Adam's newfound skill to nudge a person to think about certain subjects advanced his education to new heights, especially his sexual education. One afternoon after school, Janet dropped by the Johnson residence, not knowing Sherry had been delayed at school. Adam's sister had mouthed off to a teacher and now sat in detention. Adam let Janet in and pretended his sister would be home soon and immediately and silently nudged the pretty girl to remember touching him. He sensed her arousal as her thoughts drifted back to the day in study hall when he had placed her hand on his tented trousers so she could feel his erection. When Adam mentally asked the girl whether she had touched another cock besides his, her thoughts surprised him.

'Yes, but Billy's little pecker doesn't count, ' she reminisced. Adam knew that Janet was the Elliott's babysitter because Sherry had substituted for her a few times. Billy was their seven-year-old son. 'Maybe it does count, ' her thoughts contradicted. 'Billy certainly enjoyed it. So did I if the truth were told. Especially when I sucked on it!'

Adam debated about learning more details about Janet and little Billy's sexual shenanigans, or... No, he really wanted to know if Janet wanted to touch him again, that and if she would let him touch her.

'Yes! I not only want to touch it again, I'd like to see it. God, if he wanted me to, I might even suck on it as long as he promised not to come in my mouth. Yuck!'

Adam now knew the ground rules. It was time to play. "I have a neat new computer, Janet. Want to see it?"

She nodded and followed him up the stairs. 'Nice butt, ' she thought and mentally giggled. 'I wonder what he would do if I grabbed it.'

Adam exercised the subterfuge of demonstrating his new computer, but during the process he nudged her frequently with sexual thoughts. It didn't take much prodding because her mindset was already locked on sex. By the time he finished the demonstration, the girl's normally fair complexion had flushed to a glowing pink. He wanted her to make the first move, wanted her to ask to touch him. He got his wish.

"Remember that day in study hall, Adam?" Janet asked.

"How could I forget," Adam replied with a wide grin. "You made an otherwise boring day downright exciting." Adam had joined Janet's arousal and his erection was obvious.

"Can I... I mean... ah," she stammered.

"Would you like to touch me again?" Adam asked.

The girl nodded.

"Okay, but under one condition. I get to touch you, too," Adam negotiated.

Again she nodded, and Adam sat on the edge of his bed and motioned for Janet to join him. When she settled next to him, Adam took her hand and placed it on his erection over his trousers.

'Oh, it's just like I remembered, ' Janet thought. 'Only bigger - much bigger!'

'Take it out, ' Adam silently ordered the girl.

"Can I see it?" Janet asked out loud. When Adam nodded, she fumbled, obviously nervous, but soon managed to expose him. Janet's first sight of his hard cock took her arousal straight up. Adam could sense her juices drenching her panties.

"Nice. That feels really good," Adam said when Janet started to jack him off. "Have you done this before?"

"Not really," she said. 'Except with Billy. It's that dirty movie I watched at Cindy's house. That's how I learned how to do this, but I'm not going to tell him about that night. Cindy was delicious! And, she wasn't stingy like Sherry. She sucked me off, too!'

Adam reached for and touched her breasts on top of her clothes. Because he was joined with her, he could feel the sensations his fondling produced. He was a little too rough at first, so he backed off a little, and then tweaked her nipples just as she would do if she were touching herself. Janet gasped, and Adam suggested silently that she remove her blouse and bra.

"What about Sherry? Won't she be home soon?" Janet asked nervously. Adam knew she wanted to show off her breasts for him. They were almost as big as Sherry's now.

"I fibbed. Sherry was a bad girl today. She's sitting in detention. We're alone and will be for at least another hour."

Surprisingly, this only made Janet more nervous. 'What am I doing, ' she thought. 'This could get out of hand. I'm not ready to fuck anybody yet; I might get pregnant. I just wanted to play - to see his cock and touch it.'

"Janet," Adam said, "I'm a virgin and frankly I'm not ready to go all the way. But, I've got to admit I'm curious. I want to see your breasts and your - ah, your pussy. I want to help you come and have you do the same for me. But, I don't want to go all the way, not yet. Is that all right with you?"

Janet visibly relaxed. "I feel the same way, Adam. Thanks for understanding." She started to unbutton her blouse. Adam helped her. When he reached to her back to undo her bra, he kissed her neck, then her ear, finally her mouth. As he fondled her bare breasts their tongues danced together.

