Family traditions are the best
It was just after 3PM when Julie felt her mother shaking her awake. She told the sleepy lady they had to get a move on as there was a lot to do before tonight. Sitting up, Julie noticed her mother had set a pan of water and shaving cream on the night stand beside her bed. Her mother said “I would have preferred to take you down for a full Brazilian wax, but we can’t take the chance you would be too sore for enjoyment tonight. So if you don’t mind, I’ll just give you a quick shave.” Julie told her that Uncle Tom just did it a few days ago, but her mother insisted she needed to be baby smooth tonight. Julie removed her shorts and panties and lay back on the bed. When she had finished, her mother ran her hand over the smooth pubic area. Julie arched her back in acknowledgement of the feelings this created. She looked at her mother and said “Uncle Tom made sure it was smooth by eating me out.” Her mother laughed and commented “I’m sure. My brother would take any opportunity to have some form of sex. But we’ve got things to do, so get dressed.”
When Julie came downstairs, her mother was already waiting by the door with her car keys in her hand. They headed downtown to Mom’s favorite beauty salon. When they walked into the salon, the receptionist said “This must be our birthday girl.” For the next couple of hours, Julie was treated to the royal treatment; a new hairdo, manicure, pedicure, exfoliation, and professional makeup. Her mother supervised the whole thing to be sure that while they made Julie look as beautiful as possible, she still retained the youthful look of a 14 year old girl.
Next, her mother took her to a portrait studio. The photographer seemed to know her mother on sight. As they were setting up the backdrop, the photographer asked her mother “Will these be nude shots?” Her mother nonchalantly said “No, we will be back next week to get the nude shots done. Today is to preserve the memory of her 14th birthday.” As he positioned Julie against the backdrop, he patted her ass and whispered “I can hardly wait to see you next week. Then we will capture your real beauty without the mask of all these clothes.” As he positioned her, he took several liberties. He hefted her breast to “move these into the right angle”, and brushed the mound of her pussy to bring “a little flush to your cheeks”. Her mother seemed not to be concerned so Julie let him do as necessary. When they were done, the photographer asked “By the way, next week’s session? Will I have the honor of capturing both of you au natural, a mother daughter session perhaps?” Her mother kissed him on the cheek and whispered “You think I will be able to stand idly by when you have her stretched out naked and aroused? It will be so hot, the film might melt.” Mother and daughter turned to leave. Julie cast a quick glance back as they left the room. The photographer was openly rubbing his crotch and had a horny leer on his face. Next week was certainly going to be another adventure.
Then it was straight home. As they rounded the corner of their street, Julie’s heart skipped a beat. Her father’s car was already parked in the driveway and Uncle Tom’s car was parked on the street. Her pussy moistened the front of her panties in anticipation of seeing her father as soon as possible. However, her mother was still in control. She ushered Julie straight upstairs to her bedroom before her father caught a glimpse of her.
In the bedroom, Mom brought in a beautiful dress for tonight’s party. She had Julie strip carefully so as to not muss up her makeup or hair. Then she had her put on her open nipple bra and a pair of red panties with black lace trimming the open crotch. She instructed Julie to stay in her room until called for. Mom headed downstairs to get the party set up. Julie looked out her bedroom window into the back yard. Her father and Uncle Tom were firing up the BBQ grill while her brother practiced shooting hoops on the basketball court. While the coals were heating up, the two men joined the younger on the court. Julie sighed. She so wanted to be down there pressing up against these men. She thought about masturbating a little, but her mother had already warned her to be patient and keep her hands out of her panties.
She looked out the window again, but the guys were no longer in sight. She could hear the shower running. Probably was her Dad getting ready for the party. She wondered what it would feel like to be in the shower with him, to be soaping up his cock as his fingers stroked her pussy lips. The image of her on her knees sucking his cock caused her nipples to harden and her hand to absently rub against the outside of her dress. Even after the shower stopped, she could not shake the image from her mind. Finally, there was a knock at her door. Her heart leapt at the prospect this could be her father, this could be their time. But it was her mother that opened the door and said “We are waiting for you.” Julie wanted to run downstairs but her mother slowed her down and reminded her to act like a lady.
