Bad man blackmails wife
Hi my handle is hard93. This my first story here. Hope that you will enjoy it. The following story is all fiction, with none of the events or characters based in reality. Not the same back that the events written here do not occur; there may be someone out there whose life resembles this store. It does contain sex with teenagers; if you find this offensive please discontinue reading. This story is about life, love and betrayal, how over coming hurt can change lives. So enjoy.

How do we start this? I am Joe a 35-year-old man, father of two beautiful young teen girls, Amanda age sixteen and Megan age fourteen, both with dark hair almost black, deep brown eyes, and tan skin. At less I've believed that until my wife will was read. Then my world nearly crumpled as I found out that both my daughters actually were not my children. My wife being carried on an affair during our early marriage, I should tell you more about my wife, she was a Latina beauty with mahogany eyes and hair, she was five foot, seven inches tall, hundred and fifteen pounds, 38C-25-38 with supermodel looks. She could stop traffic in a pair of tight blue jeans and tank top. Her major problem was she knew it.

According to a letter attached to the will, she was blackmailed her ex-boyfriend who had pictures and video of her being slutty. She didn't want to lose my love or wealth. So she allowed him to have sex for his silence and a little cash from time to time. He insisted that they never used birth control as part of his blackmail; as a result she became pregnant twice. The prenuptial agreement would have left her absolutely nothing if it been consensual, and the children were not mine she wouldn't even receive child support.

I'm not sure just how much I actually believe her it's easy to write a fiction to make you out as the victim, some faces can be checked, and a paternity test will confirm or deny some of her statements. Given the infrequent sex life I had with her during our first three years of marriage the opportunity definitely was there. She claimed that it ended after he died in a car accident, she gave his name, I'm managed to verify that is true he had died shortly after Megan was born.

Needless to say, I hurt, angry, and confused by all this. She did insist that the girls were not to know until they reached their 18th birthday. The will gave me the guardianship of them. How do I look them in the eye and still act as a loving father.

If she would have come to me, when we first were married told me of this scheme, I could got PIs to track down everything this man had. To make him stop I used every means in my position; I'm dealt with blackmailers before. My family came from old money with its share of scandals. Blackmail stops when you stand up to them; by being ready to face the scandal, gather your evidence of the blackmail, and reverse it. I'm going to the police, you’re going to jail.

I make an appointment for both girls, telling them it's an annual physical which it is, but also their DNA will be collected for verification. Given the results I may be changing my will I haven't decided what I may do.
Life goes on, a few weeks after the girls appointment I received the DNA results. On reading I do find that I am not their father. Both girls had the same father, matching my wife’s account. A little more digging in this man's background I find is parents, and from them I retrieve materials he was using to blackmail my now dead wife. His father had a different story to tell me that they were lovers. That she keep him at her whim, using him whenever her had the itch.

Several DVD showing him fucking my wife over first three years of our marriage, some pictures which predate this. From the images on the DVDs, it did not appear any coercion was in use, but looked like the slut was enjoyed it. My suspicions were confirmed especially, when the bitch asked at the end of at least two of the recording on the DVDS. “Same time tomorrow?”

As the girls, somewhere in my mind I stopped looking at them as my daughters may be it was the fact that I watched the DVDs and from the time recorded figured out which to she was impregnated on, and hearing her scream. “I papa Fuck me now, and give me a baby.” That was enough make me hate that woman, no matter what we shared after I will hate her for that. I can't even say her name anymore.

The girls had nothing to with that, they were innocent. When you do not understand why someone is angry you naturally believe it was something that you did. The girls believed something they were doing had enraged me. They didn't go to the reading of the will, and not knowing of their mother's infidelity had no idea what I was dealing with.

At one point, they asked me why I had begun to treat them differently what have they done to make me angry at them.

“Daddy why are you mad? Did we do something to make you so mad?” Amanda asked one day after school.
“No Amanda, I'm sorry you didn't do anything I'm not mad at you or your sister.” When she and sister hugged me, I'm not sure if it was the fact I did not see them as my daughters, or they look so much like the woman I fell in love with. I found myself daydreaming about how good it would be to make them scream the same words that mother had from one of our fantasy lovemaking adventures.

I excused myself and return to my room to sort out my feelings, and one hand I was angry enough at their mother go through with it. Their innocence held you back, how could I do that to those girls who love me, as truly as any child could. At least I realize that they do not deserve any of the punishment that I would've dealt the two lovers.

I decided to treat the girls, as who they were, young, beautiful, and innocent girls who knew nothing of their mothers treachery. I decided that I would enjoy their company as always to forgive them of their accidental birth. Because who can chooses who your parents are.

Later that evening and dinner, Amanda cooked it she had taken over many of the tasks her mother left. “I think you're becoming a better cook than your mother ever was.” She still hadn’t a clue as to her mother what a bitch she had been.

“I miss mummy.” She says as she looks at me, confused look comes over her face as I realize I did not hide my anger.

“Why are you mad daddy did I do something?” Amanda asked.
"You did not, your mother did." I blurted out before even thinking. Both girls were in tears seeing my anger not knowing the cause.

“I'm sorry it’s not you girls. I'm having a harder time with your mothers passing that I thought.” I'm not sure if that's a lie or not, the last years our marriage was good, no they were great. She was very affectionate; she took care of the house well, and was always there for the girls and me. She even initiated sex on many nights, I still missed that. Until she fell ill it seemed like she was the perfect wife and mother.
The fact that she allow herself to get pregnant by him twice, and never by me. I'm having trouble getting over her betrayal; even if it started as blackmail it seems she began to just it, more than me, or did she even love him more than me. That's the idea that’s killing me. I'm going to have to let go of this anger. To move beyond it, so I can enjoy my life.

“Girls do you know the seven stages of grieving is?” I asked to tears stained faces. As they slowly shake their head no.