God, that feels good, Adam thought. I like the way my kisses feel. Of course, he was experiencing Janet's feelings, not his. But that soon changed when she wrapped her hand around his cock again. This is good, he decided. Better than a mere joining. I can feel not only everything she feels but also feel the pleasure I'm having myself. Cool!

As his mouth slipped down until his lips encircled a nipple, Adam moved one hand between her thighs. Janet spread her legs a little to give him better access. Soon the palm of his hand covered her panty-covered cunt. He started to rub her pussy, adjusting the pressure of his fingers to maximize the pleasure the girl was feeling.

"That feels so good, Adam. How about you? Have you done this before?"

"No, you're the first."

She groaned when his fingers slipped under the leg band of her panties and slid along the lips of her cunt.

"Let's get naked," Janet said. "But remember, no f... no going all the way."

"If you want to say fuck, go ahead. I have heard the word before. Why use five words when one will do?"

Janet giggled. "Okay." She unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. Her panties quickly followed and she lay back sensuously naked. The delightful fragrance of her arousal wafted back to his nostrils. "Come on, big boy. Chuck those clothes. I want to see that hard cock of yours in all its glory."

Adam hurried. His mother had not raised a stupid child.

'Oh my, ' Janet thought. 'It's more beautiful than I imagined. Better than the monsters on those men in that dirty movie. I want to kiss it, rub it across my face, my breasts.' She sighed. 'But I can't. He'll think I'm a slut.' She reached and wrapped both hands around his cock.

"I've been reading some sex books," Adam said. "Are you familiar with the term 69?"

Janet blushed and nodded.

"Want to try it?"

Janet grinned. "You'll have to tell me what to do."

"Actually, this is the proverbial blind leading the blind, but to start with, just relax. I want to do you first. Then you do me. By then we should be proficient enough to do each other at the same time."

Her grin widened. "Sounds like a good plan, but 'do you' and 'do me' sounds as silly as 'going all the way.' Let's suck each other off. I'll tell you what feels good to me, and you do the same for me. And then we'll get to the 69."

Janet didn't need to direct Adam very much. He quickly discovered the spots in and around her cunt that increased the teen-aged girl's pleasure. As usual during any joining, he climaxed when he took Janet over the edge. I need to learn a little control, Adam thought. I can't come all over the sheets every time I suck a girl off.

Janet was an enthusiastic and adept pupil. Adam nearly forgot about her aversion to having him come in her mouth. But when he announced his pending climax, Janet quickly removed his cock from her mouth and stroked it until he spurted into the air.

'That's amazing, ' she thought, thrilled with the sight. 'He came over a foot into the air with that first spurt.' She rubbed her fingers over a pool of semen that had settled into Adam's belly button. 'Yuck! Slimy. And, it smells a little like paste.'

Adam nudged her, and she tentatively stretched her tongue to a finger drenched in his come. Just a touch, and then her tongue quickly retracted into her mouth. 'Not bad. Not good, but certainly not bad, ' she thought as she felt a sudden urge to taste some more, an urge suggested by Adam. She sucked her finger into her mouth. 'I like it! I'm like Mikey; I like it! This is sexy.' She reached down and scooped up some more and gobbled it down. Finally, she bent and lapped Adam's come from his body. 'And it has a beneficial side effect, ' her thoughts concluded. As she had started to clean his cock with her mouth, the boy's erection had quickly returned to its full size.

"Time to do the 69," she said and scrambled atop Adam.

This could become addictive, Adam decided. Vicarious but essentially solitary sex was fun, but sex with a real live girl was so much better. Adam came at the same instant Janet achieved her orgasm. This time Janet swallowed his semen.

Afterward, they cuddled together.

'Sex with boys is better than with girls, ' Janet thought and giggled inwardly. 'Of course, I'm not giving up Sherry or Cindy. And Adam's come is yummy! I'm glad I conquered that aversion.'

"Adam, can we do this again? I really had fun," she said.

"Not right now. Sherry will be home in a few minutes, but yes, I want to do this again, and again, and again. Speaking of Sherry. Karen, you can't tell anyone about this, including Sherry. Especially Sherry."

"I agree. That goes the same for you, Adam. I'll be happy to do this again with you as long as you don't tell anyone."

'But I can trust Sherry, ' Janet thought. 'I can tell her if she promises to keep it a secret. She'll get so hot when she hears what I did with her brother, she'll probably suck me off!'

