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This is the first story I've ever decided to post but not the first I've written. Comments of any type are welcome and appreciated, enjoy.
-Master Wolf

The Man in the Dark Coat
Chapter 1

Aiden stepped out onto his porch with a cup of coffee in hand and admired how the day was turning out. Not a cloud in the sky, a gentle breeze kissed his cheeks as he inhaled a deep breath of fresh mid-afternoon summer air.

It was mid June, kids were out of school, the days were nice, slow, peaceful and always full of life and well being.

Aiden looked three houses down on the opposite side and noticed that he had a new neighbor that was moving in. Or rather it looked like others were moving in for him. The new neighbor was leaning up against a middle aged oak tree in the middle of the yard, basking in the shade the man had a long dark coat on, he wore reflective sunglasses and his hair was pulled back in a small pony-tail.

“It must be eighty degrees out right now.” Aiden thought to himself.
“How could this man possibly be wearing all black on a day like today?”

The man in the coat barked orders at the men moving boxes, “Garage! Cellar! Living Room!”

“He's bossy, why can't he do it himself or at least help them?” Aiden whispered under his breath.

As if the man had heard, his head cocked slightly and he turned it to stare right at Aiden. The mans piercing stare sent a shiver up Aiden's spine, now uncomfortable he muttered: “Fuck this, that guy's a fuckin wacko.” and walked back inside.

* * *

Landon stood underneath a very large and healthy oak tree in his new front lawn, admiring the men that carried his belongings into his new abode. Barking a few orders he stops as his internal senses alert him to being watched. He hears a man's voice talking of him and looks in the direction that his mind told him to.
Much to his surprise a very distinguished looking, shirtless young man is watching him from a distance. The man obviously kept himself in shape, short dark hair, a natural tan and his body was toned very well. Biceps protruded without as much as a twitch of flexing, pecs and abs looked solid and hard as a rock even from this distance.
“Welcome to the neighborhood eh asshole?” He says in a sarcastic manner, the man then turns and walks back into his house. “That's right, I'm the boss.” He chuckled to himself.

By nightfall the boxes and furniture were in his house, “Oh boy, unpacking time, what good fun.” He says with a smile and a chuckle and then snaps his fingers.
If there was anyone watching his house from a distance they would have seen a small green flash, similar to that of a light bulb popping and then darkness once again.

“Simple enough.” Landon spoke to himself as he admired how everything was unpacked, the boxes were broken down and stacked flat on the floor and all of his furniture and belongings were in their places, and every space had something to fill it. He decided to step out to enjoy the night air.
* * *

Aiden couldn't sleep, the image of the man in the coat and how he stared at him echoed through his mind and for some reason he couldn't let it go, he glanced at the clock “3:46am? Mother fucker!” He swung himself out of bed and walked down the hall, fills a tall glass with water and begins to drink it in front of the living room windows, staring once again down the street. This time though he sees something that really grabs his attention, the odd man before had his hair down, long dark sleek hair fell down to the middle of his back and was moving slightly with the evening breeze and was standing almost completely naked on his front porch smoking a cigarette. Aiden could see the burning ember that stood out against the darkness.
In the moonlight he could now see the man, a gorgeous man carved out of steel like a Greek God, his shoulders were ripped, his chest solid and with the six pack he held himself high like he was invincible.
“Fuck...he is smoldering hot.” Thought Aiden as he stared and stared.
A cloud moved in the sky surrounding the man in shadows as Aiden stared and when the cloud had passed Aiden found the man staring back.
“Fuck!” Aiden cursed aloud and ducked, crouching back to bed and crawled under the covers. “Caught staring did he know?....He didn't know he's probably just observing the neighborhood cuz he's new that's all.....probably....hopefully.”
Aiden had his doubts, there was something about this man that was just off. It was a mystery, it was a fog around this man that wreaked of power and wonder.

