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April and Lee make feelings known
Sunday had been a quiet day for Lee, after the time he spent with Stacey on Friday morning he had not had sex with any of his sisters all weekend.

It was now Monday. Kim and Stephanie were at University and would be until late, Marie and all his other sisters except April were at work, leaving just the two alone in the house.

"Hi Lee" a chirpy April greeted her brother as he made his way into the kitchen, for some reason she had, had a spring in her step for the past few days.

"You’re happy what’s going on?" Lee gave his sister a hug as she greeted him with a kiss.

"Oh nothing to concern you" she smiled as her brothers jeans rubbed her exposed legs.

"What’s with the shorts?"

"You are full of questions aren't you this morning" April smiled once more she loved to tease people and her brother was no exception no matter what their circumstance.

"Oh I guess I am so?" Lee was curious to know.

"It’s just so hot out today that I thought shorts were the order of the day, any problems with that?"

"No that’s fine by me I can just sit and look at your fab legs all day and your sexy ass" Lee held his sisters tighter to his waist as he spoke his cock bulging in his jeans just enough for her to feel it on her crotch.

"Hay it’s a bit early for that you just go and cool off and see me later" April pushed her brother away but still gave him a kiss.

"What you going off me or something its been a while since we last... you know" Lee raised his eyebrows and smiled, his teeth catching the sun from the window and sparkling white.

"Well its nice to know you came out of your shell since we started, and no I haven’t gone off you as you put it, I just don't fancy doing it right now, as I say see me later" April left the room with a smile, giving Lee another kiss before going.

"Ok I understand and its fine if you don't want to" Lee shouted as his sister left.

'He's so nice how could I ever resist him for so long, he's so kind and he would never put pressure on anyone to do anything they don't want' April thought as she went into the garden 'Why did he have to be my brother I'd have married him in a heartbeat if he wasn't'.

Lee grabbed his bowl from the cupboard filling it with cereal and milk he took it into the living room to eat.

April appeared from the garden her red hair taking on a bright gleam from the sun that shone through it. Lee almost chocked on his breakfast as he saw this beauty walk in to the room.

"Not going to the gym?" Lee finally managed to choke out after his cough had subsided slightly.

"No, thought I'd have a day off today didn't really fancy it" April said as she sat next to her brother "Thought I'd stay here with you unless you’re going running that is?"

Lee shook his head his mouth too full to speak. He had planned on going but that had changed now that April wanted to stay her with him.

"So it’s just the two of us then its nice don't you think?" April crossed her legs giving Lee a great sight of her thigh as the shorts she was wearing rode up on the soft elegant legs. She had turned her body towards him, her massive breast nearly touching his arm; she gently lay with the front part of his hair rolling her finger through it like a pair of young lovers may have done in the seventies. Her eyes fixed on his face taking in every little movement his jaw made as he chewed the mouthful of cereal before swallowing.

"Yeah it is nice" Lee squeaked out as he swallowed, smiling at his sister as she lay with his hair so lovingly.

"Oh if it could only be the two of us all the time imagine that, it would be so great wouldn't it?" April sighed as she thought about what life would have been like if they were not related.

"It would be perfect, we could sleep in late together, not worry about the others finding us, just you and me" Lee could see it in his mind a perfect picture was formed of what life would have been like.

"Its a pity life isn't fair isn't it?" April said as she moved closer to her brother, her breath touching his neck as she snuggled down into his side.

"Yeah it is" Lee said quietly as he put his head on the top of his sisters, both gazing off into space.

April woke alone on the sofa. She didn't realize it at first but she had fallen asleep snuggled with her brother. Looking at the clock she saw she'd been asleep for some time, it was now 2: 00 PM. rubbing her eyes and letting them adjust to the bright sun, she got up and went looking for her brother.

Lee was in his room. He had carefully slipped away without letting April wake up from her peaceful sleep. She looked so at rest when he left her, her eyes lightly closed even though she was in a deep sleep. She looked so innocent laying with her head on Lee's chest listening to his steady heartbeat and seeming to breathe along to it. Lee needed time alone to think, that’s why he had left her on the sofa and gone to his room. It was the way his sister had spoken about what life would have been like if it was just the two of them that had set something off in his mind. He had spent the past few hours thinking about it.

April found Lee sat on his bed looking out of his window into the bright sunlight that shone back onto him.

