Will Lisa dump her boyfriend for Jon? What other mischief will our girls get themselves into?
Chapter 15

“Thanks for not making a mess in my room with Jon,” Jen says to Lisa as they walk across campus later that afternoon. “I didn’t find any stray sperm anywhere!” “Yeah, I swallowed every last drop,” Lisa announces triumphantly. “He tasted good! And he’s so sweet,” she gushes. “He couldn’t say a word to me right after I blew him, but then later he called me to thank me for doing it.” “Why don’t you fuck him?” Jen asks her friend straightforwardly. “Because I could never cheat on Craig like that,” replies Lisa. “What Craig doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Jen persists, a wicked little grin lighting up her beautiful features. “Yeah, but I’ll know,” responds Lisa. “I’ve never cheated on a boyfriend before, and I don’t want to cheat on Craig. Besides, Jon really wants to fuck you, Jen,” Lisa now tosses the ball back to the blonde. “Jon wouldn’t be able to handle me,” Jen replies smugly. “He needs some more experience first. I’d really like him to hook up with Heather, but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. The other day he said hello to her and she walked right past him without saying a word.” “Heather can be a real bitch sometimes,” Lisa responds indignantly. “What I’d really like is for Jon and Jess to start dating,” Lisa continues eagerly. “They’re made for each other. Did you hear them talking yesterday? I couldn’t even follow them, they’re both so smart!” “I don’t know if Jess would have time for Jon,” replies Jen with a little smirk. “She’s already got her hands full, or actually her mouth full. She’s fucking three different guys right now!” “What?” Lisa exclaims in surprise. “I asked her how things were going with Bob,” Jen responds, obviously relishing the delicious story, “and she told me that now she’s ‘dating’ two other guys. I asked her if ‘dating’ means that she’s fucking them, and she finally admitted that she is. And she fucked Bob last night, just so he won’t feel left out.” “Wow! That doesn’t even sound like Jess,” replies a startled Lisa. “I’m proud of her,” Jen responds with a smile. “I always knew that deep down, she was a horny little slut!”

It’s another Friday night and another frat party. Jen is flirting with the three good looking studs, all shamelessly competing for her attention, and she can’t decide which one she likes best. Why should I have to choose only one of them? she finally decides. All three are surrounding her, pressing in close, and she can feel three pairs of hands groping her, even as the party swirls and the music thumps in the background. Fortunately, the three studs are friends, so the competition for the petite beauty does not degenerate into a brawl. Jen pays flirtatious attention to all three in turn, and takes pleasure in feeling their stiffened tools as they brush up against her. They’re all ready, and so am I, Jen decides, conscious of the delicious wetness of her womanhood. Selecting one of the studs, she whispers her intentions in his ear. The stud then turns to his two friends, and tells them about the game plan for the evening. The two other studs quickly glance over at Jen, who reassures them with a lascivious smile and a nod. The three studs then join in high fives and raucous exclamations of approval, before the first stud turns, and taking Jen by the hand, leads her to his bedroom.

Before she knows it, Jen is behind closed doors, stripped and on her knees, with a stiff penis in her mouth. She delights in hearing the stud groan with pleasure as she deep throats his swollen tool and caresses his sperm heavy balls with her hand. He has a huge load in there for me she enthuses, and getting to her feet, grabs him by the hand, and leads him to the nearest bed. “Wait, that’s my roommate’s bed,” the stud protests. “Who fucking cares?” Jen replies, positioning herself on her back, and opening her legs wide for her stud. The stud buries his face in Jen’s delicious little muff, his tongue vigorously working her labia and clit and eliciting loud moans of pleasure from the aroused little slut. The stud now slides his rigid, straining tool into Jen’s welcoming, saturated canal of love. Jen moans as she feels herself being penetrated by the stiffened flesh pole. The stud begins to thrust into her hard and deep, and gradually picking up speed, works himself up to an almost frenzied tempo. Jen, her feet pointed at the ceiling, takes lustful delight in feeling herself slammed back into the mattress with each vigorous thrust of the stud’s hips. “Oh my god!” she moans as an orgasm floods her body, and she grips both of the stud’s forearms with her hands, gradually sliding them upwards to caress his well developed biceps, as the relentless thrusting continues. The stud can feel the first contractions in his balls, and he tries to focus on delivering as many thrusts as he can before the inevitable release. Sperm hungry Jen, sensing that the now grunting stud can’t hold out much longer, exhorts him to orgasm. “Cum for me, baby! Cum for me!” With a deep visceral groan, the stud delivers one last powerful pelvic thrust, slamming his tool into Jen’s pussy to the root, even as the slit begins to spew forth his hot white nectar of love deep into the ecstatic little slut. “Oh yeah, baby!” she cries out with delight. The stud wastes little time in dismounting, getting dressed and leaving the room, so as to make way for his replacement in bed. Jen is far from being done for the night.

