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Lindsay and Gary get caught by his brother
DIY Teens Pt II

After a couple of weeks of sneaking around we would go to Gary’s house every Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon when his Mum was at the shops or Bingo and his Dad and brother at a football match or the pub and fuck, suck and masturbate like horny rabbits. I just couldn’t get enough of his stiff cock in my hand, mouth or pussy and I soon developed a love of his sticky spunk and would drain his cock at any opportunity; most afternoons behind some garages near my house on the way home from school.

As a good Catholic girl I always insisted that Gary wore a rubber when fucking me; but this also had the benefit of making him last much longer before whipping it off to cum in my mouth or on my tits. I did notice at this time that my acne cleared up – is spunk a good cream for that?

During the Christmas holidays we could spend whole afternoons fucking, sucking and reading magazines in his bedroom; only for something to happen on the afternoon after Boxing Day when events took a huge leap forward.

Gary had already given me a really good fucking and I was lying on top of him in our favoured 69 position; slurping the remnants of his spunk from his wilting cock and he was eating my hairy pussy when his bedroom suddenly door flew open.

“I thought that you two were up to something, you dirty little fuckers!” Gary’s elder brother shouted at us then laughed out loud. “Look at you – fucking Hell, Kid! I didn’t think you had it in you!”

Still with Gary’s cock in my hand I looked up to see a six foot tall skinhead with a fuzzy moustache and smelling of beer leering at us.

“Who’d have thought that that stuck up bint from across the estate would be dirty fucking slapper?” He laughed again as he kicked the door closed with his Cherry Red Dr Marten boot. “Fuck me – it really is her! Look at her …….stocking and suspenders? Who’d have fucking thought it?”

Gary roughly pushed me off him and I rolled towards the wall covering my big boobs with my hands as Gary rose to protect my honour.

“Fuck off Derek!” He screamed, “Fuck off; it’s got nothing to do with you – now get out and FUCK OFF!”

The tall skinhead just kept on laughing before gently slapping my boyfriend across the face and pushing him back onto the bed.

“I don’t fucking think so, kid.” Derek forcefully told his younger brother, “there looks like there’s enough to go around, don’t you think? Anyway; if it wasn’t for my porn you wouldn’t know what to do, so it’s only fair that I get a crack at her too.”

At this stage I’d pulled the top sheet up to cover my boobs and was staring at Derek who looked like the violent thug that Gary had told me he was.

There was a scary silence for the next minute or so as Derek slowly pulled his braces off his shoulders and unbuttoned his Ben Sherman shirt to reveal a muscular chest and forearms.

“Come on then sweetheart; show me what you’ve got.” I looked at Gary to see how I should react. He looked as confused as I was. Derek motioned for me to drop the sheet. Again I looked at Gary who just shrugged his shoulders with fear in his eyes. My heart was racing and my mouth as dry as sand as I slid the yellow sheet down my chest until the thug could see my boobs and pink nipples that felt like diamonds.

He smirked and nodded his head as he dropped his shirt onto the floor. “Nice rack.” He mumbled, “They are some fucking size for a kid. Now stand up and show me the rest.”

Gary tapped my thigh and nodded his head to let me know that I should do as I was told.

Terrified that I might do something to anger the brother I raised myself to my knees then, with my heart pounding to my feet until I was nearly touching the ceiling with my head.

“Does she always wear stockings and sussies?” Derek cackled as he pulled the zip down on his Levis.

“Sometimes.” Gary replied, without looking at me.

“Good; I fucking love stockings and sussies on a bird.” The brother smirked again as he pulled his jeans to his ankles, “Open your legs.”

I did as I was told and spread my feet either side of Gary who was still lying on the bed. Still incredibly turned on from our fuck and the following 69 I could now feel something running down the inside of my thighs which I thought might be wee but I guessed that it was pussy juice as I was desperate to scratch the itch coming from my tingling clitty.

“Come here,” Derek directed me as he pulled his Y-fronts down and his massive cock sprang into view making me gasp at the size, “and suck me off the way you were sucking him.”

I glanced down to see Gary stroking his stiffening cock and pulled a face at him to let him now that I was a little bit disappointed with his actions.

Derek was frantically tugging his cock making it get even harder and longer, if that was possible. I carefully stepped over my wanking boyfriend and took a big breath before submissively kneeling in front of the tall skinhead.

“Good girl.” Derek told me as he took the back of my head and pulled it forward until I could smell his sweaty genitals, “Now open wide.” I complied and he lurched forward filling my young mouth with his long cock. It immediately tasted and felt completely different to Gary’s but the thought of sucking it had my pussy actually dripping juices onto the carpet. I didn’t have much opportunity to suck the monster cock as Derek kept plunging it into my mouth and throat.

Eventually he slowed his thrusting, giving me the opportunity to show him how well I could suck a cock. I wrapped one hand around the hairy shaft and gently squeezed his bollocks with the other as I slid my lips and tongue all over it, but concentrating on his velvet soft bell end which made him sigh with delight.

