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Gary and Lindsay masturbate in front of each other
As I said in part 1 of this story, since first discovering how much fun masturbating could be I had been feverishly doing it three or four times a day; experimenting with different positions in my bedroom and inserting different objects as well as my fingers into my furry twinkle.

I still had a crush on Gary; the boy from the other school but we went weeks before I finally plucked up the courage to talk to him.

It was a Friday afternoon and I'd been especially horny all day because the weather was hot and sunny plus I'd been playing hockey in the afternoon. That alone wouldn't normally have made me horny; but afterwards when I got changed and showered I gazed at the other girls in my class for the first time and got a new kind of buzz from looking at all of their naked bodies as my team mates wandered around naked in the communal changing room.

Much like the first time I'd rubbed my twinkle, I didn't know what these feelings were, but watching my friends with no clothes on and mentally comparing their boobs, legs and pubes gave me another kind of buzz in my stomach and between my legs. So much so I had to hide in the toilets and rub my button until I climaxed; which gave me some relief, but I knew that the memory would give me lots of happy thoughts for when I got home.

I was still reliving the naughty thoughts of my naked school chums and was squirming in my seat on the bus when Gary got on. As well as his normal ex-army rucksack dangling at his hip he was carrying a guitar case. We did our routine smile and 'hi' and he sat a couple of seats behind me on his own.

Perhaps because my hormones were already in overdrive I decided that tonight was 'the night'. I got off first but waited for him. Our eyes met and we both smiled enigmatic smiles.

"Are you in a band?" I asked, motioning to the guitar case.

He swept back some hair from his eyes and answered; "Sort of; yes.....just some guys from school.....its still early days."

I introduced myself as Lindsey and told him that I already knew his name while we were walking along the path side by side.

"What sort of music do you play?" I inquired.

He thought for a moment or two; the way boys do.

"Sort of rockish." Gary looked at me to see if I understood. "Status Quo? Thin Lizzy? Sabbath? Stuff like that."

I recognised the group names as I had singles by the first two. "I like Thin Lizzy too; I think the singer is gorgeous."

I could have died as the words came out of my mouth; because Gary had obviously affected his own look to be just like the Thin Lizzy singer Phil Lynott. Anyway; the ice was now broken and we chatted about music until it came to where we normally went our separate ways.

"I've got the new Thin Lizzy album." Gary told me in a desperate attempt to keep the conversation going, "You can borrow it if you want."

"That will be great." I replied with a dry throat.

"Do you want to come and get it now?" The mop haired youth asked me.

I was in a dilemma now. Actually talking to Gary meant that I was even more desperate to race home and play with myself, but this was a golden opportunity to be with him.

"That's great." I smiled, "but I can't be long as my Mum will be home soon." I lied.

As he put the key in the lock he turned to tell me that his parents were still at work; and would that be okay. His house was much the same as my own but the garden wasn't as well tended and the hall and living area were both very untidy. I nodded my agreement and followed him into the house. He dropped his bag and guitar in the hallway and began going upstairs to his room, then stopped.

"Do you want to hear it first?" He nervously asked.

My heart was in my mouth and my pulse was racing off the Richter scale as I replied; "Sure -- no problem."

"I've got a record player in my room; it's just up here." Gary mumbled then carried on walking.

I placed my bag on the floor and hung my blazer on a coat stand then followed him.

He was fumbling in a box of LP's as I stood in the doorway looking around his room. Unlike my own obsessively tidy bedroom this was a pigsty with clothes, guitars, records, music magazines and God knows what else scattered around.

"There's a chair in the corner." He told me without looking around as he carefully placed the disc on the turntable. I warily stepped across the room and moved some clothing from the chair and demurely sat down with my left leg curled underneath my bottom.

As the music blasted out of the speakers Gary lounged on his bed. We both listened to the first song so intently; it was as if our lives depended on it. As I relaxed I curled my leg further underneath my bottom for comfort and started chatting.

After a couple of minutes Gary moved across his bed and began to blush slightly. I ignored it until I realised that the way I was sitting coupled with the shortness of my skirt meant that he must be able to see my knickers! Instead of being shocked; it made my twinkle tingle, knowing that only a thin piece of pink nylon separated his gaze from my most private part.