The deliciously naked Jen waits near the door for her second stud. It is first stud’s roommate, and wasting no time, Jen begins to strip him as soon as he shuts the door behind him. “I fucked your roommate in your bed! What do you think about that?” she taunts her new stud. “You little fucking whore!” replies the stud, even as Jen pulls down his briefs and his erect tool springs out to greet her. “That’s right. I am a little fucking whore, and now I’m going to fuck you, too!” the lust crazed Jen tells the now naked stud almost vengefully, as she grips his rigid tool. Tugging on the tool, she leads the stud over to the bed, using the stud’s stiffened manhood as a leash to lead him to the altar of ecstasy. “Get down there! On your back!” she commands, giving a firm push on his beefy chest. The stud positions himself in bed, on his back, and Jen straddles him, carefully lowering herself onto his stiffened love pole. She can feel the rigid tool push past her hungry nether lips, and she lowers herself further down until her pussy has absorbed the stud’s entire shaft. She slowly begins bouncing herself up and down, impaled on the rock hard spear of flesh. Bracing herself with both hands on the stud’s chest, her downward hip thrusts become more rapid. Moaning almost rhythmically, Jen cries out “Oh my god!” as she achieves orgasm for the second time tonight. The stud reaches up to grab the beautiful bouncing titties, as the little slut rides him to climax. Another male tool is pushed to its limit, another man groans as he achieves carnal release, and another load is propelled at high velocity into Jen’s eager pussy. As the second stud leaves the room, he promises to send in his friend, the third stud Jen had been flirting with at the party. The departing second stud orders Jen, “Make sure you fuck him real good, you little whore!” To which the still unsatiated beauty, lying naked on the bed of lust replies, “Don’t worry, I will! I’ll give him a fucking he’ll never forget!”

The third stud enters the room, now heavy with the smell of sweat and sex. “Get over here!” Jen orders, positioning herself on all fours at the edge of the bed. The stud plants himself in front of Jen, his crotch at her mouth level, and she greedily undoes his belt and pulls down his jeans and briefs. Yet another erect phallus is taken into her man hungry mouth. Jen gags on the swollen tool, but assisted by the stud’s hand on the back of her head, she achieves deep throat. After prolonged fellatio, Jen withdraws her mouth from the saliva slathered tool, and announces to the stud, “I want you to do me doggy!” She quickly changes position in bed, pointing her enticing little ass at her third lover of the night. The stud quickly strips, climbs into bed and positions himself on his knees behind Jen. She can feel the stud’s hands grip her ass cheeks, and can then feel the stud slowly rubbing the swollen head of his tool along the length of her pussy lips, inflicting delicious torture on her yearning young womanhood. She lets out a moan of anticipation and gasps “Fuck me!” She can feel yet another erect penis sliding into her wet, willing pussy as the stud complies. As the stud pounds away, Jen can feel herself being pushed forward with every thrust. The stud increases his tempo, and Jen in turn fucks him back, thrusting her perfectly rounded little ass at him. “Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screams at the top of her lungs as she experiences her most intense orgasm of the night. The stud slaps her ass as hard as he can, grips both cheeks in his hands and pounds her with a renewed and merciless intensity. Jen now screams uncontrollably as her body is rocked by multiple orgasms. The sweating, grunting stud can hold out no longer, and lets out a deep groan as his balls release their load, deposited into Jen’s already sperm soaked pussy. “Oh my god, baby! You were so fucking good!” she gasps appreciatively to the last and best of her lovers for the night. As she gets dressed, Jen makes sure to leave her panties behind on the bed where she gave and received so much pleasure. A little souvenir for them to fight over, she giggles to herself as she shuts the door behind her and rejoins the revelry of the ongoing frat party.

