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It wasn't supposed to happen this way. Sara wasn't supposed to have her hand entangled in her sister’s silky blonde locks. Naomi’s bright blue eyes shouldn't have been closed, while Sara’s lips fit perfectly together with her sister’s that tasted so addicting. Sara’s other hand shouldn't have been slipping under the hem of her sister’s tank top, stroking the soft cream colored skin of Naomi’s lower back hidden beneath the fabric.

Sara’s body was pressed hard against her twelve year old sister’s thin angular body, pinning her against the wall, allowing her feelings to swallow her whole. She could feel Naomi’s pert little tittie lumps strain against her larger titties. A taboo desire washed over her body, making her heart hammer inside her breast. The feeling came in waves, crashing down upon her, causing her mind to become fuzzy as her thoughts came in short, fractured segments.

Sara’s breathing was rapid and shallow causing her firm small boobs to jump against her sister’s little titties. Naomi pressed tight against her sister and let out a groan from deep within her throat. Hearing that moan and feeling its vibration against her lips only drove Sara’s senses wild, making her already warm body flush hotter. She could feel her pussy seep with wetness.

It was almost too much, their close proximity, the feel of her sister’s soft skin against her fingertips, the electrifying kisses. She wanted to feel her sister Naomi in her arms pressed closer to her body. Her fingers itched to trace the bare skin along her sister's new curves. Sara’s hands cupped her young sister’s firm narrow ass and squeezed each buttock. So firm so warm she thought grinding her pussy against her sister’s jutting hip bone. Sara’s lips ached to kiss every inch of bare flesh on Naomi’s young tight body. She just simply wanted to never stop feeling her little sister, tasting every inch of her, tasting deep inside her little cunt, and even the forbidden tightness of her ass hole.

It was as if her body breathed and functioned on one name and one entity alone now. Naomi, sister, lover.

It felt to Naomi that Sarah was everywhere all at once; her hands snaking through her hair, running up and down her back underneath her tank top, cupping her firm little tittie lumps, pinching her soft little nipples until they were rock hard. Cupping her butt and then sliding her hand over the tight crotch of her shorts. Naomi felt her sister’s nails lightly scratching against her skin, bringing shivers of pleasure running down her spine. They kissed and kissed again, Naomi felt Sara’s tongue battle for dominance with her own, dancing a fierce and gentle ballet with hers- stroking and caressing the others in loving, passionate measures.

It was her sister kissing her thought Naomi. She knew she shouldn't love Sara in this way, but she did, with all the love and passion her young heart could measure. To love your older sister, two years older, was wrong she knew that but she couldn’t stop herself from loving or from this hot love making. Sara also knew this was wrong but it felt so absolutely right!

At fourteen Sara was the oldest and she should have stopped it before it came to this. At the same time Sara felt something like power when she touched her sister. She knew in her heart of hearts just how to extract pleasure from her sister’s tight little body. Naomi shouldn't have made Sara’s heart beat faster, and her stomach flutter with nerves, but she did, she had wanted her for a long time and today would be the day she became hers. They both knew this lust for each other was something they shouldn't want, but they could no longer stem the tide of their love for each other.

Sarah was tittering dangerously on the edge of her resistance. Her mind was giving up the fight to hold back, to hide away from the one person who wanted her as much as she wanted her. It was becoming too much to just keep denying that her sister Naomi was too young for this, and she was a pervert for wanting her this way.

Naomi felt the sting of cool air hit her kiss-swollen lips as Sara pushed away from her. Hardly registering what was happening, Naomi's hand flew up to her mouth as her fingertips touched her soft red lips. She was confused, wanting to know why her sister had pulled away.

Taking a step forward, wanting to reclaim her sister’s lips, she was halted by Sarah voice.

"Naomi," she whispered, her voice cracking. "Don't."

"What? Why? Did I do something wrong?" Naomi asked, concerned.

Sarah sat on her bed and was quiet. The silence was killing Naomi, she was fretting inside, tearing herself apart about what could possibly be wrong. Her body was still reacting from her sister’s urgent touches, yet her mind was spinning in a thousand different directions with the confusion. Naomi knew only one thing for sure, as she battled to calm herself; she wanted her sister more than life itself.

"You are my sister," Sarah murmured. "You kiss me and I can no longer breathe. Your hands touch my skin and I feel as if I'm on fire. Am I sick Naomi, I mean you are only twelve years old?"

Sarah's blue eyes peered up into Naomi's, causing her to feel a sharp tug at her heart. She didn't want her sister to feel this was wrong when it felt so hot, so good.

"Sara," Naomi whispered pleadingly. “I want it as much as you do, maybe more. I know we are sisters, but I love you, in every way. When you touch me I get wet.” Naomi pulled down her pajama shorts and panties in one motion. With two thin fingers on her right hand she parted her puffy pussy lips. “See how wet I am sis. You do this to me. You just have to look at me and I get wet.”

