A mother suffered from empty-nest syndrome and wished to have a baby with her son
Brandi is a regular housewife whose son, Chris, is leaving for college in three months. And the fact that her son is leaving her creates a hollow in her motherhood, the empty nest syndrome, so wanting to have a new baby quickly came to her mind. However, Brandi and her husband have tried to have another baby for months but without success. And wanting to conceive naturally, they refused artificial insemination or any scientific means. When having a baby seems all too hopeless, Brandi accidentally walked in on Chris in the bathroom one day while he was masturbating with her panties and an idea suddenly dawn on her. Brandi had been secretly thinking about a surrogate father, but she wants to keep it in the family and unfortunately her husband does not have any brothers. Seeing her son’s big fertile cock gave her the idea of wanting Chris to fuck her and get her a baby, and then it would definitely be in the family. What better way to say goodbye to her son than to have him leave something of him inside her? Chris was reluctant at first, knowing that conceiving a baby with his own mother would be a sin, but after a long talk with Brandi and seeing how hot his mother is and how he always had a crush on her, he finally agrees. And Brandi made Chris promise not to say a word to anyone about their business especially his father.

At first, Brandi and Chris were only fucking once every other day of the week, and Brandi kept it strictly a business arrangement taking no sense of pleasure from it, which at least is what Brandi was hoping for. She would also make love to her husband the same night on the day that Chris fucked her to keep her husband not being suspicious. But as Brandi becomes more intimate with Chris, and how Chris listens to her every command and doing things that pleases her in bed that her husband can’t, she starts to see her son as her lover. And after two weeks of amazing sex turning to incredible love-making, Brandi starts to lust for her son more. And from then on, Brandi and Chris made love every day, turning what suppose to be a family business arrangement into a love affair. Chris on the other hand also becomes more aggressive in lusting for his mother, fucking her in more dangerous situations like: while his father is still in the house, fucking in the garage, in the shower, and have become less cautious of their actions and unaware of who might catch them in the act.

A month has passed since they started banging, the nightmare of blackmail begins as one morning Chris is fucking Brandi at the kitchen countertop and Chris’s friend, Johnny, saw them fucking, through the kitchen window, and uses this to his advantage to blackmail Brandi and Chris to get a chance to fuck Brandi, who he has lusted for since back when he was in high school. Johnny told Chris what he saw, and blackmailed Chris into letting him fuck Brandi, or else he will expose their incestuous relationship to Chris’s father. After Chris told Brandi about the blackmail, not wanting to have their relationship exposed and jeopardizing her marriage with her husband, she agrees to Johnny’s request to let him fuck her in her marital bed while her husband is at work. But since Brandi wants to have a baby with her son, she doesn’t want another man’s sperm in her pussy, so her only condition for Johnny is for him to have a condom on while he is banging her. A week passed after being in bed with Johnny, thinking that her secret will be safe, a new threat arises. Jodi, her husband’s younger sister, came for a visit one day and told Brandi that she learned about her and Chris’s love affair. It turns out that Jodi had been keeping Johnny as her sex partner for months now since the first time Jodi met Johnny in Brandi’s house when Johnny and Chris were still in high school. Johnny did manage to keep Brandi’s love affair with Chris a secret from Brandi’s husband, but unfortunately not from her sister-in-law, Jodi. And after learning this secret from Johnny, Jodi uses it to blackmail Brandi for something that she has set eyes on for months, Brandi’s manly son, her nephew, Chris. After Brandi told Chris what happened, he shows up at his Aunt Jodi’s door step the next day. Jodi then invites him in, and in her bed, Chris fucked her brains out like she had lusted for so long and hope that she keeps his secret safe. When the blackmail parade of Johnny and Jodi is finally settled, Brandi continues to make love with Chris every day hoping to conceive. And on the day that Chris is all packed and ready to leave for college, Brandi was already pregnant with Chris’s child, and her husband didn’t suspect a thing, and is happy to know that he is going to be a father again, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, at Jodi’s place, she informed Johnny of her being pregnant, and he was so thrill to know that he fathered a child and is going to be a father, but Johnny was unaware that Chris is the real father of the baby and only Jodi knew the truth which she kept to herself as her dream of carrying her nephew’s child came true.

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2015-04-02 15:03:41
This read more like an outline for a story than a story itself. I suggest you add dialogue and change it from an outside narrator to a personal experience from one of the main characters.

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2012-10-28 12:34:05
u need some dam details

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2012-01-07 22:34:56
i think i went to the same school as u,,, mom fucked son. the end.. boy that has more details than your did

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2012-01-05 21:18:23
actually what we see on jerry springer has more details

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