* * *

Aiden logged off his desktop and pushed himself away from his desk, sighing and cracking his neck and fingers, thankful that the day was done. The last one to leave he walked to the elevator and punched the garage button. As the box descended he ran his hands through his hair trying to relax, shaking off the work day. As the doors opened he stepped out onto the garage floor, a wicked wind whipped through the floor as he looks forward...
“What the hell?”
Standing on the ledge in front of his parked car was 'him' the new man in the dark coat, the tail flapping in the wind, he turns his head slightly and gives Aiden a wicked grin before letting himself fall forward into the dark oblivion and over the edge.
Aiden dropped everything and bolted to the ledge, stopping just short he peered over the edge, to his amazement nothing was there, suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight out, he spins around and standing there in shirtless glory was the man. Staring right at him through and through Aiden could see every detail of his bright emerald eyes, glowing green like gems in the dark garage. The man chuckled very lowly, and Aiden noticed that the one canine he was showing in his grin was longer than it should be, as if the man could smell his fear he took a step closer and the chuckle grew more into an evil cackle, as Aiden backed away the man stepped further forward until Aiden was pinned against the ledge, the man assumed a feral attack pose and launched at Aiden with a terrifying sound.................................
Aiden practically vaulted out of bed, his heart racing, cold sweat soaked his sheets.
“A dream? But that felt so real, I felt right there.” He sighed, got out of bed and runs a shower for himself. Letting the water pound down his body he shrugs off his nerves and let's it go.

* * *

Landon could hear his heart beat, as he meditated he could feel the young mans pulse as he fought hard against the nightmare that racked his mind.
“You'll be mine soon enough Aiden, I know you want me, you have to, you just have to, because I want you like I've never wanted anything before.”
The gravity of the Earth shifted under his feet as he levitated gracefully in the air, his eyes glowing green as he focused his power. Then he saw it, he saw what would happen, dropping himself to the floor he ran down the road at top speed and was at 'His' house in seconds, just as Aiden took two steps in front of his mailbox Landon tackled him out of the way, they both tumbled and rolled across the lawn.
As Aiden gained his bearings he realized who was on top of him, he was pale, hard but soft and very very warm. “What the....what the fuck!? Why did you ta.....” The sound of screeching tires interrupts him as a car tire pops, the vehicle spins out of control and completely destroys his mailbox....
The man in the dark coat stood, slowly, extended his hand, towards Aiden.
“Landon, and your welcome.”
“Are you saying you knew that car was going to hit me if I had checked my mail?”
He withdrew his hand, “Look, I'm sorry for tackling you, but I don't want you to die.”
“You didn't answer my question Landon!”
He chuckled warmly, “Oh so you get to know my name but I cannot know yours? In that case I don't intend on answering your question. See ya next time Ai.....neighbor.”
With that he gave Aiden a small wink and started walking back towards his house.
When he was at about the halfway point: “Aiden! My name is Aiden!” He shouted, “Why don't you come in for some water or something?” The question hung on suspense like it was about to rip as Landon stood in the distance, hands in his pockets, staring at Aiden. “Ok, sure.”
“Tap water? Bottled water? Gatorade?” He asked as they stood in Aiden's kitchen.
“Gatorade sounds good.” His voice was silky smooth, very low, almost commanding.
“Here you go.” Aiden tossed him a bottle. “So, I gotta ask, why black in summer?”
Landon smiled warmly at him, his green eyes almost glowing at Aiden.
“I can't really answer that question, because I don't honestly know, all I know is that when I throw black on I feel comfortable. I guess its because I love night more than day, and when I wear black it feels like I still have the moon and star light on my face even though the sun is up.”
Aiden smiled nervously, “What about the car thing, did you know that was going to happen?” Landon's demeanor completely changed, he put his guard back up and spoke very lowly, almost in a growl, “I'm sorry I must excuse myself now Aiden, I just realized I forgot to let my dog out and it's nearly noon.”
“But you don't have a dog.” Aiden was following him to the door, but Landon slammed it shut, Aiden immediately opened the door, “What the fuck?” Landon was nowhere to be seen, out of the corner of Aiden's eye he spotted the dark coat entering his front door.