“Everyone grieves differently and over different time for them, but there are seven stages everyone goes through. First shock and denial, second Pain and guilt, third anger and bargaining, forth oppression and loneliness, fifth the upturn, sixth Reconstruction, seventh acceptance. I'm stuck in third. Sorry girls, this isn't your fault you been wonderful, but I've been having a tough time.”

Both girls come around the table and hug me kissing me on the cheeks. “We love you Daddy”
All I managed to choke out is. “Thank you girls.”

“I will clean up, you two go do something fun.” Gather and rinse the dirty dishes and put them into the dishwasher, I'm not paying much attention but all of a sudden the house is very quiet. Too quiet a parent, anyone who has raised kids, knows when it gets quiet go check on the kids. The last plate is loaded anyone, I quietly close the dishwasher. Walking quietly through the house to find what the girls are up to.
The living room lights are off, but I can tell that the widescreen TV is on. A cold chill runs down my spine as I realize I haven't removed that damn DVD on the player. The sound must nearly off because as I stand in the doorway I can barely hear anything. There are the girls with hands over their mouth trying not to make any noise as they watch wide eyed. I hesitate not knowing how to break it to them or how much they should know. Perhaps a lie may be kinder than the truth. At least their mothers lie has some truth that I can show them. I will have to do a lot of damage control.

I turn on the lights the girls jump, Amanda quickly turns off the TV.

“Girls I'm sorry you saw all that.” As I walk to talk to them.

Amanda asks. “Daddy is that why you're so mad.”

All I can do is shake my head yes in response. A tear is running down my cheek, sadness or frustration it
doesn't matter if there, and the girls see it.

“We’re sorry. We did not know.” Amanda begins with tears streaking down her face. I hold my arms out Amanda rushes into me holding me tightly crying on my chest. Megan comes and wraps herself around Amanda side and mine crying into my chest as well.

I'm doing my best to comfort both girls. Nothing seems to work, I began kissing them on the top of their heads. “Listen I love you and nothing else matters. You’re my girls and nothing else matters.” They finally look up as I say this. I gently kiss each on their forehead. The girls both say “I love you.”

“I never wanted you to know about that. In time I would have dealt with it and you would never have to know.”
Megan is extremely bright child near genius level, her math skills are exceptional, science and biology comes easily to her, even in advanced classes she still straight A student, but Book smart doesn't always mean you have enough common sense to keep your mouth shut.

I don't know when it came to her but she blurted out. “Did you see the date? The date on the video it was nine months before Amanda was born. What mom said did you hear that?” Amanda now cries uncontrollably into my chest, moaning. “No. No. No. No.” My heart is breaking knowing just how she feels.

She pulls away looking me in the face. “It's.. Can’t be.. NO.. PLEASE NO!” She’s too upset to make a full sentence. Or she just reads sad confirmation on my face, the same face she saw when I had to tell her some other painful news, about a pet, then the same when telling her about her grandparents and her mother.

“I never wanted you to find out. It doesn't matter I love you.” I try to pull her back to me but she slips away and runs to her room.

I can feel Megan shaking against me. “Daddy I look just like Amanda, if she wasn't two years older than me people would say we’re twins.” Before I can say anything Megan reads my same expression that Amanda did and she knows as well.

“I love you Megan, nothing else matters.”

Megan grows angry and shouts. “How can you say that? It does matter. My mother was a bitch she hurt you. I don't know who I am.” She pulls away and runs to her room slamming her door.

Feel like smashing the whole DVD player right do the TV. I'm so mad at myself for leaving that damn disk in it. How could I let this happen? Why was I so careless with that damned disk? I don't want to talk to the girls when I'm in this state. Anger makes for poor negotiating. I do my best to calm down the force myself under control. It's been several minutes before I am calm enough to handle talking to the girls. I start with Amanda.

I knock on Amanda's door, only wait a few seconds, knock one more time without a response I open her door. She is on her bed face buried in her pillow. I walk over and set on her bed and generally rub her back. I sat there just gently rubbing her back. After a very long time, her tears begin to stop. She rolls over and looks me in my eyes.

“Why would she do something like that? She knew how much it would hurt you. She told me to never cheat on the man I love. She knew it was wrong but she did it anyway.” Amanda is hurt. I can only imagine what's going through her mind, her mother is dead. I'm not her father. Is she afraid that if I reject her. Send her to that man. She would be an orphan poor and homeless?

“Yes Amanda I am mad and hurt, by what she did. She said she was blackmailed into doing those things, he had pictures of her, that she did not want anyone to see.”

“Blackmail dad, I don't believe it. That is bill shit; she was enjoying herself a woman can tell. She was a bitch to hurt you. And now that you know,”

I cut her off before she could say anything else. “Amanda I love you, I feed you, changed you, set with you when you're sick. I held you when you cried. I've been your dad from the day you were born. Nothing will ever change that. You're my girl and you always will be. Your mother gave me you and Morgan at least two good things came of it.”

She throws her arms around me setting up pulls close to me. “But you're not my father, are you?”

“That doesn't change how I feel about you, I love you.” She does something I hadn’t expected. She raises up and gives me a kiss directly on my lips holding there. Her mother had made me teach her how to kiss, saying it's better for me to have some punk kid with a hidden camera. Now I wonder if that's how all this got started. It feels like minutes but I know it was only seconds before I begin the return her kiss. Because more hot and passionate before I realize, I break away pulling back to look at her.
“What's wrong Joe?” The first time in her life she is called me Joe. That hurt more than anything.

“You just called me Joe.” I state trying to hold back my disappointment.

“I can't call you father because you're not. Daddy is a form of father.” She moves up to kiss me again.

“I'm sorry we can't Megan is going through this as well.”