As subtly as possible I slightly moved my other leg to make sure he was getting a good view, which made my curly haired friend become increasingly uncomfortable; and so was I. My twinkle was on fire and I was desperate for relief but sitting here flashing my knickers was making the discomfort more than worthwhile.

When the first side of the LP finished Gary had to stand up to turn it over. My eyes locked in on a strange bulge in the front of his trousers. I wasn't so naïve that I didn't know that boys had a tail and something happened to it for reproductive purposes; but his bulge was fascinating.

As Gary stood by the record player I watched him furtively fumble with the front of his pants. Something Devilish happened to me as he moved backwards towards the bed, so I couldn't see what was happening in his pants. I pulled my other leg up onto the seat so that my chin rested on my knee and my other leg was still curled beneath me. I did this as innocently as possible but was 100% sure that he would see my sticky pink knickers and even some of my straggly pubes which I knew poked out of the sides of these knickers.

Gary was becoming visibly flustered as I continued chatting about school. By this time I could feel that my twinkle had swollen up and I was now so wet between my legs I actually thought that I'd peed myself.

To make myself comfortable I shuffled about again and moved a couple more things from underneath me. As I dropped a t-shirt on the floor I spotted two magazines sticking out from under the cushion.

Gary was mortified as I opened the first one.

"Oh my God!" I squealed and covered my mouth in astonishment when I saw that it had pictures of girls with no clothes on, "Gary! What is this?"

"It's nothing." He pleaded as he held out his hand, now unable to get off the bed in case I saw the ever growing 'bulge' again, "just give it here."

"I don't think so!" I giggled and blushed as I flicked through the pages. "This is very very rude!" I eventually flung it at him and opened the second which was called Fiesta.

This magazine had more writing in it but still lots of women in their undies and naked exposing everything. The teenage boy sitting opposite looked like he wanted to curl up and die as my eyes devoured the magazine; reading parts of the letters and stories while also studying the models bodies.

He eventually broke the silence by saying: "Lindsey, please give it to me. It's.....private; you shouldn't see things like that."

I had instantly become engrossed in a letter from a man who was describing having sex with a woman in a pub car park. I looked up and silently shook my head in mock disdain, then went back to the story with an overwhelming desire to stuff my hand inside my knickers regardless of the audience.

"Please?" He asked again, but was now standing directly in front of me with his hand outstretched. He looked on the verge of tears.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I finally handed the magazine back.

"Nothing." He muttered as he turned away and lay back on the bed, making no attempt to hide the bulge in his pants this time. "I just didn't want you to see them and think that I was a bad person for...... you know."

"Know what?" I quizzed him with my chin back on my knee and my thighs deliberately parted for his pleasure.

"That know." He was stammering now but couldn't take his eyes from up my skirt and the sticky pink strip of nylon between my legs.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I honestly told him, but I presume he thought that I was still tormenting him.

"Lindsey!" He gasped, "That I wank!"

I raised my eyebrows. I'd heard the word before but didn't know what it meant. "Wank?" I responded as I scratched the inside of my thigh, desperately wanting to scratch my twinkle. "What does 'wank' mean?"

He gave a sheepish grin as he said, "You've got to be kidding! Do you really not know what wanking is? You know...playing with yourself!" The teenage boy was genuinely flabbergasted; and mimed the motion like shaking coffee beans. I shook my head.

"Oh my God!" I giggled; "I do that all the time!" Gary's jaw nearly hit the floor when he heard my innocent confession. "How do boys do it? Will you show me?" I virtually demanded.

His face lit up, "Are you sure?" I smiled and nodded.

Gary looked at his watch then stood up to change the LP, this time making no attempt to hide his bulge that looked like it could explode at any moment.

Back on the bed he lay down and pulled his trousers off but hesitated before pulling his underpants down.

"Are you really sure?" He croaked.

"Yes; I'm fascinated." I replied.

Gary pulled his underpants down to his knees and his.......penis ....sprung into life! I knew what they looked like but had obviously never seen one in this state. I was mesmerised as he rested on one elbow and made it twitch and jerk. My eyes must have been like saucers and I swear that my tongue was hanging out like a cartoon character as I stared at it. His penis looked amazing as it stood proud from a forest of black curly pubic hair. It looked huge and totally disproportionate to his skinny white body.

