Paranormal Phenomenon
by Paul Phenomenon

Over the next few months Adam concentrated on perfecting and controlling his telepathy and joining abilities. He experimented with distance and discovered individuals he knew well could be read at greater distances than strangers. Each day, the distance grew larger. One day, he heard his sister's thoughts while she strolled toward their home. Adam glanced out the kitchen window; Sherry had just turned the corner over a block away.

Also, thoughts came to him with more expression, unlike the computer-like voices he initially heard. The thoughts emanating from the minds of his immediate family came to his mind with the tones and inflections of each person, but a hollowness remained. A good thing, Adam decided. He didn't want any confusion about whether a comment was actually spoken or merely a thought.

Joining caused different problems. Adam believed he was becoming ill one day until he realized he was experiencing the uncomfortable onset of his sister's period. And, joining with an individual feeling guilty, fearful, sad, lonely, and other negative emotions caused Adam to experience the same downbeat sensations. He quickly learned to dampen or sever those connections.

His favorite joinings continued to be with sexually aroused females, which led to the discovery that his mother occasionally masturbated.

The first time it happened, he and his mother were alone in the house. Sherry was out with friends and his father was playing golf. His mother had been working in the yard and had stopped to greet him when she passed his door. They chatted about her flowers, and she announced her plan to shower away the sweat and dirt accumulated during her gardening efforts.

Shortly after Adam heard the shower turn off, the joining began. The arousal he felt from the connection was slight at first. Then he experienced caressing sensations on his skin, small, soft touches, followed by the parting of the lips of his mother's pussy, and the insertion of a finger. The touching sensations abruptly stopped, only to begin again a few moments later.

Suddenly, his nipples tingled as he sensed his mother's fingers tweaking her nipples. Her arousal, and consequently his, increased in intensity. Adam rose quickly and shut his door. The boy hastily removed his trousers and shorts and lay back on his bed to avoid a mess in his pants. He hoped his mother would continue. If not, he would need to jack off, and he preferred to climax without touching himself while experiencing his mother's intense female orgasm.

'Feels good. I shouldn't be doing this, not with Adam just down the hall, ' his mother's thoughts echoed in his mind. 'But I need a come, ' she continued. Adam felt her hands fondle her breasts, and then one stroked her stomach and finally parted the lips of her cunt. She felt wet, oily in fact. 'I need a good hard cock. A big one. Like Joey's. God he had a big one - long and fat.'

Adam gasped. Joey was his mother's brother. He had died in a car accident when he was a teenager.

'And he could fuck, loved to fuck - loved to fuck me.'

That's incest! Adam thought, shocked beyond comprehension. Mother fucked her brother! God, that's hot! I wonder if... no, don't even think about going there, don't start, don't...

'We fucked and fucked and fucked.'

Adam felt the fingers of her right hand flying back and forth across her clitoris as she plunged two, then three of her fingers from her left hand into her cunt.

'I need a cock, a big fat - long - hard - cock.' Abruptly the masturbatory activities stopped, and Adam felt his mother roll to her side. She reached and Adam sensed her open the nightstand drawer. He could feel what he considered a long, narrow box in her hands.

'Hi there, Joey, ' the thought said just before Adam felt a rubber object touch his lips. Aping his mother's actions, Adam rolled his tongue around the object and then gasped as he felt the object plunge into his mother's cunt. What an exquisite sensation, he thought.

'That's right, Joey! Fuck me. Fuck me good.' His mother flicked a switch, and the object began to vibrate. Adam had never felt anything so intense before. If he had not been joined with his mother, he knew he would have shot semen all over the room, but during a joining, he couldn't climax until his partner went over the edge. Adam liked that; he liked coming at the exact instant as his partner.

The vibrating rubber cock plunged in and out of his mother's cunt as she frantically rubbed her clitoris with her fingers. Minutes went by as the pleasure built. His mother's thoughts became a mantra.

'Good. So good! Come! I'm going to come. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck... !'

