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Karen finally gets her revenge
The neighbor lady Pt.3

Karen looked up from Lionel’s crotch and he was looking at her smiling. She’d been caught. “You looking for something’ particular? Lionel asked with bold confidence. Karen feeling guilty, just said “oh no.” Lee spoke up after watching their interaction and said, “Hey Karen, why don’t you show Lionel how well you can suck cock?” Geez Lee, just blurt it out so the whole neighborhood can hear why don’t you? As Karen said this she rose to leave. Lee said, “where in the hell you think your going?” Karen stepped off the patio and said, “Home!” I don’t think so he said, instantly realizing he had nothing on her to hold her on. No threats to call the Police for her looking in his window, (as weak as that might have been it had worked at first, but not now)
Lee just sat there seeing his latest conquest slipping through his fingers.

“I’ll tell you what said Karen, you boys do me a favor and I’ll suck and fuck both of you until you can’t cum any more.” Lee looked at Lionel and Lionel looked back with a nod. Ok Lee said, “What is it?” I want you two to fuck my husband’s girlfriend right in front of him and then fuck him in the ass! Instantly Lionel jumped to his feet and said, Damn Lee, that’s one crazy bitch! Ain’t no way I’m into fucking guys in the ass. Me neither bro, Lee said as he stood and gave Lionel a high five. Now you guys need to think this through now, don’t be too hasty in your decision. Karen pulled her cell phone out, pulled up the video of her husband Abel and his little slut girlfriend. Karen pushed play and handed it to Lionel. Look at that little bitch with her pussy spread out on my couch! Lionel look closely at the video, still not convinced. He was thinking about it now, obviously the little petite college girl was getting to him. He could see her sweet little white pussy all opened up and her pink wet lips open like a tulip in full bloom. While Karen had him thinking she said, “and don’t forget these she said, as she flashed them her big 38” perfect tits.
Damn, Lionel thought. Maybe I could do it for a chance at these two white bitches. One little sit n spin and one full bodied girl with a 40” booty just begging to be pounded. Lionel looked at Lee again and tried to hand him the phone to see the video. Lee said, I’ve seen and started to wave it off. Lionel said, “You better look again.” (in other words, think again, we’re doing this)

Ok, Lee said a little reluctant but not wanting to go against Lionel. “Good” Lionel said turning to Karen, What’s the plan? Well Karen said, “I think our only hope of pulling this off without any problem is to get them on film cheating on me, then walk in on them in the act. Sounds good Lee thought. Ok he said, how we gonna set that up? Karen said, If I give him an opportunity to have her over that he can’t pass up, then he’s sure to have her there. I’ll plan a weekend trip to my mothers. She lives out of state, and he doesn’t get along with her well enough to call and check. You two stand by, I’ll try and see if they’re both available this weekend. It’ll take a couple of days of poking around but I think I can swing it. Lee and Lionel both agreed. Karen left but not without a quick lick or two as a promise of what was to come. She left them both on the patio, as hard as a stone.

Setting the Trap-
Karen worked diligently the next few days trying to find out if the two would be available this weekend. Finally on Thursday afternoon a break came. Karen found Abel’s work schedule in his work pants as she was doing the laundry. The whole staff was on that schedule. Felicia and Abel were both off Saturday night and Sunday till 5pm when she had to go in till 10pm. When Karen came home from Class that night she told Abel she had gotten a call from her mother and she wanted Karen to come see her this weekend. Karen said, I figured you would be working this weekend so I told her I would come. I’m leaving Saturday morning and I’ll be back Sunday late Sunday night. I’m taking Monday off work to rest up after the drive. Ok, “Abel said.”