My curly haired friend was grinning at me now and took hold of the stalk and slowly pulled the flesh downwards exposing a bright purple ball from beneath some floppy skin which made me gasp. His hand very slowly pulled the skin up and down covering and uncovering the purple ball as I moved position until I was sitting on the edge of the armchair so I didn't miss a thing.

"Do you like it?" Gary croaked as his hand rubbed a little bit faster.

"It's amazing!" I panted; suddenly forgetting my own 'needs'.

"Have you really never seen a stiff cock before?" Gary smirked as the ball was disappearing from view much faster now. I shook my head.

"I fucking love wanking!" Gary gasped, "Every morning and at least twice a night."

"Me too." I whispered.

"Really?" He smirked again, "Will you show me?"

Without taking my eyes off him I immediately shuffled backwards and lifted a foot onto the seat then slid my hand inside my knickers. My twinkle was aching, swollen and very very sticky. I ran two fingers all over it smearing the wet stuff across the hot labia then I let out a sigh as two fingers slipped inside my hole without any aid from my brain.

"Pull your knickers down so I can watch you." Gary grunted as his hand looked like a blur. I used my free hand to ease my pants down as my other fingers jerked around inside my hot hole. I was so excited at watching Gary wank and letting him see me do the same I was sliding all over the armchair.

"Fuck!" Gary grunted, "Fuck!" Then his hand furiously rubbed his shaft even faster, "FUCK, FUCK......FUCK!" My own fingers and palm were matching him for speed but I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

His purple ball spurted some thick white liquid out by about three or four inches and landed on his tummy.

"Wow!" I gasped, "What was that?"

Gary ignored me and flopped onto his back still tugging at his penis and making even more milk drip out of the tip onto his hand and pubes. His chest was heaving up and down and his face was now as red as a beetroot.

My palm was crushing my button as I watched this scenario and before I knew it I got that 'feeling' in my toes and the rush of adrenaline flooded my body as I had my own climax, which made me through my head back and squeal with delight.

When I opened my eyes Gary was back resting on his elbow and tugging at his softening penis.

I sat curled in the chair with my knickers still around my knees, staring at him and I too kept stroking my twinkle which had stopped tingling but still felt lovely and clammy.

"Fucking Hell, Lindsey, I didn't think you'd really go through with that." Gary beamed from the bed as he tugged his shrinking penis.

"Neither did I!" I giggled as I pulled my knickers up to protect my modesty.

"Have you got a hankie with you?" Gary asked.

I nodded and pulled one from my skirt pocket and offered it too him.

"Will you wipe it clean for me?" He smirked and waggled his tail.

I mischievously did as he asked; kneeling next to the bed as I mopped up his gooey mess from his tummy, hand and wiry pubes. My hand was shaking as it brushed against his shaft which was twitching and beginning to stiffen again. The smell will remain with me for the rest of my life; the goo had a surprisingly sweet whiff to it and I guessed from the other musty smell Gary and personal hygiene may not have been the best of friends.

The gloop was a soft creamy colour and stuck to the cotton rather than soaking up into it as I'd expected. As I cleaned up his mess Garry kept giggling and grabbed my boob and gave it a very rough squeeze; when I didn't stop him he then tried to make his tail touch my face but I kept moving away giggling too.

I looked at my watch and was surprised to see the time.

"I'd better go now, Mummy will be home soon." I laughed nervously as I unravelled my skirt to make it the regulation school length and pushed the dirty handkerchief into a pocket.

Gary stood up and made no attempt to put his pants on so his tail proudly dangled quite a way between his legs, much to my amusement.

"Do you still want to borrow that LP?" He asked.

"Yes please." I replied and thought for a moment as he carefully packed away the Thin Lizzy album, "Can I borrow this too?" I asked as I picked up the Fiesta magazine.

"Of course you can." He grinned as he handed me the LP, "My brother's got hundreds so he'll not miss one."

"It's your brother's magazine?" I looked at him quizzically.

"Yes; he gives them to me when he's finished with them." He shrugged.

Gary remained at the top of the stairs as I hid the mucky magazine in my school satchel and put my blazer on before leaving. I looked up and waved goodbye, only to see Garry waggling his stiffening penis in my direction.

"Are we going to do this again?" He beamed.

"I hope so!" I laughed as I opened the door.

As I expected Mummy was already in the kitchen when I arrived home and was preparing Dinner. I explained that I'd been to see a friend and borrowed an LP. Mummy was slightly puzzled then guessed that it was a boy, so teased me.

