Chante brings a friend
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Chante – Booze, Weed & Sex

A few days have passed and although I hadn’t seen Chante again, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was just lazing about one day when I decided to pay a visit to my local weed dealer, getting high just seemed like a good idea. It was not far from my house so I just walked to the dealer’s house. I turned the corner and nearly jumped in surprise as I saw Chante standing on the porch of the corner house in all her teen glory. She was busy texting on her phone while chatting to a slightly older girl, but there was no doubt that she noticed me. Even from that distance I could see her cheeks go crimson, though for obvious reasons she avoided looking my way and I could see she fought hard to suppress a smile. I got the hint and just walked by casually – if I ever hoped of fucking Chante’s sweet 13 year old pussy again, then we’ve got to play it safe. I bought my stuff and as I walked past the corner house again Chante was standing alone this time. Her eyes were glued to the screen on her phone but I saw her peering from the top of the phone at me and I just smiled. She was wearing a blue tank top with either a strapless bra or none at all, and a tight black skirt that hugged her hips and went just past her thighs. To complete this nubile vision she was barefoot and her hair was loose and a little wild.
I arrived at home and couldn’t wait to get high and have a hot wank to the image of Chante. That plan was smashed by a better one 5 minutes after I lit up when there was a knock on the door. I didn’t bother too much about the smell because I didn’t really care what people thought, but I sprayed a bit just in case it was church people. To my surprise, Chante stood smiling as I opened the door.
“You took your time.” She teased, and rolled her eyes at me.
I just laughed and asked how her day was.
“Ah alright I guess,” She replied, “Just bored sick, and really in the mood for a fuck.”
I just gazed at the teen schoolgirl in mild disbelief and shook my head, this girl could still manage to surprise me. I was so consumed with her that I hardly noticed someone standing behind her, it was the girl that was with her on the porch. She just stood looking at me and grinning foolishly.
“Oh Harry this is my friend Lisa,” Chante introduced us lazily, “Can we go in already please?”
We all laughed nervously and knew Chante was right. We stepped inside and the girls sat side by side on the couch. They immediately started whispering and giggling as I went straight to the kitchen to make drinks.
“What are you guys going to have?” I called out.
“What do you have Harry?” Chante called back sweetly.
I hesitated for a moment thinking if I should take the chance, oh what the hell I thought.
“Jack Daniels and Lime?” I suggested as I walked towards them with a bottle and 3 glasses. They just nodded and giggled as they were doing since they got there.
We were down to the third round and had a good conversation when I asked Lisa how old she was.
“I’ll be 15 next month.” She replied sweetly, “But now Harry, can I ask a question?”
“Well you just did,” I teased stupidly, “But go ahead Lisa…”
“Have you ever licked whiskey out of a girl’s pussy before?” She looked me straight in the eye as she asked.
I just stayed silent as Chante looked at her and they both burst out laughing.
“Where did that come from?” Chante asked, still laughing.
Playtime was over, it was time for me and these horny schoolgirls to have some serious fun.
“Hey I have an idea, would you like Chante to lick whiskey out of your nice wet pussy Lisa?” I said. Just when I thought these hot nubile girls couldn’t surprise me any more, I was in for a big shock.
“Well I guess it’s not ice cream Chante, but I bet the taste will be just as awesome.” Lisa said brightly. Chante was nodding in agreement and I suggested at that stage that we move towards my bedroom. I had completely forgot about the joint that I had just lit before the girls came and that’s when I got another idea.
“Hey, you girls ever get high before?” I asked.
They giggled and said yes a few times, and I tried to explain to them how amazing sexual acts were when the people involved were high, but inevitably it was better to just how them.