Amanda eyes go wide with shock as she realizes her sister is her full sister. “That bitch not once but twice she did that.” Again she read my face and sees the truth.

“And Megan figured that out on her own.” I say as I stand pulling Amanda with me. “We need to go help your sister.”

Amanda nods and follows me to Megan’s room. I knock and wait with no response I simply walked into her room. Megan turns away from me. I set on her bed again rubbing the back of one of my precious girls. After a few seconds Megan rolls over to look at me, through tear stained eyes.

“I'm sorry it does matter, but it doesn't change the fact that I love you. I loved you from your first breath, I will love you till my last.”

Megan sets up hugs me tightly kissing my cheeks. “I love you too.”

I make eye contact with Amanda, and mouth. “You too.” Amanda’s half smile is enough to let me know she understands.

After a while curiosity is more than one Megan can stand. Nervous Megan stammers. “What are you? What about that man?”

“I'm going to love you your my Megan.” Megan is calmer why hearing this. “That man died shortly after you were born.” After saying this both girls exchange a look.

“So we’re orphans?” Morgan asked.

I then set both girls down on Megan's bed, taking her desk chair and facing them. Then I will I take one of their hands, and then looking them each the eyes. “Your mothers will appoints me as your guardian, so nothing changes as for where you live. I will do what I've always done. Love you. I can't change that about me, just like you were before.”

“Everything is different Joe.” Amanda states.

“You're not our father, he's dead and good riddance.” Megan confirms

I'm not sure how or where to go from here. How many times do you need tell them, how many ways can I show them that I love them.

Amanda speaks with more emotion pulling me into her eyes. “You're not our father, we’re not your daughters, it's not the same, how can you love us the same?”

“I do.” I give as week protest.

“You love us, it can't be the same, and it’s changed now.” Amanda leans forth whisper in my ear. “Now you can fuck my brains out and it's not incest.” Smiling she sets back onto the bed.

Oh my God Amanda just hit on me. The shock is on my face, as Megan begins to giggle. It fill my heart beat nearly double and there's a strain in my boxers has my body's reaction does not match what my brain is trying to tell it.

Amanda nearly demands an answer. “Isn't that true?”

I can't control my body any longer, there's a large twinge in my stiffening penis to her words. My thin shorts and boxers do little to hide my erection as the loose material begins to tent. Her statement is definitely half true, it wouldn't be incest. As for the other half my body tense to lean on true as well.

Amanda’s free hand falls over the end of my stiffening manhood pressing it against my thigh. Her hand gently squeezes both her eyes locked to mine. Smile crosses her face not needing an answer to either half of her statement.

Amanda had a severe daddy crush that my wife used to tease me about. She said. “One of these nights you’re going to find her wrapped around that monster of yours.” Sometimes she would role play, acting like she was Amanda. Seducing me and once we began she would always make me refer to her as Amanda. And later on when Megan fell under her daddy crush she did the same using Megan as a target of her fantasy.

Amanda let go, drew her hand back, as she did my erection sprung up as high as the materials would allow.
Megan gasps as she saw it bounce upward. “What did you say Amanda?”

Amanda repeats her statement and question. I merely nod, as Megan stares opened mouth at Amanda.

“It's true it wouldn't be incest.” I finally get the nerve to open my mouth. Amanda's body shows her arousal, her nipples are hard showing through the white t-shirt she wears, the crotch of her cut-off jeans shorts are damp from her womanly wetness, and the aroma is unmistakable. It does nothing but strengthen my own body’s reaction, my hard on is very uncomfortable straining to rip free. It’s now that I realize how long it's been since I last made love, although fairly fast my wife's illness still lasted just over a year, it's been seven months since her passing. Nearly two full years I've been celibate.

“Girls it's been a very long day, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to go get some rest. We'll talk tomorrow, a little more time may let us think more clearly.”

I turn and quickly leave closing the door behind me. In the Hall I over hear Amanda and Megan, I know I shouldn't but I can't stop myself from listening.

Megan “God just throw yourself at him.”

Amanda “You heard him, it's not incest. Why not, he makes me horny as hell. Now that I can I think I'm going to.”

Megan giggles “Okay I'll admit it too. I get wet thinking about him every night.”

Amanda "Remember seeking up to their bedroom when mom would act like she was me, usually in the afternoon when they thought we were still in school.”

Megan “Yea I remember, that was so hot.”

Amanda “Remember how I went in to the bedroom just a little, mom saw me with my hand down my pants.”

Megan “Oh my God what did she do?”

Amanda “She smiled, waved for me to leave. A while after we were back in our rooms, she came and talked to me. She told me she was dying, that hurt. I cried the longest, she just held me. Then she told me after she dies that we should take care of Joe. After that she started making him give me kissing lessons.”

Megan "You mean mom was having him make out with you?”

Amanda “Yeah she had him kiss me just like a boyfriend, one time she even talked him into feeling me up so I would know how to stop a boy from doing that.”

Megan giggles “Did you like him touching you? What did you like?”

Amanda giggles. “Yes! At first it was really good it felt amazing, I didn't try to stop him. Then mom made him do it more like a boy my age would. That didn't feel as good, then mom made me try to stop him. It took a couple tries but he helped by showing me a hold to use on boys. She got so sicker after that we never did anything else.”

Megan is very quiet I can hear what she says.

Amanda is nearly as quiet I only catch a couple of words but what words. They are fuck his brains out.
I quickly turned quietly walking to my bedroom I have a feeling that I'll need whatever rest I can get.
Entering my dark bedroom and disappear from view, just I hear Morgan's bedroom door open. My doorway I can see Amanda walking back to her room. I wait until she is closed her door before pushing mine to. As my eyes adjusted I move over undress in the master bath, I follow my normal routine which is more difficult due to my hard on screaming for attention.

