Mom’s Kids 4

Chapter IV―

There was a quiet tap at the door.
We flew off the bed like it was on fire. Mom and I looked at each other, her eyes were as wide as I'm sure mine were; mom was biting her lip and rolling her hands like an old woman fretting.
“Johnny probably.” I whispered, praying I was right and that it wasn’t my father. She had ended up in the middle of my room, her eyes bouncing back and forth trying to figure out which side of the sinking ship she was gunna to jump from. I was closer to the door, my shirt was open and my panties, if anyone was to look, were visibly soaked.
Mom made quick circles, spinning around trying to find her pants in the dim light.
“The closet…” I blurted out in a low whisper as I pointed to the mirrored doors with a few quick, nervous jabs of my finger. “The closet” I repeated, “Go!” I shooed her off.
She looked at me like she had no idea what language I was speaking, “What?" Her mouth asked but the volume turned down so low I couldn't hear it.

I took a step closer to her. There was another light tap on the door. I bent down and snatched her pants off the floor and handed them to her. “Go hide in the closet. Hurry up! No time to get dressed. Go! Go!”
Mom hurried to my closet, stepped in and slid the door closed. I hurried back to the door, unlocked it and opened it just a few inches to find Johnny standing there. He was bare chested, just his loose pajama bottoms on and the better half of an erection pushing at the flimsy material; his hands hung down clasped together in front of it. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it. I opened my door more.
“What’s up?” I asked, trying so hard not to sound like I was up to anything. The fact is…I was so glad that it was Johnny and not my father that I was having a hard time holding back my relief. I figured that maybe a song and dance might be a little much, so I just got on my tippy-toes and gave my brother a little peck on the cheek. He actually blushed.
“Can I come in?” Johnny asked shyly, looking down at his feet more than he looked at me.

I opened the door wider and welcomed him in. He walked in a few steps and whispered for me to shut the door, “. . . and could you maybe lock it too?” he added.
I smiled and cocked my head a little at his request and then did what he asked.
“What’s up?” I asked again with the smile still on my lips. Once in, he turned to me and asked if he could sit down. I saw then that his boner was becoming a bit more…defined. He made a halfhearted attempt to hide it with his hands as he stood there, but that was kinda like trying to hide my bed with a paper towel.

“Sure.” I told him, nodding my head towards the bed. He hurried and sat. I made my way to the bed and sat down next to him. I shot a quick glance towards the closet. One of the mirrored doors was open a tiny bit. I knew that Mom could hear us talking and I had a feeling she was going to get an ear full in a minute.
“Cathy...” my brother began. He looked nervous, more like a little brother than a big one. “I can’t seem to sleep... ...I was layin' there...” His hands shifted in his lap, fidgeting side to side and pushing down slightly while his butt looked for a more comfortable spot on my bed. There was no doubt what he wanted, but he was having a really hard time saying the words. I interrupted him, “Johnny, you don’t have to hide that...” I nodded towards his lap. He blushed a little more and sheepishly moved his hands away. I thought it was so cute.
“Wow!” I stared. “No wonder you can’t sleep.” I giggled. With his hands out of the way, I got the full affect. His dick was searching for a way out of those thin pajamas. “Well yeah. That’s kinda what I was trying to tell ya.” He was still having a hard time looking right at me. Most of his words were said to the carpet.

I wasn’t sure what my Mom could see considering the door was only open a few inches and the poor lighting in my room. The lighting wasn't very good, but it was good enough for the both of us to see the banana that I'd dropped on the floor after I was done with it. Johnny's eyes followed my gaze.
“Wow, I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, huh?” He said as he seemed to ease up and relax a little bit.
“I know.” I smiled sheepishly at him. “I just finished before you knocked.”

He looked disappointed. I know that Mom was probably shitting pickles in the closet and that she was probably dying to get to the safety of her own bed, but I didn’t want to send him away feeling like that. Besides, something in me started to smolder when I thought about Mom in the closet; listening, and hopefully watching. I figured she wouldn't mind staying in there a little longer if it meant that she'd get to see another episode between me and my brother...up close.
“Don’t worry...” I told him. “...I could…I mean...if you want... ...I could maybe give you a quick blowjob... ...if you want me to.”
I heard a small thump in my closet. “Holy shit!” I thought, hoping that Mom hadn’t just fainted. I pictured the sliding door giving way and Mom spilling out into the room. I wasn’t sure if my brother heard it or not. If he did, he didn’t say anything. I don't think he would have heard a flock of elephants flying into the side of the house at that point. I was pretty sure he was too caught up in what I’d just said to him to care about anything else.