“Fucking hell; kid – she’s a cracker.” Derek cackled as began fondling my tits and nipples while I sucked his massive cock, “I wish I’d known she was this dirty I’d have burst in sooner.”

“She’s good isn’t she?” Gary giggled, “Just like the tarts in your mags.”

“Fucking Hell!” Derek winced as I feverishly rubbed the shaft and sucked on the bell enduntil he was thrusting in time with my sucking and viciously shaking my tits until his legs stiffened. I knew that I was seconds away from a bellyful of cum so sucked with all of my might as I rubbed his vein covered shaft like a crazy woman.

“Uggh…fuckfuckfuck.” Derek panted as spurt after spurt of bitter cum filled my mouth and throat. There was much more than I was used to with Gary and I couldn’t swallow it quickly enough so began coughing and the excess spilt out and dribbled on my chin much to the skinhead’s amusement as I scooped it back into my mouth.

“You dirty little tart.” Derek grinned as he hobbled to the chair for a well earned rest. “I’ll be wanting a lot more of that.” He told me as I smiled at the thought, then turned to see Gary still wanking his lovely cock.

I licked the last of the cum off my lips before asking Gary ‘if he was nearly ready’. He nodded his agreement, so I clambered back onto my feet and pushed him onto his back before rolling on top to finish our 69.

My mouth engulfed his teenage cock as he washed his face in my soaking wet fanny. I wasn’t in the mood for messing around so pushed back until I was virtually sitting on his face and began vigorously rubbing my cunt and clitty across his face as he tried to work his tongue inside my slot.

“Go on girl!” Derek laughed as he lit up a cigarette, “you use the little fucker to finish yourself off. Having the elder brother watch us was sending me into areas I’d never dreamed of as I nearly smothered my boyfriend with my hot cunt.

My breathing was now erratic and Derek’s dirty commentary was turning me on so much I was struggling to cum until Gary squirted all over my tits; which made me cum and flood juice all over his pretty little face.

Exhausted I flopped on top of Gary until my breathing rectified itself and I rolled onto my back, making sure that my legs were wide apart and both brothers got a good look at my gaping pussy.

“I’m ready for a proper ride now.” Derek smirked as he pulled my ankle to the edge of the bed before lining his enormous cock up against my cunt hole.

“I’ll get a rubber for you.” Gary panted.

“Fuck that.” Derek cackled as his cock immediately glided up my well lubricated pussy, stretching it in three different directions. I was now delirious and couldn’t have stopped him even if I’d wanted to so just curled my nylon covered legs around his hips and let him fuck the living daylights out of me with his massive cock for 5 or 6 minutes. As he pounded my cunt he kept telling me what a ‘good fuck’ I was and ‘how tight my twat’ was and how much he’d enjoyed ‘cumming in my mouth.’

“Please Dekka!” Garry pleaded as his brother pounded me like Rottweiler and its bitch, “don’t get her pregnant…please…. Shoot on her tits or face…she loves that….just not in her twat!”

“Okay, okay.” The elder brother panted as he pulled himself up onto his wrists while slowly sliding his dick in and out as I ground my hips on it. “I think a titty fuck might be in order anyway.”

It felt like it would never end as he pulled his cock out then straddled my stomach and placed his sticky cock between my massive mammories.

“Okay titlicious get going.” He demanded as I placed my hands either side of my boobs until his cock looked like a hot dog in a bun and began shaking my tits as he slid backwards and forwards until his breathing got shallower and my titty shaking got faster and a big glob of cum shot out and landed on my face followed by a few more dribbles which ran across my chest and onto the bed.

Still catching his breath Derek raised himself onto all fours and dipped his softening cock back into my mouth at the same time as he stroked my pussy. I slurped on his sexy cock as one, two then three fingers rolled around inside my cunt. Without thinking I raised my legs until my knees were on my stomach and Derek filled my cunt up as he finger fucked me to another amazing orgasm.

The three of us lay in a sweaty heaving mass on the bed for another ten minutes or so with the boys playing with my tits and arse as they fingered me and I played with their cocks which I couldn’t get hard enough for another fuck.

Eventually Gary looked at his watch and told us that his Mum would be home soon and I should leave, which I reluctantly did.

At Derek’s request I walked home knickerless as he wanted something to wank into later that night. I put Mummy’s stockings and suspenders into my bag and relived our antics all the way, especially when the wind blew my skirt up as I passed some men standing outside a pub. As usual I replaced the garments in Mum’s drawer as skilfully as possible; without a thought as to what she would think about the spunk stains on them.

Derek joined us many more times over the next couple of weeks as I lived out nearly every sexual act that I was still reading about in their magazines; especially when Derek fucked my doggy style as I sucked on Gary’s cock or visa versa.

Being the eldest Derek directed all of the proceedings and got me to wear more and more of Mummy’s sexy underwear; which with the benefit of hindsight was quite risqué for a married woman; but I only gave thought to my own sexual feelings.

Eventually things caught up with us; but I’ll tell you about that in Part IV


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