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I FEEL DIZZY by Sergio (LtnScorpio4x)
Round and round I go.
I catch a sphere spinning in my hands
Can I hold on for long?

If I fumble, will I fall?
Round and round I go again.
Wait, I feel dizzy now.
Round and round I go
Spinning and spinning are spheres I hold
Easy does it
The fight is to the force
Round and round I go.
I may teeter to the left
I may I totter to the right
Yet I hold on.
And I tweeter totter yet some more
Until I stumble and I do fall
Backwards I felt a crush to my heart and soul, almost sighs to get up fast, but short relief, and then, fear again. I have let go of the spinning spheres all but too long.

But I think quickly,
The spinning spheres shall be my guide, I explore my options.

It is okay to let them go. I have a new direction to take.
I stand and search.
I reach to take hold to that solid line, is my goal
I attempt my re-control
Steady as I go
Slow and easy
Balance is key, I say, as to remind myself what I need to do,
To a new direction I must learn
I find my middle ground
Spinning is the world
Moreover, gravity is my hold
A straight line unto a direction I must know, and I decide to take instead.

Steady as I go.
When I move forward ahead
A straight path I shall see.
No longer do the spheres spin me, and to contrary, and or in contrast, I now spin them,
Round after Round I go, I triumph in sighed relief. Ring, ring, ring went the bell, I hear the toll it took to my soul, and bells to whom they toll, trail the overcoming of those spinning turns.

I am winner, and my dreams so remain, and I shall be there to the finish, to the end.
I walk the thin line and that I have learned to walk the narrows, now you may feel dizzy too, to know the twists and turns, the ups and downs I surpassed, but it does not detour me, for I cannot look back, only forward. I walk a straight line… can you see?

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2012-03-22 00:42:04
I've added the C4D scene if you look in Vimeo.Itb4s very simple.The rest is done in After Effects the crojept file I haven't shared: The ingredients are mainly 32bit colour depth, Trapcode Particular 2, a knoll lighfactory lensflare which position is linked to a spotlight in the back via the compTo expression, two copies of a fractal noise layer three copies of the sphere rendered out from C4d treated with glow and paintbuckets and fastblur to fade in with the background.Hope that gives some clues!

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2012-02-11 21:04:02
693gcf I would add something else, of course, but in fact almost everything is mentioned!...

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2012-01-12 15:10:01
WHY...are you Charlie Manson? He wrote crap like like this......

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