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Peace at night found onto daybreak's true light
June 26, 2011

Daybreak’s friend by Sergio (LtnScorpio4x)

Tonight my restless day will turn to peaceful night
I no longer fear night darkness and restlessness
At last comfortably l dream
Restfully and happily again
For the stars and the moon’s force as on the earth’s gravity
Will rock and cradle me softly to sleep
Angels above touch their harps
Their songs’
Melodies and lullabies are mine
And float me away to fluffy pillows
Beyond and away all the hidden shadows
For The Darkness I once feared is no more
For now I smile instead
Snuggled I lay in bed
And many pleasant thoughts are mine
Stirred to me from God above

When the morning comes
Light shines through my window
And brings me soft joy gift
That I recognize it so
Day break is here
The Suns’ rays dance and stream
And gently tap me to rise
The birds chirp and sing
It is a new day to experience
I agree and I am glad
That morning is here
It has brought light
To be my friend
Sparkling with delight
We plan to venture the new day
Sunlight, of course, will guide
AND the birds will harp in mellows
Full, rich, soft, and pure

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2012-11-22 21:26:48
I'm with all the ladies that think every kid dreesves a protective older brother. It just seems so sweet.But a small part of me hopes I have 2 girls and they can be as close as my sister and I are. Having a sister is awesome!

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