I go to bed close my eyes and try to sleep, but over and over my mind travels back to Amanda's words, fuck his brains out. It's been minutes and still not sleep just every time I close my eyes there is Amanda saying that one time after another.

Looking at the clock it's barely 11 PM and my door opening slowly, I can tell its Amanda by her height, she steps in closing the door behind her, and again I paused wondering what to say.

“Amanda,” she freezes at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing here?”

“You said yes. Your body said yes. I'm here to fuck your brains out, like I wanted to for more than three years.” She had been moving closer as she spoke, now at the foot of the bed. I reached for the lamp so I see her clearly. The light caused her to stand still while her eyes adjusted; there she stood fully nude every inch of her was beautiful, thinner than her mother, 36C-24-36 a perfect hourglass figure a goddess in her own right. I felt my resolve vaporize instantly. I love her not because she was my daughter, we both knew she wasn’t, but for her, loved her spirit, her body, her mind the whole package.

I flew back the blanket that covered me my erection was a good 9 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide. Her eyes and just readjusted to the light, this was the first time she saw my nude body, and sure she has seen me in my trunks as we swam together many times. This is the first time she seen my fully erect penis, an erection she caused.

Amanda stand there looking at me, her eyes are fixed on my cock. “Oh God it's beautiful and so big.”

I take her hand and pull her onto my chest and begin to kiss her passionately, her hard nipples rubbed through my chest hair grinding in small circles as she moves her body she moans into our kiss. I feel her till her hips and raise one leg to straddle me, as she settles her clitoris rubs against my enlarged member a second moan escapes her throat. I begin to slowly thrust my hips causing me to rub her clit. As I pull back till the crown of my cock it bumps across her clit, she moans loud and she pulls away arching her back. Once she's high enough for me to latch onto her left breast my mouth seeks her nipple, standing hard and erect like an eraser from first graders pencil dark brown like chocolate drop on dark caramel, my mouth hungrily licks and sucks at her breast. My left hand cups her right breast playing with the nipple and gently massaging her breasts.

Amanda moans. “Oh God yes I needed to touch you, I needed for you to touch me. Suck my tits.” She straining her hips against me then sliding up and down my manhood. Now it's my turn moan of pleasure she's getting me. I switch sides to pleasure her other breast, she is beginning to speed her motions her hips moving faster long my manhood it's fully wet from tip to base. Her aroma feels the room she begins to shake as an orgasm takes her young body. I’ve hear in her room masturbating at night I know this isn't the first orgasm but it seems to be longer and louder than her normal self-induced orgasms. Before she even fully recovers I pushed her over onto her back sliding down between her legs to lick at that gorgeous pussy. Her pubic mound is covered with think short curly dark hair, her sense permeates it. I grab her thighs and she willingly spreads them, her lips open as her thighs spread. In the low light her beautiful body is open to me. I lick from bottom of her pussy to her clitoris in one long slow pass. She squirms as I proceed; Amanda’s clitoris is nearly an inch standing straight out fully erect and outside of his protective hood.

Wrapping my tongue around it I slowly draw back and forth, putting my whole mouth over that area of her clit. Two strokes and Amanda hands holding my head tight to her hips force her clit deeper into my mouth. As I suck and stroke her Clit she screams in passion as a strong orgasm takes her. I'm glad I put her on birth control after her fifteenth birthday. She's never had a boyfriend more than two weeks so I pretty sure she is never done any of this with one of her former boyfriends.

I move back onto my pillow looking at her beautiful face as she slowly comes back from her bless. I watch her chest how rapidly rises and falls, hard nipples stand out still yet her legs clever ever so often. After just a short time her breathing becomes regular, Amanda says. “That was the most intense orgasm I had in my entire life.”

Teasing her I say. “Bet I will do better next time.”

Amanda quick witted. “Okay take bet that, double or nothing.”

“So I don't do it as well, you get two more.” I fully intend to just barely lose that bet.

“Oh yes but if you win, I'll give you a blow job.” Amanda is smiling ear to ear.

I kiss her passionately getting closer to her, letting my hands run over her body touching every inch of her. My hands run across her hard nipples she moans into my mouth. Teasing, touching, massaged, and lightly pinching the nipple causes her to arch her back pressing her breasts to my hands. Her hands are on mine urging me to massage faster. I gently press her right leg with my foot to allow me room to move between those delightful legs. As I remove my hands in place them beside her shoulders, and rise up placing myself above her, A look of total excitement is crossed Amanda's face, resting on my knees and left hand, using my right to gently slide my manhood up and down her slit, each time I pump her clit a long moan follows. Positioning myself now at her entrance, her eyes me mine. “Oh yes Joe do it drive that monster all the way in me make me come all over it.” I gently sink into her moving only a few tenths of an inch, stretching her slowly. I reached about half way down she grabs my hips and thrust upwards taking the second half in one quick movement.

“Oh now I know why you were moving so slow.” She's never had anything in her as big as I am. Now resting fully in her breading is tense. “Relax I'll stay still till you do we'll enjoy it better once you relax.” Begin kissing her passionately she's kissing me back at all passion she has. She still very tight but the rest of her body has relaxed. So I begin the slow short stroke only moving an inch or so. No sign of discomfort I begin a longer stroke point out just past her G spot then plunging back in to near her cervix.

In just a minute she is moaning loudly as each stroke stimulates her body closer and closer to climax.

“Oh God that feels so good. Yes daddy Fuck me. Fuck me, I love you Daddy, fuck me hard.

“I love you Amanda.” As I begin a faster stroke point out till only the head remains in and diving to her full depth. With each stroke Amanda cries out, “yes” “yes” “oh” “oh yes” till she screams “OH YES I'M CUMMING, DADDY I'M CUMMING FUCK ME DADDY,” I drive in her as quick as I can bring myself to orgasm near her climax. I screamed. “AMANDA I'M CUMMING” I go rigid pushing deeper into her. Amanda spasms with each rope of Cum I fire into her womb, screaming “I FEEL IT I FEEL YOU CUMMING.”