* * *

“Impossible, no human can move that fast” He gasped as he realized a truth, he may not be human...
As night fell Aiden thought to himself that he was going to stay up, see how much Landon enjoyed his night. As he gazed upon his house it seemed like he was right. A gentle flicker of a TV or something changed the darkness within the house, Aiden yawned and glanced at the clock, 2:59am and then in clicked over to 3:00am. He looked back at the house and from the house a gentle green glow was emitting from the front window, suddenly it got very bright and flashed brightly before it went dark again. The front door opened slowly, a figure walked out dressed in dark garb, his face was covered but Aiden knew it was him, that same coat was impossible to miss. In a flash of green light he vanished.
Aiden slowly walked into his kitchen to get a drink, trying to wrap his head around what he just witnessed, it was tearing him apart. He mixed himself a vodka-cranberry and turned around to lean against the counter.
He opened his eyes and gasped, there standing in front of him was a man in a hoodie, with a knife, he spoke slowly, “Give me all of your money, now, or you'll die.”
Before he could react a bright flash of green blinded him and the robber, Aiden heard a bone shattering CRACK! And a blood curdling scream, it was muffled then silenced. As the green faded, Aiden stared in disbelief as the light was absorbed back into his rescuers eyes, the burglar was slumped against the rescuer.....not breathing, then he saw it, there was a knife like blade made out of bright green light sticking through the guy's chest, it shattered into little light shards that evaporated as they and the man fell to the floor.

So there they were, as blood pooled around the dead assailant on the floor he finally spoke. “I'm sorry you had to see that, but like I said, I can't let you die.”
Aiden's voice shook as he spoke, “Why?”
He crossed the few feet to Aiden in seconds, pinned his arms around his back with one hand, tossed his hood and mask away, cradled Aiden's face in his other hand and leaned in, his eyes glowing green with humility, inches separated their lips and he spoke: “Because I've waited an eternity for you.”
He leaned in and embraced Aiden's lips with his own, they both moaned in ecstasy, Landon let go of Aiden's arms, picked him up, placed him on the counter and attacked his lips with fury. Aiden ran his hands through Landon's jet black hair,
“I don't even know this man, but I want him, I want him like I've never wanted anyone before.”
he moved his hands down and pushed the coat off of him. His hard muscles directly under his fingers, he pulls away from him for a moment and whispers. “How did you know?” Landon smiled and replied. “I know everything, and the everything is that I want you and I know you want me.”
Their lips joined again in passion, moans of hard love and passion rained down on them as their lips and tongues battled for dominance, both Aiden and Landon could feel their cocks hard against one another as they thrust and kissed each other. Landon dropped and whipped out a knife cutting Aiden's pants off with anticipation and without any hesitation taking him into his mouth and sucking hard and deep into his throat.
“Ugh fuck!” Aiden moaned loudly.
His tongue swirled around the tip of Aiden's cock and the slip of Landon's tongue caused the pleasure in Aiden's mind to swim and pulse as he thrust his cock into Landon's throat. Aiden groaned and pulled on Landon's hair: “If you keep that up I'm gonna cum.” Landon only increased his tempo and pulled at Aiden's ass, slapping it hard, working his fingers towards his puckered asshole. As soon as he touched it, Aiden gasped and pulled at Landon's hair, Landon groaned and bit lightly into the base of Aiden's cock holding it there, his finger slipping into Aiden's tight ass. It was too much, it pushed Aiden over the edge and he exploded, shooting ropes of white hot lava down Landon's throat. Landon swallowed eagerly, swallowing hard enough to push Aiden's cock into the middle of Landon's throat. When Aiden's cock stopped pulsing he pulled Landon to his feet, and kissed him, shoving his tongue into Landon's mouth, tasting himself and moaning in passion. He pulled away and asked:
“Seriously, how did you know?”
Landon replied: “It was all over your face, and I could smell it in your light.”
“In my light?”
Landon replied again: “Well....I guess it's about time to tell you what I am.”
Aiden looked down at Landon's obvious bulge at the front of his pants, “Not until I take care of you.” Aiden looked at Landon with a devious smile in his face and sank to his knees.

* * *

Aiden awoke in a daze, it took him a while to think about what had happened the night before, then he saw it, the dead stranger on the floor, the dried pool of blood under his body and he looked over his shoulder to a man with green eyes staring at him with passion...Landon, this strange man that pleasured him like no man before had, his arm around him, holding him close, his hand on Aiden's cock, stroking it slowly, planting kisses on his neck, gently and softly.
“You gonna get rid of that body?” Aiden couldn't believe how easily the words passed from his lips, like he said it a million times before. Landon sighed: “Yeah I guess, I'll be back in a flash.”