Thinking of Mom in the closet gave me an idea.

I leaned into my brother. “I really want to blow you.” I told him softly. My words made my pussy pucker a bit. The thought of having his cock in my mouth again turned the smoldering into a small flame. “…but do you think you could do something for me?” I asked like the little slut that I’d recently become so comfortable with.
Johnny practically fell over himself, “Sure Cat... ...sure, anything. Like what?”
“You think you could sit on this chair over here.” I asked as I got up off the bed and scooted over to my desk. I grabbed my chair and slid it over towards the closet doors. “Maybe you could sit on it here…in front of the mirror.” His eyes got a little bigger. “You know…so I can watch myself doing it?”

“Oh wow!” Johnny really seemed to like the idea. “Sure….That sounds pretty cool.” He tells me with a huge smile on his face; his dick now making a pretty good size tent in his lap. Johnny was more than happy to do as I asked. As I placed the chair next to the mirror, I peeked into the darkness of my closet. I could see my Mom’s eyes. They were wide and excited. I winked at her and she covered her mouth with her hand as if she was about to say something but then realized it would have been a mistake. The front leg of the chair was just a little ways from the opening and about a foot or so away from the mirror; Johnny's right shoulder almost against the mirror. I stood blocking the open crack so that Johnny wouldn’t see in.

I told my brother to come over as I patted the seat of the chair.
“Come on…” I whispered, “…Sit.”
He was sitting down almost before I’d finished the words. He sat holding the sides of the chair like he might fall off if he didn’t.
“Do you…Do you want me to take my…my pajamas off or...” I cut him off.
“No, let me do it.” I quickly spit out. I didn’t want to take the chance of him leaning forward and noticing the pair of wide eyes that were waiting to see what was gunna happen next. My heart was going like a freight train by now. I couldn’t help but shake my head, not believing what was happening; what I was doing…What I was about to do…..Not only was I going to take my brother’s pajamas off so that I could give him a blowjob... ....but I was gunna do it so my Mom could watch.
“Jesus...” I whispered.
It was a pretty hard thing to get my head around considering that a week ago...something like this would have never even entered my mind. Life turns on a dime, doesn’t it? "Dear God!" I thought for a second. "What might I be doing a week from now?"

“What?” Johnny asked. He was concerned. Maybe he thought I was having second thoughts but he couldn't have been further from the truth.
“I can’t believe this, that’s all.”
He settled back in the chair with a big smile, shaking his own head now. “I know, right?” he whispered back.
“Mom and Dad would share a heart attack if they knew.” He added, still shaking his head. He was half right. Dad would have a heart attack. If Mom had one, it would be for a totally different reason. I could hear my own heart pounding in my ears. I could only imagine what Mom felt like huddled up in that closet waiting.

I leaned down and hooked my fingers into the waist band of his pajamas; he lifted his ass up off the chair a little. I slid them down just enough to free his cock. It sprang straight up, happy as a puppy waging its tail. It was glad to be free. I know I heard a quiet gasp from inside the closet. I closed my eyes and waited, like a burglar waiting for the consequences of stepping on that goddamn squeaky dog toy while making his way to the good silverware in the dead of night. But nothing happened. I guess Johnny was too caught up in the moment to be bothered with little creeks and noises...After all, his little sister was about to suck his dick...Again.

I stepped around the chair, took a deep breath. (You would have thought I was about to launch myself off a bridge with thin rubber bands tied around my a loose bow) I glanced through the dark crack at the two large, round eyes that were all but sticking through the opening, and knelt down at the side of the chair, resting my boobs on top of Johnny's thigh. I closed my fingers around my brother’s hard prick and heard my mother gasp. Again I waited for John's response. He was oblivious to everything but his cock and my hand.

I caught my reflection in the mirror as I began to slowly squeeze my brother’s hardness. (Hardness, being a gross understatement. With a dick like his in each hand...I could probably fight out an angry tribe of nasty baboons.) A sharp wind blew on the small flame inside me and it burst into something more wild…less controllable. I knew that my Mother could see the same scene that I saw in the mirror and that really turned me on.
“God Johnny, you’re really, really hard.”