I'm vaguely aware of the bed shifting heavily seen Megan fall onto it.

I'm breathing heavily as Amanda goes limp under me. I roll to the center extracting my still hard penis, having just fired my sixth or seventh rope of semen deep in Amanda. I just have enough strength to pull Amanda close in to me. Cuddling her to me I tell her. “I love you Amanda.”

“I love you too.” Amanda says between kisses she is placing on my neck.

“Sleep, I going to sleep soon.” I give her all my energy in nature demands rest. Just on the edge of consciousness I hear Megan. “Is he done for the night?”

“Yes” I moan not sure if it actually came out before sleep stole me away.
In the morning I wake to the warmth of Amanda cuddled to my chest her head resting on my shoulder. I miss this, waking up with a beautiful nude woman next to you, the bed shifts again and Morgan rolls back to my side. Now this I could really get used to. Two beautiful women right next to me every morning would definitely give a man reason get up.

I gently kiss Amanda roll her over so I can extract myself from the bed. She gently rolled back to her back. I move softly as I can not disturb the girls. Despite my best efforts I await Amanda, smiles and getting out of the bed in heading to the bathroom. Amanda has finishing her morning pee when I'm arrived to do the same. She stands back and watches with interest as I relieve my stretched bladder. “Ever see a man pee before?”

“No first time for that too. Have a lot the first in the last day.”

“Yeah which firsts did you have?”

Thinking she says, “First porn where I knew someone in it, first time I saw you nude and hard. First time I touched a hard penis. First time I ever got oral sex. First time I have sex. First time I've ever had more than one orgasm in a night. First time I sleep nude with you.”

“Joe, I had one more first last night first last time, the last time I'll be with anyone for the first time. Never am I going to be with someone other than you. I made up my mind you’re it I don’t want another man. When you stop being my Guardian I want you to be my husband, I want to be mother to your children.” He pulls me in the passion kiss the longer we kiss more I want the same thing.

“Oh what are we going to do about Megan? You saw how she came last night, Nude as you, ready to jump my bones I just didn't have anything left after you.”

“Fuck her brains out just like you did for me. She needs to be loved just like I do. We talked for a long time last night after you left we talk to Megan's room for a little while. Then she came to my room and we talk a lot longer. We decided that what mom did wasn't fair to you. The cheating was one thing that hurt you, but she robbed you of having children. We’re both going to make up for that. We both love you, and couldn’t decide which one of us should be with you, we both want to be. So we decided to share you. Morgan wants to start birth control until she is 18, I'll stay on birth control until I had 18. When we’re 18 we will both start having children, your children. You've given us everything we have ever wanted. We know you will be a great father. We will be happy to be your woman, and will love you until my last breath.”

What could a man say to that? You have had ice water for blood with no emotions to even consider not taking them up on that offer. Teenagers can change their mind in fifteen minutes, or hold to something forever. Hopefully it's forever and I'll be a happy man with two young lovers.

“You got this all planned out, are you sure?”

“Joe I've never been more certain of anything in my life.” Amanda says smiling brightly.

I pull her in tightly to me, kissing her passionately for almost a minute. She pulls away tell me. “Today is Megan day, I get tomorrow. So don't get any ideas about repeating last night with me until tomorrow. Now go and give Megan what she's been wanting for a last couple of years.”

I shave and brush my teeth to finish most of my normal morning routine. Amanda has left to her own bedroom. Now it’s just me and Megan in the master suite. Last night with Amanda I didn't have to worry about her hymen, she lost hers in accident while riding her horse; I was there, carried her to my car and brought her home. Megan on the other hand hasn't as far as I know hasn't lost hers.

Megan still asleep on my bed, I gently creep back into the bed with her. Cuddling up to her, Megan feels wonderful her nude skin touching mine is a high on its own. For the last two months I've been dealing with my wife's infidelity. Now it seems her actions have given me two perfect lovers. The calmness makes it hard to not fall asleep. I know Megan can sleep all day if I let her. A couple extra hours isn't going to hurt either of us it being Saturday. I will lay here enjoying her warmth until I awake later today.

A few hours later I no longer feel Megan near me, I come awake feeling lonely longing for her touch. I hear chatting coming from the kitchen. So I decide to join them. I just dress in boxers a pair of shorts, leave my chest bear. Walked into the kitchen, just as breakfast is being readied the eggs are you going into skillet being prepared my favorite way.

“Good morning girls.” I called them.

“Good morning Joe.” They both call back.

I'm going to miss good morning daddy, but the trade-off will be worth it. I didn't realize how much at ease I would be with this. Any time before my wife’s death I would have never considered such a thing. Now knowing the truth I find it comforting that my girls love me not just like a father, because what teenager doesn't rebel against their parents. I hope maybe my life with two teenage lovers, maybe better than with two rebellious teenage daughters. I noticed both girls are in just a T-shirt and panties normally they ware pajama bottoms too, but I really like this so I'll not complain their legs are gorgeous after all.

“Something smells delicious.” I'm giving a compliment to the girls.

Megan says. “Thank you d, Joe.” She nearly calls me daddy.

“Megan you can call me daddy any time you want to. You have the last 13 and half years and I'm still the same person.” I smile back at her.

Megan “I'll try to call you Joe because I don't want you to think of me as your daughter.”

Given the conversation I had with Amanda this morning that is very understandable both girls wishing to be my lover and wife. May not requires us to stop thinking of each other as father and daughter, but it would make it easier for the both of us.

“Okay Megan that's what you want honey its fine with me.” I step behind her as she sets the table, I nuzzle and her neck and kiss her there by the table. She drives her backside into me playfully, then rotates her hips rubbing my crotch with her fine ass.

