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It had been a few days since Daddy and I had been able to fool around. I was so horny for him that I wanted to rape him every time I saw him, but Mom was usually around and I know she would freak out at the minimum if she knew what we did. I did take every opportunity to tease him though. One day we were all making dinner together and I made sure to rub against him a little every time we passed each other and I rubbed his crotch with my hand a couple of times when I was sure Mom wasn't looking. One day while he was watching TV and mom was in the office working on something for work I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand and slid it up my skirt and let him play with my naked little pussy while I stroked him through his jeans. He managed to work one of his thick fingers up my juicy hole and fingered my wet cunt. It felt great, I continued to rub his cock back and forth while he shoved his finger in and out of me on the couch. I came so good it was hard to stay quiet and not scream out so that Mom might hear.

As soon as I came down from my climax I heard Mom stirring from the other room and quickly got up and headed to my room without being able make Daddy cum. I heard her talking to Daddy as I was walking off and I thought she was telling him she was going to bed. I got to my room and flopped into my chair and pulled something up on the computer to occupy my time. I had just pulled open the web browser when my Mom poked her head in and told me she was off to bed. I replied with a nod and she told me she loved me and headed to her room. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go back to the living room and play with Daddy some more, but I didn't wanna chance Mom waking up and seeing us or something. I decided to catch up on Facebook and waste some time while I thought and let Mom get into a deeper sleep.

After about forty-five minutes I was all caught up and didn't hear anything in the house but the TV. I poked my head out of my room and listened in the direction of my parents room and I heard the sounds of my Mom sleeping soundly, then I heard a snort and grunt from the living room along with the quite sounds coming from the TV.

I quietly tip-toed into the living room and found my dad asleep on the sofa in front of the TV. I glance down and noticed that he had a huge hard-on. He rocked and snorted again and then rubbed his hand down his crotch and along his erection and muttered "Rosie ugghnn". I couldn't stop myself, I moved his hand gently aside and unbuttoned and zipped his pants and freed his erection and slowly started stroking it up and down with my small hand and with the other I caressed his heavy balls then leaned forward and started kissing and sucking them into my mouth and rolling them on my tongue. I started kissing up his shaft and then when I got to the head I impaled my mouth with his thick meat smoothly. I began bobbing my head up and down on his shaft while I continued to caress and tease his balls with my other hand and he started moaning and stirring a little.

"Aahh, Rosie" I heard and I looked up and he was looking down at me watching as I sensually sucked his cock in and out of my mouth. "You were such a tease earlier, that wasn't nice."

I pulled his cock from my mouth and began stroking it and said "I know Daddy, I'm sorry, but I was just so horny. I'm making it up to you now though aren't I?" Then I started licking and sucking his balls for him again.

"Well it's a start, but what if I want something else?"

"What is it that you want Daddy? I'll give you whatever you want you know."

"That's a good girl. I think I want more of that sweet little pussy of yours. You wanna come up here and ride Daddy's cock?"

"You know I love your cock inside me, but what if Mom wakes up."

"She's out, she said she was taking some PM medicine for a headache she got in the office, so she won't be up till the morning," he said and then he grabbed me by my shoulders and hoisted me up. "Now come up here and sit on Daddy's lap, I wanna fuck my baby's wet little pussy."

"Ooh Daddy," I cooed and grabbed hold of his cock and lined it up with my dripping cunt while i lowered myself down onto him.

I braced myself on his strong shoulders while I bounced up and down on his cock and ground it deep into my young little hole. He filled me up so completely that every inch of my little pussy was being stimulated by his rigid meat. He reached up and started pinching and teasing my little nipples with one hand while the other was cupping my ass and toying with my puckered little asshole.

He leaned me back and bent over and took one of my nipples in his mouth and teased it was his tongue and shoved a finger a little ways into my ass and sent me over the edge again. I ground down onto Daddy and moaned deeply into his neck to try to keep quiet.

In one fluid motion he stood up carrying me up with him and spun around to lay me on my back on the couch with him over me and started pounding away at my tender little cunt. He was about to cum and I could tell it was gonna be a good one, so I wanted to see if I could get off with him.

"Oh yeah, fuck me Daddy. Ram you cock deep into my little cunt and fuck your daughter good... Ooh Daddy," I cooed into his ear. I could feel his cock swelling with his building orgasm and it sent a rush through my body as I felt yet another one building within my pussy. "Fuck me Daddy, cum deep inside me and make me cum. Fill my young pussy with you sperm Daddy, Oh fuck me and don't stop......" I felt his cock erupt with cum and I felt myself pushed out of my body with the intense climax surging through me as my Daddy flooded my pussy with his sperm.

"Wow Daddy, that was amazing. I think your leaking out of me, you came so much."

"I know. We better go clean up and you need to get to bed."

"Yes sir," I said with a pout and got up and headed to my room while he followed behind me to his bathroom.

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