"I don't want to be a hard ass about this, Janet, but I'm very serious. I will find out if you tell anyone. You know I will. People just can't help their gossipy nature. If you don't keep this between the two of us, I'll make certain you'll be sorry you blabbed. When I'm finished, your reputation will be completely trashed. Everyone you know will believe you're a complete, unadulterated slut! Do we understand each other?"

'Jesus! He's serious. Sorry Sherry, you or no one else will ever know about this afternoon, ' Janet decided firmly and nodded her understanding.

Psychometry: the divination of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or proximity to the object, Adam read from a Web site about paranormal behavior. The electronic page provided the boy the answer he had searched for. The need to know the meaning of psychometry came from an encounter he had experienced earlier that day.

Erica Anderson was older than Adam, a senior while Adam was still a junior. The boy had always deemed her the prettiest girl in school. Considered aloof, even conceited by some, Erica was not a cheerleader, a class officer, voted the most popular, or any of the typical tags usually attached to beautiful girls during their high school years. As Adam was to learn, Erica wasn't conceited at all, but she was reclusive, which made her appear aloof.

Erica's most striking feature was her hair. Nearly black with a little natural curl, it hung thick and shiny to her waist. And legs, Adam thought, her legs are magnificent, long - extra long - and perfectly shaped with luscious curves, emphasizing both the girl's strength and femininity. Her clothing styles were neither provocative nor drab, and she wore little makeup. In truth, Adam believed, makeup would mar her beautiful dark complexion, large brown eyes and full lips. Her eyelashes appeared thick and dark without mascara.

Erica Anderson, the beautiful, unapproachable senior, and Adam Johnson, the somewhat nerdy junior collided as both hurriedly turned a corner from opposite directions shortly after the last school bell had rung. Erica's books and purse flew from her arms as she tried not to stumble to the floor. Adam helped, wrapped his arm around her waist as she was falling. Disaster was averted.

"Sorry, my fault," they both said at the same time, bringing quick, shy smiles to both faces.

Adam quickly bent to help her pick up her books and the scattered items from her purse. As Adam's hand touched what appeared to be a diary, an item that had fallen from her purse, the strangest sensation overwhelmed him. Suddenly, it was as if he were alone in a vast, dark room, but he wasn't standing in the room; he was just there, seemingly occupying no space. Images started to flash on a wall in the room; they moved faster and faster, like strobe lights, as the seconds passed. As quickly as the images started, they stopped, and the sensation that had initiated the weird experience abruptly knifed through Adam again. The lights came on and he found himself back in the hall at school handing the diary and purse to Erica. She thanked him and started to move away.

'Why, ' Adam asked her silently. 'Why don't you report them to the authorities?'

Erica hesitated. 'I did, but no one believed me. Daddy is a judge in juvenile court. He "is" the authority. I ran away, but they found me; they brought me back and now it's worse than before, ' her thoughts answered. She glanced over her shoulder at Adam with a quizzical look. His silent question had been too direct, and Adam knew she was wondering why those particular thoughts had expressed themselves in her mind. Confused and upset, she turned and strode away.

But the memories, the images, remained in Adam's mind. The boy had touched Erica's diary and now knew more about the beautiful, unapproachable girl than he ever wanted to know.

Telepathy, joinings and now psychometry - that's enough, Adam thought feeling a little panicky. There's no question now. I'm a freak. The carnival should have a job for me the next time it's in town. Needing a little comic relief, he teased himself because his discoveries about Erica's plight had frightened him. More terrifying was the fact that he knew he had to help her somehow. But how, he asked himself. I can't ask anyone for help. They wouldn't believe me any more than they believed Erica.

The flashing images had provided Adam with a pictorial history. Erica's father and mother abused her. Abuse was a kind word. They subjected her to both physical and mental torture. Her father had first raped her when Erica was only ten years old. He raped her on her birthday while Erica's mother watched and encouraged the violent man. They're both sadists - sick people, Adam thought. They don't deserve to be loose on this planet.

What's needed is undeniable and unimpeachable proof, Adam decided. Control must be transferred.

At lunch the next day, Adam approached the unapproachable. He found Erica sitting on the grass with her back against a tree.

"May I join you, Erica?" Adam asked.

She looked up at him, smiled shyly and nodded as she nibbled at her sandwich.

Adam unwrapped his sandwich and the pair ate in silence for a minute.