Teasingly I say. “Megan wants gotten into you.”

Putting a finger to her lips she teases right back. “Nothing yet that’s the problem.”

“Well maybe this afternoon we will fix that.” I’m smiling back at Megan looking into her eyes. Her eyes shone lust, her mouth in a smile, his light bash to her face, her nipples hard and erect pushed against the thin material of her T-shirt. It was now that I realized I had been holding back, not allowing myself or the girls to show the full love and feelings we have for each other.

“I love you Megan like a husband loves his wife.” I whispered into Megan’s ear.

“Oh yes Joe I love you too, just like that. I've been waiting for you.” Megan pushes her ass tight to me.
Amanda has brought rest of the food to the table. “Are you two, going to eat or not?”
The image of Megan on my bed legs spread wide and my head held firmly to her sweet clit flashes through my mind. I think better of saying anything that would get her hotter than she was now. I decide a slow tease would be more fun. “Amanda is right; we better have breakfast to keep up our strength.”

“You are going to need all the strength you have, Joe.” Megan says devilish grin looking at me.
We had a large around table that could easily fit eight people, Megan sets close to me right, Amanda is next to Megan. As we begin Amanda leans over and whispers something to Megan both giggle and turn and look at me. They decided to do slow striptease for me, both reach down taking the hem of T-shirts and slowly lifting them off their bodies. My mouth dropped; thankfully not food is in it, the site of them would be enough to melt an average iceberg. All I manage to say Is. “Wow!”

Site of my girls’ perky teen breasts will be something I will remember forever. Megan's breast are not quite as large as Amanda’s 36 C cup breasts but at 34 B I'm sure into two years hers may be even larger, either way I will not be disappointed if they stayed just like they are.

“You better eat, Joe. I'm not waiting forever.” Megan says with a devilish grin.

I eat quickly, nearly burning my tongue with the hot coffee. I think I finish in record time as I get up to put my dirty plate and cup in the dishwasher. Amanda stops me. “I'll take your that Joe."

I can never get her to put her own dishes away, now she's doing mine too. “Thank you, Amanda.”

“You keep doing to us, what did me last night you'll never have to raise a finger around here.”

“Baby I was little rusty; it had been a couple of years. I should get a lot better real soon.” I’m smiling at them. Amanda’s nipples seem to have gotten even harder after I said this. The look on her face as if she is having an orgasm just from remembering last night.

“Joe, you do any better than what you did to Amanda, just don't fuck me to death, please.”

“Megan very few people have ever died from sex he your age, it's usually the older people who have heart attacks from sex. I promise to be very gentle with you.”

“Not too gentle Joe, I want to cum with the monster all the way in me.” Megan's devilish grin is back.
After we finished breakfast Amanda clears away the dirty dishes in place of them into the dishwasher for cleaning. When Amanda comes back down with us I think it's the right time for me talk.

“You know I love you both, the last thing I want to see is you two ever being hurt by any of this. I don't want either of you to be jealous of the time I spent with the other. It may be just Amanda is available in the afternoon and you're not Megan, but I'll try to make sure each of you gets attention from me. But I'm only one man can do only so much. If either of you have a problem you can always talk with me, it's better to bring problem to light, then leave it to get worse. If I have a problem I want to talk it through with you women. I was such hard time dealing with what your mother did till it came to light, and you help me through it. Thank you for that. I know that's in the past, this led us to this point. But if you have a problem with what have to say next we will talk through it now.

“Morgan, me and Amanda had a conversation this morning. She said that you and she wanted to be my lovers, and to act as my wife in the future having my children. Is that correct?”

Amanda shakes her head yes. Morgan looks at me and begins to speak. “Amanda and I talked it over last night. I think it's the right thing for us all. It lets us maintain our lifestyle, giving each of us the love we want and deserve. Besides all the boys my age are done faster than they can get undressed, by what my girlfriends tell me.”

“So there's no problem with exclusivity between the three of us, I will not try to date anyone. I have the two of you I will never need anyone else; I'll never want anyone else. What I'm trying to say is that I love you both. As long as the one of you wish to continue this relationship I will have no problem remaining exclusive to you. The only thing I asked, if you wish to pursue another relationship that you talk to us both, before acting on that.” Both girls are listening closely what I have to said.

Amanda “I for one do not intend to ever have a relationship other than this one.”

“Amanda for a lifetime it's hard to maintain a relationship, it requires a lot of work on all involved. I love you more you'll ever know, and I will do everything I can to build this relationship even stronger. The same goes for you too Megan. If ever you find you do not want to keep our relationship going I would like to be first to know.”

Megan “I know I'm only fourteen and most people don't think that old enough to go into a lifelong relationship, but I'm more mature than most people would ever suspect.”

“Megan I didn't think you're mature enough to handle being in this relationship we wouldn’t be having this conversation, I know you're. But you also know are under legal age for this state, so no one not even your best friend can be told about this relationship. You can talk to Amanda or me. Don't tweet, MySpace or any other social media about this. Don't change your MySpace page to say you're in a relationship. Don't give anyone a clue to what happened in this house. They would be jealous to find out how perfect our lives are. Or for some reason which I have no idea they were trying to stop us from having what they themselves deny wanting.”

Amanda jokes. “I had a girlfriend once that would go out with any boy I said I liked. After her stealing two good ones away from me. I picked some of the geekiest boys in my class she still went out with them.”

Megan giggles. “Is that Beth?”

Amanda laughs “Yes Beth does that but it's been good for her, grace improved, I think her geeky boyfriends do her homework.”

“Nonetheless that is a good example. What one person has another will try to get, or steal it. Lots of people when they can’t have it would see they can break it, more than just leave it alone.”