I then went straight to my room to start my homework but couldn't really concentrate knowing that I had that magazine in my satchel. I quickly finished some Maths work; knowing that it was good enough to get a B then flopped on the bed pulled my knickers off and started reading the letters in the magazine.

I learnt more about sex in that single issue than at any time previously in my life. My twinkle -- or pussy as most people called it in Fiesta, was actually dripping onto the bedclothes as I devoured every word and picture -- defying myself not to touch it. When I finally gave in to temptation I placed the damp, smelly hankie on my pillow and jammed my wooden hairbrush handle in as hard and fast as possible and frantically rubbed my button -- or clit as I now knew it was called until I came with such a rush a spurt of pee shot out of my pussy when I pulled the handle out.

As I lay twitching and panting for breath it dawned on me that this was the first time that I'd actually thought about 'something' as I fiddled with my pussy. In the previous few weeks the action of masturbating had been turn on enough and I hadn't really had anything to fantasise about; but this time....there was Gary and his 'cock', watching him 'cum', the stories and pictures in the dirty brain was in sexual overdrive!

During dinner Daddy asked me twice if I was feeling alright as I looked a little flushed. I had a horrible feeling that Mummy knew what I'd been up to as she only grinned at my discomfort, but I lied and alluded to 'ladies problems' which ended the enquiry.

After dinner I watched some TV for an hour then went to my room to do my homework.

I made a conscious decision to not read the magazine until my work was finished but it was difficult. For the first time in my life I did the bare minimum and finished the work in just over an hour.

I undressed and examined my body in the long mirror again, feeling my boobs and admiring my long thick legs as well as my firm buttocks (or arse) which seemed to be a source of much pleasure in the letters that I'd read earlier. I then put the borrowed LP on my record player and lay back on my bed.

My whole body was glowing as I read and re-read the letters, stories and the I Confess section as well as pouring over the pictures of the sexy models and even the 'Readers Wives' section. I was staggered to see that all of the models showed their private parts in intimate detail and the normal women in the 'Wives' section didn't disguise themselves in any way. Just like when I'd been in the changing room admiring my young classmate's bodies; looking at these pictures of girls in sexy underwear and especially naked turned me on as much as the stories. I made myself orgasm 7 times that first night and 'peed' onto a towel a second time too.

I was in sexual Heaven when I finally went to sleep, dreaming of Gary and his long cock.

After playing hockey for the school first team on Saturday morning and gawping at my naked teenage school friends in the changing room; I wandered around the local shopping centre in very short denim mini skirt and a relatively see thru white nylon shirt that showed my blue bra in the afternoon hoping to bump into Gary. I didn't see him but I did get a lot of admiring glances from a few boys and even some men who were out shopping with their wives. The rest of weekend went by in a masturbatory haze. I read the magazine so many times I nearly wore the print off the pages as I fingered my pussy or frigged it with the hairbrush or a large plastic hand cream bottle that I had started experimenting with on Sunday afternoon.

Much to Hazel's amusement Gary actually stood next to me at the bus stop, then sat in front when we got on the bus the following Monday morning. The conversation was a bit stilted because Hazel was there, but I told him that I'd loved the LP he'd loaned me and the 'music magazine', which made both of us blush.

On the return journey I had to wait until Hazel got off the bus before Gary nervously asked me if I wanted to come back to his house to 'listen to some more records'. I nodded my agreement without looking in his eyes.

On the way to his home he told me about the gig his band had played on the Saturday night at a local Youth Club and how successful it had been. It wasn't until we were in his room that I admitted that I'd read the magazine 100 times over the weekend which made him laugh as he pulled a box out from under his bed. It was packed with magazines just like the one he'd loaned me -- Fiesta, Mayfair, Knave, Club International...the titles went on and on. Without asking I lay back on his bed and began reading a copy of Mayfair. The stories were much longer than in Fiesta and the models all looked more glamorous and I was soon engrossed. When I'd finished reading the letters page I saw that Gary was sitting in the armchair reading a magazine with his trousers around his ankles and tugging away at his cock. The magazine was so exciting I'd almost forgot he was in the room! As I scrambled for another mucky magazine to read I stared at Gary and his long cock.

I say it was 'long' because I now know it was, but at the time I'd never seen a real one before and certainly not an erect one so had nothing to compare it to, but it looked huge poking out from his skinny white body.