“I know. I…I can’t help it.” He says to me. I thought it was so cute that he was so shy and almost apologetic about it.
“Why didn’t you come to my room earlier?” I asked, although I was really glad he hadn’t.
“I…I was waiting until (His eyes were locked on the hand that slowly stroked his cock) until I was pretty sure that Mom and Dad were asleep.” (He should have waited a little longer) That was kinda ironic. I smiled and snuck a peek into the closet. I could see my Mom’s eyes right up to the crack. She had gotten down on her knees to get a better view.

I knew that Johnny couldn’t see Mom... ...but deep down… …I really didn’t care if he could or not. I kinda wanted my brother to know that Mom was watching. I wanted all of us to be able to do stuff like this without hiding it from each other. That was assuming that Johnny wouldn’t freak out. I remembered that he wasn’t so "ready to go" the first time I told him he could cum on my tits, but I figured at this point…Well…He might be a little better...prepared.

I watched in the mirror as my hand moved up and down on my brother’s dick. I could feel his heart beat in my hand. I moved my face closer and watched myself in the mirror. I began stroking Johnny a little faster. He let his head fall back and he closed his eyes while he quietly moaned. “That feels so-o-o-o-o good Cat.”
Looking in the darkness of my closet, I moved closer and kissed my brother’s cockhead. I kissed the rim and then moved down its length, kiss after tiny kiss; the whole time staring into the closet at my mother's eyes.
“Oh Christ Cat!” I heard Johnny whisper.

Just before I opened my mouth to swallow his dick, I heard a loud moan sneak out of the closet. I know that Johnny heard it but I’m pretty sure he must have thought it was me. I smiled and took Johnny’s stiff cock into my mouth. I took as much as I could without choking. I moaned and then slid my mouth off my brother’s dick.
“Let me pull your pajamas all the way off.” I told him.
I got them off his feet and threw them out of my way. I looked at myself again in the mirror. “Hold on a sec.” I whispered.

I ran to my dresser and grabbed a hair tie. I quickly pulled my hair back into a neat ponytail that sat up high on the back of my head. I wanted all three of us to get a clear look at me while I gave Johnny his blow job. I moved in close to the chair again and knelt at John's left side. As I did this I worked my right arm under his left leg and brought his leg up and over my head until the back of his knee rested on my right shoulder and his leg hung down my back. I looked into the mirror. What a sight. This would give my Mom a great view. I circled around Johnny’s thigh with my right hand and grabbed a hold of his beautiful cock; my left hand pushed his right leg towards the mirror. With his legs spread wide, I cupped his balls with my left hand, craned my neck, and sucked the purple head of his dick into my mouth.

All at once I began stroking his cock while I bobbed my head up and down. I slid my other hand down, grabbed his balls and rolled them between my fingers.
“Mmmmmm... ...Cat...” He seemed to really like that.
I moaned around his cock, “Mmmmmm...Hmmmmmm...” as I looked in the mirror.
I didn’t realize how hot it would be watching myself do this to my brother. It was kinda like being in a porn movie. I glanced in my closet. My Mom had slid the door open another inch or so. I could see more of her face as she watched me blowing her son.

I took Johnny’s dick out of my mouth to ask him how it felt. I knew how it felt, but I wanted to hear the words.
“It feels great Cat. Don’t stop... feels so good.” I continued jerking my brother off and sucking his dick. With Johnny’s legs spread, I pointed my brother’s cock towards the opening where my mother squatted to watch what I was doing. Her face was about a foot and a half away from her son’s pulsing cock and her daughter’s hungry mouth. I thought that if I could get him excited enough (And I didn’t think that would be a problem) that he could easily reach that opening with a stream or two of his thick, hot cum. That was my goal now. I wanted to splash my mother, who was watching me blow my brother, in the face with a load of her own son's hot cum... ...I wanted her to taste it, feel it on her lips. I wanted him to shoot his cum through the crack and into my mother’s mouth. I continued to suck and stroke John’s dick like that was the only thing in the world.

“Mmmmmmmm...” I moaned around his dick, knowing how he loved the way that felt. “...Does it feel good Johnny? Do you like this?” I stopped long enough to ask. I asked the way a good whore would be paid good money to ask.
“Oh yeah Cat! Fuck... ...God yes!”
“Are you gunna cum for me? I want to watch you cum all over my face Johnny! I’m gunna watch myself while I make you cum all over my face and in my mouth...OK?”
“Yessss Cat... ...Yessss!” He began to move his ass around a little now unable to sit still. I picked up my speed and tightened my grip some. Now I was working his cock pretty fast.

