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Billy meets Mike
I have been getting some e/mails from a young guy who reads my stories, Over the course of the past 2 weeks he has e/mailed me at least once a day, he has told me his story of his sexual experience, and has asked me to write a story about him, Some readers might find this story disturbing as it includes sex between an adult and a teenager. I have taken what he has told me and spiced it up a fair bit, I have let him check the drafts before I will post the story, and he says that even most of what I have wrote is almost exactly how things have happened. So here is the first part of Billy’s Story in my words.


I am just an ordinary boy, I have 3 brothers and a sister, I am the middle child a brother and sister older and two younger brothers, I live in Manchester in England on a council housing estate, I am 16 years old. I am about 5 foot 10 inches tall medium build but I am not fat just average, I have brownish hair that I keep short Number 3 cut, My dad works as a lorry driver and my mum works part time in a supermarket, between them they don’t make much money and they argue constantly about money and things, My Dad drinks a lot, and my Mum plays Bingo often, My house is always untidy, so much so I would be embarrassed to bring any of my friends in, most of my clothes are bought from budget shops and all my life I have been abused by my friends and people at school be cause I am untidy and they say smelly. I admit my feet do stink a bit, but I do keep myself pretty clean showering at least 3 times a week, although Mum is always moaning that the shower costs a fortune to run as we have a prepay meter for the electricity so sometimes there is not enough money in the meter to waste on heating the water. Most of my friends have a fresh set of clothes every day I have to wear mine for 3 – 4 days as with such a big family, it costs a fortune to do washings all the time. The reason I am telling you all this information is that my home situation has a lot to do with my story.

When I was 14 years old I decided that I wanted to earn some money so that I could have pocket money to spend on myself, I came up with the Idea of starting a paper round, so I went around the estate knocking on doors asking people if the wanted their evening newspaper delivered, I had to find at least 20 customers before the newspaper company would allow me to have a round, I tried hard to find 20 customers but most people either bought their paper at a shop or already had it delivered, so after 3 nights of knocking on doors I had only found 6 customers wanting their paper delivered. So the Idea had to be abandoned, so I then had to go and tell the people who said that they wanted a delivery that I could not get enough customers to start a round.

One of the customers who said they wanted a paper delivered was a man who stayed a couple of streets away from my home, when I went back to him and explained that I could not get enough customers to start a paper round so could not deliver his news paper, he suggested that. I should think about a dog walking service instead, He told me that as he lives alone and has a dog, he needed someone trust worthy to walk his dog when he was working, He worked as a Taxi driver and although he could sometimes get away to let the dog out other times he was too busy to get away and the dog would do the toilet in the house, I don’t have a dog myself and to be honest I am a bit scared of dogs, but his dog was a spaniel and was not vicious it was pretty playful but excitable, he told me that if I took his dog out for a 15 minute walk every morning before I went to school, then on my lunch time did the same, and again about 5pm after I had finished school then he would pay me £20 per week,

£20 a week sounded great to me and I immediately agreed there and then to take the job. The man put the dogs lead on and I went with him to the local park where he let the dog off the lead to run around, we had to watch to see if it done the toilet and when it did, I would have to pick up it’s poo in a small plastic bag, the man warned me that if I did not do this he would get a fine of £50 off the council and if that happened I would lose my job. He took me back to his house, showed me how to reset his alarm and gave me a set of keys to his house, he also insisted that he take me home to my house, to check that my parents where ok with our arrangement, I later found out that he only wanted to know where I stayed incase anything went missing out of his house, the guys name was Mike and the dogs name was Ollie.

Once at my house my Mum agreed that it would be ok for me to walk his dog and I agreed that I would be there the following morning to take the dog out. For the next 3 days I walked the dog 3 times a day and never saw Mike, his house was very neat and tidy with nice furniture, he would leave me little notes asking me to feed the dog at lunch time, or fill it’s water bowl etc, there was always poo bags beside the dogs lead and ball, to be honest I loved taking the dog out it was nothing like work, on the fourth day when I went in for my last walk of the day Mike was in the house, infact he was in the shower when I went in, I knew he was in because his car was on the driveway and the alarm was not activated, Mike must have heard me come in and came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, He asked how I was getting on with the dog etc, I told him I was enjoying taking the dog out, I was due to be paid for my services the following day so Mike ecided that as he was here and I had been doing a good job he would just pay me that night he went to get his wallet from his trousers and as he picked up the trousers his towel fell off revealing his totally naked body, I was totally embarrassed by the sight and immediately looked away, Mike noticed my embarrassment and apologised, then said

“ Christ we are both men I don’t have anything you don’t do I”

He took two £10 notes from his wallet and handed them to me while still fully naked, the he asked

“will you make it a 7 day week rather than 5 and I will pay you an extra £10”

“Yea sure “ I replied.

he then told me he would pay me the extra £10 on Sunday as he did not have enough cash in the house, I took the cash and then took the dog out while Mike was still totally naked he never put the towel back on, To be honest I never thought anything about it, I was surprised to see him naked but it was his house and he was just out of the shower, I just supposed that there was nothing wrong with being naked around your own house when it was only you and a dog who lived there. I was surprised though when I returned about 40 minutes later, and he was sitting on the sofa still naked, and although I tried not to look, it was hard not to notice that his cock was fully erect, this time he said,