When she entered the dining room, the three men were seated at the table. They rose in unison as she walked in. Her brother pulled her chair out and motioned for her to sit. She did so, and he gently pushed the chair closer to the table. He lifted Julie’s hand for a gentle kiss and looked her in the eye as he said “I have never seen a women look as beautiful as you Sis.” Julie blushed. The other men raised their glasses and toasted “To the most beautiful birthday girl in all of history.” Julie felt like a Queen.
Dinner seemed to be as normal as in any family in the country. They conversed about her brother’s trip and about how Dad’s mother was out of the hospital and doing fine. Uncle Tom commented on taking Julie to the Art Museum over the weekend and casually mentioned they went to the beach too. None of the sordid details of their wild weekend of fucking and sucking escaped his lips. For a moment, Julie feared that she had imagined it all.
After dinner, Julie’s mom ushered the men into the living room while the “women” set up dessert. In silence, they cleared the table. Directing Julie back into the dining room, her mother asked her to remove her dress. She then had Julie lay on top of the table in just her crotch less panties. She gave the reclining girl a quick kiss and told her to just be patient a little longer. After placing a small pillow under the girls head, Mom went into the kitchen and returned with a can of whipped cream and a tray of other food items. While the helpless girl waited in growing passion, her Mom decorated her boobs with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sprinkled nuts. Her breasts looked like two giant ice cream sundaes waiting to be consumed. A little crown of Jello was placed on the pit of her stomach. Strawberries were arranged at the top of her pubic mound. As a last touch, Mom peeled a banana and placed it delicately in Julie’s mouth. Satisfied with her art work, Mom took a couple of quick pictures before summoning in the men for dessert.
Julie turned her head slightly. She wanted to see the expression of surprise when men caught a glimpse of her spread out for their enjoyment. However, it was Julie who was surprised as the men walked around the corner naked and all sprouting hard erections. She finally got to see her father’s cock. It was bigger than Uncle Tom’s but seemed a little less erect. After all, he was several years older than his wife’s brother. She also saw her brother fully naked for the first time. His erection stood practically straight up and did not bob as he walked like her father. He was smaller than his sire, but still amply endowed. Mom waved toward Julie and announced “Dessert is ready!”
The men lost little time in digging in. Her brother went for her right breast. He licked and sucked all the goodies. When he reached bare skin, he gave her playful nips and sucked on her aroused nipples. Her Uncle took the banana and moved it in and out of her mouth like a tasty cock. Then he raised it to his mouth and took a small bite. He returned it to her mouth and repeated the process. Uncle Tom made filthy comments as he did this “Look at her suck that banana. Brings back the memory of how many times she sucked my cock this weekend. Oh, look at those lips perfect for mouth fucking.” Her mother, not to be left out, had undressed out of sight and now was enjoying the pleasure of her other breast. When her son left his face smeared with whipped cream, she boldly leaned across her daughter and licked it off his face. Meanwhile, having consumed the banana, Uncle Tom was now using his fingers to fuck her mouth. He nudged her brother and commented “Look at that. Three fingers and still wanting more. I bet she could fit two dicks at once in that mouth.” He leaned over Julie and asked “Would you like that? Two cocks fucking your face. Give you twice the cock cream.” He followed it up with a kiss forcing his tongue so deep in her mouth she had to resist the gag urge.
However, it was further down that Julie directed the majority of her attention. Her father had scoffed the mound of Jello from her belly in one mouthful. Now he had pushed her legs up to open her pussy. He was running the strawberries up and down the lips of her pussy collecting the seeping juices. Uncle Tom lifted her head up a little so she could see Dad over the heads of her brother and mother feasting on her breast. Dad looked her straight in the eye as he first licked the strawberry covered with her juices and then popped it into his mouth. He loudly said “Nothing better than strawberries soaked in your own daughter’s cunt.” He lowered his head and proceeded to lick the strawberry flavored labia. He took another strawberry and pushed it into her pussy hole. Plopping it out, he moved around the side of the table. Kissing his daughter, he brought the cunt berry to her lips. She took a tentative bite before he popped the rest into his mouth.