All of a sudden I had a great idea. I slowed down, almost stopping. I didn’t want him to cum just yet. Besides, I figured this might make him cum even harder when I was finely ready for him to do it. I whispered up to him as I rubbed the pre-cum and my spit over his cock with my fingertips, slowly, teasing.
“Johnny, I want to do something.” I told him.
“What Cathy... ...Dear God what? Anything! Tell me!” he begged as he twitched in my hand.
“I want to blindfold you. Can I please?” I squeezed his cock tight in my hand.
“Yeah…Yeah, I guess― Whatever― Just please, I’m so close.” He whined.

“Can I tie your hands behind your back too?”
Johnny looked at me. I thought for a second that maybe I’d crossed the line and asked too much. I looked up from between his legs, my puppy dog eyes begging, “Pleeeeeassssse?”
I lowered my lips to his dick and sucked it into my mouth just a tiny bit, the very tip. I let it slip out, making a loud popping sound and then I kissed it again.
“You know... you’re my prisoner...” I tried to convince him. “My sex slave.” I told him in a sultry, slutty voice before I gently bit the tip of his cock and softly growled.
“Fuck Cat! Yeah, yeah sure... ...whatever. Just do it! Please, just do it!” He whined some more, being the beggar now.

When he threw his head back and started to rub his face with his hands, I winked at Mom and got up real fast. My Mom ducked back from the opening in the doorway as I slid open the other closet door and got one of my silk blouses and a long rope belt. I twirled the blouse into a make-shift blindfold and whispered into my brother’s ear as I covered his eyes and tied the sleeves behind his head, “I’m gunna give you a nice slow, wet blowjob.” I told him, my lips right against his ear. “Put your hands behind the chair you little bitch.”
I was a little surprised at my demanding attitude, as I'm sure he was, but acting like that, so forceful and bossy, made me feel pretty hot.

I tied his hands at the wrists. Not too tight, but tight enough so that he couldn’t come free and take the blindfold off without some effort. The whole reason I was blind folding him was so that Mom could sneak out of the closet and get up real close; close enough to get a good look, close enough for my brother to cum on her. I knew she wanted to. It was a risky move, sure. I’m not sure what would happen if Johnny were to take the scarf off and see Mom sitting there watching me suck his dick and I was hoping not to find out just yet either.

I stood up behind him. “Are you ready?” I said seductively as I placed a soft kiss on his earlobe and let the tip of my tongue trace the outer edge of his ear.
“Oh god yes Cat. I’m ready! I’m ready!” It came out shaky and squeaky.
I let my tongue slide down the length of his cheek and I kissed the corner of his mouth. His breathing was getting pretty deep by this time. I know mine was too and had no doubt that Mom was in the same boat.
“OK... ...spread your legs for me...” I whispered. “I want to lick and suck your balls too. That be OK?”

He answered by spreading his legs wide and groaning. I moved down and took my place on my knees, but I stayed to the side of the chair as before. I wanted his legs spread so that Mom could squat there, up close, and watch. I took hold of Johnny’s huge balls with my right hand and as I caressed them, I reached for the closet door with the other hand. I quietly slid the door open a few more inches. I saw my Mom grouched down, leaning towards the back of the closet… with a look on her face like a little puppy that had shit on the floor again and was afraid to come out from under the bed.

I gestured for her to come out as I teased my brother’s balls. I closed my hand around his twitching cock again; it felt even harder. I started to work my hand slowly up and down his dick. My Mother, though shocked and doubtful, made her way out of the closet and squatted down on the floor just outside the door between Johnny's feet. I pointed Johnny’s cock towards her and smiled a devilish smile as I quickened my pace.
“How’s this Johnny? How’s this feel?”
“Oh my God Cathy!!! That feels so fucking awesome!!!” he told me as his hips moved in tiny circles and pushed up into my hand.

“Do you want me to kiss it” I whispered.
I looked right at my Mom when I said it and licked my lips.
“Yeah, yeah… kiss it Cathy... ...Fuck yeah. Kiss it!!!” he practically begged with a series of small jerks.
I looked at Mom and nodded my head towards the cock that I held in my hand. “Ga-head...”I mouthed silently. She shook her head, tiny, quick shakes, while she mouthed the word No, but her eyes were wide, and with what little light there was, showed a sparkle of desire and lust in each one of them. Her mouth was saying “No” but the sparkle in her eyes screamed something else.