"Oh Nai-" she said her voice faltering. "Oh your little cunt looks so hot with no hair and wet like that.”

Closing the gap between them, Naomi kissed her older sister.

Their bodies acted immediately, pulling together as Sara threaded her arms around her sister’s narrow waist, as if the small interruption to their earlier intentions had never happened. Sara pulled Naomi closer to her, intensifying the kiss, feeling herself begin to breathe as one with her kid sister.

Their lips broke apart, but their bodies stayed closely pressed. They stared lovingly into one another's eyes.

"I love you Sarah," said Naomi, leaning in for another kiss. "And always will."

"I love you too Naomi," Sara replied, giving her sister a fiery kiss before moving her towards the bed.

It was supposed to happen this way. Sarah’s body was meant for her sister’s, just as her heart beat as one with hers. Sara’s hands were meant to glide across the naked torso of her sister’s body pushing down her pj shorts and removing her tank top; just as her lips were meant to kiss a trail down the long curve of Naomi’s neck. She knew in her heart that this meant to be.

She opened her mouth and let her tongue cover her sister’s soft firm little breast, sucking the entire tittie into her mouth flicking back and forth over the tiny stiff nipple. Naomi sighed and caressed her sister’s hair.

“Oh, oh yess,” the young girl hissed.

Sara loved the texture of her sister’s stiff puffy nipples how they popped up when her tongue depressed them how Naomi moaned when she pulled on them with her lips and teeth. Sara sucked hard taking the full roundness of her young sister’s tittie into her mouth flicking franticly at the hard little nipple with her tongue. Naomi’s body arched off the bed and she groaned.

Sarah began kissing her way down the slim, hard body licking at her curves and contours, sucking on her navel, letting her tongue leave a wet trail down over her tummy as Naomi spread her legs wide with a moan.

“Oh lick my pussy Sara, oh eat me please,” groaned Sara as her young hips and ass swiveled upward toward her sister’s mouth.

Sara smiled up at her sister, “Is that what you want sis, my tongue on her little cunt, tell me you want it.”

“Oh yes, sis do me, suck it, lick it, eat it, eat it please!” pleaded Naomi franticly.

Sara took in the lovely pussy before her, so neat and compact, the outer lips not fully developed yet as damp with juice as any woman, and so free of hair, with only a dusting of peach fuzz covering her mound. Sara kissed the softness on either side of her sister’s pussy feeling the utter softness of skin and tiny little hairs. Naomi moaned as if she could take no more. With hands on either side of her sisters jewel-like pussy Sara place pressure so the little cunt lips parted like a flower.

In one thrust her serpentine tongue was inside the wet warmth of her little sister’s cunt hole. Both girls groaned as Sara jabbed her tongue in and out of the wonderfully tasting slit. Sara was beside herself with excitement her own pussy twitched and flowed with juices as she tasted Naomi’s cunt felt her sensitive tongue explore the slick firm and very young pussy flesh. For her part Naomi was out of her mind with pleasure , it was more so much more than she imagined, her sister between her legs lapping at her wet pussy that tongue moving deep inside her then snaking pout and over her tiny, trembling clit.

The pleasure seemed endless to Naomi as Sara slowly and effectively worked her tongue over her pouty outer lips, nibbling on them with her teeth; the tasting the depth of her pussy before circling and flicking her sensitive flesh button with the tip of her ceaseless tongue. Several times Naomi was on the verge of ecstasy and her Sarah pulled back moving her tongue to Naomi’s firm thighs or flat tummy. Each time Naomi would arch her ass off the bed and grind her teeth, and groan in agony.

Finally she pleaded with her older sister, “Oh fuck Sara please let me cum, I’m going die if I don’t cum… I need it so bad!”

Sara lifted her wet face from her sister’s lovely pussy and smiled at her, “Then get on your hands and knees and lift that hot little ass in the air.”

Naomi moaned, she would do anything her sister asked at this point, the raw ach in her cunt and tummy was so strong, her need so fierce she would have laid down on a bed of nails if Sara had asked her to.

When Naomi was in position Sara smiled again. She had said it right, Naomi’s ass was hot, hell it was perfect. So many times she had longed to touch it when she wore her tight short-shorts or bikini panties or once she had borrowed one of Sara’s thongs and Sara had made her model it before she took it off. Sara had wanted this ass for so long and she put a hand on each buttock and squeezed gently.

This felt better than she had imagined, so firm yet the skin soft to her touch and hot the blood hot beneath her hands. Sarah gave her sisters little ass a slap and watched the blood rise to the skin, another, Naomi yelped as if a shock of electricity had just ran through her.