“Shit I forgot you were out with the dog, you know how it go’s kid I was just having a quick wank before I go out tonight, I am sure you enjoy a wank yourself eh”

I was totally surprised by what he said even pretty nervous, yea I did enjoy a wank but I did not think that men did it. I did not reply I just put the dog lead and ball back in the kitchen, said I was off and left the house, I admit it prayed on my mind a bit that not only had I seen this man naked, but I had also seen him with a hardon, I wanked most days but normally in the bathroom at home or school, certainly never on the living room sofa, but then again my house was always full of people, but hey what did it matter I had £20 in my pocket and was getting another £10 on Sunday, if I had to see a naked man every now and again so what, I was rich, My Mum borrowed £10 of my money from me that I knew I would never get back, but I still had £10 to spend on myself, and I would not tell her about the other £10 I would get on Sunday.

I never saw Mike again until Sunday morning when I went to get the dog, once again his car was on the drive and the alarm was off, the house was in darkness, I got the dog and we went for our walk, just as I left his house the rain came on pretty heavy so we went to the park the dog done his business after about 10 minutes, I picked it up binned it and we headed back to Mikes both me and the dog soaked, When we got back to the house Mike was in the kitchen this time he had on a house coat and was making coffee, I took the dogs towel and was drying him off, Mike asked what I took in my coffee, I said I was ok and he offered me a Coke instead, I accepted that, Mike seeing that I was soaked through, Told me to go get a shower and he would dry off my clothes, I told him I was ok that I would dry soon and was fine, but he insisted, I would have been glad of a warm shower but no way could I do that in Mikes house as soon as I took off my leaking trainers his house would have filled with the smell of my feet, and my other clothes were not that fresh either,

Mike insisted that I take a shower and let him dry my clothing, saying that he did not want me catching a cold and being confined to bed unable to walk his dog, I argued that I would be ok, But he almost forced me into the bathroom threatening to strip me himself, my face was burning with embarrassment, he was so insistent that I had to admit my feet stank, he laughed and said

“You should smell mine after a day driving even the dog wont come near them, Billy just get undressed and get in the shower I don’t care what your feet smell like or if your clothes are a bit dirty, you’re a teenager, I was one not all that long ago, you don’t have to get embarrassed in front of me, I have wore the same boxers and socks for a week before, crusty kecks my Mum used to call me, just get in the shower before you catch cold”

I was embarrassed, to be honest even a bit scared, but I also did not want to upset Mike he was paying me good money and still had £10 to pay me, if I refused he may not pay me, and tell me not to come back anymore, I had no option I kicked of my trainers, the bathroom filled with the foul smelling stink from my socks and trainers, I pulled off my socks stuffed them in the trainers then my jumper and t-shirt threw them over the trainers, then took off my tracksuit trousers and laid them over everything else, hoping the extra layers would stop some of the smell coming through,
I had on black boxer shorts that I had been wearing for 3 days and nights, they would have been well stained by the spunk and piss drips, and numerous farts, my intension was to wear them in the shower, I was just about to get into the shower when Mike came back through he bundled up my clothing even the trainers and said,
“Right com’on give me those off you cant wear boxers in a shower silly”
I was caught I turned away from him took them off and handed them to him wishing I would just take a heart attack and die there and then, I had never been so embarrassed in my life, Mike took my stuff and left, leaving the bathroom door open saying he would bring me some towels, the very first thing I done was wash my cock, not only was my foreskin a black colour from the black fibres from my boxers but my cock was also pretty cheesy under the skin, then I washed my feet thinking Mike would be back any second, his shower was amazing it was a power shower and very warm unlike the one we had at home, his shower gel smelt amazing it was obviously expensive, my body had never been washed for so long in my life it must have been 15 minutes before Mike came back with the towel. He stood there as I got out of the shower, I was waiting on him handing me the towel but instead he stretched the towel between his hands and began drying my hair, I tried to take the towel, but he said he would dry me, it was totally weird but even his towel was luxury soft warm and fluffy, by this time I sort of knew what was happening and just let him do it he dried my back then down my bum, he done the full length of my legs and feet, then he dried between my legs, in-between the crack in my ass then on to my balls and cock, I had no control my cock grew hard, I just stood there my face burning as his mouth went around my dick and he sucked me as he dried my chest, after a few minutes, he took of his house coat to reveal his naked body and his thick long hard cock pointing at me, he put the house coat around me then took me by the hand as he walked me through to his bedroom, I never protested, I did not try to stop him, neither of us even spoke as he gently pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me, first kissing my lips then working his tongue and lips down my neck and chest.. TO BE CONTINUED


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I wish that would of happened to me I want to feel a mans touch and take control I have not been with a man because I can't find anyone who will be mike

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Love it


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Hot & interesting. Please finish

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16 gay boy looking for older men in pheonix


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