"I'm going to help you, Erica," Adam said calmly. "I don't know how, but I'm going to help you."

"What do you mean? What makes you think I need help?" she demanded, and then thought, 'What does he know. How could he know?'

"I know, Erica. I know what your parents have done to you, what they are doing to you, and it has to stop. We have to stop them, Erica."

Her eyes widened and a terrified look entered her face. "How... ?"

"How I know these things doesn't matter. Just accept the fact that I know. Will you let me help you?"

"You can't tell anyone! They'll..."

"I understand. Will you let me help you?"

She stared at him incredulously. Finally she slumped back against the tree and her eyes drifted shut. She nodded. "Yes. I need all the help I can find," she said so softly Adam would not have heard her had she not also thought the words before she said them.

"Give me some time," Adam said. "I need to do some research." He pushed himself up and grinned. "We'll talk from time to time as the plan evolves. Okay?"

'Finally, ' she thought, 'someone knows and believes me.' She smiled and nodded her acceptance. As Adam was walking away, she asked, "Who are you? What is your name?"

"Adam. Adam Johnson," he replied. "We're going to win, Erica. I promise."

Adam didn't attend classes that afternoon. Instead he sat in during a session in Judge Anderson's courtroom. He then visited the Anderson home using the guise of a teenager selling magazine subscriptions for a fund-raising cause. He had now met the enemies, Erica's mother and father, face to face. After reading their thoughts and joining with their emotions, Adam was more dedicated to helping Erica than before. Erica's parents were truly sick - evil, pure unadulterated evil.

"Sherry, I've decided to do an essay on the juvenile court system for my social studies class. Didn't your friend, Tina, get in trouble a few years ago?" Adam asked his sister.

"Yes she did, but she's straightened herself out, but according to Tina, the juvenile court was more a hindrance than a solution," Sherry answered.

"Great, that's precisely the kind of information I'm looking for. Can you arrange for me to interview her?"

"I guess. When?"

"As soon as possible. I've been lax. The paper is due Monday."

"I'll call her now," Sherry said.

Adam listened in on Sherry's thoughts as she moved to the telephone. 'Tina doesn't do drugs anymore, but she still fucks around a lot. I'd better stick around while this so-called interview takes place.' Sherry grinned. 'How about that for a role reversal? Little sister protecting big brother.'

Sherry returned a few minutes later. "She's coming over now - seemed excited about being interviewed." 'More excited about being with Adam. Yep, I'm not going anywhere. She isn't going to get her hooks into Adam, not if I can help it.'

Interesting, Adam thought. Why is Sherry so protective all of a sudden? He nudged her.

'Adam is a jerk sometimes, but I love him. I think he's still a virgin, like me, and I want him to stay that way until I'm ready. I not positive I want my big brother to be my first, but I don't want to rule him out either. Incest taboo aside, thinking about fucking Adam makes me really hot. Besides, Adam can attract a better candidate than Tina for his first fuck. Me, for instance.'

Tina arrived in a mini-skirt and halter-top that barely concealed her ample bust. When she sat and crossed her legs, her skirt slid up giving Adam a glimpsing view of her bright red panties. Tina flirted with body language. She was a toucher and frequently ran her fingers across Adam's upper arm or shoulder to increase their connection. She patted his hand to emphasize a point.

Sherry remained true to her promise. She frequently moved in and out of the room during the interview. They're like a couple of cats, Adam thought as he read their thoughts.

Sherry: 'Slut! Look how's she's dressed! And Adam's got her hot. I can smell her cunt from here!'

Tina: 'Bitch! Why doesn't she leave us alone?'

Sherry: 'She can't keep her hands off him. If I weren't here, she'd probably grab his cock!'

Tina: 'If I didn't know better, I'd think Sherry and Adam had a thing going.'

Sherry: 'If she bends over and wiggles her tits at him one more time, I'm going to scratch her eyes out.'

Tina: 'Jeez, I think Sherry's jealous! Brother and sister might not be making it, but the bitch wouldn't kick him out of her bed!'

Entertaining cats aside, the interview with Tina produced some new information for Adam. Fortunately, Erica's father had been the judge sitting during Tina's case. During the interview, Tina unknowingly provided Adam an important clue. Judge Anderson had a thing for pre-pubescent girls.

That's the weakness I need to capitalize on, Adam thought. The vile, poor excuse for a man is a pedophile. Knowing this, Adam realized he could chart a course that would ultimately produce proof of the man's true nature. Maybe I can help Erica after all, he thought.