It was all set then, Saturday Karen left in the morning, drove around the block and drove her car into Lee’s garage and he closed the door. Saturday evening at 6pm Karen was watching the street in front of her house from Lee’s spare bedroom’s window. Felicia pulled up and got out of her car, as she walked towards the house she went out of sight. Karen ran downstairs and told Lee to call Lionel and have him come right away. Lionel was there in twenty minutes and all three went down the alley together towards Karen’s house. Karen used

her house key to let them in the back door, again the dog was in the utility
room. Karen moved slowly down the short hallway to the arch leading into the living room. No one was there, then she heard them. They were in her bedroom, Karen was so pissed she almost blew it. She started to take off in a hurry, but Lionel’s big paws grabbed her around the waist and over her mouth just in time. Lee eased up to the door way and peaked inside. There lay Felicia on her back, legs in the air, getting licked for all she was worth. Damn Lee thought, either this guy really likes to eat pussy, or that snatch is one tasty son of a bitch. He was about ready to find out. He eased back around the corner and whispered that they were just getting warmed up it looked like. Lee asked Karen what she wanted to do. Karen said, “Start the video.” Lionel let go of Karen and retrieved a tiny digital camcorder from his backpack. He eased up to the door and started filming the action.

Abel had rolled Felicia over and had her on her hands and elbows. That sweet little college aged ass was high in the air. Abel was licking her from ass hole to clit back and forth. Totally oblivious to anything else going on around him, needless to say he was dialed in on that tight little pussy. Karen pulled Lee back a little further and whispered, “What ever you do don’t let Abel near the bedside table.” “Why Lee asked with concern in his voice.” “Because there’s a gun in there” Karen said. Lee was pissed and a little scared now. He was on the verge of having second thoughts about this whole plan of Karen’s to get even. But looking at the shit eating grin on Lionel’s face as he was watching the action in the bedroom sealed the deal. Karen said, I’ll go in first and… “No” Lee said, almost too loud. Luckily Felicia was cumming hard at the time or they would have been able to hear the outburst. Lee waved his index finger side to side shaking his head “no”. Then pointing to himself. Damned if he was going to give Abel any chance to get that gun.

Lee tapped Lionel on the shoulder and signaled him to stop recording. Lionel backed away silently, which was surprising considering his size. Lee moved up to the door and got set to pounce on Abel. He looked back one last time and nodded to his two accomplices and then leaped through the door and hit Abel on his left side and drove his shoulder into Abel’s ribs. This knock the wind out of Abel’s lungs and knocked him on his ass. Abel came up swinging but to no avail. He might as well been punching concrete. Lee pinned him to the floor with his knees in his chest.

Chapter 2

Felicia screamed as she saw Lionel and Karen enter and Abel go flying off the bed. “Grab her” Lee shouted to Karen. Before Felicia could react Karen had her arms pinned to her side and was squeezing so hard Felicia could barely breath.

Lionel came across the room to Lee and his captive with duct tape and zip ties in hand. First he punched Abel in the mouth and said, that’s for cheatin’ on your ol’ lady. Then he duck taped his mouth, and started to tie his hands behind him. Lee said, “Wait a minute, tie them in front.” He looked around the room and saw a desk and a chair in one corner. He brought the chair over, it looked like a dining room table chair. All wooden, high back, and four exposed legs. He took the chair faced it towards the bed, and then leaned it forward until the high back was on the floor and the four legs were in the air on a 45 degree angle. Lay him face down between the chair legs facing the bed. Lionel looked puzzled but followed orders. Now it was becoming plain what Lee had in mind. Abel’s knees were on the floor, his thighs were between the chair legs and his ass was hiked up and bent over the chair where the seat and back of the chair meet. “Now tie him to the chair.” Lee said. Lionel did as instructed and liked what he saw when finished. Abel’s ass sticking up in the air, he was secured to the chair, and making it impossible to stand up. Abel’s head was kinda low towards the floor but he could still see the bed if he arched his neck a little and raised his head up.

Now Felicia had given up trying to wriggle free from Karen. Lionel came over and started to secure her hands and then looked at Lee. After the fine idea Lee had come up with to secure Abel, Lionel wondered if Lee had anymore ideas. No just let her stay untied, Karen can help us keep her corralled. Lee ordered Karen to stand by the door. “If she tries to get away knock the shit out of her“ Lee said. That would be a pleasure Karen thought as she gave Felicia a wicked smile. Oh, one thing we forgot Lee said, as he opened the bedside table and retrieved Abel’s hand gun. “Hey Felicia, how about sucking my dick so I don’t have to shoot your boyfriend here.” Lee said as he pointed the gun at Abel’s ass. Felicia surprised every one by saying, “He’s not my boy friend, he was blackmailing me into this! Shooting him would be doing me a favor.”

