This story is not written by me.It is yet another one which i found while surfing.This work is not complete and contains only 8 chapters.I dont know whether it will be updated.
Paranormal Phenomenon - by Paul Phenomenon
Contains lots of incest.Please read on your own interest.

The snow shuffled down, reflecting the light shining outward from large windows into what would otherwise be a black, cold night. Adam Johnson's stare followed the light. Drone-like, he fixated on individual flakes; the fluttering snow, like a swinging pocket watch, helped generate a restful, self-hypnotic trance.

'Are you warm enough?' a soft, feminine thought drifted to him from his back, shattering his numbed, relaxed state.

"Yes," Adam replied out loud. His sister's interruption let him return to his memories. It has been an extraordinary and long life, the old man reminisced, one filled with adventure, lust and love. Of course side trips of sadness and loneliness happened along the way. Yin and yang, he thought. Opposites make life interesting.

Adam remembered the first time he realized he was different, that he was unique. He had just turned fifteen. The boy could read the emotions of those around him, had been reading other people's feelings for as long as he could remember. The surprising fact, that day of insight, was that others did not have the same talent - not his parents or his sister, none of his friends or teachers. No one. That and the fact that that day he started to hear words, actual expressions, in addition to feelings.

Until the day of awakening, Adam's readings weren't specific, more general in nature. He read emotions and desires, not words. This ability made Adam a good boy, one easy to be around because he knew from his glances into the emotions of others what they expected of him. And because Adam wanted to be liked, he usually complied. His talent also allowed him to avoid potentially unpleasant situations.

The fateful day was a Saturday morning.

The teenager opened his eyes to an intense sensation of lust. His morning erection throbbed, demanding attention. The boy grabbed himself, jerked a few times and made a mess of his sheets. Suddenly, he heard voices, not real voices, but nonetheless what he sensed as words. Because the sounds were not spoken, merely thoughts, they had no variation in tone, more like a computer speaking directly into his thinking processes.

'A little higher, Goddamit, ' one thought said. The thought emanated not only words but also emotion - pure, intense lust.

'That's right, right there. Oh god yes, right there. Now lick harder. No, Goddamit, don't wander around, stay - yes, faster - harder.'

'Tastes so sweet, ' another thought said. Although the two voices sounded the same in his head, Adam knew this was a new voice. The emotions attached to the two thoughts varied. Adam licked his lips; they felt oily, and a sweet, pungent flavor filled his mouth.

'Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.'

Adam joined the emotions emanating from this source. His erection had returned, and suddenly he felt another climax building, one more intense than any he had ever experienced before.

'I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, ' the thought repeated. Adam's entire body stiffened, his legs flew apart with his feet straight in the air. 'Oh, god yes, ' the thought muttered. Adam, without touching himself, spurted semen as an orgasm hit him. One intense spurt after the other flew into the air. They kept coming, well past the normal time his climaxes usually lasted. Instead of seconds, the climax drifted into minutes. He exhausted his semen source, but still he came, his balls contracting, trying to expend more seed. Slowly, instead of suddenly, the sensations diminished, and his legs drifted back to the bed. His body relaxed. He rolled to his side and drifted into a restful, satisfying sleep.

He woke to a pounding on his door.

"Are you going to sleep all day?" his father's booming voice inquired from beyond the door. 'Just like his mother, ' a thought said, and Adam realized the thought came to him from the mind of his father. Not only that, he also determined that this thought was attached to an earlier one, one that said, 'Tastes so sweet.' If that thought came from his father, then...

Wow, Adam thought. I must have been connected with my mom earlier, and what I felt was what she was feeling. He rolled over and noticed the bed sheet was stuck to his chest. The front of his body was covered with the dried residue of semen. Yuck, he thought and bounded from the bed.

In the shower he reflected on the morning's events. Adam's world had just changed dramatically. He wondered if puberty had brought on this mind reading ability like it had with so many changes within his body. Probably, he thought. Cool.

At the breakfast table when his mother, Karen, placed a glass of milk in front of him, he asked, "Can you hear other people's thoughts?"

She laughed. "Of course. Mind reading is a mother's prerogative," she said, but thought, 'I wish. Ah, maybe I don't wish. Reading everyone's thoughts would be noisy, would no doubt drive me batty. Men with white coats would take me away to the funny farm.'

Mother is still a beauty, Adam thought. At thirty-three years old, Karen Johnson usually turned the heads of both men and women when she lit up a room with an entrance. Tall for a woman at five feet, nine inches in her stocking feet, she presented a regal bearing balanced by a usually mischievous expression. Her dark brown, thick hair and nearly black expressive eyes had been passed on to both of her children.