Chapter 16

“So, you didn’t know any of those three guys that you fucked at that frat party?” Heather queries Jen over lunch at the Pizza Palace. “No! It was so awesome!” Jen exclaims enthusiastically, relishing the memory of being taken by each of her anonymous studs, one by one. “You really should try it sometime, Heather! You know how it is at frat parties. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!” “Oh, I’ve hooked up with a guy at a frat party, but with more than one…” an intrigued Heather’s voice trails off. “I know you’ll do it sooner or later, you horny little slut!” laughs Jen. “So, anyway did you get laid this weekend?” “Dom Friday night and Aaron Saturday night,” Heather replies proudly. “Dom is just so fucking hung, I don’t want to dump him even though he drives me crazy,” she continues. “Yeah, I feel the same way about Bob. Not that we’re really going out anymore, but we do still hook up every once in a while just for fun. He is sooo fucking good!” Jen replies enthusiastically. “Bob is a hottie,” Heather affirms, her face lighting up with a lustful little grin, prompting the delicious, intriguing scenario to flash through Jen’s fertile brain. “So Heather, have you ever fantasized about maybe having a really good friend who has a hot boyfriend, and you wanted to get with her boyfriend, but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with her?” Jen begins, feeling for the right words, even as a tantalized Heather is conscious of the more rapid beating of her heart as she anticipates hearing the rest of the hypothetical fantasy. “But it wasn’t a problem, because you were okay with your friend getting with your boyfriend?” Jen continues, tossing the now fully formed ball into the air. “You mean, me with Bob, and you with Dom?” Heather replies breathlessly, almost frightened at the possibility of finally consummating her long nourished lust for Bob. “Why not?” Jen purrs, smiling her most wicked smile. “What about Jess?” asks Heather, now fully aware of Jess’ relationship with Bob. “No worries,” Jen replies reassuringly. “Jess will just have to fuck one of her other men that night.” “Yeah, I have to admit, I’m starting to like Jess more and more,” Heather confides. “She’s cool now. She’s not uptight anymore and she’s starting to really have fun.”

Jon is sitting alone at his desk in his dorm room, studying for finals when he hears the knock at the door. “Come in!” he calls out, and to his surprise, in walks Lisa. “Oh hello, Lisa,” a surprised Jon greets her. “Hey, Jon! Are you busy?” Lisa asks, somewhat hesitantly. “Well, I’m studying, but I guess I do need a break. How are you, Lisa?” the nerd replies. “I’m good Jon, but there’s something I need to talk to you about. Is your roommate around?” Lisa asks with a mysterious air. “No, he should be out for the whole afternoon. What’s wrong?” he asks, sensing that something is amiss. “I’ve got to talk to you about Jen,” Lisa replies, heaving a sigh. “Oh, yes. She’s actually been making pretty good progress these past couple of weeks. I actually think she’ll do well on her finals. It was just a matter of getting her to focus on…” the nerd begins to discourse, but Lisa cuts him off. “No, not that, Jon. I mean about the two of you,” she says, giving him a significant look. “I know how much you like her.” “Well yes, I do like her and I really wish…” the nerd begins, but breaks off in embarrassment. “You really wish that she would fuck you, right?” Lisa asks him bluntly. “Yes!” the nerd cries out, half anguished, half relieved. “Yes, yes, yes! But she won’t do it!” “Why not?” Lisa queries him. “Because, because…” the nerd stumbles. “Because you’re still a virgin?” she completes the thought for him. “Yes. She says that I need more experience before she’ll do anything with me. But I don’t know how to get more experience. I don’t know how to talk to girls or anything,” the nerd laments. “You’re talking to me right now,” Lisa reassures him, lowering her voice seductively. “And I’m going to help you with your problem,” she continues, placing her hand on his chest. “But, but…” the nerd stammers. “I’m going to do this for you, but you just have to remember that it can only be a one time thing,” she tells him, pushing thoughts of Craig into the back of her mind. “But you have a boyfriend,” the nerd protests, even as the rapidly expanding bulge in his jeans betrays his whetted carnal appetite. “That’s why it can only be one time,” Lisa says by way of explanation, her now wet pussy completely overcoming her fidelity to Craig. “I want to do this. For you and for me,” she reassures the nerd, placing her hand on his crotch.