My next reading material was called Knave and just like Fiesta had lots of sexy photos in and the stories and letters were all from Britain which made them even more thrilling. After reading the first two pages of erotic letters I couldn't wait any longer and pulled my knickers down to start fingering my pussy. It was especially sexy waiting so long before I touched my fanny as it was all hot and sticky with my 'love juices'. I alternated between trying to read the dirty stories with glancing up at Gary and his marvellous cock as I thrust and twisted my fingers inside my hot tight hole and pressed my palm against my stiff little clit.

Soon I was panting as I really dug my fingers in deep and when everything began to tingle I pulled my fingers out as quickly as possible and made a little jet of pee shoot out onto the bed much to Gary's amazement when I had my climax.

"Fucking Hell Lindsay!" He gasped as he stood up for a closer look, "What the fuck was that?"

"I don't know." I gasped and kept stroking my trembling pussy, "It started doing it last week."

Gary was now standing next to me staring open mouthed at my hairy pussy and his throbbing cock was only inches away from my chest.

Without thinking I raised my hand and began stroking his shaft. It felt really odd as the skin was tight but slightly soft and it covered a rod of steel. I looked up and smiled as I curled my hand around it and began rubbing it just the way he did.

My curly haired friend rested his knees on the bed and began roughly squeezing my boobs through my school shirt. When I raised no objections he deftly unfastened the buttons and slid his hands inside my bra.

Not a word passed our lips as he caressed and mauled my aching tits as I tugged on his cock as fast as I could. The record had long stopped playing and the silence was now filling the room as he scooped my boobs out of their cups and began twiddling with my itchy pink nipples. It felt amazing as his hands examined and stroked them; so much so I hadn't noticed how fast I was rubbing his cock until he suddenly gasped and his body jerked followed by a stream of warm creamy goo spat out of the red ball and landed on my chest quickly followed by a second smaller glob which ran onto my hand which I immediately pulled away. Gary took over and squeezed another two dollops of goo onto my huge tits then let out an almighty cackle.

"You dirty bugger!" I scoffed as I ran my fingers through the strings of goo that were now covering my boobs, "I didn't say you could do that, did I?"

Gary just laughed back at me and kept tugging his softening dick inches from my face.

The sickly sweet smell of his gloop was now filling the room and I was getting even more excited I moved my hand down to play with my pussy.

"Fuck no!" Gary shouted and grabbed my wrist, "your hand is covered in spunk -- you can't touch your fanny with it!"

I must have looked mystified but the penny dropped with an almighty 'clang' when I realised what he meant. It was the first but certainly not my last brush with an unwanted pregnancy that year.

My mistake killed the mood and I cleaned myself up using a towel from the bathroom, before borrowing another two magazines and went home.

We met up two more times that week for an hour and a half each time reading wanking and fingering. On the Friday afternoon we had already cum once each and Gary was standing over me wanking towards my tits which I was holding up for him when he said; "Kiss it." I had a puzzled expression on my face as I looked up to see his twinkling blue eyes. "Kiss my cock."

I'd read about women sucking guys cocks but it had not really registered that Gary might want me to do it for him at sometime. "Kiss it for me." He repeated and pressed the red ball against my lips. I shook my head, but he kept pushing and wanking.

I gave in and gave it a little kiss on the tip.

"No, a proper kiss." He persisted. His hairy balls were now resting on my raised boobs as I kissed the tip through closed lips then down each side of the shaft until my nose brushed against his coarse pubes. I looked up to see if that was enough for him but his eyes were closed and he looked delirious and his hand was only slowly wanking his long cock now as he tapped it against my face.

I was intrigued to know what it would feel and taste like (I already knew what it smelled like!). I reluctantly opened my mouth and gave the knob a wetter kiss which made him sigh, and then I tentatively poked my tongue out and licked the soft red flesh as he pushed the foreskin back up until it nearly covered the mound. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no significant flavour to his cock so began running my wet tongue along the hot dry shaft then back up to the velvety knob.