“Well suck this thing anyway,” Lee said as he fished out his soft six inch cock. A little nudge from Karen’s elbow got Felicia moving in the right direction. She knelt down in front of Lee and took his soft cock in her hand and began to jerk him off. “Suck it!” Lee roared, as he slapped her upside the head. She gobbled his semi hard cock into her mouth and started sucking like a new born calf. Abel was watching with contempt for his wife and the two huge thugs. Karen saw him looking and said, “How you like that baby, your girlfriend is taking some big cock in her mouth for you?”

Lionel decided it was time to check out the pussy on this little petite college girl. Her 36 inch hips looked so small in his huge black hands. He lifted her up off the floor pulling her off Lee’s now hard 9 inches. Lee had a “hey what the fuck?” look on his face but didn’t say anything. Lionel put her on the edge of the bed, on the corner and said, “Get on your hands and knees you little bitch.” Felicia did as she was told, and had Lee’s cock was shoved in her face immediately. Lionel got on the bed behind her and buried his face in her snatch. He could smell Abel’s cock on her and said, “Hey Karen come over here and clean up your husbands mess.” Karen repulsed at the thought said, “Oh hell no!” Lee spoke up between moans and told her to get at it. She did as told and soon was lapping at Felicia’s juicy cunt. Lionel came up to Karen and peeled her pants down over her 40 inch hips and told her to lift her knees so he could get them off. She did and Lionel took her thong off with them. He was looking at Karen’s beautiful pussy looking back at him. He stuck his tongue in her and was licking her with his long tongue and she was enjoying it as much as possible with her mouth buried in Felicia’s pussy.

Damn Felicia thought, “That feels good!” By now Lee was almost balls deep in her throat on the inward thrusts. “Man Lionel this girl can suck some cock now,” Lee said. “Oh yeah,” Lionel answered between strokes of his tongue on Karen’s pussy. “I’ll be there in a few minutes to see for my self,” he said.

“First I want to give her something to clean off it.” With that Lionel leaned back, took his 10 inch long, 2 ½ inch wide cock and sunk it into Karen’s wet pussy. Ugh! Karen said, as he lurched forward giving her about half of his length in one push. He then began working his rigid thick hot black cock into her and went deeper with each inward stroke. Soon Karen was purring and pushing back into Lionel trying to get more of that hot meat into her fiery wet hole.

Lee looked at Abel as he felt his own balls tighten and said, “Hey sissy, watch your little honey here take her first load for the night.” With that he pumped Felicia’s mouth full of his sticky warm cum. She gagged a little at first then swallowed all she could. The rest of it spilled from the corners of her mouth and dripped on the bed.

Chapter 3

Abel was disgusted and pissed as he tried in vain to get loose from the chair that had his ass hiked up in the air like a dog in heat. Lionel saw him struggling and told Karen to go over and slap him on the ass. As Lionel pulled out of Karen’s juicy hole, she got up on wobbly legs and went over to Abel and slapped him on the ass. Stepping back to admire her handy work, she took off her blouse and bra. She wiped her juicy pussy with one of the huge cups of her bra and rubbed it in Abel’s face. “How does that taste you prick?” she asked. Though he couldn’t really taste anything with the duct tape still over his smashed lips. Karen took the corner of the tape and yanked it off. Abel screamed, “You bitch!” As Karen stuffed the sticky bra cup back in his mouth.

Lionel came off the bed with his thick pole bobbing and swinging in the air as he approached Lee and Felicia. Lee’s cock was hard as steel again after the cleaning Felicia gave him and he decide it was time to take care of the nasty part of his deal with Karen. They all watched as he got behind Abel, then said, “Any body got any lube?” Karen walked over to the bedside table and took out
a half used tube of KY. She squirted it on Lee’s stiff member and then some on Abel’s pretty little brown eye and shoved two fingers in his ass roughly. Agh! He groaned as his wife assaulted his ass hole. “Shut up and take it you prick, these guys are going to teach you to never fuck with me again!” Karen said, with a wicked smile. Fuck him Lee!