"You ok?" she asked as she moved to sit next to her brother who was deep in thought.

"Oh me sure" Lee hadn't really seen April come into his room, the first time he knew she was there was when he felt the bed move as she sat on it.

"You looked like you were in a little world of your own there" April commented as she put her hand on her brother’s hold it.

"Just thinking that’s all" Lee still stared out of the window; his eyes squinted from the beams of sun that lit up his face.

"Thinking, about what?" April asked as she held her brother’s hand a little tighter before bringing it to her crossed legs laying it on her soft thighs.

"Nothing for you to worry about, so good sleep?" Lee changed the subject to April.

"Yeah it was actually but you should have woken me up you know" April said with a smile as a cloud covered the sun making the room a little darker for a few seconds.

"I would have, but you looked so innocent laid there like that, like you hadn't a trouble in the world to worry about, I couldn't bring myself to wake you from that, back to the problems that we all face in life" April was shocked at how deep Lee's words were. Through all the time that she had lived with Lee, which was all his life, he had never said anything like that. Lee looked at his sister with a little smile as the sun poked back through the cloud.

"Lee that was so nice" April didn't know what else to say to what she had just heard from her brother’s mouth. Lee just looked at his sister, not saying a word he went back to looking out of the window, like he wanted to say something but just couldn't find the right words.

April sat with her brother, holding his hand still to her legs, she felt the little tremble in his hand, a nervous tremble, she held it tighter once more, bringing it to her face she kissed the back of it so softly it would hardly register as a kiss.

"You can tell me anything you know that don't you?" April assured her brother as she rubbed his hand softly with her other. Lee just nodded, he knew that he could but he just couldn't seem to tell his sister what he was thinking right then. April didn't push him she just sat there on his bed with him watching the world go past before them.

April and Lee had been sat on his bed for some time before either of them moved, they had just been sat in the same position, April holding her brothers hand as he looked out of the window.

"I better go Lee, you gonna be ok?" April asked as she let go of her brother’s hand.

"Sure" Lee didn't look at his sister when he answered her question. April just walked out of the room leaving her brother deep in thought, she had never seen him like this before and was starting to worry that something was wrong; she knew that only time would tell what it was.

April was in the garden when Lee finally emerged from his room. He looked troubled as he went to join her, helping to hold the sheets she was pegging to the close line to dry in the bright sunshine of the day.

"You ok Lee? You don't look so well" April commented as she put on the last peg.

"April there's something I want to tell you but I just don't know how to do it" Lee said looking into the distance as the shadow cast by the sheets swallowed both of them.

"Just say it Lee" April said taking her brothers hand, hoping that the neighbor’s weren’t’t watching them.

"I just have to tell you..."

"Go on" April tried to push her brother on a little, to help him get out the words he was looking for.

"I love you April" Lee said looking into the eyes of his sister as the wind blew the sheet and so the shadow away from them, the sun pouring back over them like a sign from heaven.

"Lee... that’s what you've been trying to say?" April smiled as the light made little shadows on her brother’s face. This was the first time he had ever said he loved anyone and she knew it must have been a big effort for him to actually admit it.

"Yes, that’s what I’ve been struggling with. I've never said it to anyone but I do really mean it April I do love you deeply" Lee said shyly lowering his head as he waited for what his sister would say, worrying it would be rejection of his feelings.

"I love you too little brother" April said back. Lee's head shot up as he heard the words from his sister.

"Really?" he asked not really able to believe that his sister would say such words to him.

"Of cause I do, come here you silly thing" April said, a little tear in each eye as she hugged her brother tight, he too was fighting the tears back. It would have been a compromising situation if any neighbour was to see the two as the hug turned into a deep kiss, but to them that didn't matter, the only thing that did was that they felt the same way about each other, they loved each other.

The sheets continued to blow around them as they stood kissing in the sunny garden, the smell of the grass invading both their noses, it was a good thing that neither suffered from Hay fever or it could have become really messy in this situation.

April broke the kiss, still holding her brother she hugged him again still overcome by emotion, never knowing that three little words could change life so radically.

"Let’s go inside Lee,” she said in a quiet, husky voice as she brought her mouth to her brother’s ear. Lee was only able to nod his agreement.