He walked over to the body, bent over and pressed his palm into the chest of the dead man, a blinding flash of green light and both of them were gone. Less than 10 seconds later Landon flashed back into the kitchen, cracked his neck, dipped his head, inhaled deeply through his nose, exhaling through his mouth. When he brought his head back up Aiden could see the hunger in his eyes, they were glowing again, he started moving towards Aiden, a threatening but sexy and powerful walk, but Aiden stopped him.
“You promised me you'd tell me what you were.”
Landon stopped and spoke slowly “That I did, but promise me you'll keep your mind open because it's pretty difficult to wrap ones mind around it.”
Aiden nodded and waited.

Landon extended his arm, and and growled lowly, his eyes glowed and strips of green light like a laser show swarmed out of his eyes and started swirling in a spherical shape in his palm. Then it had a shape, it was a bright green orb floating weightlessly in Landon's hand.
“This is the source of my energy and power. It is the 3rd of six Orbs of the Universe. It grants me teleportation, inhuman senses and a somewhat form of mind reading but its more of an evolved form of empathy, I can feel what others are thinking and feeling, and unfortunately but fortunately at the same time...immortality.”
Aiden spoke, “So your still human? Your just an immortal super-human?”
“Yeah pretty much, that's why sometimes I speak like I'm from a different time.”
Aiden hesitated, “ old are you?”
“Do you really want to know?”
Aiden hesitated, “No....this is enough for now.”
“That's what I thought.”
“So now what?” Aiden asked.
“Now now I'm going to rock your mind, and your world.” He absorbed his the orb back into his eyes, they started glowing and he walked towards Aiden.
“Wha...what are you gonna do?” He asked nervously.
Landon just pressed his hand into Aiden's chest, Landon's veins in his neck swelled, all his muscles tensed and his eyes glowed. In a flash of green they were gone. Aiden felt like he had a case of the spins, colors swarmed around him, he felt weightless, then the world stopped around him and he had sand in his hair. He stood up and looked around, they were on a beach.
“Where are we?”
Landon smiled, “Bora Bora.”
“Um...we just..” He swallowed hard, “teleported to Bora Bora?”
“Yup, I brought you to paradise so that you can love every second of this.”
“Every second of what?”
“Oh I think you know, I'm going to take you, mind, body, and soul into me and pleasure every inch of you.”
Aiden blushed at his words, they were almost crude but worded very well. A good 30 yards separated them.
“And when are we going to start this?”
A gust of wind and sand blasted in front of Aiden, he covered his eyes and when the wind stopped he opened them and there they were again. Those glowing green eyes, even in this bright sunlight they still glowed over it. He embraced Aiden's head with his hands and kissed him passionately.

A flash of dark red light interrupted them, a dark man, just as ripped as Landon but with dreads instead stood at the edge of the water.
“Landon.” His voice was lower, but raspier than Landon's “You think you can just walk away?”

Aiden fell onto the sand as he backed away. “There's more of you?!?”