Morgan brings up an important point. “Joe I'm not on birth control you know that, even though it's not right time of the month for me to get pregnant the possibility is there. I've heard of the morning after pill let us have our fun today and not worry about pregnancy without using a condom. I don't want to have anything between us on our first time, my first time.”

“Looks like I'm getting cleaned up to run to a pharmacy for your morning after pill." I'm glad I had such a smart and loving girlfriend, can't say daughter that's not true, so girlfriend it is.
A devilish idea runs through my mind. “You girls have anything you want me to talk about now.”
Amanda says “other than what you can or better yet what they don't have to wear at home.”

“Amanda my girlfriend you don't have to wear anything.”

Megan “You mean you can run nude around here and it would not affect you.” I'm shaking my head yes he is both of girls remove their panties.

“I didn't say it would not affect me, I said you could if you wanted to. Of course if you're going to run had her nude I want to as well.” I am button my shorts can slip both boxers and shorts off. Exposing a raging hard on. Before asking Megan reaches over and takes it into her head her fingers don't reach fully around. Her hand runs up and down my shaft.

“Oh my God Amanda you had this in you last night.”

Amanda giggles “Every last bit of it, it feels amazing having it fill up my pussy, if you don’t want to I'll be happy to let Joe put it back in me right now.”

“Amanda I didn't say that, if you can take his monster I can too. It’s impressive that this thing would fit in any girl without making her scream.”

Amanda giggles. “It made me scream alright, I think it will be making me scream the rest of my life.”

Megan giggles. “Well it did make you scream if makes me scream the same I may be addicted to it as well.”

Joe “I'll do my best Megan to make you scream longer than your sister, in that same good way.”
Megan gets up and quickly struggles my thighs pushes herself tight against me. “You promised to make me scream.”

I pull her into passionate kiss first me ever shared, oh sure we kiss before but not like lovers. Holding her hips close to me, my free hand cups and massages her breast in just a moment she begins to moan in pleasure. I bring both hands to her breasts squeezing both, playing with her nipples really my thumbs across them. After we break our kiss, Megan arches her back, and I dive onto one of her breasts moving my hand to cup her ass. My mouth closes over her aerial sucking it in the nipple into my mouth. Run my tongue as far out as I can on her aerial then moving inward circling the nipple. My tongue attacks Morgan's nipple, flicking it side to side.

Morgan moans. “I could get used to you playing with my tits every day.” My tongue speeches it's assault.

Amanda has both hands playing with her breasts as well. “I know I want him too right now.”

I gently begin the rub my hard dick up and down her wet cunt. Megan knows she's not going to last very long and moans loudly. “Oh that feels so good. Yes.”

I want to make sure. Coming off her tit to moving my mouth the other, and taking into my mouth sucking hard her nipple and areola or pulled into my mouth. She moans loudly. “Oh yes, that's the first time I had my tit sucked.”

I rocked my hips side to side pushing against her. Her lips of her labia part moving to the side of my engorged penis, making it much easier to stimulate her clit. Feeling the little nob press against my cock I gently move up and down now. Megan eyes go wide as I stimulate her body.

“Stop I got to pee.” Megan demands. Then pulls away. She runs to the powder room, setting on the toilet she doesn't pee, but the urge slowly goes away. Amanda giggles knowing that she just missed out on having an orgasm.

After leaving the powder room, she sets back down in my lap no longer struggling me but cuddles up with her head on my shoulder.

“Megan have you ever had an orgasm before?” I asked kindly as I can, trying not to hurt her feelings.

Without lifting her head Megan answers. “No I had never had one.”

Amanda teases her sister. “Silly girl you just about did before you jumped up.”

Morgan almost looks angry. “You mean that feeling like I had to pee.”

Gently I say. “Megan that's the feeling you get just before you have an orgasm, the stronger the urge the more powerful the orgasm, some women have ejaculate, it called spurting. It's not like pee. It's clear and unlike anything else, call girl cum, most of time is only occurs on strong orgasm.”

Amanda asks. “Joe how do you know so much about girl’s cum?”

“Your mother was a spurter, I loved making her cum hard enough to spurt, and she went wild.” Wide smile comes across my face.

Megan asks. “You think we can learn to spurt too?”

“There's a good chance we could learn what it takes to make her body do that, may take a lot of practice and you telling me exactly what feels best.” Large devilish smile covers my face.

Amanda picks up on lot of practice with a devilish smile she says. “Oh I'm up for the practice any time you want.”

Megan almost lost in her thoughts picks up now a wide smile comes across her beautiful face. “Now that I know what to expect I'm up to try again.” Then she stands pulling me towards my bedroom.
After getting to the bedroom she stands the door until I entered, locking eyes with her sister to silently pleaded. “Let me do this by myself.” Then she closed the door.

I got on the bed and was witching as she turns back to me, running as she no long had any hesitation. Jumping onto the bed she came straight to me, positioned herself just across from me legs spread ready for my immediate invasion. I had other plans I knew I needed to warm back up to give her orgasm, she was very wet now that I wanted her drenched, and dripping. I also didn't want this to be fast on the last as long as I could. To give her a memory that she could enjoy the rest of her life, a first time that she would brag to her granddaughters about.

I positioned myself over top of Megan, and between her legs holding myself high enough to not make contact with any part of her body. She reached between us gaping hold of my manhood. She rubbed the up and down her labia moaning as she crossed her own clit. I kiss her passionately, as she manipulated my manhood sliding it down to her vaginal opening, I draw back raising my hips causing her to moan in frustration. “You pulled away, why?”

“I want to give you at least one orgasm before we begin.”

“No.” She said forcefully. “I want my first orgasm to be on that big cock of yours. That's why I haven't had one before. I want you to give me my first orgasm during my first time making love.”