Once inside they went into the kitchen, April leading her brother by the hand, she let go and turned to face him when they got to the table. Smiling she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt pulling it over her head she dropped it to the floor, revealing a white lace bra struggling to hold back her massive breasts, that were wanting to get free and into the hands of her brother.

Lee watched as she wiggled the shorts off her slender waist, the feel of the cotton thrilling her legs as it slid down the exposed skin. April now sat on the table, clad only in matching lace bra and knickers.

Unable to hold off anymore Lee moved in-between the legs of his sister, she brought them to each side of him, dangling them off the table she looked up into his face. No words were spoken or needed; Lee just brought his hands onto the sides of his sisters bra covered breasts holding the weight of each in his hands. April sighed as she felt his warm hands on the thin material that covered her sensitive flesh beneath.

Lee watched as April grabbed his t-shirt at the bottom just like she had hers pulling it up until he had to move his hands off her breasts to get it off fully, it was a strange feeling but she was actually disappointed when his hands were removed from her breasts. Lee's hands were soon back, as he held her he brought his mouth to hers sharing a tentative kiss as he began to massage the sides of her breasts.

April's knickers were getting a visible wet patch on them as her brother continued his steady massaging of her breasts. She knew it was time to move things along this was so nice but it wasn't going to be the end just the beginning. April grabbed her brother belt attempting to undo it but her hands couldn't get a proper grip, Lee felt her struggle and helped out, stepping back he pulled the belt open, dropping it to the floor before stepping back to his sister, her legs now pulled up resting her feet on the table, she kissed Lee again.

Lee pressed into her slightly as he got closer but April moved him back, turning over she knelt on the table, her knickers going up her ass revealing both perfectly formed cheeks to her brother. Looking back April smiled as she felt her brothers hands grab softly at each side holding her as she arched her back when she felt his lips kiss the soft flesh of each cheek right in the center. She closed her eyes as she felt the hot breath of her brother oh each of her perfect orbs, his soft lips leaving a little wet kiss mark wherever they gently touched.

April kneeled up her ass going down into her legs that were bent beneath it, she rubbed her breasts through the bra that confined them, feeling the nipples poking at it, she moaned as she felt the tingle of both as they were touched by the lace material, hardening them slightly more each time.

Leaning back even more she was caught by her brother, wrapping his arms around her breasts he felt for the clasp that held it in place. April felt her brother’s hands on her breasts feeling for the clasp, she reached back holding his head in her hands as she pressed her back into his chest, feeling his wet lips on her knack she wished he would find the clasp soon and release her aching breasts.

She wasn't disappointed as her brother undid the clasp, she brought her arms back so he could slide it off her back, the thin straps that held it on her shoulders snagging a little on her elbows but that was soon overcome and it was dropped to the floor. Next was her knickers squatting she let Lee slide his hands into the waistband and slide them down to her knees from where she took over and with some great skill managed to pull them off, she knelt once more and fleet her brothers chest touch her back his hands now softly caressing her bare naked breasts, sending little thrills through her body like little electric shocks.

April turned to face her brother smiling as she saw his eyes fixed on hers not straying to her naked pussy or breasts just looking into her face. Leaning forwards she placed her legs on either side of his body once more her feet dangled off the end of the table hanging in the air as she softly kissed her brother again.

While their faces were pushed together she reached down and undid his jeans letting them drop off his hips. Lee stepped out of the fallen jeans, now only in his boxer shorts he stood kissing his sister, so far nothing they had done had been hurried this wasn't just a fast, hard fuck, this was something special this was going to be the time they really showed their love for each other.

April stopped kissing her brother and looked at the bulge that was making a tent in the front of his boxers. Smiling she opened the button to the hole where you pee through and reached inside, taking hold of her brothers hard cock she gently pulled back his foreskin and took his cock out through the hole in the front of his boxer shorts. Smiling as the purple head came into view she laid back on the table pulling Lee close to herself she guided it to the entrance and placed the tip in-between her warm, wet, ready lips.

Lee looked into the eyes of his sister as he ever so slowly eased himself into her opening pussy; neither saying a word just looking at each other as his cock slowly went into her making them for that moment one.