Adam felt his mother's arousal intensify, becoming stronger and stronger, until abruptly his back arched as his body stiffened, his legs flew apart and stretched straight into the air. He climaxed when his mother peaked at the same time. Gobs of semen shot out from the head of his cock. The contractions were so strong one spurt splashed his face. The climax went on and on and on. Slowly, his rigid body relaxed. He couldn't move. All energy had left his body. Still the orgasm continued, but softly now, not like the violent first spasms. The vibrating stopped, and he could feel the rubber cock slowly exiting his mother's cunt.

Unexpectedly, the vibration started again, and Adam's erection sprung back completely hard in a split second. His mother had placed the vibrator directly on her clitoris.

'That's it Joey. Lick your baby sister's cunt!' his mother's thoughts whispered. 'Flick your tongue across my clit! Lick it good and I'll suck you off.'

In short order, Adam experienced another climax. This time the sensations were not as overwhelming as the first one, but still intense. A short pause ensued and then his mother started building to yet another climax. That morning within an hour Adam climaxed four times. No semen exited Adam's cock after his first orgasm, but he still experienced the massive climaxes his mother enjoyed. The boy decided he preferred the female orgasm to his own, especially his mother's multi-orgasms. The male of the species had definitely been short changed in the coming department, the boy resolved.

'Should I tell her or not?' a thought questioned itself. Janet Lemming and Sherry had closeted themselves in Sherry's room with the door shut to change into swimming suits. Adam could listen in on their thoughts but couldn't hear their spoken conversation.

Sherry: 'Aha! My tits are still bigger than hers. I'm becoming a regular Guernsey. Adam likes them. His cock swelled up like a sausage looking at them yesterday. If he could see me like this, he'd probably come in his pants.'

Janet: 'I wonder if her nipples are as sensitive as mine.'

Sherry: 'Do blonds really have more fun? Nah! But in this case, they are, like the adage says, dumber. Though blond pubic hair does look more feminine, more delicate. I wonder what type Adam likes best, blonds or brunettes. We should invite him up, spread our legs and take a poll of one.'

Janet: 'I'm horny. I keep thinking about Adam's cock.'

Silence ensued while the girls talked without thinking, and then Adam felt arousal - doubled. He grinned. They're both getting hot, he thought and wondered if he could join with both girls at the same time. He locked his door and stripped.

Sherry: 'Damn! That made me wet. I'm so hot I can smell myself. Adam let her feel his cock! I knew big brother was a nasty galoot! I'm jealous - actually green with envy. Next time I see that bawdy boy I'll grab his banger. He'll be singing soprano when I finish with him.'

Oh, oh. Janet tattled on me, Adam deduced.

Janet: 'I need to come. If I touch myself will Sherry be shocked? Will she think I'm weird? Nothing ventured... Yes!'

Adam felt Janet's fingers spread the lips of her pussy.

Sherry: 'Do I masturbate she wants to know. Silly question. I'm no lez, but I can't let that blond bimbo have all the fun.'

Janet: 'Her nipples are hard. She's hot. Probably thinking about her brother's cock. I am.'

Sherry: 'What will it hurt? I've never seen another girl play with herself. Maybe I'll learn something. God, this is nasty! I love it. Now I know why boys get into circle jerks. Whee!'

Adam sensed the girls faced each other on the day bed in Sherry's room. He could feel both of them as their fingers manipulated their cunts.

Janet: 'This is neat - more fun than by myself.'

Sherry: 'Jeez! Her clit is teeny. Mine must be twice as big as hers. If size equates to sensitivity, I can probably come twice as much as she can. Maybe not. She's playing hers like a banjo. Hah, hah - dueling clits! This is more than cool.'

Janet: 'This won't take long. God, look at her clit! It's huge. I'm no lez, but I'd like to suck that clit into my mouth. And lick it, lick it, lick... God, I'm coming already!'

Adam came all over himself as Janet peaked.