“Oh Cathy... ...kiss it please!” My brother begged.
I nodded again towards Johnny’s red cock and kissed the air. Mom bit her bottom lip and her brow creased a bit but she moved in closer between Johnny’s legs anyway, taking great care not to touch him anywhere as she did it. I was taking great care not to lean up against him as I'd done before. If it was obvious to him that I was kneeling beside him and he were to thrash around in the heat of the moment and kick my mother with a wild foot ...he could very well realize that there was someone else there besides just me. And we couldn't have that, now could we?

I stroked Johnny very slowly, pointing the head of his cock in Mom’s direction. She stared at it as my hand moved over it, sliding and squeezing it. She licked her lips slowly. It was apparent that she really wanted to do this but she was afraid. Finally, her eyes jumping back and forth between me and my brother's purple cockhead, she took a deep breath and slowly leaned in. I watched as my mother’s lips touched my brother’s wet cockhead; right on the piss hole. It was like it was happening in slow motion. It seemed to last forever.

She let her lips linger there for a long second. Her eyes closed; she fell into the moment. Her lips were actually touching her son’s dick and I think she was trying to get a handle on the moment. She seemed to revel in the act as my hand slid up my brother’s cock and my fingers lightly touched her chin. As she removed her lips from his prick, a thin runner of pre-cum connected her bottom lip with Johnny’s cock. I slid my hand down to the thick base of John’s dick, tilted my head to the side, opened my mouth, and leaned in closer to wrap my lips around the side of my brother’s hard-on. My wet lips slid up its fat length, up to its wet purple head and continued up until my lips reached my Mother’s lips lingering only an inch or so above John’s stiff dick; perhaps waiting, thinking about kissing her son's cock again. I sucked the pre-cum from her bottom lip and gave her a quick, soft kiss before moving out of the way and once again offering her my brother's hot soft cock head to kiss again. She brought her lips down and kissed it again...and then one more time, making it last for a few more seconds. Mom pulled back licking her lips. I moved in, lowering my mouth onto Johnny’s hard throbbing cock once again and began to suck it.

I slowly forced about half of his fat dick into my mouth. John lifted a little bit. “Oh Christ!” he moaned, gasped and arched a bit to try and push more into my mouth, but my mouth was full. I guess Mom got a little nervous and leaned back on her feet giving me room. I let his balls fall from my hand and began to rub and pinch at my nipples through my top as I kept trying to work more of his dick into my mouth.
“Mmmmmm...Hmmm.” I moaned around its thickness.
I slid my mouth off him and told him that I couldn't take it all, it was just too big.
“It feels so good when you try." He told me.
"I'll try again." I whispered, eager to please him.
"Oh god, yeah… ...Yeah, try again.”
I looked over at my Mom. I nodded at her again while I held onto Johnny’s throbbing cock.

I slowed my hand down until it stopped at the base of his wet swollen dick. Pre-cum dribbled down the sides now in a steady stream. There was no telling how much longer he could hold out. His cock felt like a fireplace poker that had been left too close to the flames; the heat coming from it was amazing. Mom looked at me and swallowed hard again. I took her hand and shook my head to encourage her. I nodded towards Johnny’s cock to coax her on. She moved in a little closer but was still hesitant. There was still a measure of fear in her eyes, but she moved even closer anyway. I pulled her hand right up to Johnny's cock, moved mine, and guided her hand to the base of my brother’s dick. Her eyes got wide and she chewed on her bottom lip some more...but her fingers closed around it reguardless. She gasped, sucked in air hard and quick, but I watched as she lowered her head and opened her mouth a little, moving closer and closer to the wet tip of her son’s hard dick. I saw her look into the mirror at herself, first at what was in her hand and at where her mouth was heading as if to confirm that she was actually about to do this. She looked at me and then closed her lips around Johnny’s wet dick.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...” She moaned as her eyes fluttered and rolled back. Her head went down more and more, her mouth opened wide, until she’d swallowed more than half of his hardness. She slowly worked her lips down even further over his rock hard shaft. It may have been easier if his cock had been a little softer, but that wasn't the case and it surely didn't look like that was gunna stop her. I heard a long raspy moan escape my Mom’s throat as she worked more of my brother’s dick into her throat. 6 then 7 inches, deep in her mouth―In her throat―8 inches―9 inches. A low grown worked its way out on my Mom’s mouth as she slowly worked the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat until I saw her lips disappear into his soft, dark pubic hair.