Taking a step back, she pulls off her sweatshirt and staring him straight in the eyes, removes her bra and tosses it on the floor. The nerd, finally overcoming his initial bewilderment, begins to strip as well. Soon, man and woman face each other, both fully stripped and both ready to give and to receive love. “Nothing wrong with this at all,” Lisa says in a sweet, gentle voice, slowly and lovingly stroking the nerd’s rock hard phallus with her hand. “You just have to learn not to be so shy.” Straining at the leash, the nerd places his hands on Lisa’s beautiful bare shoulders. She puts her hands on his and guides them lower. “Go ahead, feel them. Squeeze them,” she coaxes the nerd. The nerd’s clumsy but eager hands squeeze and knead the bountiful flesh, now sporting their lust hardened nipples. “Do you want to suck on them?” she asks her new lover, and with no further encouragement, the nerd takes first one luscious breast and then the other into his mouth, tonguing and suctioning the nipples and provoking appreciative little moans of pleasure from Lisa. “That’s pretty good,” she purrs softly. With a new found confidence the nerd whispers “Your pussy,” as he moves his hand down from her breasts, down to her belly and yet lower. Boldly and yet gently, he slides a finger upward into Lisa’s welcoming womanhood, and withdrawing it, is startled by the moistness that clings to it. “You’ve got me so fucking wet,” Lisa breathes lustfully, and pulls the nerd over to the bed.

She presents him with the small, square package and asks, “Do you know what this is?” “Yes. It’s a prophylactic,” the nerd replies. “No, silly. It’s a condom. But before we fuck, I want you to eat my pussy,” Lisa commands. She positions herself on her back on the nerd’s bed and opens her legs. Thrusting his head between the luscious thighs, the nerd clumsily laps Venus’ entryway with his tongue. “A little higher. A little more,” Lisa guides him. “Oh, yeah. Right there. That’s the clit. Work that. Oh yeah. Mmmm…” she begins to moan with pleasure. “You’re not bad, baby, for never having done this before. Always remember to eat pussy.” “I’m sorry if I’m not very good at it,” the nerd offers apologetically, lifting his head up from his tasty snack. “Don’t worry babe. Like I said you’re not bad at all, and the more you practice the better you’ll get.” “I want to fuck you,” the nerd now says decisively and reaches under the pillow where Lisa has tucked the condom. She grabs his hand. “No, wait. I don’t want you to use the condom. I want to feel your dick inside me,” she breathes in a voice completely suffused with lust.