Lee knew if he hesitated he may change his mind about this, never having fucked a guy’s ass before. So he line up his bulging cock head with Abel’s tight ass hole and shoved it home. Abel screamed with pain and Lee said, “Put some more duct tape over his mouth somebody!” “No, No, I’ll be quiet Abel begged.” “You damn well better be bitch,” Lee said as he slapped him on the ass. Then he began to pump a few inches in and then back out till just the head was left inside Abel’s anal ring. Lee was working at a steady pace and it was really a nice tight hole even if it was on a dude.

Lionel came around in front of Felicia and waved his slick cum covered cock in her face. “Get busy bitch and clean me up.” Damn Felicia thought, “He is big, black and strong. Scared shitless she began liking Karen’s juice off his huge purple cock head and then down his shaft. “Karen you made this mess, help clean it up!” The look on Lionel’s dark face told Karen not to argue, so she got on the opposite side of the bitch she hated and began alternately licking Lionel’s long shaft. In between licks and sucks, Karen asked Felicia, “So he blackmailed you into fucking him then?” “Yes,” Felicia mumbled around the big cock head as she worked it in and out of her tiny hot mouth. Karen stopped for second from her work on Lionel’s man meat and looked at her husband. He was looking at her, but the pain of getting his ass pummeled by Lee’s big meat must have been wearing off because he almost looked like he was enjoying it a little. “You are a prick,” she said to Abel. “Fuck you bitch!” Abel shouted. Lee took his fist and punched Abel in the back of the head. “Shut up fuck wad!” Then Lee discovered the beautiful thing about having Abel over the chair this way. The top two legs were sticking up in the air and made

great handles! He grabbed the legs of the chair and thrust his whole nine inch rock hard pecker right up Abel’s ass. Well any pleasure Abel was getting quickly evaporated and was replaced by the full pressure of Lee’s onslaught. “There you dick, that’s for treating two good women like shit.” “Hey Karen, get the camcorder and get some film of your hubby taking some major cock up his ass!” Ok, she said as she left Felicia to handle Lionel’s throbbing cock.

She grabbed the Camera and began taping Abel grunting every time Lee would bottom out in his ass. Then she panned the camera around to get Felicia’s pretty face bobbing up and down on Lionel’s huge cock. Her face looked so small next to his big black cock that it was a stunning sight. Karen said as much to Lionel and he said, “Shit that ain’t nothing, watch this!” He picked her up under the arms and raised her up in the air in front of him till her little juicy kitty was above his pulsing 10 inch rod. He lined up her pussy opening up with his cock and eased her down onto it. Agh! She sighed as he got the head and a couple inches into her dripping slit. Then he just let her go and gravity did the rest. By the time she grabbed him around the neck she had slid 8 ½ inches of the 10 inch member into her little pussy. “Oh fuck!” She said. “Yeah what do ya think about that honey?” You getting this on film Karen? Lionel asked. “Yeah, I’m getting it and so is she!”

Chapter 4

Karen’s camera view was great, she zoomed in on Felicia’s little puss being filled by Lionel’s huge black shaft, stretching her beyond belief. Karen zoomed the camera back out to catch Lionel and Felicia standing in the middle of Karen’s bedroom fucking like mad. Felicia’s little body completely impaled on Lionel’s 10 inch dick. With her legs wrapped around his waist she bounced up and down. Karen swung the camera around and captured Lee’s facial expression as he drilled her husband’s ass for all he was worth. Lee sweating and swearing at Abel, gave one final thrust and blew his load in Abel’s tight, but well fucked ass. “Hey bro, come over here and fuck this little bitch with me,” Lionel said. Lee withdrew his cock from Abel’s gaping ass and stood up, walking over to the couple he lubed Felicia’s ass with spit and pressed his still hard member into her tight ass hole. Ah fuck, they both said. Lee was sawing in and out of her in no time and he and Lionel were getting a rhythm going. Felicia was so well fucked by know she was starting to fall in and out of consciousness.