“ Mmmmmmmmmmm...” she moaned her pleasure again, so softly, quietly. She looked at me through half closed dreamy eyes. I knew how she felt.
“Oh fuuuuuck Cat!!! Jesus... ...that feels amazing!!!” Johnny growled, a quiet gargling sound rising from deep down in his chest someplace. Mom sucked slowly. He arched up again and Mom instinctively grabbed his hips with both her hands, (I think it surprised her as much as it surprised me) His long dick was buried deep in her mouth but he was trying to get even deeper. He settled down and Mom let a couple of inches of cock slide out. He rose up again. My mother held tight, held her ground, allowing Johnny to push his cock past her lips again, back into her throat. Soon Johnny, for all practical purposes, was fucking our Mom’s mouth. He moved slowly as Mom hovered over him.

“Ooooooohhh yeeaaahhh Cat. Make me cum!!! Make me cum!!!”
My mother tightened her grip on Johnny’s hips and was now actually helping him trust himself up and then lower himself back down again, slowly sliding all of his stiff dick all the way in and out of her mouth. I sat on the floor now watching this; my hand slipped down between my legs. I moved my panties to one side and began sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy. My mother hardly moved her head while Johnny fucked her mouth. I watched her lips puff out each time he lowered his ass pulling the cock from her mouth. Each time he rose up again, her lips got thin and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked.
This went on for about three or four more minutes, a steady rhythm, in and and out, before Johnny let ‘me’ know that he was gunna cum.
“Yesss Cat....Yesss...yesss... ...I’m gunna...I'm gunna cum Cat. Swallow me! OH GOD! SWALLOW ME!”

I sat there fingering myself like I was plugged into a power plant. Then I saw my mother's eyes open. They were filled with a wildness, a wanting…they were filled with lust.
“Oh god...” I whispered from the floor as I fingered myself and watched. Mom sit back on her feet and gyrate her hips in small circles. I think she was actually cumming. She glanced at me and then up towards Johnny’s blindfold. Then I saw my mother's body freeze and a look of horror fill her eyes. The look scared me enough to make me stop what I was doing and turn my attention to where my mother was looking. I saw what had her so scared.

My brother had worked his hand free and was now moving it towards Mom. She was frozen with fear as John continued to work his swollen dick in and out of her mouth and she continued to hold tight to his hips. I didn't know if he was reaching for a tit to feel, his own dick, or if he was gunna grab the back of her head, but it didn’t really matter which…All that mattered was that his hands were free to grab his makeshift blindfold if he so desired.

“Yeah Cat. Suck it. Suck my cock!” He muttered rather loudly as he reached.
My Mom was pulling her head back in an attempt to get him out of her mouth before his other hand went for the blindfold, but she wasn’t quick enough. Johnny’s hand caught her behind her head and kept her from moving away.
“Suck it Cat!!!” Johnny groaned as his head fell back and his mouth dropped open.

The situation had taken on a brand new dynamic.
John arched up, holding the back of Mom’s head. Her hands were on his thighs now, her fingers spread wide apart in a feeble, halfhearted attempt to push away, but she allowed him to hold her there; she continued to blow him. She opened her throat to receive him as best she could. He thrust upward as she swallowed his cock to the hilt again and again.
I slid my fingers out of my wet pussy and scurried right up close to Johnny; not ready to stop him from cumming in our mother's mouth, but ready to grab his hands if they went for the blind fold. I couldn’t say anything to him because as far as he was concerned…my mouth was full of his cock. So I just knelt there, ready move if I had to.

Mom quickly slid a hand up Johnny’s leg and closed her fingers around the base of her son’s long, wet cock again; good and tight in an attempt to take some control of the situation and keep him from choking her. Realizing I was up and ready to intervene if need-be, she began to jerk him off with quick short strokes but still allowing him to fuck her mouth. Her cheeks sucked in as he worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Then suddenly, he let go of her head. Mom pulled her mouth off his cock getting ready to flee back to the relative safety of the closet, but couldn’t quite find enough reason to let go of his dick yet. (I guess she just didn’t want to stop. I knew how she felt) She continued to jerk him off, hard and fast. I was ready to move in but instead of going for the blindfold, Johnny gripped the chair, white knuckled, with both hands and told everyone in the room his intentions.

“I’M GUNNA CUM!!! OH FUCK!!! I’M CUMMMMING!!! I’M CUMMMMING!!!” He didn’t shout it... ...but he said it pretty loud and through gritted teeth. My mother's full attention was focused on what was in her hand. I watched her working her son’s dick with such passion. I watched as she leaned forward to close her lips, once again, around her son’s cock.