The nerd’s long deferred carnal appetite can no longer be denied. His rigid tool slides easily into the saturated canal of love. Lisa lets out a soft moan of ecstasy. Slowly, hesitantly, clumsily at first, the nerd begins to slide his tool in and out of his beautiful partner. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!” she moans encouragingly to him. Like a freight train, the nerd’s hip thrusts gradually pick up speed, and eventually he finds a rhythm. Lisa moans with pleasure as she feels herself being penetrated with greater sureness and speed. “Deeper, baby! Deeper!” she exhorts her now grunting nerd. The nerd’s tempo builds to a fever pitch and he begins to moan “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as he feels himself hurtling into a ball draining orgasm. “Come on, baby! Shoot your load in me! Come on!” an equally frenzied Lisa cries out. Finally, letting out something between a groan and a yell, the nerd releases the thick white milk of manhood deep into Lisa’s pussy. Spurt after spurt of the male love offering is spewed forth as the nerd’s balls relieve themselves of their copious load. Their lust fully consummated, Lisa whispers to her partner now lying beside her, “You were good, baby.” “I’m sorry I didn’t pull out before I…” the nerd begins to apologize, but Lisa doesn’t let him finish. “No, I’m glad you didn’t. I’m on birth control anyway, and I know I don’t have to worry about catching anything from you.” She runs her fingers through his sweaty hair and looks tenderly into his eyes. “It was a really nice experience,” she whispers. “And you better keep that condom. If you ever fuck Jen, make sure you use it,” she giggles. The nerd is now a stud.

Jess is on her knees, absorbing more and more of the stud’s rigid penis into her mouth, and relishing the sound of groaning that her oral skills are bringing forth from the tool’s owner. I’m getting really good at giving head, she thinks, giggling to herself. And just to think, I just met these two guys, she muses as the remaining length of the stud’s tool completely disappears into her mouth and she strokes the other stiffened phallus with her hand. No wonder this is Jen’s favorite frat house! She holds her head down on the stud’s tool for a prolonged moment, her lips kissing the base of the stud’s love wand, even as he lets out a deep, shuddering groan of pleasure. Slowly pulling her head back, Jess inflicts more delicious torment on the throbbing tool, until she has backed herself completely off of it. Cupping the stud’s swollen balls in her hand and massaging them, she now turns her eager mouth on the other stud’s love snake. Swirling her tongue around on the tip of the second stud’s tool, she tastes the precum slowly oozing from the penile slit. “You taste good, baby,” she purrs, looking up worshipfully at her anonymous stud. “You both taste good.” Soon, the second stud is groaning just like the first as Jess deep throats his tool down to the root. “Oh, fuck!” he gasps, as Jess prolongs her sweet oral torture of his manhood. Now picking up her pace, she quickly shifts back to the first stud, bobbing her head up and down on his tool before returning to the second stud to briefly continue her oral assault on him. Alternating between the two tools, she anticipates the moment that both will succumb to her, surrendering the hot white nectar that is the ultimate reward of her efforts and the ultimate tribute to her skills. He’s going to cum, I just know it, she thinks, working the first tool, but it refuses to give up its load just yet. With a vengeance, she unleashes her mouth again on the second tool, and after a few head bobs, is rewarded with a deep groan. Swiftly pulling her head back and opening her mouth wide, Jess can feel the hot sperm, freshly ejected from deep within the stud’s balls, splash onto her tongue. The stud groans again as his tool continues to spurt, filling Jess’ mouth, even as she gives his balls a little squeeze, as if to make sure every last drop is being drained from the pair of sperm factories. When the tool ceases to spurt, Jess looks up at her stud and closes her mouth. She reopens it, and displays her now empty mouth to her appreciative sperm donor. Every last drop swallowed. All the while, she has kept a hand on the first stud’s tool, slowly stroking it to maintain its arousal. Now, she turns her full attention to the surviving erection. Massaging the balls, she begins a deep throat assault on the rock hard tool, forcing her head all the way down to its root again and again. Soon, the tortured love snake can endure no more, and spits forth its hot white venom. Jess holds the tool with a firm grip as it spurts, pointing it at her open mouth. Once again, a pair of balls is drained of its load. Once again Jess closes her sperm filled mouth, and once again a load vanishes, dispatched by the beautiful, kneeling slut to her belly. They both tasted pretty good, she thinks with satisfaction as she gets to her feet and says the briefest of goodbyes to her two still anonymous studs.
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