Sherry: 'Look at her come. That's hot. I think she actually squirted! My pussy leaks like a sieve, but it doesn't squirt. Oh, I'm so close. Whee! And whee again!'

Adam felt his sister's fingers flying back and forth across her clitoris.

Sherry: 'Fuck me, Adam. Fuck me with your hard cock. Squirt your stuff into me! Oh, yes. Here it comes! Adam! Adam! Fuck me! Fuck! Yes!'

Sherry's climax was much more intense than Janet's. Curiously, as his sister's climax slowly subsided, Janet's arousal increased. She's doing herself again, Adam deduced.

Janet: 'I wonder what Sherry's come tastes like. God, I want to suck her off. I want to stick my tongue in her cunt and... '

Soon Janet climaxed again, as did Adam. Three orgasms in ten minutes nearly wiped the boy out. He lay back exhausted, but with a wide grin on his face.

The year passed quickly. Older and wiser, Adam gained more control over his abilities. He rarely masturbated by himself anymore. The boy preferred joinings with females, usually his sister and occasionally his mother. When Janet visited Sherry, Adam listened to their thoughts and joined with their emotions and the sensations they experienced. At first both girls remained reticent about touching each other, but soon mutual masturbation became the norm. Finally, Sherry allowed Janet to suck her off but to Adam's knowledge had yet to reciprocate. Adam suspected Janet was truly bisexual, whereas his sister was merely experimenting.

He had joined with his parents as they made love a number of times. Once he decided to join only with his father, but he found this experience less intense than those he experienced vicariously through his mother. Thereafter he joined with both of them, doubling his pleasure, like the chewing gum ad, he thought. His favorite joinings were with his mother when she reminisced about Joey. The concept of incest no longer appalled him. In fact, if someone were able to read his thoughts they would experience frequent and vivid incestuous fantasies.

He also discovered his telepathic and empathic talents caused him to mature mentally much faster than other boys his age. The actual knowledge of how and what other people thought lent him advantages in understanding the true natures of those around him. The talents also allowed him to divest himself of his innate shyness. Another side effect soon became apparent. Adam's memory expanded dramatically to the point that schoolwork became a breeze. Straight A's become the norm. The boy augmented his education by researching subjects of interest on the Internet to expand his knowledge base and relieve intellectual boredom.

Physically, Adam still lagged behind his sister. Although Adam had experienced a growth spurt and was now a little over an inch taller than his sister, he still appeared boyish. Over the past year, Sherry had developed into a striking young woman. The size of her breasts had increased and most of her baby fat had melted away. Older boys began to notice her, and Adam was happy his parents had established a rigid no-dating rule until age sixteen. The boy didn't mind the rule; he was experiencing all the sex he needed vicariously, but he believed Sherry's intense sexual drive would have gotten her into trouble sooner than later.

That summer, Adam turned sixteen. A driver's license and the use of the family car increased his freedom substantially. At sixteen, Adam could date, but he decided to wait, didn't want the hassle. It wasn't as if he needed to put up with dating rituals to experience sex with a female.

On a Saturday just before school started he again found himself alone in the house with his mother. They were finishing breakfast when Adam said, "Mom, I know you don't like to talk about Uncle Joey, that thinking about him brings back sad memories, but could you tell me a little about him. What kind of person was he? Were the two of you very close?"

'Close, ' her thoughts projected, 'we couldn't get any closer.'

"The sad memories will never go away, Adam," his mother verbalized. "But I'm much better at coping with them. Time helps. Yes, Joey and I were close, best friends actually."

'Lovers and best friends, ' her mind articulated.

"We were closer than you and Sherry. I wish the two of you would be nicer to each other," she remarked.

'But not too nice. God, I wonder if... no, there would be signs. Surely I would know if they were fucking each other. Then again, my parents didn't have a clue about Joey and me; at least, I don't believe they did.'