It was like watching a movie. One of those movies that you’re not supposed to watch― like you were spying on someone, someone that shouldn’t be doing what they were doing. The thought that my Mom was blowing my brother and he didn’t even know... ...made me so hot. My pussy was burning and literally dripping into my panties. I couldn’t help but to spread my knees a little more and slide my fingers back into its fiery wetness. I was just a few fingers from cumming too.

All of a sudden Johnny’s legs went stiff and his ass came up off the chair again like someone had shoved a thick finger up his ass…and stayed there, twitching and trembling. Strange sounds poured from his open mouth. Mom kept jerking his cock―Faster and faster, with her lips sealed over the dark purple head…ready to swallow...Wanting to swallow.
Johnny's ass quivered and jerked as he started shooting cum into our mother’s mouth. She moaned with the rhythm and welcomed his hot load into her mouth.
“Umm...Umm...Umm...Umm...” Her cheeks puffed out and she swallowed hard. Then again, she jerked more into her mouth, her cheeks puffed out, a few white drops escaped the corner of her mouth and dripped off her chin... ...and she swallowed again.

After she swallowed again, she removed Johnny’s dick from her mouth. Cum splashed across her lips. She looked at me, her hand still moving hard and fast on Johnny's cock. Shot after shot, flew into the air, going everywhere. She pointed in my direction. Cum shot past my face and over my shoulder, Johnny bucked and groaned.
“Take it...” she silently mouthed as a thick rope of hot salty cum splashed against my cheek. I knew what she was doing. She was giving me the chance to move in and take her place while Johnny was too wrapped up in the ecstasy of cumming to notice the exchange.

Leaving my wet pussy for later, I slipped in and replaced my mother’s hand with mine. If Johnny noticed anything... ...there was no way of telling. We were all so wrapped up in the moment that I doubt any of us would have noticed if the house was on fire. (We would be clueless when the firemen broke down the bedroom door...until they hosed us down and cooled us off) I tilted John's throbbing prick towards my mother as I continued the frantic handjob that she'd started. Another thick rope of cum shot from the tip of my brother’s dick and splashed across Mom's forehead and sprayed her hair. I pumped furiously in an attempt to finish my brother off. More cum found my Mother’s lips and chin as she moved out from between Johnny’s legs... ...I leaned in over his cock from the side and twirled my tongue around the tip of his shooting cock tasting his wonderful cream. I licked over and around his cum hole and swallowed what shot into my mouth.

“Oh yeah Cat... ...Do it! Do it! Do it!!!”
Johnny’s ass finally fell to earth as I sucked his dick into my mouth as far as I could. When my Mom saw Johnny’s hands fall limp past the sides of the chair, she quickly scooted back into the closet and slid the door shut. I strummed my fingers back and forth over my swollen clit as I jerked the last few globs of my brother’s cum into my mouth and swallowed them with a low happy groan. “That tastes so good...” I whispered up to Johnny after licking my lips clean.

“How was that?” I asked him. I slowly played with his dick and gave my pussy a final diddle before I let my wet panties slide back into place; I would tend to it later. John's dick was getting softer in my hand when he reached up and removed the blindfold to answer me.
“That was fantastic Cat. I didn’t think I was gunna stop cumming. Man..." He survived the immediate area; there was cum on the mirror, all over his legs, his stomach and on the carpet by his feet. "That was a lot, huh?” He stated the obvious with a huge smile covering his face. The smile drifted away when he saw that I too was covered in his Jizz.
"Sorry..." He declared with a humble look.

I smiled up at him while I slid my fingers over his slippery semi-hard dick.
“It's OK. I don't mind a bit." I assured him and licked my lips again to show I meant it.
“I thought I was gunna pass out when you swallowed the whole thing. I don’t know how you did it, but it felt great.”
“You better get dressed.” I told him as I let his soft dick flop over on his thigh and gave it a little pat or two, trying to hurry him along.
“I don’t know how we would explain this if anyone knocked on the door now.” To push him a long a little faster, I told him that I thought I’d heard someone walking down the hallway a little while ago... “...but I didn’t want to stop.” I lied.

Johnny jumped up off the chair. He found his pajama bottoms in a hurry and put em on.
He thanked me in that sweet little-boy way that he has, “That was really great.” He’d said.
“I know. I liked it too.” I wasn’t lying that time.