Adam turned toward his father. "What about you? Are you a mind reader?"

"Sure, it's also a father's prerogative," he replied, aping his wife. 'Reading other people's minds would be fun, ' he thought. 'And profitable. My sales would quadruple. I'd know exactly what the tire kickers were thinking.' Steve Johnson was sales manager for Bolton Motors, a local new car dealer.

"Good morning," Adam's sister announced, interrupting the thought transfer from Adam's father. Sherry was a year younger than Adam, and until recently had been taller and more developed than the boy. Last month on Adam's birthday, they had marked their heights on the doorjamb as per custom, and the two siblings were identical in height. Adam had decided years ago, that Sherry was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. A little gangly in her puberty, Sherry's legs had outgrown the rest of her body, but then Adam preferred the leggy look. Her breasts had developed just beyond the perky state, and she hated the hindrance of a bra. Adam had frequently appreciated her preference when he noted hard little nipples evident under the casual clothing she usually wore. The girl approached life with a passion so she always appeared animated. She plunked herself onto a kitchen chair.

With all family members present, their thoughts became a jumbled mass, nearly incomprehensible to Adam. This thing just might drive me batty like Mom suggested, he decided, if I can't find a way to control reception. He concentrated, and with effort he was able to tone down the volume of some of the thoughts so that only the person's thoughts he wanted to hear came through. At first this required extreme effort, but by the end of the meal, the effort seemed natural, much like studying while listening to rock and roll music.

The boy switched his mental viewing to his mother from his sister; the girl seemed preoccupied with a quarrel she had with a friend the previous day.

The older woman was reminiscing about her early morning session with her husband, a subject more interesting to the teenager. He also noted that the woman was becoming aroused again.

'I wish he would do that more often, ' her thoughts stated. 'I love it when he eats my cunt. When we fuck and he gets off, sometimes he leaves me high and dry.' Adam then heard a mental chuckle. 'High and wet is more like it.'

Empathizing with his mother, Adam felt his penis spring to an instant erection. He blushed when he noticed Sherry glance at his crotch.

Her thoughts tumbled out. 'What have we got here? Big brother has a boner. I wonder what caused it? God, look how his pants are poking out. I sure would like to see it - feel it.'

His sister's mental comments only made him more sexually excited. He wondered if he had tuned into a fantasy or if Sherry really did want to touch him.

'Maybe even fuck it, ' Sherry's thoughts announced.

Adam gasped, twisted in his chair away from his family and quickly left the room.

Adam couldn't decide if his newfound power was a blessing or a curse. Knowing a person's innermost thoughts seemed to be an invasion of privacy. Although the thoughts were often interesting, even educational or entertaining, he sensed the normal teenage innocence he enjoyed before the unsought of his telepathic ability rapidly melting away. The thoughts of others, especially his mother's and his sister's, often embarrassed him. The thoughts he read, during that first few weeks, didn't always fit the personalities he had previously perceived as being essential to each individual he knew. Everyone seemed to have two personalities: one they presented to the world around them, and one contained privately within, hidden from the outside world, an existence no longer masked from him. Suddenly, Adam's world had become confusing and he struggled to cope with it. He frequently needed to be alone to shut out the mutterings coming to him from the minds of others.

Even more unsettling was the concept that no other person he knew had his telepathic powers. He wondered if he were some kind of freak, and spent many hours on his computer researching paranormal abilities. The scientific material was extensive. He discovered that some people could beat the average with telepathy, but no case study existed about anyone like himself. His study into the paranormal only emphasized the need to keep his abilities to himself. Adam had no desire to become a test subject for the scientific community.

Perhaps the most disturbing result of his glances into the thoughts of others was the preoccupation with sex. At first he couldn't recognize the difference between real desire and fantasy. When he thought his sister wanted to fuck him, he had bolted from the room to hide both his embarrassment and his desire. In full bloom of puberty, Adam had often considered Sherry in his fantasies, masturbating to the images he conjured about the girl. A few days after his first glimpse into her mind, he realized that her desire to fuck him was much like his masturbatory images, merely a fantasy. This realization put his own thoughts in perspective when he considered the thoughts of others coming into his head, and was soon able to understand the differences between a sexual fantasy and an overt, real desire. At least, that is what he hoped he could do.

More disturbing than sexual thoughts were those of violence. Sometimes the two were combined, and Adam found this strange. He had never considered hurting someone as a turn on, but his earlier Internet investigations into sexual practices had introduced him to what researchers referred to as S and M. He thought such individuals were sick, more to be pitied than censored, unless of course they acted on their impulses and harmed someone to satisfy their unhealthy needs.

