on Julie and embraced her mother. He slipped his hands up to palm her breast through her blouse. He guided her back to the table and bent her backwards to press his groin against her mound. Now it was Julie’s turn to watch as the two of them, her uncle and her mother, pawed each other. Julie’s mom slide down on the floor and unzipped Tom’s pants. She fished out his cock and sucked it into her mouth. Julie watch transfixed as her mother’s head bobbed up and down on Tom’s cock. It sunk in that this was Mom’s own brother. As soon as Tom was erect, her mother hopped up on the table. She lay back and spread her legs. She panted “I was fingering my pussy all the way over here just imaging all the nasty things you two had done. Now I need some fucking.” Tom unbuckled his pants, stepping out of them as they fell to the floor. He lifted his sister’s skirt to expose her hairless pussy mound. The pussy lips were red and puffy with desire. Juice already flowed out of her lips coating her thighs. Tom approached between her legs and lunged forward. As hot as she was, there was no need for foreplay or caution. He just started ramming in and out of his sister.
Julie’s mom motioned her to come over. She told her “Take off your panties and climb up here.” Julie did as she was told. Once on the table, her mother guided her to squat over her face. Julie felt the first touch of electricity as her mother’s tongue licked her teenage pussy. She only took a few strokes before she pushed Julie to get up off her. Julie felt she had done something wrong. But her mother only needed a moment. She reached up and grabbed her brother by the shirt and pulled him toward her. In a voice made raspy with passion she yelled “Fuck me. Fuck my ass, you fucking son of a bitch.” Tom pulled out and bent over to retrieve a condom from his pants. Mom motioned Julie to return to sitting on her face. Julie watched as Tom bent down and licked her mother’s ass until it was shiny with spit. He then placed the condom covered cock at her entrance and pushed. In one fluid motion, his cock sunk to the balls up her poop chute. He looked up at Julie and said “I told you tight hot asses run in the family.” He grunted and pulled back and plunged in again. Each lunge forced her mother’s tongue to push into Julie’s pussy. Tom reached down and unbuttoned his sister’s blouse. He knew she would not have a bra on. He pulled and tweaked her nipples. Julie joined him in playing with the mounds that had once nursed her. Tom put his hand behind Julie’s head and pushed her face toward her mother’s pussy. Tom tried to hold back the impending climax as long as possible, but it could not be delayed forever. He pulled out of his sister’s ass and yanked off the stained condom. He shoved his pulsating cock back into her pussy and held it there as he unloaded his cum into her womb. When he withdrew his spent cock, cum trickled out between the puffy lips. Without hesitation, Julie dipped her head down into the soppy mess that was her Mom’s fucked pussy. She licked and sucked as her mother increased the tongue lashing on her own pussy. Julie’s climax hit first and she filled her mother’s mouth with her juices. Not missing a beat, she continued eating out her mother until she was rewarded with a spray of cunt cream. She rolled over beside her mother panting.
The two women got up off the table. Julie grabbed her panties as her mother adjusted her blouse and skirt. Julie said she needed to get a shower before they left as her face was a mess of pussy juice and cum cream. Her mother told her there was no time as they needed to get on the road immediately. Protesting did nothing to calm down her mother’s haste. A quick peck from Tom and she was ushered out the door with barely enough time to pull on her pants. Tom loaded all her stuff in the car. Her mother gave him a quick kiss and they were off. With the two of them in the tight confines of the car, the smell of sex was overwhelming.
They rode in silence until a few miles outside of town, her mother pulled the car over into a small store lot. She said she needed to fill up the car. She handed Julie a twenty and told her to go inside and get a couple of sodas for them. She laughed that she seemed to have a pussy hair stuck in her throat. Julie remarked it must be one of Uncle Tom’s pubes because he had shaved all hers off. Her mother laughed and shooed her off. Julie walked into the store and headed over to the large cooler to get the drinks. She looked into the overhead mirror and was startled to see visible smears of either cunt or cock juice on her face and in her hair. She boldly walked up to the register and placed the two sodas on the counter. The 60 year old geezer behind the counter nearly fell off his stool as he looked at her matted hair and the streaks on her face. The smell left little doubt that she had been freshly fucked. He looked down to avoid her gaze as he rang up the sodas and gave her the change. Just then, her mother came into the store and approached the register to pay for the gas. Julie stifled a laugh as the old guy got a look at her mother. Mom put the money on the counter but the old guy just stared as if he had been petrified at the moment of death. While waiting for the cashier to come back to life, Julie’s Mom pulled Julie’s face over to her. She said “Oh, you’ve got a little on your cheek.” She then proceeded to openly lick the smear off her daughter’s face. Julie said “Thanks Mom.” Her mother kissed her with an open mouth on the lips and replied “That’s the problem with Tom when he shoots it goes everywhere.” Turning back to the cashier, she had to tap on the counter to get his attention back to business. He quickly rang up the gas sale and gave her the change. When they got back to the car, Julie turned and noticed the old guy standing in the door watching them with a blank stare. On an impulse, she pulled down her shorts in full view and took off her panties. She slipped her shorts back on. She wiped all the juices and cum smear off her face with the panties and placed them on top of the oil display by the pump. She looked back as they drove off to watch the old man practically run out to retrieve the soiled panties. She could see him sniff them as he waved bye to them. Julie and her mother laughed for miles.
Julie’s mother suddenly remembered to wish her a Happy Birthday, and remind her that tonight they were having a party. Julie asked who would be there. Mom said “Well, there will be your father, your brother, and me. Oh, and Uncle Tom of course.” Julie wondered what was in store for tonight.

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