After 5 strong rounds of whisky and the weed they were smoking, I knew that the girls must have been very relaxed at that point, and the more relaxed they were the easier it would be to make their little pussies wet. It was at that point that I really looked at Lisa. She was pretty but not like Chante, and even being older her boobs were smaller than Chante’s. One thing I had to give her full credit for were her legs, she wore a very tight blue jeans cut-off shorts and her legs were long, straight and well formed. We were all sitting on my bed with Chante’s head in my crotch. Lisa was sitting against the headboard with her legs stretched out and I could see a bit of her pink panties sticking out from under her shorts. We were laughing and joking and having fun but the sexual tension in the room could not go unnoticed. I think Chante could feel my dick stirring below her face and she teased it by starting to rub her head up and down my hardening dick.
“Hmmm baby that feels so fucking good!” I told her as she smiled at me and pulled at my zipper. Lisa was watching us curiously as she puffed on the joint, and Chante fumbled inside my pants before finally pulling out my now pole hard cock. Chante started licking my dickhead slowly as I closed my eyes and savoured this 13 year old schoolgirl’s tongue on my dick. Chante pushed 2 inches inside her cock hungry mouth and at that point it became too much for Lisa, as I looked towards her rubbing her hot teen pussy over her shorts. It was easy for me to get my hand inside Chante’s panties from the angle she was sucking my dick, and this seemed to encourage her even more as she moaned and started pushing as much of my 10 inch cock inside her mouth as she could get. I knew I would last very long as the moaning of the two very young schoolgirls echoed through the room. I had 3 fingers inside Chante’s very wet pussy now, and she started bucking against my finger as she sucked me vigorously.
“Oh fuck oh shit Chante I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, but I think even as the words came out I felt my sperm shoot globs inside Chante’s willing and cock hungry mouth. She sucked for a while before quickly removing her mouth as the cum shot in her face and neck. I understood why she stopped as the next moment Lisa shifted towards me and swiftly closed her mouth over my dick as she sucked out the last of the cum. I don’t even think I went soft and after swallowing the last few drop of my semen, Lisa started sucking me deep and hard. I could instantly tell that she obviously had a lot more experience than Chante when it came too sex, and I couldn’t wait to get my dick inside this 14 year old hottie. My hand was still inside Chante’s panties rubbing her to an orgasm, as she was still laying beneath me with Lisa over her sucking me like a pro. I did not want to waste my next orgasm on a blowjob, I wanted to shoot my sperm deep inside one of these hot teen pussies so I reluctantly told Lisa to stop.
“Time for the real party to start.” I said as I removed my fingers from Chante’s very wet cunt, and dashed down the passage to the kitchen. When I returned with the bottle of Jack the girls were hastily undressing each other while making out. I just watched on as I stroked my dick hoping the scene before me won’t make me cum again. Lisa and Chante were completely naked and kissing like 2 lovers, and I started thinking of a way to join them without breaking them up. It was as if the girls read my mind as they stopped suddenly and looked over towards me with the sexual innocence that you would only find in young girls that have just discovered sexual pleasure. Lisa straddled her hips around Chante’s waist, who pushed her body a bit further down so her legs and soaking wet pussy stuck out just below Lisa’s ass. No words were spoken but I fully understood what they had in mind. I climbed onto the bed and pulled off my shorts and underpants. Lisa bent over and started sucking on Chante’s nipples, as I positioned myself in front of Chante’s spread legs. She was already moaning and started whimpering softly as I rubbed my dickhead along her 13 year old wet slit.
“Stop teasing and push it in and fuck me hard Harry!” she moaned breathlessly. Lisa was also becoming hot as she started rubbing her pussy along Chante’s tummy as I pushed my rock hard dick inside Chante’s willing teen cunt. She gasped but spread her legs wider and pushed hard against me to get more of me inside her young wet pussy. I started fucking Chante hard from the get go and she fought hard to try and stifle her screams. She had her legs wrapped around my thighs as I fucked her 13 year old pussy hard and fast while her 14 year old friend was grinding her pussy faster along Chante’s tummy.
“Fuck me Harry harder oh shit lick my nipples Lisa oh shit ooooh ooh ooh I’m gonna cum fuck me fuck me…Oh fuck! I’m cumming all over your dick HARRYYYYYY!”