He left happy and tip-toed back to his room. I locked the door behind him. I hurried over to the closet and slid the door open. I stood in the doorway looking down at my Mother. She sat on the closet floor with her legs spread as wide as the closet would allow. Her head was back and she was strumming her clit with considerable speed. I heard a raspy moan escape her throat when she tilted her head up and opened her eyes to look at me. I wasn't sure if she actually saw me or not. Her eyes looked far away and dreamy. I could see my brothers cum still on her forehead, in her hair, and globs of it on her chin. I couldn’t resist, I reached my two fingers down and scooped up a blob of my brother’s warm cum. As I brought it to my mouth... Mother reached up with a free hand, slid it up my thigh and touched between my legs. As I sucked the cum off my fingers, she moved my panties to one side. Her touch took my breath away. I leaned in… and she craned her neck, straining to get her mouth on my wet pussy. I bent my knees a little and she moved my wet panties out of the way and pushed her tongue between the dripping folds of my coochie. I felt her tongue slip into my pussy and begin an urgent search to find my clit.

I heard myself, “Oh my God... ..Lick me Mom...” I moaned as I put one hand on the door jamb to keep from falling and bent my knees a little bit more to grind my pussy into Mom’s mouth. Her fingers were moving furiously in and out of her cunt while she ate my pussy. Sloppy squishy noises and low grunts and moans filled my closet as my mother worked to get us both off.

My legs began to quiver as Mom licked and sucked. I pushed her head deeper between my legs with my free hand, forcing my hot pussy onto her tongue with some major attitude. She really seemed to like that and I loved the fact that she did. I could feel my brother’s cum in Mom’s hair and saw a thick glob on her forehead. I couldn’t resist sweeping it up with my thumb and then sucking my finger. When she drew my pussy lips into her mouth hard, the feeling was amazing and I almost screamed that I was cumming.
“Um-hummm!!!” Mom moaned into my pussy on the edge of her own orgasm. The more she moaned, the harder I came. Then Mom gasped. A burst of hot breath rushed around my clit making my pussy pucker and my clit throb. She sucked in a quick breath as best she could, making a wet slurping sound between my legs, then she cried into the folds of my pussy. “Oh god yes!” She was cumming again too.

When we'd both finished, Mom fell back into the closet, her head resting against the side wall. I eased myself down, as best I could considering how shaky I was, to kneel on the floor. I let myself fall forward, my face coming to rest on one of Mom’s sweaty thighs. We were worn out.
“Oh my god Baby.” I heard from someplace deep in my closet. My eyes were closed. “What’s happening to us?” my mother asked a few sweaters and dresses that hung above her. I assumed it was rhetorical.

I felt Mom’s fingers draw the hair away from my face. She slipped a hand under my arm and pulled me up to her. I slowly moved up her body. I came to rest, snuggled against her, my cheek pressed to one of her boobs; the hard nipple poking the corner of my mouth. I softly kissed it. She whispered, “Thanks Baby.” In a soft, tired voice that sounded like it came from a thousand miles away.
“You too Mom.” I whispered back. “That was incredible.”
“I know...but I mean...thanks for all of it…Everything.”
I must have had a confused look on my face.
“I couldn't have this...I wouldn’t be doing any of this without you. I mean... ...I wouldn’t be able to enjoy all this if it wasn’t for you.”

I looked at my Mom and she at me.
“Mom... ...I should be the one thanking you. I should be thanking you for not freaking out or going ballistic on me... ...and Johnny for that matter... when you saw what we were doing. I’m really glad that we can share this; I really am.”
Mom looked lovingly into my eyes. I felt so warm all over. She moved her hand behind my head and gently pulled my face towards hers. We opened our mouths... ...and kissed. It was long... ...and soft... ...and sweet. Our heads moved slowly side to side, our tongues searched in each other’s mouths and teased and taunted each other's lips. I know that I’m only 15, but it was the best kiss I’d ever had. It was great. The taste of Johnny’s cum was still fresh and delicious.

We kissed each other a few more times; soft pecks and then just held each other. We lay there, half in and half out of the closet, for I don't know how long, softly and gently kissing each other before it was all over.

We got up and gathered all our things. Mom dressed. We walked to the door together, stopping for a minute before opening it. My Mom leaned into me once again and took my face into her hands. She kissed me again so tenderly at first, and then with a little more passion. She sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and let her tongue trace the shape of mouth. It felt so and erotic.
Mom pulled back and looked me in the eyes, "I can't stop kissing you. I just wanna keep doing it." She whispered.She kissed me again real quick and smiled at me. She unlocked the door and checked the hallway.
“Remind me to tell you something about that night in the car, in the garage, with your father.” She whispered. and then snuck out.

I went to bed, but didn't go to sleep for a long time.

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