By now, her body had been cleansed of all the toppings. Her father returned to the end of the table. He put his face into her crotch and noisily sucked on the protruding lips. Moving up, he fastened on her clit and again slurped away. As he did this, he sunk a finger deep into her pussy. He deliberately jammed it in as far as possible and then rotated it to rub against every inch of her insides. Standing up, he barked “It’s time.” Her mother and brother stood up, and her Uncle moved over behind her mother to get a better viewing angle. Dad grabbed her hips and pulled her close to the edge of the table. He pulled off her panties and sniffed them before throwing them to her brother. Placing her legs on his shoulders, he rubbed his rampant rod up and down the outside of her pussy in a teasing moment. He stopped and looked his daughter in the eye. She was panting in anticipation. Keeping their eyes locked, he placed his cock at her entrance and pushed. Slowly but without stopping, the cock split her lips and sunk into her depths. He didn’t stop until his balls were resting against her ass. He groaned at the tight warm wetness surrounding his cock. He pulled back until just the head was inside. He smiled at his daughter and said “Your Uncle opened you up good.” Then he slammed into her. This was the signal for the orgy to begin. As he pounded her pussy without letup, her brother climbed onto the table beside her and pulled her mouth to his cock. Supporting himself across her, he proceeded to fuck her face. Meanwhile, her Uncle bent her mom over the table and started fucking her doggie style.
The physical sensations were increased by the verbal outcries of the participants. Her father was yelling “Who’s your Daddy? Do you like Daddy’s cock? Does it feel good fucking your pussy?” Meanwhile her brother admonished her “Come on, Sis. Suck my cock. Oh, I’ve waited so long to throw my meat into you. You’re going to love swallowing your brother’s cream.” Her mother added to the verbal barrage yelling “Fuck me, Bro. Cum in my cunt.” Her Uncle added his voice by telling Julie “Oh, yeah. I can’t wait to fuck you again. I’m going to fuck your mom and then fuck you with the same cock.”
An orgasm struck Julie, but nobody cared. There was no stopping. She couldn’t even cry out with her brother’s cock blocking her mouth. The bucking and twisting of her body in orgasm was lost among the trashing of her body by her father’s pounding. Suddenly, Dad called out “This is it!” Everybody backed off the poor girl as Dad increased his fucking pace to a blur of motion. Plunging deep, he froze. Julie felt his cock twitch and felt a warm liquid flowing in her womb. He was cumming, her Dad was cumming in her pussy. He had fucked her in front of her family and she liked it.
Dad pulled out and fell back into a chair. Warm cream flowed out of Julie’s battered cunt. Her brother got off the table and went down to the end. He pulled the birthday girl to her feet. Turning her around, he pushed her to rest her torso on the table. Picking a condom up off the tray, he opened it and sheathed his cock. He took some lube and poured it into the crack of her ass. Using his fingers, he smeared it around her hole and pushed in as much as possible. He leaned over and told her “Sis, Uncle Tom says you’ve got the same tight hot ass that runs in this family. I’m going to find out for myself.” With that he placed his shaft at her opening and pushed. She bore down to open up the passage as he gradually sunk his rod into her poop chute. He had to stop and withdraw a little a couple of times, but once he reached bottom; she was ready for some ass fucking. She called back “Fuck me, Pete. Pump your fucking sister’s ass.” Pete obliged as he see sawed in and out of her hole.
By this time, her father had recovered a little. He moved to the side of the table and pulled her head over. He plopped his slimy limp dick on her lips and she obediently opened her lips to take him in. As she sucked, his cock grew and filled her mouth. Despite having just dropped the load still seeping out of her cunt, his cock was still drooling pre-cum. She savored the taste and swallowed. She was able to ignore her brother’s use of her ass as she concentrated on licking and sucking Daddy’s dick. He ran his hand through her hair and told her what a great daughter she was. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and said “I want to suck every drop out of you that I can Daddy. Please feed your daughter your cum.” She then resumed her sucking. Soon she was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet Daddy cum. It tasted better than any she had swallowed yet. Spent, her father was content to sit and watch the action.
Without Daddy capturing her attention, she returned to her brother’s cock in her ass. She teased him “Don’t you ever cum?” Her mother laughed “He’ll wear you out if you’re not careful.” Uncle Tom pulled out her mother and walked down behind Pete. He tapped the young man on the shoulder. Pete pulled out. Uncle Tom pushed Julie aside for a moment. He climbed up on the table and lay down. He signaled Julie to climb up and sit on his cock. She did so. Then Pete got up behind her and pushed her forward onto her Uncle. He reinserted his cock into her gaping asshole. Now Julie was filled in both holes. She could feel the two cocks rubbing ass they fucked in and out of her holes. She regretted having already sucked her Dad off as it would have been great to have his cock stuffing her mouth now, filling her third hole. She would have to plan better next time.