As soon as Tina left, Sherry disappeared. After opening a soda, Adam went looking for her. The facts he had discovered this afternoon about Sherry interested him. He wanted more information.

The door to her room was closed. That didn't stop Adam from listening to her thoughts. Two seconds later, Adam had a bulge in his pants. Sherry was masturbating. Adam hurried toward his room before he came in his pants. The join was complete, and Sherry was close to producing two orgasms - one for her and one for him. Just as he reached for the door to his room, he changed his mind. Time to take this up a notch, he thought and turned back.

He knocked on his sister's door and then entered before she acknowledged his knock. She was lying on her bed with her skirt up around her waist and her hands between her legs. Discarded panties lay next to her at her right. Her blouse was open and her bra had been pushed down exposing one glorious breast with an obviously aroused, plump nipple. Her eyes widened when she looked up and noticed Adam in the room.

She gasped and hurriedly pulled down her skirt and closed her blouse.

"Get out!" she screeched. "Get out! Get out!" She jumped from the bed to the floor and rushed at Adam, pushing him toward the door. "Get out, you... you... ! Get out! Just get out of here!"

The previous year she could have handled him physically. No more. Adam held his ground and wrapped his arms around her.

Becoming frantic she struggled against him, tried to break his hold on her while she continued to scream, "Get out! Get out! Get out!"

"I'll leave, Sherry, as soon as you calm down. Now relax. It's not the end of the world. I'm no different than you. I play with myself, too. Everybody does."

With his words, the girl became so limp Adam had to hold her to keep her from falling to the floor. Tears came next, and then great gulping sobs. Adam picked her up and laid her gently on her bed. The boy went into her bathroom and ran cool water over a washcloth. He returned, sat next to her and lifted her limp torso to his chest. He calmly wiped her face and neck with the cool cloth. Her sobbing slowly diminished as he held her.

"Oh, Adam, I'm so embarrassed."

"There's no need for you to be embarrassed. I shouldn't have barged in on you like I did. I'm sorry. I certainly didn't want to cause you pain; my motives were just the opposite."

Sherry sniffed and took the cloth from Adam's hand. She wiped her eyes and face. "I need to blow my nose. Don't go away, Adam."

'I look a mess, ' she thought and then Adam felt a brush slide through her hair. 'A little lipstick will help. I was thinking about him while I was diddling my pussy, thinking about him watching me while I finger fucked myself. I wanted to get him so hot as he watched that he would jump my bones. Then the fantasy starts to come true and I freak out! Get a grip on yourself, Sherry. There, that's better. Not great, but better.'

Vanity, thou name is woman, Adam thought and grinned inwardly. She had given him the opening he searched for.

When she returned from the bathroom she sat back down next to her brother. "Hold me again, Adam," she said in a little-girl voice. The pair settled back against the headboard with Adam's arms wrapped around her. "What were your motives?" she asked timidly.

"They weren't very nice, Sherry. I don't know if I should go into them now, or not. I don't want to upset you again."

"Tell me," she said firmly.

He bowed his head, pretending to be ashamed of himself. "I knew you were masturbating, Sherry. I could hear you from the hall. I wanted to see you; I even hoped you would be naked. Can you forgive me?"

'Hooray! I've been all hot and bothered about my big brother for years, and I thought he considered me merely a nuisance, ' she thought and then said, "I'll forgive you, but only if you answer a few questions. And, you must answer them truthfully, Adam. Do you promise?"

Adam nodded.

"Say you promise, Adam. Say it out loud."

"I promise. What is this Truth or Dare or Twenty Questions?"

"Neither. First question: are you still a virgin?"


"Have you ever seen a naked girl or woman, a real one with breasts and pubic hair, not just a picture?"


'I wonder which slutty bitch stripped down for him. Wait; maybe he's seen more than one.'

"How many naked women have you seen?"


"Tell me her name."

"That isn't a question."

"What is her name?"

"Sherry, I desperately want your forgiveness, but I won't tell you her name."

'Damn, that's one of the reasons I love him. He doesn't bend when he believes he's right, and in this case, he is right. And I do love him, and not as a brother.'

"Okay, we'll skip that question. I'm glad you're not one of those boys who kiss and tell. Was this person a girl or an older woman?"