“Okay, if you close the point where you begin to feel the urge to pee, then while you're still tingling I will begin the intercourse. That should bring you to orgasm pretty fast now be keep you in orgasm for a while.”
She nodded her head agreeing to what I suggested. I kissed her again and moved my kisses over her face her chin her neck her shoulders her upper chest her breasts her nipples I've worked on long her nipples, with the kiss she moaned her approval, after her breast I jump straight to her pussy. Knowing how ticklish her belly is, not wanting anything to lower her heat. I teased while I check her wetness, I slowly spread her labia opening pink pussy to me, her aroma hit me full force, sweet and musty a woman in lust. She was wetter than I thought, I needed tease her long just enough to make her body craves mine.
My tongue touched her clitoris causing her arch her back and call out. “Oh God it feels so good I will cum if you keep that up.” Her clitoris is just like your sisters not a stimulated as her sisters was last night but I can tell when she's fully aroused hers will be an inch so in length. I put my attention those beautiful lips the cover her paradise. After a few seconds I can tell she's nearly there her breathing is labored, she was is getting closer I continue until she stopped. “I’m getting the urge really strong.”
I pull all it away a position myself over, again she takes my manhood moves it over her vaginal opening I can feel her wetness seeping from her, I look her in the eyes wanton lust flits hers. I gently push forward impaling her, my manhood slowly sinking deeper into her, her hymen making contact the head of my cock. She nods letting you know she is ready. She's relaxed enough so I press hard ripping through her maidenhood and sinking deep into her over half of my cock disappears into her. A small screen of pain has I pass through her hymen is all she lets out. I hold still until her pain is gone. “Your pain is gone we will make love until we can't move anymore.” After a minute, she pulls me down to kiss after breaking whispers in my ear, “put your weight on me, I want to feel you tight against me and push that cock the rest of the way in.” As I sink down push in at the same time my body lowers to her. As I begin to place my weight onto her I move my arms so my elbows take most my weight, still press tightly to her.

“I wanted this for ever to feel you like this.” She thrust her hips taking every last inch I have to give; I'm now fully surrounded by her. “Oh yes I feel so full it feels so good.”

Pull my hips back to and pass over her hymen used to reside. Then plunging forward until I contact her cervix, her eyes go wide sensation that smile crossed her angelic face. I continue repeating is motion until her eyes close her head those back she is moaning constantly, her nipples rock hard and rub with every thrust across my chest. I kiss and lightly nipped her neck up to her ear lobe. Her moaning is increasing I fill her tight and around my thrusting cock, again thrust faster and deeper.
Megan moans. “Oh God that urge is so strong I'm going to pee everywhere.”

“Don't fight that feeling, go with it, Cum for me baby girl, cum for me Megan.” I continued thrusting.

“Oh God, Good.. It's So Good.. I'M CUMMING.. CUMMING. I'M CUMMING.. YESSS” she now screams with each breath drawing in hard, and screaming “YYYEEESSSSSS” as long as her has breathe to cry out. I keep thrusting into Megan, her orgasm only intensifies as it goes spasms run the length of her body. Her hands clench the sheets, her legs kicked wildly, I feel her spurt hitting the base of my cock and over balls, and they drip her come. We been making love for nearly half an hour and she's been in orgasm for more and half that. I speed my thrusting up, she still in the throes of her orgasm her head still moves wildly side to side would be her while dark brown hair. I can't hold back anymore. I screamed, “I'm Cumming.” thrusting hard deep in to her. She screams “I FEEL IT GOING IN ME.” She finally stiffens then fell to the bed limp as a rag doll. I raise myself off her to give her more room to breathe. Her breathing is deeper. I am quickly going limp and withdraw from Megan. Rolling on my side then cuddling to her. She feels so good in my arms I gently stroked her hair pulling strands the cover her face away.

Its then that I noticed that Amanda has entered the room obviously some time ago, she is in my chair facing the bed her legs are drawn up with her feet in the chair beside her hips her head is back her eyes are closed, and two fingers are buried deep into her pussy.

My heart goes out to Amanda, summoning a reserve of strength I walked to her. Gently lift her from the chair and carried her place her on my bed. Then cuddling back up to Megan once settled in Amanda cuddling into me. Before going back to sleep Amanda said. “That so hot watching you two, Megan was cuming like forever.”

“It was great she even spurted not bad for her first orgasm. But she wore me out. I will need a nap for an hour or two.”

Sleep came quickly, with both girls were sound asleep, before I was. I felt truly loved between these two. As I lay there just before sleep a strange clarity fill me, of all possible scenarios given the events of early marriage this was the best result. If she had confessed all and I have not forgiven or believed her about the blackmail, I wouldn't have those great final years spend with her, and her two daughters to love and be loved by. She would have died penniless leaving her daughters orphaned; although too young to care for themselves, they would've been separated in different foster homes with little hope for a good future. That’s not a future I want for them. I see her did her best to make up for her mistake, I think her had tried to tell too but I didn’t hear her. I would wonder why she was so sad some days, crying over something she never told about. She would just say I’m sorry and put her head on my shoulder cry for the longest time. Then she would make love to me. After she always says, “I love you more.” That’s it; Anna did love me more than him. Mind is fully calm now sleep comes fast. Just before the world fades out, I hear Anna whisper “I love you more.”

My life begins a new that weekend, pain gave way to love. Over the years our love grew and so did our family. Now ten years later, the chorus of “Good morning Daddy” greets me every day at the breakfast table, four our four children’s voices say the second most favorite greeting to me. My mostly favorite usually happens about half an hour before then “Good morning Joe.” Said by one of my most precious women in my life, Amanda and Megan had been true to their word I don't have to lift a finger around the house. I still help with the children whenever I don't get caught doing it.

Funny how works out, I let love replace hate, and ended up with double what I had before. Will sort of three girls and a boy. I got to run the house is too quiet.

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