The only sound in the room for the next few minutes were the squishing of her juices trying to flow out of her pussy and the grunts of the two men fucking her. Suddenly, her brother yelled “Mommy!” and pulled his cock out of her ass with a audible “pop”. He lay on his back beside her as his mother yanked the condom off his dick and swallowed him to the root. Her brother thrust his hips up as he pumped a huge load into his mother’s eager mouth. He continued to rant “Oh, Mommy. Suck it. Swallow it. Oh, shit.” Freed of her brother’s weight, Julie sat upright on her Uncle’s dick and increased the fucking motion. Tom’s face twisted in a mask of impending climax. He grab her hips and pulled her down tight as his balls drew up and spit yet another load into her to mix with her father’s cream.
As soon as Julie rolled off of Tom and stretched out on the table, her mother climbed up. Fastening her lips to the birthday girl’s cunt, she nosily lapped and slurped. What cream didn’t freely flow out to be lapped up, she dug her tongue deep to collect. She moved her body around so that her twat was over her daughter’s face. Julie reached up and pulled her down, tasting the cunt juice and Uncle Tom’s cum flowing out of her mom. Her brother, uncle and father all pulled chairs up to the edge of the table for a close view of this mother-daughter action. Her father slapped her mother’s ass telling her to jiggle it. Her brother grabbed his mother’s hair and ground her face into his sister’s pussy. He yelled excitedly “Eat her, Mom. Suck Sis’s cunt dry.” Both women felt multiple small orgasms rip through their bodies. Finally, Mom rolled off begging enough.
Her father leaned over and kissed Julie tenderly. He cooed “I’m so proud of you.” Mom fetched some warm wet towels for everyone to clean up a little. Sitting on the couch recovering, everyone basked in the afterglow of the sex. Her Mom broke the silence by saying “I think it’s time for everybody to get some rest. You two have school tomorrow, and the men have work in the morning. Julie, your father and I would like you to share our bed tonight if you are up to it.” Julie squealed at the idea, but stopped short. She asked “What about Uncle Tom and Pete?” Dad spoke up “Well, the bed is not big enough for all of us. Don’t fret, I’m sure they will find a way to entertain themselves.” The two nodded and told Julie not to worry, there would be other nights to share her.
As she followed her Dad and Mom up the stairs, Julie turned to look back to Uncle Tom and Pete in the living room. Tom already had Pete bent over the arm of the couch and was rimming his ass. Meanwhile, Pete was unwrapping another condom in anticipation of his Uncle fucking him. Julie was transfixed by this homosexual activity and wanted to stay and watch. Her father saw her hesitation and followed the line of her gaze. He chuckled “I guess they couldn’t wait to get into Pete’s bedroom. Come on, Honey. They’ll let you watch some other night.” Julie stuttered “Is Uncle Tom really going to fuck him?” Her mother said “Sure, we keep telling you tight hot asses run in the family.”
When they reached her parent’s bedroom, Julie pulled her mother aside and asked “You know that dildo with the straps in your toy chest? Could we use that?” Her mother replied “Of course, Dear. The only question is going to be who fucks who with it. Your father likes to be on the receiving end.” Julie’s mouth dropped open as she said “You mean Dad likes to….?” Her mother stopped her in mid-sentence and advised “Who do you think you and your brother inherited their tight hot asses from? If you really want to get your Dad going, I have a second strap-on so we can double team him for a change.” Julie looked at her father as he crawled up on the bed on all fours. His puckered brown hole stared out from above his hanging dick and balls. Julie realized there were still a lot of things still to learn about family sex, but she was sure she would have the best teachers in the world.

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I would think that ''IF'' every family in the world were to operate like this one, there would a lot more family reunions. Where the offsprings treat each other in a pleasent manner. This is the ideal family to be a part of. While my brother an I have been fuckin' since I was 12. The thought of tellin' mom or dad, I don't think it'd work out quit like this story. Had I not attacked my brother and sucked his dick when I was around 11 and half, I don't think our relationships would have been as good as it is right now. We get together an fuck about twice a month now. I always look forward to that. He fucks me sooo freakin' slow. It's never a hurried wam bam. He does that to me for about 15 mins. then he cuts lose and just fucks me as hard and fast as he can until he cums. Of course I've had about a dozen orgasams while he was slow fuckin' me. Great story. I got off several times reading it. My hand is covered in pussy juice. Thanks for that.

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