But the two huge cocks just kept pumping her. Karen was getting all this on camera and it was a hell of a sight. Felicia’s holes being stretched around two huge cocks! She was just laying forward onto Lionel’s smooth solid chest, as the two men pumped her into oblivion. Finally the guys came one after the other filling Felicia’s ass and pussy full of cum. After he caught his breath, Lee says, “Hey Lionel its your turn to pump pussy boy over there who’s tied to the chair.” Oh” damn it, I forgot about that part of the deal.” “Well I haven’t,” Lee said. Neither have I Karen chimed in. “Fuck him senseless!” Lee still couldn’t understand the difference between what Karen was doing and what her husband was doing with Felicia, but he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut this time. Besides he wanted Lionel to fuck some man pussy too!

By this time Lionel’s cock was a soft, sticky mess from pounding poor little Felicia’s cunt for almost and hour non stop. He grudgingly walked over and knelt down in front of Abel’s head. His dick was still above Abel’s head because of the position Abel was in bent over the chair. So Lionel laid down in front of him and started scooting closer to Abel’s face. Abel saw what was coming and said, “No, no way!” Lionel said, “Lee come over her and kick this dumb ass right in the balls, then let the girls have a turn too.” Before anyone else moved, Felicia was up on her feet and was standing directly behind Abel. She says, “Well he isn’t in the best position for a good ball smack so how about if I just step down on them real hard,” and with that she stepped right on his ball sack.

Chapter 5

“Ok, Ok!” Abel pleaded. He began licking Lionel’s limp sausage. “Lick my balls you bastard!” Lionel said, as he took his limp dick and began to stroke it. Working the head between his finger and thumb, he was starting to firm up. After a few minutes Karen saw the oral her husband was giving Lionel needed turned up a notch. She walked over knelt down and began crawling to Lionel on her hands and knees. “I want share that wonderful cock with you honey, “ Karen said. As she reached Lionel she began to lick his shaft as Abel worked his balls. In a few minutes Lionel was as hard as steel.

“Damn Karen said, Look at this man meat Abel it so big and hard you could drive a nail with this thing!” As she thumped it against Lionel’s firm abs. Lionel pulled away from the pair reluctantly and came around behind Abel. “Oh no“ Abel said, as he realized what was coming next. Karen got up and walked over to the bed and picked up the tube of KY. Tossing it to Lionel, he lubed the big purple head first and then the shaft. Leaning forward aiming his cock head at Abel’s ass hole. Applying pressure to Abel’s brown eye which had came back from the earlier pounding Lee had given it. Lionel was in Abel’s ass about 2 inches past his head, Lionel was kinda surprised. “Damn Lee I think you really open this boys ass up earlier, I slid right in.” Lee chuckled and said, “Yeah I had him gaping pretty good by the time I was done.” “In fact my cock is kind of smelly. Hey girls how about we go take a shower and leave these two lovers to themselves?” “Fuck you Lee,” Lionel sneered as he pumped inch after inch into Lee’s tight juicy ass. Karen led Lee, and Felicia to the Master bath. After they cleaned up they found Abel totally fucked with his red, gaping ass sticking up in the air, still tied to the chair. Lionel was nowhere around. Lee grabbed Abel by the hair and jerked his head back and said, “Abel how’s that ass feelin’? “Not too good” he said as he was slumped over the chair.

“If you ever speak to these girls again, or cause any trouble for them, when we’re done fucking you next time, I’ll cut your dick off!” If you need to speak to your wife, you come to me first. Here’s a cell number you can reach me at. I check the messages on it every 12 hours.

They were all dressed by now and headed out the door. Abel said in a panic, “Hey cut me loose please.” Lee came over with his 6 inch blade and cut his hands and arms loose leaving his legs and thighs tied to the underneath side of the chair. “Don’t forget what I said.” Lee growled as they all went out the back door.

Over the next six months Karen moved all of her stuff out of the house and shared an apartment with Felicia. Lee and Lionel came over often for a night of fun. Once the divorce was final Abel moved out of State and was never a problem for Karen again.

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