Sara parted those perfect, firm cheeks and saw another point of her longing the puckered, little anus that she had dreamed about, wanted to taste for so long. Sara spit on her fingers and led her forefinger and middle finger spread the saliva over and around the rim of her little sisters butt hole. A new sound came from Naomi, a guttural moan, from deeper in her through. She had never even touched herself sexually in this place where her sisters fingers lightly ignited a fire she never knew existed.

Then suddenly Sara dipped foreword and Naomi felt her sister’s long firm tongue at the entrance of her ass hole circling testing the tight wrinkled softness with her firm tong tip. Naomi found herself gasping for air, wanting this yet shocked at the same time. She buried her face in a pillow and groaned loudly as Sara pushed the full volume of her tongue deep into Naomi’s tongue with one deft trust.

Niomi closed her eyes at the tactile pleasure of feeling her sister’s tongue slide through the tight channel moaned each thrust of her sister’s talented tongue. Niomi was thrashing her face back and forth on the pillow; she had never imagined that anything to do with her “bum” could give her such raw, high-octane pleasure.

Naomi began to gently rock her ass back and forth in rhythm to Sara’s tongue thrusts wanting to feel that writhing pleasure deeper inside her butt hole. Sara was moving her tongue with precision and speed even as her jaw began to ache, the pleasure outweighed everything. To violate her little sister this way to taste her sweet little ass and own it with her tongue was something she had imagined for a long time. She stopped to rest her jaw and noticed how open the little ass had become. She sent a warm ball of spit cascading down her little sister’s open anus and followed it with her hungry tongue, letting it twist and swirl and curling it inside the channel so she could push deeper.

Naomi was groaning and pulling up fist full’s of the sheet beneath her. It was almost too much. She was desperate; she reached her slender fingers between her legs needing to bring herself off but was shocked again when Sarah slapped her fingers away. Growling, “I’m going to let you cum soon, don’t worry!”

Then Naomi felt her sister’s ceaseless tongue flick and stroke the soft path of skin between her ass and pussy. It seemed that for many minutes the tongue lashed upward circling the twelve year olds ass then downward parting the tiny cunt lips. Naomi was groaning and rolling her hips trusting her cunt and ass at the tongue wanting more contact wanting to cum so badly.

Finally Naomi felt the tip of Sara’s middle finger at the tight entrance of her bum hole. She held her breath concentrating focusing all her attention on relaxing her tight ass muscles. The finger didn’t wait long. With one strong thrust Sara twisted her finger all the way to the hilt and in the same instant her middle finger on the other hand rammed inside her little sister’s tender virgin cunt hole. With the agility of a contortionist Sara was beneath Naomi and suddenly lapping and nibbling on the small throbbing clit she had coveted for so long. For Naomi it was as if her entire body had been immersed in liquid pleasure.

Naomi shifted her narrow hips and her perfect little ass bounced up and down as her big sister filled her cunt and ass pounding fingers into her with a fierceness the youngest sister never imagined possible. It was all too much for the young girl. Though her eyes were open she saw flashes of white, brilliant pleasure everywhere around her, her thighs began trembling uncontrollably. A hot pleasurable tremor began in her preteen cunt and ass and washed over her slim young body and she was shaking screaming , unintelligibly , riding her sister’s fingers as if they were white hot rods burning her insides. Her little ass rising pushing toward the pleasure centre and her chest and tummy rising and falling so rapidly it wild fro one more ounce of pleasure.

Sara watched it all unfold as her sister’s round firm ass and slick cunt grabbed tightly at her fingers. Naomi’s young cunt muscles contracted pushing Sara’s finger clear and with remarkable force cum squirted forth like a fountain washing over Sara’s face and breasts. Sara yipped and screamed loudly at the unexpected and unbelievable hot vision of her little sister spraying cum all over her.

With a fierce uncontrollable need Sara rammed three fingers into her own soaked cunt. Pounding them in to the hilt and grinding her thumb on her slippery, engorged clit. Within seconds, as the third volley of cum left her sister’s perfect little cunt, Sara’s entire body convulsed and she came with such power she blacked out, her legs writhing on the bed. She sensed her sister falling across her body, Naomi’s skin flowing like water, like a hot raging river over her mid section.

Even as she lost consciousness Sara realized that this was not the fevered fantasy that fired her each nightly too touch and rub her young cunt, the obscene images of her little sister’s tight, hot and unattainable body filling her mind until she came so hard it almost seemed real. No this was what she knew should not have happen this was real and beyond measure, this thing, this unbelievable thing between sisters was undoubtedly the most amazing thing that had ever happened in her young life.


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It is a good story and all but there are a few little faults that could do with sorting out. First of it needs a build up, who are these two people, what is their background, what sort of life do they live etc, second you need to stick to one name with the character, 'Sara' or 'Sarah', one little letter can actually change the name completely and throw people off. Other than that it is a great story

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