After the first month of experimenting with his newfound powers, his concept of others evolved into a combination of the two personalities he observed in everyone. Some people were shy and gentle, but harbored intense sexual needs and fantasies. Others were open and blunt with few sexual needs. The obsessions varied, and the number of combinations was staggering. He gave up trying to classify people, simply decided to take them as they were. He found he could remain friends with his previous friends, save one - Harold Mendel. Adam also discovered he disliked the combinations of personalities in individuals he had disliked before he could read both.

His powers let him read individuals who in Adam's opinion were downright mean. Harold, a schoolmate, was such an individual. Before his new power came upon him, Harold had been a friend. When Adam glanced into Harold's mind he discovered the boy had become adept at hiding his innate meanness from others. Harold also frequently befuddled his mind with drugs. Adam tuned out drug users. He detested how they made him feel when he joined with them. Upon discovering the new Harold, Adam quickly began the process of distancing himself from the boy.

Unfortunately, reading people's sexual thoughts kept Adam constantly horny. He walked from class to class at school with his books in front of him, hiding his seemingly perpetual hardon. In study hall one afternoon while he was trying to catch up with some homework, the sensation of sexual arousal entered him for no apparent reason. He glanced into the minds of the other students near him, and at first didn't hear any thoughts that would produce the slowly building arousal he was experiencing. Then he noticed Janet Hemming, one of his sister's friends, sitting two tables away. Janet was a pretty girl, petite with perky breasts. Her blond curls framed a usually mischievous expression. Now however, Janet looked serious, appeared to be in deep concentration.

'Sherry said she could do it this way, ' Janet's thought stated. The mention of his sister's name piqued Adam's interest. Janet had her legs crossed and was moving the upper leg up and down in a nervous fashion. Although she had a book on the table in front of her, her eyes were closed. She concentrated on the sensation she was producing clenching her muscles and rubbing the lips of her pussy together. 'It's working, she thought. I'm getting wet.' Adam heard an inner groan of frustration. 'Damn, if I could only touch myself.'

Janet opened her eyes and glanced around. She noticed Adam staring at her and blushed, but when Adam quickly lowered his head and appeared to be concentrating on his books, Janet surreptitiously moved her fingers to the crotch of her jeans and quickly rubbed herself.

Adam had connected with her and felt the same sensation the girl felt when she rubbed her cunt through her clothes. She's an attractive girl, Adam thought. Not stunningly beautiful like Sherry, but then I'm prejudiced. Janet's fair complexion matched her blond hair and blue eyes. Her breasts were a little small for her torso. But that will change soon, Adam thought. And her legs are well muscled and shapely, Adam decided as he surreptitiously watched as Janet continued to masturbate. Time to leave, the boy thought. If she comes, so will I - right in my pants. He started to gather his books when he heard his name in her thoughts.

'Adam is yummy. Sherry says he seems to have a constant hardon lately. I wonder if he has one now.' She rubbed herself with her fingers again. 'I sure would like to play with a nice hard cock.'

Wow, Adam thought and grinned. Time to see if she's serious. He placed his books in front of his hardon, pushed his chair back, strolled over to the girl, and sat next to her.

"Hi, Janet," he said. He noticed her neck was flushed as he leaned close to her and whispered, "How wet are you?"

She gasped. "What... what do you mean?"

"You were masturbating weren't you? I was watching you, and thinking about you making yourself all hot made me hard."

Her eyes widened. 'How can he... surely I wasn't that obvious, ' she thought.

She hasn't screamed, slapped me for being fresh or tried to get away, Adam thought. He reached for her hand and placed it on his hardon. "See what you did to me," Adam said. Janet sucked in air as Adam felt her fingers squeeze him. Time to go, he thought.

"I've got a class in five minutes, Janet." He pushed his chair back, again placing his books to hide his erection. "Let's do this again sometime." He turned and started to walk away as he listened for her thoughts.

'God, he was hard - and big. I'm drenched. There's probably a puddle on the chair!'

Adam grinned. This mind reading business does have some perks, he thought. He also wondered if Janet would inform his sister what had happened. As he walked toward his next class, he considered his increased ability to empathize with someone who was actually sexually aroused. Adam for lack of another term decided to call this action a "joining". During a joining, he felt the same emotions and physical sensations as the person he had joined with. That first morning, he had joined with his mother, and when she climaxed, he felt her orgasm as if it were his own. That's why it had been so intense and lasted so long. He decided the sex books were correct - women had more intense orgasms that lasted longer than their male counterparts. He chortled. I may never need to jack off again, he thought. I'll just join with aroused females around me and let them come for me.

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