I could feel Chante’s pussy spilling cum all over my dick and at just then Lisa started cumming as well as I saw her 14 year old pussy leak wetness all along her school friend’s tummy as she slided up and down. I kept my pace as Chante’s moaning was so intense it sounded like crying, but it was obvious that the combination of weed and whisky was working well. These girls were already sex hungry teen sluts when sober, and the booze and drugs were just taking them to different heights. I kept pounding into Chante’s soaked pussy, though I felt very far from coming. Lisa had collapsed onto Chante’s chest and they started making out again as Chante fucked me back hard. I felt her cumming over my dick for the third time now as I kept fucking this sweet 13 year old slut cunt. Lisa now had her ass raised just inches from my face, and I decided to give Chante a little break as I had something else in mind.
I pulled out of her and the schoolgirl let out a long groan. I grabbed Lisa’s ass and started rubbing my dick along her slit.
“Hmmm Harry that’s sooo good but please put it in my ass please!” She purred as she turned around and looked right into my eyes.
“I love taking it in the ass I promise you can fuck my pussy as rough and hard as you like Harry, but please will you fuck my little tight ass first?”
I didn’t reply and just smiled at the 14 year old girl, and I wondered how many dick this little sex crazed girl had had in her short life. I knew for a fact Chante didn’t have any before me as I took her virginity a few weeks before.
Lisa moaned and grunted and pushed her ass hard towards me as I tried to slide it inside her. Getting your dick inside a grown woman’s ass was tough enough because the hole is so tight, but trying to get it inside this 14 year old schoolgirl seemed nearly impossible.
“Hmmm push deeper Harry I know I can take it even a huge dick like yours.” Lisa cooed, and played her part by pushing from her side. Chante was still lying beneath her and for some strange reason as I looked down at the 13 year old’s pussy oozing cum, it made me slide inside her friend’s tight asshole. I managed to get 5 inches inside Lisa’s ass and she moaned sweetly in appreciation.
“Oh yes Harry cmon fuck my ass don’t hold back FUCK ME HARD BABY!” She screamed as we were pounding each other.
The more cock I got inside Lisa’s tight 14 year old ass the more she seemed to get into it.
“Fuck Harry that’s sooooo good feeling your dick in my ass oh shit it so big but sooo nice fuck my ass fast and hard pleeeease Harry!!”
Chante didn’t seem to want to be left out and she grabbed one of my dangling hands and started rubbing it across her soaking wet teen cunt. My two sex crazed schoolgirls and myself were rocking so hard that the bed was actually moving. I had eventually managed to get all 10 inches inside Lisa’s asshole and she was giving as good as she got. She was fucking me back so hard that in one hard push she knocked into my chest and I fell backwards. Lisa didn’t seem to notice or care that I was on my back now, as long as my dick was still in her tight ass fucking her hard. She started bouncing up and down on my dick as Chante slipped out from under us and grabbed the bottle of whisky. She spread her 14 year old friend’s legs and poured a bit inside her hot wet cunt. Chante went down and licked her friend’s pussy clean before repeating the action. With the combination of my dick in her little ass and her best friend licking whisky out of her tiny wet pussy I could tell Lisa was close to her first orgasm.
That also became too much for me at that stage as I pounded my dick into the teen girl with a few hard thrusts becoming shooting my cum into her tight young ass.
“Oh fuck Harry hmmm I can feel your cum shooting inside my little ass ooooh it feels soooo nice oh shit fuck fuck fuck!”
I felt the last globs pump into the 14 year and we were spent. My dick slipped out of her ass as she collapsed on top of me and then Chante on top of her. The girls fell on either side of me and I could clearly see looks of satisfaction as I stared at each of them in turn.
“Harry that was fucking amazing!” Lisa purred.
“No, fucking stupendous!” Chante added, and the 3 of us just burst out laughing.
I still couldn’t believe what I had just done with these two very young teen schoolgirls, but what I did know was that the afternoon had just begun!
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