The following stories are based on true events
These are a collection of memories I have from childhood. The following stories are based on true events. :

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a deep craving between my legs that could never quite be satisfied. I can remember laying on a blanket in my first home, I was about 2, drinking a bottle and watching TV. As I lay there, I remember sliding my hand underneath a fresh diaper and rubbing at my
tiny mound until I fell asleep.

A couple years later, when I was about 4, my family moved into a new home. I remember shutting my new bedroom door and playing with my barbie dolls. I was making them kiss and started to get excited. I took a 'Ken' doll and started rubbing it's head against my crotch. A wet spot started to show through my pants as an overwhelming sensation came across me, followed by an immediate urge to go pee. After that time, I did this often; Hiding in my room, humping pillows and rubbing different toys between my legs. My favorite thing to do was put a 'Ken' doll onto a pillow, between my tiny legs, and hump at it. Sometimes I would slide my panties off or to the side and let my bare baby pussy grind against whatever was between my smooth little thighs.

A few months into living there my Mother had a friend that would come over a lot. He was really cute and really nice. Sometimes while I was taking a bath or peeing he would walk in and watch me when no one else was around. My mom started asking him to babysit me sometimes when the rest of the family was busy. We would play games for hours before he would give me a bath. He liked watching me play in the bath. He sometimes rubbed at my nipples as he washed me down. I remember one night he didn't use a washcloth; He rubbed his thumbs around my soapy little nipples, giving little pinches here and there. His other hand moved up and down my firm little butt. He slid his middle finger between my cute tiny cheeks and rubbed it against my tight asshole. I sat very still as his other hand moved down to my baby clit. As his rubbing got a little firmer, his finger slid between my pink lips and massaged gently. He told me that he had to wash these places very well. I rocked my hips with enjoyment and sat silently as his fingers explored my soft baby body.

He rubbed me for a little while longer, and then he exclaimed it was bedtime. He wrapped me in a towel and took me to my bedroom. He helped me into my panties and nightgown before tucking me into bed and kissing me on the lips. I enjoyed being rubbed, and waited eagerly for my bath, each time he babysat me. He would soap me up and "wash" my body, each time lasting longer. Sometimes he would ask me to bend over so that he could see me better; Other times he would tell me to wash myself as he smiled and watched. This was fun for me. I often thought about our bath times when I would play alone in my room, gliding various toys against my wet little cunt. It went on like this for a few months, before he really started to molest me. I never had bad feelings about what was happening, it felt good and I wanted more.

One afternoon he was called over to babysit. I was especially excited because he usually watched me at night, not in the day time like this. We played a few games, made a fort to hide in; Then he said it was movie time, and he put one on to watch. He sat on the sofa and I crawled onto his lap. As we watched the movie he gently tickled me here and there, making me giggle and making my little butt squirm in his lap. The movie soon turned very erotic and I felt myself getting excited. He started playing with my hair and whipsering in my ear; Explaining to me how the man was making his little girl feel good. He asked me if I liked when he made me feel good, I said yes. He kissed my neck and told me to relax; As I sat on his lap he massaged my body and started to suck on my neck. He slowly ran his hands underneath my shirt. I could feel his dick starting to get hard, poking at my little butt. He played with my nipples before pulling my shirt off. He moved his hands to my thighs. My heart raced in my chest and my breathing was heavy. He massaged my thighs while he pulled my pants off. He watched me, panting in his lap, as he played with my panties. He saw my panties collecting a nice little wet spot and started to pull them down.

I wiggled slightly in his lap as his fingers tickled my clit and then gently played with the sweet sticky juices dripping from between my cute pussy lips. I sat there for what seemed to be hours, letting him suck my neck and tease my pink baby slit. Finally he lifted me up, still kissing my neck, and laid me down on the sofa. His tounge moved to my chest, licking and sucking my stiff pink nipples. He spread my legs and moved his mouth lower. He gently started kissing my little clit. His toungue pressed firmly on my clit as he started to suck on it. My tiny body wiggled and moaned under his firm grasp. His soft wet tounge explored the juices of my hot little cunt. He grabbed my ass and rubbed it, spreading my cheeks apart. He tickled my ass with his tounge, gently wiggling the tip inside of me. He pumped his tongue in and out of my asshole for a while before moving on to my scrotum.

As he sucked on my wet little scrotum, he carefully slipped his pinky finger into my tight little butt. I squirmed and squealed with pleasure as he sucked and fingered my sweet virgin body. He then stood up and pulled his pants off, exposing his massively hard cock to my curious eyes for the first time. He sat down and lifted my cute naked body onto his lap. He gently humped and rubbed his dick onto my wet little cunt, making sure not to penetrate me. I humped back, firmly, gliding my hot pussy up and down his cock. He held my body tight against himself as he kissed my neck and slid his cock between my wet pussy lips. As his dick humped at my pussy, I watched his cock cum, exploding onto my small firm body. His cum shot across my cute nipples and dripped down onto my tight pussy.

As his orgasm came to an end, he asked me to lick his softening dick. I opened my mouth and glided my soft wet tounge across the head. I licked the tip of his cock, tasting the cum still dripping out. I wanted to taste more of his warm sweet cum. Almost instinctively, I wrapped my tiny lips around the head of his dick and started sucking. The head of his cock filled my mouth. My tounge worked hard, pumping against his dick, trying to suck more cum out of him. He ran his fingers through my hair, moaning a little and telling me how good I was. He enjoyed my mouth a little while longer before pulling me off.

He picked me up and carried me into the shower. He held me up against the shower wall and kissed me. His tongue pushed passed my lips and explored my little mouth. He moved his dick between my legs and started to jerk off slowly. Then he firmly pushed the head of his cock onto my pussy, rubbing it against my tight little fuck hole. His breathing was hard as he sucked and molested my sweet little mouth, pumping his toungue down my throat. He whispered in my ear telling me how beautiful I was, as he jerked his dick faster, making sure not to stray from my little virgin hole. I held onto his neck and wiggled my hot little cunt on top of his dick. He smelled my hair and started to thrust gently at my hole.

He felt my soft wet pussy start to give way for his hard thick cock. He didn't push any further. My pussy was barely sucking at his pisshole. He jerked a few more times before his cock was cumming right against my tiny little fuck spot. I giggled as his fingers rubbed at my little cum covered pussy. He circled his finger around my tight pussy hole for a while before washing us up. We dried off and got dressed. I sat on his lap as he helped me dress myself, he continued kissing and rubbing my body. He told me that I was such a good little girl, and that he loved our play time; He told me if I told anyone he could never see me again, so it had to be our secret. We spent the last hour playing games together as if nothing had happened. This was not the first time he had molested me and it surely was not the last.

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Fucking Christ you morons. Don't read all of it if you don't approve. Then go through all the trouble to comment. Though the tags should be updated since I didn't realize the girl was going to be so young. Not my thing, but I did read the comments.

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No worries, it's just a story. You were doing okay.

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i licked it keep going

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As I recall im not a faggot nor gay. If you don't like my stories than eat a dick
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