“Unfortunately yes. What do you want Flak?” His voice was a low growl as Aiden looked closer he was furious, his muscles tensed, he was in that attack pose that Aiden saw in his dreams.
Aiden's voice trembled, “Wait your not going to...”
“Run! To the tree line, now!”
The dark man spoke, “He's not going anywhere, only you are Land-UGH!”
Aiden didn't even see Landon move, he was in one spot and then his fist was in Flak's cheek, the man flew backwards towards the water, then he back flipped and regained his composure, levitating over the water.
“So that's how we're going to do this eh?”
“You bet your ass, today, on this planet you die!” With that sentence he started growling very lowly, it slowly turned into a scream, his bright green light exiting his eyes and surrounding his body, the ground shook as his power increased, the sky darkened as if the light of the planet was being sucked into Landon. With a loud scream a bright light exploded into the air and swarmed and settle around him as he finished and his whole body glowed green as he stared in complete rage towards his opponent.
Flak laughed out loud, “Yeah? Ok tough guy fuckin bring it!”
Landon vanished in a flash of green light and reappeared above Flak, hands together, fingers intertwined and over his head, bringing them down hard and slamming them into Flak's head. His enemy splashed into the water, and Landon waited for him to surface....and waited.....and waited...Aiden saw it from the shore, the water started glowing red in a wide radius, started to evaporate until a large cloud of mist covered Landon. Then the dark man was in front of Aiden in a heartbeat, he raised his hand to strike him, his hand glowing reddish-brown.
Landon flashed behind Flak, grabbed his dreads, pulled him back, pressed his palm against his face and slammed him into the ground, holding him down with just his palm. Flak grabbing at his forearm and screaming under the grip of Landon.
“You don't have to do this Landon! Why, why are you doing this? You know they will come for you, they'll come for him! You cannot walk away!”
Landon growled back, “I don't think so, I'll take all of you on to keep him!” His hand began to glow and Flak's dreads caught fire, the stench of burning hair stung Aiden's nose.
He screamed in pain and defiance. “Out of all the female's in the Universe you pick a man? You fucking faggot!”
With a flash of green light Flak's whole body incinerated and turned to ash, the only thing left was a dark red orb. Landon reached forward, grabbed it and squeezed. It crushed in his hand with a hiss and then evaporated into the air.

* * *

Landon cradled Aiden in his lap, stroking his fingers through his hair as he told him his entire life story, what and who he was. A Protector of the Universe, with the Six Guardians of the Lights, the energy that supported life in the Universe. Landon guarded the Milky Way, as was how he found Aiden. Landon told him he always knew he was different from the other Guardians, he never went whoring in the other Universes, he just waited, meditating, waiting for the love of his life to catch his light, and his life.
“So how old are you then? A million years old?”
Landon frowned, “I don't really know, it's over two million I know that, but I was created, I wasn't born. So I don't really know.”
“So you crossed the Universe for me?”
“I crossed the Universe and I would cross it over and over again for eternity, for you love.”
Aiden blushed and smiled, Landon lowered his head and ever so softly kissed Aiden. Aiden reached up and pulled Landon on top of him, he was so turned on that Landon just saved his life, risked his life to save him, because he loved him, and Aiden knew in his heart that he loved him too.
The two practically shredded each others clothes off as their bodies intertwined and slid against each other, their hands grabbed at each others throbbing members and stroked while they made their passion and love known to each other with their lips and their tongues.
“I want to see you while I make love to you.” Landon whispered.
Moving down he lifted up Aiden's legs and placed them over his as he placed his hard prick against the entrance of Aiden's ass. Pushing into him slowly, Aiden winced a little expecting pain there was none, just a feeling of being filled with light, love and pleasure. Their bodies rocked together, moans and growls echoing off the trees of paradise as they made love. Landon's prick slammed into Aiden's tight hole over and over again and now the slaps of their skin could be heard echoing off the trees.
“Cum with me Landon! Please cum with me!” He felt his body begin to shudder, Landon lowered his head, grabbed Aiden's cock and jerked it hard as he opened his mouth and slammed into Aiden's ass.
“Oh fuck Aiden I'm gonna cum, ugh Aiden!” He erupted his load into Aiden's ass, pushing Aiden over the edge, he shot straight out right into Landon's mouth and his ass clamped down on Landon's fat cock holding it inside of him.
Landon collapsed on top of Aiden, his cock still pulsing in his ass. With his head right next Aiden's ear he heard Landon swallow his load. Aiden opened his eyes and realized that he was seeing everything in a green tint, as he came down from his orgasmic high the world returned to its original colors. He looked at Landon and saw that his eyes were black, pitch black. Slowly, every so slowly the green light returned to them as Landon slowly pulled out.
Aiden now realized what Landon had meant when he said, “I want to blow your mind and your world and take you, mind, body and soul.”
Landon had just temporarily given Aiden a part of him. He pulled Landon close and his eyes teared up a little, he'd never felt so complete as he did right now.

They held each other against one another, as their breathing returned to normal Aiden started drifting off to sleep and right before he passed out he thought he heard Landon say:

“I love you Aiden.....”

To be continued...

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