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daddy pimps out son
Daddy's Play Toy - Part 2

Again this story is a true story. I have grown up having my father fuck me and generally use me a his sex toy i loved doing everything he told me to do. in the first chapter I describbed the night that my father finally fucked my little ass. I was 12 years old and would visit my father on the weekends and after he fucked me that first time he would plan our weekends alone so that he could fuck me all weekend long. for the next few months it seemed that he couldn't get enough of having his son to fuck. He would have me come into the house and strip down as soon as I arrived and wasn't allowed to get dressed until it was time to go home. he fucked me several times a day some times after he would cum in my ass he would take a butt plug and insert it in to my ass and make me keep it in as I walked around the house. He knew that I enjoyed this as I always had a hard on when it was in me. he would make me masterbate with the butt plug in my ass while I sat on the kithchen table while he filmed me masterbating. Some days I would cum up to 8 times in a day.
One day when I was at my dads he asked me to strip naked when I came into the house and he turned me around and lubed up my ass and inserted the butt plug into my ass. slapping my ass a few times made me clinch up my ass and made the butt plug hold tight into me. HE walked me to the bedroom and told me to lie face down on the bed. He grabbed first one leg and tied it to the bed post. Grabbing the other leg he tied it to the other bed post leaving my legs spread wide. He liked to tie me to the bed every once in awhile so I was not nervous. He grabbed my wrists and tied them to the top of the bed posts also. I was spread eagle in the middle of the bed completly naked. he blind folded me which was new as he always liked to look at my face either when I cam or when he was fucking my little ass. He started to spank my ass making me moan in excitement each time he hit my little ass. He pulled out the butt plug and said he would be back in a little bit. I heard him leave the room and was listening for what he might be doing. I heard the front door open and close. I heard the Truck start up and leave. I was freaking out I was lying naked on a bed all alone in a house and my dad had just left me hear. I am not sure how long I had been lying there when I heard the truck come back it must have been about 20 to 30 minutes later.
I could here him coming back though the house. He came into the room and slapped my ass again reaching under neither he grabbed my cock and continued to spank my ass until my small cock was completly hard he wispered into my ear " are you ready to be fucked" I moaned that I was. he backed up and off the bed and said that he couldn't hear me so I said it louder. I said out a little louder that I was ready. he asked me where I want him to put his cock. he always liked hearing me beg for him to fuck me. So I said out loud for him to fuck me in the ass daddy oh I love it in my ass daddy. I still could not see anything as i still had the blind fold on.
I felt him get on the bed between my legs and run a finger accross my little ass hole. it sent a shiver through my ass. he slapped my ass and continued slap after slap until it was moaning my ass was all red and hot. he took 2 fingers and inserted them in to my ass and slowly fucked me with them. he had me at his mercy I was so turned on he could do what ever he wanted to me. He took his cock and placed it at the entrence to my ass and slowly inserted just the head and then pulled all the way out. I just wanted him to put it in an pound me but he teased me for a little while lettign me moan in pleasure under the weight of his body. I finally begged him to fuck me hard. In one motion he pushed his cock all the way into my ass puttign his full weight on me he reached under me and grabbed my littel nipples and pinched them as I screamed in pleasure. he started to fuck me hard driving his cock deep into my little body I was enjoying him fucking me. In one loud moan he goaned and blew his load into my ass. I could feel the cum warming my insides enjoying the feeling. he had his mouth close to my ear and asked if i enjoyed that. I didn't respond as it wasn't my father laying on top of me with his cock still inside my ass. I was not sure who it was. I heard my fathers voice for the side of me say that I enjoyed it. But the other man wanted me to respond so he gabbed my hair and pulled my face up. he removed the blind fold and I could now see that my dad had been filming this man fucking me and was now only about a foot from my face as He filmed me sayiing that I liked being fucked in the ass. I was so humiliated at having to admit this to a total stranger. I could feel this mans cock getting hard in my ass again. as he started to fuck my little ass again he told my dad to film my face has he fucked me so for the next 15 minutes this man fucked me hard and my father caught the look on my face as this man blew his second load of cum into me. they both left the room and I could here the guy in the hall way tell my father that it was well worth the $200.00 and that he wanted a copy of the tape. I heard the front door open and close and my father walked back into the room crawled between my legs and inserted his cock into me and fucked me taking his time to enjoy what he had just made his son do. after cummign in my ass he untied my legs and rolled me over with my hands still tied over my head he started to suck my cock I had now been hard for over 2 hours and was ready to cum. he slipped 2 fingers into my ass which put me over the edge and I screamed out in pleasure. every verve ending in my body felt like it was on fire. I loved beign his sex toy as I always knew that when he was done what ever game he wanted to play that he would make me cum hard.
the next day he tied me up to the living room coffee table in front of the TV and while he fucked my ass he made me watch the video and the look on my face as this stranger fucked me and how much I was enjoying it. he timed it so that when he cam in my ass it was at the moment the other man cam.

Please remember this is a true story and i enjoy telling you about these experiences. so please let me know what you think of them.

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2014-04-19 11:15:45
GkIpc9 Im thankful for the blog.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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2013-10-25 18:57:14
lw8TyH I really like and appreciate your blog.Much thanks again. Great.

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2013-07-26 14:01:22
That's hot and I want to fuck with you and your daddy


2013-02-08 12:46:32
Wow, one hot story. When I was 9 my petite mom walked in naked, stood in front of me, legs spread wide, as I sat on the toilet masturbating. Told me to have a good look. I touched, fingered her with her help, as she stood. As I was leaking cum all over, she orgasmed and I looked down the hallway and saw my dad smiling as I erupted.
She always walked in on me after that to catch me, which she did every night. Later she guided me inside her on her bed and asked " how does that feel ? does that feel better ?" As I came I looked up and saw my dad watching and smiling. He would always fuck mom after I did with her legs held high whispering as I stood at the foot of the bed and watch him slowly fuck her with long strokes tell they both came.
Dad would eat mom's pussy sometimes after I came in her, so I started doing that after he came in her pussy too and I liked it. So did mom.
I would have loved to of sucked my dads cock if he wanted me too. I would of loved to be sandwiched between t

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2013-02-06 22:57:52
wow...that was...simply hot...

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