Gary began shaking with excitement and asked if he could lie on the bed next to me. I climbed onto the unkempt single bed first and he joined me, lying beside me and begging me with his eyes to finish what I'd started. Naked; I curled up beside him and began kissing his cock again, only this time it was me who was wanking it as one of Gary's hands fondled my dangling tits and the other stroked patted and squeezed my arse. The faster I rubbed it and the more I kissed and licked his cock the more he moaned and groaned with pleasure. I was so pleased with myself that I could excite him this much I did something that I'd read about.....I put it in my mouth. My heart was pounding and I could feel my pussy leaking so much it was running down my thighs as I began actually sucking the bright ball.

Gary began slowly grinding his hips making his cock fill my sweet young mouth as his moans became louder and deeper. He was now pulling on my tits like a cows udders and his other hand had found its way between my legs and he was fingering me with two long digits.

I soon gripped his hairy testicles as I tugged furiously on the shaft while sucking his knob until he couldn't take it any longer and he gave a deep grunt which made me pull my head back and he spurted hot cum all over my face and a second and third squirt onto my tits which were now swaying across his cock.

"Oh fuck." He gasped as I drained the last drops out onto his tummy. Still with his spunk running down my cheek and off my big firm tits I sat back on my haunches with a great big-satisfied smug smile on my face and scooped his goo from my chin and naughtily licked my fingers clean.

"You dirty fucker!" Gary wheezed as I then raised one of my big rubbery tits to my mouth (like I'd read in a story) and licked his cum from that too.

This was our pattern after school for the next couple of months -- I would go to his house a couple of nights a week and we would masturbate together for an hour or so; usually ending up naked and fiddling with each other until it was time to go home. We would sometimes read passages out to each other and often discussed different things that turned us on in the stories. My preferences changed by the week but I loved reading about threesomes with two men and I always had a very intense orgasm if we found one of those stories and while Gary liked the stories; he got really excited looking at photos of women in stockings and suspenders. By now I had become hooked on watching him cum all over my bouncing tits after I'd lovingly sucked his big cock.

Weekends were a chore as we couldn't get together for a 'session' but contented ourselves with meeting in the Shopping centre for a coffee and occasionally a fingering session behind some garages. It was only after the second month of our sexual sessions that we actually went on our first date to the cinema and even then I wanked him off into a popcorn packet!

Towards the end of October Gary mentioned that his brother and Dad would be going to a football match on the Wednesday night which was also his Mum's Bingo night and she wouldn't be home until after 10 so the house would be empty.

When the evening finally arrived I walked to the street corner with Gary as usual then ran straight home to put on some stockings and a new pair of sexy white nylon knickers that I'd bought especially for the night and one of Mummy's suspender belts. Fastening the suspenders was a right faff; especially the back ones as I was all 'fingers and thumbs' but I persevered as I knew they would really turn him on. So as not to attract any attention from my parents when I arrived home later I kept my school uniform on but in my haste to get to Gary's house I hadn't rolled the skirt down so the wind kept blowing my shortened version up to reveal my stocking tops and occasionally the back of my knickers. I tried to hold it down but it was a losing battle and at least three men on their way home got an eyeful of my sexy underwear.

Even as Gary opened his front door a gust of wind blew my skirt up and gave one of his elderly neighbours a good look too.

Once inside I brushed past him to run straight upstairs, but Gary stopped me halfway up and pushed me forward so he could feel my nylon covered legs and stroke my knickers too. As he caressed my legs and arse he was silent but I could tell by the way his hands stroked the stockings that he was very excited and he was making me very excited too.

I kept my legs as straight as possible but leaned forward taking my weight on my forearms so Gary could benefit from the angle that we were at, on the stairs. As his hands slowly caressed my legs from my ankles all of the way up to my firm thighs I could hear him panting and breathing very heavily. What he did next surprised me but really made my fanny tingle.

Still with both hands stroking my stockings he pressed his face against my taut arse and began kissing and licking the nylon knickers. It felt odd at first but when his tongue disappeared between my buttocks followed by his nose I started to really enjoy it. Gary had only ever licked my twice previously and hadn't been particularly keen, but now that I was wearing sheer nylon knickers he was licking and sucking at the gusset like a man possessed. After a few minutes I shuffled into a new position with my knees spread wide on a step and my arse sticking out at an acute angle which let Gary get his whole face in there. My fanny was on fire and I could feel a big orgasm welling up as his nose pressed against my bum hole and his tongue flicked across my clit. I was soon pressing back as hard as possible and wiggling my hips in an attempt to guide his tongue to my clit which was now throbbing. I think he finally got the message as he eventually concentrated on it and made me climax with such a rush I even let out a little pump; but he didn't mind as he pulled my pants to one side and pressed his face against my hole to lap up my juices which were now pouring out like wee.