Adam grinned. "I'll try harder, Mom. Honest." He wished I could manipulate thoughts rather than just listen in.

"Joey was good looking, like you Adam," his mother continued with a mischievous grin. "He had girls chasing him all the time."

'And, I'm the one who caught him. I caught him all right, caught him jacking off. That's how the whole thing got started. The sight of his hard cock standing tall certainly jumpstarted my juices that day. I didn't care one little bit that he was my brother. I wanted that cock! I wanted it in me. And, it didn't take me long to get it either, about a minute, I recall. That's how long it took to strip off my clothes and hop into bed with him. He didn't kick me out either. He fucked me royally. And after that first time, we did it every chance we got until... Oh God! Don't let me start crying. Adam doesn't need this.'

She swallowed and wiped her palms across her eyes. "Sorry," she said. "I miss him. I guess I always will. Anyway, Joey was smart too. Sometimes I wondered if he could read my thoughts."

'Adam is a little like that. He has a knack for anticipating, seeming to know ahead of time what I'm going to say, what I want him to do, just like Joey.'

That's encouraging, Adam thought. Maybe I'm not the only person alive who can hear other people's thoughts. Maybe I'm not a freak. No, even if I'm unique in the entire world, I'm no freak. I'm an enhanced human, not a freak.

'Steve's good. He's a good father, a good husband and a good lover, and I've grown to love him, but I will always remember Joey. He was my first, my one true love. I loved Joey and he loved me.'

Adam wondered how his mother and Uncle Joey had handled the incest taboo.

'Incest, bah humbug, ' his mother thought. 'Joey felt a little guilt at first. I never did. I just knew I loved him and wanted him. Incest be damned! He came around though. It wasn't long until we were talking about someday living together where no one knew us, living together as man and wife.'

Wait! Adam thought astounded. I wondered how they handled the incest taboo, and Mom's thoughts gave me an answer. This is cool. The boy decided to repeat the action, to experiment a little. He grinned when he wondered if his mother had ever considered fucking him, her only son. He watched amazed as a twinkle entered his mother's eyes.

'Oh, I've thought about it. I remember when Adam was a baby and he got those little baby hard-ons when I changed his diapers. His little cock was so cute. I couldn't help myself. I played with it and sucked it, and he loved it. He would giggle and squirm. He got so he didn't want anyone else to change him. He looked forward to our playtime. Would I consider fucking Adam? Well, I've certainly thought about it. He's developing nicely. Getting tall and good-looking. The girls will soon be chasing him, spreading their legs, fucking him. The horny little bitches. He isn't old enough yet, but yes, I've thought about fucking him. He's so much like his Uncle Joey that... Enough! They'd put me behind bars and toss the keys away. My marriage would evaporate. Don't even think it.' The women closed her eyes and shook her head.

She's hot, Adam thought. She made herself wet thinking about fucking me! Adam's cock throbbed aping his mother's arousal along with the belief his mother might want to fuck him.

'Yep, just like Joey, ' Karen Johnson thoughts stated when she opened her eyes and noticed her son's erection. 'He's just like my big brother - horny all the time. Look at that boner he's sporting. He's the same age as Joey when we started fucking. Maybe he is old enough after all, and from the look of it he's big enough.'

If she doesn't stop, I'm going to come in my pants, Adam reasoned. She's liable to do the same as excited as she is. God, I can smell her pussy from here. Then Adam sighed with relief when he felt his mother's arousal quickly diminishing. That's what I wanted, that's what I got, the boy deduced. I think my talents have just taken a quantum leap forward. Cool!

Adam nudged her with a mental suggestion to go to her room and masturbate while thinking about fucking him. Mother and son spent the balance of the morning fucking each other. Karen Johnson performed her sexual antics alone on her king-sized bed, while Adam joined her from his own bed. That morning, at least temporarily, his mother renamed her vibrator Adam.

This is taking safe sex to its ridiculous extreme, the boy decided after the sixth climax he shared with his mother during their two-hour session.

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