"Don't query me for facts about this person's identity, Sherry. I won't play that game. I will answer this one question; she was - is a girl."

"Next question: how far have you gone with a girl?"

"How graphic do you want me to be?" Adam asked. He already knew the answer.

"Very. Whatever it takes to thoroughly describe the circumstances." 'I hope he gets nasty, real nasty.'

Your wish is my command, Adam thought. "I've kissed a girl. Ah... Damn, I'll just give you a list: French kissed, touched breasts outside of the clothes and bare, sucked and licked on a couple of nipples, played with a pussy outside of the clothes and bare, been jacked off, finger fucked a pussy, been sucked off, licked and sucked on a cunt until it came on my face, and last but not least I've preformed the appropriately named sixty-nine." Sherry's rekindled arousal hit him like a sledgehammer.

She gasped. "Adam, you've done everything but fuck!" she exclaimed and then suddenly blushed when she realized she had said the "F" word out loud. 'I wanted him to be nasty. I got what I wanted.'

"True. That's enough questions. Am I forgiven?"

She nodded and thought, 'But only if you'll do those things and more with me.'

"Good. Now I need to tell you something. I don't know what you'll think of me when I'm finished. You might hate me or at least think I'm some kind of pervert. Nonetheless, it needs telling. Sherry, all those things I told you I have done, well ah - Sherry, I want to do them, everyone of them..." He hesitated. "... with you."

Sherry's arousal increased dramatically. He glanced down; his cock tented his trousers. When he looked up he noted Sherry fixated on the bulge.

She raised her eyes and giggled. "Can we skip the touching on top of clothes parts?" she asked with a mischievous expression.

It took less than a minute for the siblings to shed their clothing, and their first kiss was not close to tentative. It became passionate almost immediately. Their tongues intermingled as Adam fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. He roamed her body with his mouth and hands and discovered all the hidden spots that gave her pleasure. She climaxed the moment his tongue swiped through the lips of her cunt, and because the joining was so complete, Adam came with her. She scrambled and grabbed his spurting cock and shoved it into her mouth to drink the last few spurts of his semen, and then continued to adore his cock until he had a new erection.

"We'll try the sixty-nine later, Adam. I want to fuck. I'm safe right now. I think. My period ended two days ago."

"Yes," Adam said simply. It was time. The innocence was gone.

Sherry arranged herself under Adam. She spread her legs wide, and holding his hard cock, rubbed it up and down through the crease of her cunt. Adam sensed she was a nervous but nonetheless determined. She aimed and then wriggled up towards him as she inserted the head of his cock into the opening of her cunt.

Adam pushed forward tentatively.

'Yes! Oh, yes! Just that small part of his cock in me feels so good, so very, very right. I want it all! I want him to take my virginity! Make a woman of me!' Sherry thought and pushed her hips up, taking a bit more of his cock inside her. 'My big brother is going to be my first - my very first lover1 I'm so happy. I've always wanted him to be my first. I love him so much. I'll remember this moment for the rest of my life.'

She gasped as his cock ripped through her hymen. At the same time she felt Adam's erection softening. 'It's like he feels my pain, ' she thought as the sting of the rupture brought tears to her eyes. 'Goddamit, I'm going to lose him. He can't do this to me! He has to finish this. He has to feel so good he comes inside me.'

"Don't you dare, Adam Johnson! Don't you dare leave me. It hurt, but the hurt's almost gone. That's right, stay with me. Good. Now fuck me, big brother! Fuck me so good I come and come and..."

Adam's erection renewed itself when he sensed her pain diminishing and pleasurable sensations once again blossomed. All of a sudden he felt himself inside her as far as he could go. Her cunt had swallowed all he had. Heaven can't be any better than this, Adam thought as he fit his movements to the rhythms of her passion. Because he could feel what she was feeling, he adjusted his position so the top of his cock rubbed against her clitoris as he moved with her. Her excitement steadily increased. With each thrust, Adam sensed she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

"It's time to come, Sherry," Adam panted. "Time to come. I'm going to come, Sherry. Come with me."

"Yes, yes, yes," she gasped. "Come in me, Lover. Let's make it a perfect first time, Adam. Let's come together. Now. Are you ready?"

"Yes!" they shouted together as they climaxed at the same moment in time. Adam spurted his seed inside her as the spasms of her orgasm clenched his cock and sucked his semen deeply inside her.

It was a perfect first time.

So was the second time.

And the third.

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