It took me a minute or more to gather my thoughts as Gary kept pressing his face against my knicker covered fanny. Eventually I got my breath back and scrambled up the stairs to his bedroom with him chasing after me with a raging hard on.

Once inside he pushed me onto the bed and began kissing me. His face was still smeared with my pussy juice and his tongue tasted a bit fishy as he probed my mouth. His hands were all over me; pulling at my blouse to get at my tits and aggressively rubbing my nylon covered legs and pussy as I grabbed his rock hard cock and tried to wank it as fast as possible. Eventually he removed my blouse and bra and was sucking on my pink nipples like a starving baby as he screwed two spindly fingers deep inside my sticky hole. His eyes were now out on stalks and his nostrils were flaring as he rolled on top of me and tried to push his cock into my pussy.

"No. no, no...stop ...stop it!" I shouted as I tried to push him off, "not without a johnnie on.....put a johnnie on and you can!"

We had been more than happy to masturbate and please each other orally for weeks now but I knew that eventually we would fuck......and I couldn't wait; but certainly didn't want to get pregnant.

After a tussle Gary fell off the bed. When he stood up he looked angry and I was slightly worried that he going to fuck me whether I said yes or not. He flung his clothes across the room and was soon standing naked with his cock looking as hard as it ever had.

"Okay then." He grunted and moved forward with one knee on the bed and swung the other across my face until his cock was dangling above my mouth. "Suck it for me while I do you." Then he lay down on top of me with his knees slightly bent leaving his cock against my face and his own face between my legs.

Gary instantly began licking my hot puss through the nylon again as he stroked my legs. I was unsure what he actually wanted me to do until he moved his hips and his stiffy pushed against my lips. I instinctively opened my mouth and his long cock disappeared into my throat with one hard push. I started to panic but somehow began breathing through my nose as he started to thrust his hips and began fucking my mouth and throat as he sucked my swollen pussy.

It didn't take very long for me to begin enjoying myself and slid a hand between us so I could play with his bouncing bollocks and the other stroked and squeezed his hairy arse as I sucked his cock while we did our first 69.

Gary slid a couple of fingers inside my pants and they quickly went into my hole with absolutely no resistance as he manically sucked and licked my clitty while I bucked my hips up and down. I don't know how long this all lasted -- 2 minutes or half an hour but it was one of the sexiest most exciting things I've ever done in my 50 odd years!

It was soon a race to see who would cum first and Gary won by flooding my mouth with what felt like a week's load of hot spicy spunk. I gagged and spluttered as the warm thick spunk filled my mouth and he refused to pull his cock out, which meant that I had to swallow the lot; which actually turned me on for weeks afterwards.

Gary's adrenaline seeped out of with the orgasm and he suddenly felt like a dead weight on top of me. Still with his semi resting on my lips I raised my hips until I could get a hand between my legs and began vigorously rubbing my clit only an inch from his long nose. As I frigged myself Gary began fingering me again and his cock began twitching back to life so I licked and sucked the sticky bell-end until I made myself cum which was the signal for Gary to lap up the juices that were now gushing out.

We lay in this position for ages; me sucking him and him sucking and fingering me then we read a couple of magazines and had one last lingering 69 when he spunked in my mouth for a second fantastic time. Gary wouldn't let me take my knickers off until it was time to go home. I left him the drenched knickers and stockings but took Mummy's suspender belt home in my bag.

I soon loved the effect that wearing stockings and suspenders with sexy panties had on Gary and wore them at least once a week; but the nearer that we got to Christmas the more bored that I was becoming with Gary as a person. He was only interested in sex and playing his guitar. Of course I absolutely loved the sex but I wanted a real boyfriend; one who would take me out on dates and things.

But before that happened......we got caught in a compromising position by......his brother!

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2013-04-02 05:23:50
Again, thank you Amy...dearly love the gushings of her orgasms...


2012-01-04 16:39:15
Terrific story, great writing, thank you!


2012-01-02 07:17:45
Amy, always love your stories as they never fail to get me hard and have to wank, this one was no exception. Can't wait for the next instalment. Just love mutual masturbation stories. x

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2012-01-01 20:35:22
I soaked my panties reading this.

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