April smiled as she felt herself filled fully by her brother, he could go no deeper, and he didn't need to. Both just stayed still looking at each other for a few moments, before April placed her hands on her brother’s face bringing his face to hers, they shared a kiss, softly Lee let his hips slid back. The feel of his sister’s tight pussy walls holding him, never wanting him to pull out made the task almost heart breaking but he knew it had to be done. April groaned as she felt him equally softly push back into her his, cock being held tight by her muscles, her juices making him wet and giving him a little better chance to move, April wished she could just turn the wetness off and hold her brother inside herself forever but that wasn't possible and she knew she couldn't fight nature she could only enjoy what it provided.

April gently wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist as they kissed slowly their tongues in no hurry, there was no rush, they were fully enjoying each other for the first time.

Lee slid back a little faster this time the wetness provided by his sister making it harder to control the speed in which moved inside of her. April moaned as she felt his pubic hair touch hers, their sweat covered bodies showing just how much effort they had put into their slow movements. April felt her brother start to thrust a little harder, still not the usual ferocity that guys use, only trying to satisfy their own needs, here Lee was trying to be so gentle, so soft in his movements it was sending April more crazy then any fast and rough encounter with a guy could have.

April joined her brothers slow thrust; as the pair kissed she would slide her hips across the table and back into her brother as he moved forwards taking him deeply into herself with ever stroke he made.

Lee leaned back was he felt his sister tighten her inner muscles even tighter on his cock making the heat even hotter and every movement more pleasurable. April let go of his waist with her legs and brought them up onto the table once more, allowing more room for Lee to move. Lee almost losing his grip on the edge of the table as he felt his sister move quickly pushed his hands further up the table, in the process he caught his sisters right leg just behind the knee, forcing it up with his arm, April let it go loose allowing it to be pushed up to her chest, it finally resting on her right breast as Lee fell forwards April kissed him, her right leg now held over his shoulder. This new position opened April up even more then she thought possible and with all the working out she did it was no problem holding herself in that position for a while.

Lee continued his kissing with April as he held her leg over his shoulder, her other still just on the table. Lee began once more thrusting softly into his sister, this time with more room to move he could go deeper, making April moan out as she felt his pubic bone his her clit the sensation of this combined with the slow, steady, movements of her brothers cock in her soaked pussy brought her to a steady orgasm. Breaking the kiss she shook her head as her orgasm flowed throughout her body making her pussy even wetter.

Lee let go of her leg letting it fall back down to the table as her orgasm subsided and they went back to kissing tenderly. With all the strength he could muster Lee picked his sister off the table, relishing what he was doing April wrapped her legs around him again for support as Lee moved away from the table, holding his sister in the air he let her start to move over his cock, her breasts were pressed into his chest and he could feel her heartbeat faster through the firm mounds of flesh. April felt the same thing through his chest and tried to match it with her steady lifts and falls on his cock, still both were not rushing every stroke was deliberate and slow taking both higher then ever before.

The pair began kissing as Lee held his sister, his hands holding just under her ass to help her lift on his cock, the feel of his fingers so close to her sensitive hole making her squirm with delight.

Lee felt his legs grow weak and so squatted slowly down, letting April put her feet on the floor resting on his bent legs she was now able to get a good rhythm going pulling back until only the head of her brothers cock was in then back out with slow slides of her hips. Lee looked into his sister’s eyes as she leaned back and moaned out as she felt his legs touch the sensitive inner parts of her thighs right up under her pussy. Lee held her waist so she didn't fall off him as she brought her hands up to her breasts inching the nipples as she felt another orgasm build and burst inside herself, the sweat now starting to fall off their bodies not just make a slick sheen.

This second orgasm from his sister sent Lee flashing to his, April looked back at him as he felt his balls pump their load to the base of his shaft, April could tell what was coming and smiled as she gave one last moan and thrust holding onto her brothers sweaty body tight as she felt his cum hit the walls of her pussy, the heat that they had generated was excaudate by a thousand times as she felt, his cock begin to shrink they just looked into each others eyes.

"I love you" April said with a soft smile as she felt her brother fall from her tight confines.

"I love you too April" Lee said as he hugged his sister, both stood, naked and dripping sweat.

Lee looked at his sister as they both stood in the kitchen the light from the window fading as the sun moved around the sky.



"What you said earlier, about us living together, alone I mean, did you mean it?"


"I'd love to"

Lee hugged his sister as they both sobbed tears of happiness. They didn't know how everything was going to happen from now on, how they'd get a house, pay the bills or how their family would react, but they did know one thing as long as they had each other they had all they would ever need in this life or in heaven.

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